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    Weapon Guide by jimmythesnowman

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    Iridion 3D - Weapons FAQ
    [I] Introduction
    What is the shot? Shot is basically what gun you are using. There are several
    different types of shots on the different levels. Some are basic, some are 
    special, and some are really powerful. In addition, you can "upgrade" your shot
    by increasing its level. To do this, ccollect more of those circles scattered 
    through the game that are the same color as your gun. When you lose a life, you
    lose one level of your gun. If you pick up another type, you get sent back to
    level one with that shot equipped. So it's reccomended you pick a weapon and
    stick with it in this game, alternating onto the more powerful ones as the 
    levels progress.
    Each shot has some quirks to it that you should know. Only two, the standard 
    red shot and the "plasma" green shot, are readily available from the very start
    of the game. The rest come and go with the levels.
    There are five types of shots of ranging power. In this guide I will walk you 
    through the uses and quirks of all of them, provide what is agreed to be the 
    best weapons path in the game, and give you the location of all of the 
    powrups and their availability, including that of the health power up.
    to shoot an individual bullet tap A. To shoot a constant stream press and hold
    A. You should not let go of A for the entire level once you've pressed it!
    This is a short FAQ, but then again this is a short game isn't it?
    [1] The Weapons
    Red "Bullet" Shot
    Availabilty: 1-3, 6
    Overview: Standard and steadfast, but lacking in area effect. The standard.
    Personal Rating: 5/10
    This is the standard catch-all weapon of the game. It's available on every 
    level of the game and is a very basic shot type. You start the game with it, 
    though you can quickly opt to change. The red shot fires a single steam of red
    bullets, and on higer upgrade levels several streams of bullets at your 
    opponenets. In addition it is readily available. The red shot powers up by 
    increasing the amount of "streams" and intensity of the shots.
    Green "Plasma" Shot
    Availabilty: 1-2, 4, 6
    Overview: The scatter effect generated by this shot is useful for clearing out
    groups of enemies, but ensures that sometimes you will miss the target.
    Personal rating: 6/10
    Think of this shot like a Shotgun. It scatters bullets across a small range, a
    useful feature for taking out groups of enemies large or small, but at far this
    same ability means that sometimes it's liable to miss its target. Like a 
    shotgun, at long range the scattered shots can miss, but at short-range, boy 
    can it rip your targets to shreds. This is a common shot. It levels up by 
    increasing the amount of bullets produced.
    Purple "Crystal" Shot
    Availabilty: 2, 4-5
    Overview: A more powerful, and quirkier, version of the red shot.
    Personal rating: 3/10
    I don't really like this shot that much. The shot, at least its type, is the 
    same as reds, and it works on the same principle. However, despite being 
    inherintly superior to red shot in power, it has many flaws. Firstly, it's not
    nearly as commom as red. Second, for some reason it insistently tends to curve
    to the center of the screen, which complicates shooting and makes enemies that
    you thought you hit pop up right in your face. Pink Shot power ups behave like
    red but are quite different in form. It shoots spinning crystals after all! It
    is, suprisingly, the most common shot in the game.
    Yellow "Spark Laser" Shot
    Availabilty: 3
    Overview: A powerful missle-type shot that outranks its predaccesors. 
    Unfortunatly it can't go higher then level 3 as there are only 3 available.
    Personal rating: 8/10
    The shot you should be spending most of the game with. It's very 
    powerful and fast firing, and you can trace it very far. The yellow missle shot
    comes second only to the all-holy blue shot in power, but that doesn't appear
    until the last level, so until then keep with this. The maximum level for this
    baby is 3 as there are only 3 power-ups available for it, all in level 3. This
    is my favorite-looking one too. Who doesn't like a yellow missle arcing towards
    its doomed target ;) ?
    Blue "Orb" Shot
    Availabilty: 7
    Overview: Ah, the holy grail of weaponry in Iridion. Only found on level 8, 
    Iridion, the final level, this weapon spawns a huge orb of blue energy that 
    then flies unyielding towards its target. The most powerful weapon in the game,
    and with a HUGE area of effect. It's hard to miss your target with this one.
    Personal rationg: 10/10
    The best weapon in this game is also unfortunatly the last. It only spawns on
    Iridion Core, the final level. BUt this weapon is a game-ender - litteraly. 
