How do I beat Stoneman?

  1. Im fighting Stoneman for like every minute i managed to get his life to 38 but after that the laser hits me and boom i die pls somebody help pls im begging you pls?.

    User Info: silverkyogre

    silverkyogre - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, there's no magic trick to beating a boss, but I can make some guesses as to what might help you.

    First of all, learn how to dodge the enemy's attacks. You need to have good reflexes and a good eye to where the boulders are about to fall in order to move out of the way in time. So right after StoneMan pounds, stop attacking for a few seconds and get ready to move, and be sure not to panic and make a mistake. You may want to stand in the middle when StoneMan is creating a new StoneCube so the cube won't end up in the middle and make it harder for you to get around. Be careful when using attacks like the Shotgun series that make you wait a long time before you can move again.

    The laser beam is easy to dodge. Just don't be in the same row as where the little face appears! If it pops up in the middle row, you'll want to stop attacking StoneMan from there for a while.

    Have you bought both of the PowerUps from the merchant in the first area of the internet yet? Buy them and go to the MegaMan status menu to equip them if you haven't already. Raising your Attack level to 3 will make your MegaBuster a lot more useful for rapid fire, though since StoneMan sits in the back, you should move back and forth between squares to make MegaMan shoot as fast as possible. Or you could put one PowerUp into Attack and the other into Charge, so you can charge up and release a shot worth 32 points.

    There may be some more battle chips you'll want to stock up on before you face StoneMan again. You can always go back into the school network through one of the blackboards to collect chips like Invis1 and Quake1. Quake1 is strong, but not quite strong enough to stun StoneMan, so it's easy to use several of them in a row on him. If you're looking to form a Program Advance, Zeta-Cannon1 is a good option if you picked up a Cannon C. If you can find a MetGuard G (beat a yellow or red Mettool at medium Busting Level) and a Dash G (beat a Fishy at high Busting Level), then you can combine them with GutsMan G to form GutsShoot, which does a whopping 500 points of damage to the first enemy in your row. Use that on StoneMan, who has 600 HP, and you'll only need to blast another 100 HP off before you've won. Good luck!

    User Info: Ryan_Ferneau

    Ryan_Ferneau - 7 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Taken from my upcoming walkthrough. Wasn't sure if it would help.

    Operator: Unknown/None
    HP: 600Element: None

    Attacks: RockCube [???HP damage]*
    (Summons a RockCube on your side of the field to limit movement/block
    attacks. The RockCube has a seemingly randomly-generated amount of HP,
    and will be destroyed if dealt that much damage.)
    Earthquake [30HP damage]
    (Pounds the ground, dropping three stones randomly on your side of the field.)
    StoneHead [70HP damage]
    (Momentarily summons a StoneHead in front of you, then fires an energy blast.
    Occupying the same panel as the StoneHead deals 30HP damage.)

    Special Notes: Always follows RockCube with Earthquake.
    Always uses Earthquake thrice in succession.
    Always uses StoneHead thrice in succession.
    Only uses StoneHead Summon if his HP is below 400HP.
    Will still use Earthquake three times after an attempt to summon a RockCube is
    interrupted and fails.

    Strategy: Aside from his StoneHead attack, StoneMan shouldn't be a huge problem. If you've
    powered up your MegaBuster at this point in the game, now's a good time to put it
    to use. He always warns you when he's about to launch an attack - the first
    warning is when his eyes glow. This means he's about to summon a RockCube, so try
    to attack him with a good sized (40+ attack power) battle chip to stun him and cut
    his attack off. If you don't, it's no big deal, you'll just have one less space to
    move around on. After he summons (or tries to summon, at least) a RockCube he will
    follow it up with three Earthquake attacks - keep your eyes on the ground or in
    the air, whichever you find easier, and watch for the shadows or the rocks, then
    try to move as soon as you can. This attack is quite the test of one's reflexes,
    but it's weak, so don't panic if you get hit once or twice. Though a warning won't
    help you much since this attack can't be stopped or cut off, it is signalled by
    stone man raising his arms and opening his mouth, then slamming his arms into the
    ground, causing the screen to shake.

