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    FAQ/Walkthrough by alerith

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    Battle Network
    FAQ/Walkthrough/Japanese play guide Copyright 2001 Alerith
    (alerith@nc.rr.com/ICQ          /AOL: Alerith)
    NOTE: Encoded in EUC-JIS for maximum benefit.
    I have always been a big fan of Capcom, the Megaman and Breath of Fireseries in
    particular. When I heard that a Rockman role-playing game was coming out, I
    just had to get it and I ended up owning it that next weekend. I decided to
    write a FAQ on Rockman.EXE because of 1) the lack of a comprehensive
    Rockman.EXE walkthrough on GameFAQs and 2) for the non-Japanese speaking public
    out there that wants to enjoy this great game. I am lucky in being able so read
    a minor amount of Japanese, just enough to get me through an RPG without much
    trouble, but other people aren't so lucky. So, enjoy the FAQ and this great
    Rockman.EXE is an odd, but extremely awesome Gameboy Advance RPG. It
    playeddramatically different from any other Rockman/Megaman title, but isn't
    exactly a straightforward roleplaying game either. The best description of the
    genre is exactly what the box says it is, a Battle Network RPG. You run around
    collecting items and talking to people just like in a traditional RPG, and get
    into random fights in dangerous areas, also like traditional RPGs, however, the
    battle system is where it gets different. Your character (Rockman) is placed on
    a 3x3 square on the left side of the screen, and your enemies are placed on
    similarly identical 3x3 sqaure on the right. At the begining of every 'turn',
    you choose your two special attacks, and shoot/blast/cut/demolish and/or
    destroy your enemies until one side wiped out. You can do this in numerous
    strategic ways, though shooting the crap out of the enemies seems to be the
    most popular. This isn't all there is to the game, but if you've played it you
    know what I'm talking about. The great graphics, fun music, and overall fun
    factor make this game one of the best I've ever played. (On a side note- if you
    have headphones, use them. Stereo music in Rockman.EXE sounds so much better
    than the single static-ish speaker built in to the Gameboy Advance. It also
    takes up less battery power producing a much quieter sound through the
    headphones than through the speaker).
    'Intro to the FAQ'
    'About Rockman.EXE'
    'Table of Contents'
    'Characters in Rockman.EXE'
    'Battle system'
    'Game engine'
    'Walkthrough/Storyline for Rockman.EXE'
    'Items and Chip list'
    'Other crap'
    Main character-
    This is your main character, and the owner of the Rockman PET (PErsonal
    Trainer). Don't get this wrong, Rockman is NOT a pet- he is a PET. The
    interesting thing about this game is that as you play as [], you can dive into
    the WWW, the Internet, the Net, the Network, Battlenet, whatever you want to
    call it (it takes all of those names in the game itself) and you play as
    Rockman, eradicating viruses and collecting goodies. Everything you do in the
    'real' world affects the Network in some way- sort of likecross-dimensions.
    A good PET, and the character you will be spending most of your time playing
    as. Adventuring around the Net destroying viruses and other people's PETs,
    Rockman keeps the internet safe for all surfers.
    Don't ask me why they say Mama and Papa instead of the actual word for mother
    and father. It makes no sense to me. Your father is a worker of PET's at the
    local factory. He is a man of some importance (and is thus always busy), which
    becomes an advantage later in the game. He doesn't spend as much time with his
    son as he'd like to, and is constantly apologizing, but that is to be expected
    being a top scientist in a megacorporation.
    Your mother, obviously. A bit clumsy, she almost burns down the house one day
    making hotcakes, but I suppose she tries. She also shouldn't sit too close to
    the TV, but she does that too. Not much else you can say, except she is married
    to your father.
    A close friend. She is a pretty cute one, but you don't get to see her that
    much (what with having a Rockman PET and all)... Could your friendship develop
    into something more...?
    A short girl with a big attitude, Yaito is a fellow classmate. She knows much
    about PETs and introduces you into the game's battle mechanics, and is a big
    help, but her attitude gets annoying -very- quickly.