    This is what you will end the game with, or die in the end with. The blue shot
    fires a MASSIVE orb of blue enegy at your target. Deadly as hell. It's hard to
    miss with this baby!
    Health Power-Up
    Availabilty: 1, 3-4, 7
    Overview: Health Power-Up
    Ah, the best weapon in the game-Health! Often the game or level hinges on 
    getting to one of thwse babies bfore you have a chance to die. They reward your
    endurance by filling up your health, but not your lives, again. They only 
    appear once or so per level.
    [2] Weapon Availabilty
    Stage 01- Escape Through The Disposal Tunnel
    1 : Red and Green
    Right after the second starfish enemy, easily accessible to the right of the 
    2 : Health
    Right after the last of the airplane guys. By now you would have taken quite a
    bit of damage so this comes at the right time, allowing you to pull through the
    rest of the level.
    3 : Red and Green
    After the second set of machine parts and junk. Easily accessible.
    STAGE 02 - Dogfight Above the Pacific Ocean
    1 : Red, Green, and Puprle
    After the planes, or rather intermingled among the end. Jump and grab them and
    then duck back to the finishing end of the dogfight.
    STAGE 03 - Air combat Above The Clouds
    1 : Gold
    Early in the level, before you even do any fighting. Impossible to miss.
    2 : Gold
    After the many homing plane enemies in the first section. Easy to grab.
    3 : Red and Gold
    After the bullet-dropping saucer sections. Obviously avoid the red comepletely
    and rush for the gold. You might have to take a hit but getting the third gold
    is easily worth it.
    4 : Health
    Just before the diamond-type enemies. Easy to grab but be ready for a fight 
    STAGE 04 - Moon Assualt
    This level has no checkpoints, just a constant stream of enemies so I can't 
    really pinpoint any locations...
    1 : Green
    Right at the start, in the center of the first "pill" ring.
    2 : Purple
    Soon after green, behind a set of pills.
    3 : Purple
    Into the level, on the right side of the map.
    4 : Health
    Soon after Purple, out in the open.
    5 : Green
    In a pill complex.
    6 : Purple
    in a pill complex.
    STAGE 05: Ounter Space Asteriod Field
    Another enemy stream, even more tedious then the previous.
    1 : Purple
    Right there near the start out in the open. The drifting enemies make getting
    it harder then it looks, but still relatively easy.
    2 : Purple
    Now into the level itself. Bottom right.
    3 : Purple
    Bottom right again. About halfway in I reckon.
    STAGE 06 - Iridion Home Base
    1 : Red and Green
    Start of the level.
    FINAL STAGE (07): Planet Iridion Prime
    1 : Blue
    Between the waves of the fire dragons on the lava. Swoop down and get it.
    2 : Blue
    In the first compined enemy wave. Be careful when getting it but don't be 
    afraid of taking damage as it is important.
    3 : Blue and Health
    Into the level, among the calm of flames and astroids following the other
    [3] The Reccomended Weapons Path(s)
    This section basically documents the reccomended weapons path for this game.
    On levels 1 and 2, use either the red or green powerup. Prefereably, the red, 
    as to get green you first have to switch to it, but by the end of 2 they will
    be more powerful then the comparable purple. On level 3, switch to yellow. 
    Collect all 3 and use them for as long as you can. Make them last as far as you
    can, they're a very valuable asset. Once you run dry, switch to Purple, which 
    is readily available in the mid-section levels. Use this until you hit level 7,
    where you switch to the all-mighty Blue. Collect all 3-you'll need them ALL to
    reach and beat the really powerful final boss.
    Also possible; using purple for level 2 and then continuing on the main path.
    this one is a bit more challenging, but ultimatly more rewarding to the end. 
    Instead of using the yellow until you are busted, switch to purple. 
    Disadvantage? You start out very weak. Advantage? By the time yellow would have
    been running dry, you will be running at extreme strength. So instead of 
    powering through the mid and scrapping togethor through the end, you scrap 
    through mid and power through the end.
    Think you're so tough, eh? Try powering through the junction between 3 and 7-
    a whopping 3 levels-WITHOUT losing your yellow. Then I am ready to proclaim you
    [II] Legal Bit
    his guide is (C) 2009 jimmythesnowman.  This may be not be reproduced
    under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not
    be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without
    advance written permission.
                                      END OF GUIDE
                                      Go have fun.

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