    The third warning is the most dangerous - when StoneMan's eyes glow and his hands
    disappear into the ground, he's about to initiate his most dangerous attack, the
    StoneHeads. DO NOT MOVE. There's no way to know where the StoneHead will appear,
    as it's decided randomly - however, the space you occupy is not exempt from its
    possible summon areas. If it starts to appear on your space, you have the
    slightest instant to move out of the way - more likely, you'll get hit for 30HP
    in damage. The important thing is that it's less likely to hit you if you're
    occupying one space rather than jumping between 4 of them, because there's no
    surefire way to avoid getting hit by this attack 100% of the time. Fortunately
    the StoneHeads themselves aren't nearly as powerful as the beams they fire, which
    are easy to avoid. If you get hit by one, it will deal a massive 70HP in damage,
    so be on your guard. I should also mention that, unlike the RockCubes, the
    StoneHeads are invincible, so don't bother trying to destroy them before they
    fire. On the bright side, though, it's much easier to attack StoneMan when he's
    using the StoneHead attack, because you don't have to worry about moving spaces
    as often. Whale on him with Cannons, Quakes, Howitzers if you have any - any
    projectile chips will be quite effective, and use the MegaBuster during your
    downtime. He should go down without too much trouble.

    *As far as I can tell, it's impossible for you to get in the way of a RockCube as StoneMan
    summons it, thus meaning no HP damage. If this has indeed happened to anyone though, I would
    appreciate being notified of it and, if possible, what the damage dealt is.

    User Info: XTApocalypse

    XTApocalypse - 7 years ago 0 0
  2. I don't know if anyone will read this, but I decided to fill in some details on XTApocalypse's answer just in case.

    I have found that the RockCube always has 100 HP, and it does 60 HP damage to MegaMan and breaks immediately if you occupy its panel. If you haven't managed to break the cube after the third volley of falling rocks, then StoneMan will break it for you right after he makes a new one. It is true, however, that StoneMan tries not to summon the RockCube where MegaMan already is, so the only way to get hit by it is to move into the cube's panel at the very last second, which is pretty well impossible to do on purpose unless you use savestates on an emulator. There is still a small chance you might run into one by accident, though, if you move around a lot and have bad luck then, so... Don't move around so much when StoneMan's about to make the cube! I think now I would recommend standing in the front panel of the middle row, so the cube won't end up blocking your attacks from reaching StoneMan.

    You mentioned using a 40+ attack to stun StoneMan, but I found that he can only be stunned by 100 points of damage or more, so it would have to be something like a FireTower or Howitzer for that to work. That will only make him skip the one attack he's in the middle of performing, though, and you know those RockCubes aren't a big threat, so I don't see a big advantage in stunning StoneMan; it mainly just makes you have to wait longer to attack again because he turns invincible from the stun. Interestingly, StoneMan loses his ability to be stunned when he uses those "StoneHeads", so at that point you could chain several such strong attacks together.

    That's another point: The StoneHeads aren't restricted to only appearing when StoneMan falls below a certain HP value. I've found he always uses the StoneHeads after the 3 RockCubes and 9 volleys of falling rocks, even when he's at full health. This can take so long, though, that most players would have already taken off about half his health, so it's easy to get the impression that the attack is HP-based when it's really not.

    Another idea I had just now is to use AreaSteals if you have them. Don't forget about that Steal A in the oven! With two Steals, you could get close enough to use Swords (including the Sigma-Sword Program Advance!) against a boss like this who hangs out in the back. Even if you only get to use one Steal, that still gives you more room to dodge; with 12 panels on your side but still only 3 rocks dropped, you go from a 1/3 chance of standing under a rock to a 1/4 chance.

    I hope this helps someone out, and good luck with the walkthrough!

    User Info: Ryan_Ferneau

    Ryan_Ferneau - 7 years ago 0 0

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