    A fat classmate who scribbled 'I love Gutsman' on his desk. He helps you out,
    and fights Rockman a few times with his Gutsman, but it's all in good fun. A
    bit of a whiner, but not as completely annoying as Yaito.
    Ms. Mariko-まりこさん 先生
    This is your 5th grade homeroom teacher. A nice lady, she tells you about
    combat and other things (very nice). Not much except that.
    Meryl's PET. You don't actually get to see Roll in action for a while, but
    Meryl gives you a Roll chip- which lets you summon Roll in battle as a special
    Chip shop owner-
    A weird guy with big brown hair and glasses. Owner of the Numberman PET, and a
    big pain in the butt. However, he sells Chips, and you can come back to fight
    Numberman any time you want to rack up cash!
    Grey-haired guy-
    Owner of Blues. He can't seem to keep Blues under control, as in your first
    encounter, he tries to pick a fight with Rockman against his will... Also a
    member of the Official Net Battlers.
    A.K.A. Protoman, Blues is a rather uncontrollable PET-in-red who has a sword
    for an arm. Not much is known about him at this point.
    The typical green robots you see and can talk to in the Net. Sometimes they
    help you by selling you things, other times they give you information, other
    times they just make noise. Talk to all of these, just in case.
    [Battle.SYS]The best way to understand the Rockman.EXE battle system is to play
    the game and experience it yourself. Here is a step by step walkthrough of a
    typical battle and some things that might come up-
    >>Begin- Rockman teleports in on his 3x3 square, along with a Met.
    >>Choose Chip- Now you choose one or more of 5 chips randomly selected from the
    30 you have installed in Rockman at any given time. You may only choose more
    than one of a Chip if they are the same letter of Chip- for example, you may
    choose two K Chips, but a K Chip and an L chip won't go together. Chips can do
    a variety of things (see Special hazards) including deal damage, heal damage,
    summon helpers, etc. Selecting OK will begin the battle, and not selecting any
    Chips and pressing Draw will begin the battle, but the next 'turn' you will
    have 5 more additional Chips to select from. Take special note that special
    kinds of Chips, for example the Spreadgun, you must aim at an enemy for its
    effects to work. If you miss, then no special effects will happen. This is
    extremely important- aim carefully when using special attacks.
    >>Battle start- Now is the real fun. Pressing the B button will fire the mega
    buster (holding it down will charge it) and pressing the A button will use one
    of the previously selected Chips. Note you may only use a Chip once per battle.
    You will note that the bar at the top of the screen will go up, and then flash
    with the words 'Press L or R'. Pressing L or R at this point will end the
    'turn' and place you at the Choose Chip screen. This will continue until either
    side is eradicated.
    >>Special hazards- Some Chips can do things besides damage the enemy. For
    example, you can knock a square off of either side's grid to prevent movement
    in that area for a few seconds (the squares regenerate). You can also weaken a
    square, so that when something moves over that square, the square is destroyed
    and movement on that square is impaired for a few seconds until it regenerates.
    You can also 'steal' squares from one side so that one side will have more room
    to move, and another side will have less. These things induce a strategic
    method into Rockman.EXE. Some enemies have special attacks as well- for
    instance, one might make rocks fall on several squares of your side, or one
    might be able to fly to protect itself from your attacks, etc.
    >>Battle end- At the end of the battle, you are rewarded with a score based on
    your performance and speed. You are also given either an additional Chip to add
    to your collection or Zenny (money). You will obviously recieve much more Zenny
    than Chips through battle.And that's about it! It may seem simple, but it is
    extremely fun.
    This is probably the most important section of the FAQ for most people, because
    this tells you how to do everything. After you press START on the title screen
    you will see 2 options if you already have data on the cartridge, and 1 if you
    do not. Obviously the only option if you do not have data is New Game, but New
    Game would be the top option if you do have data (Continue is the bottom
    option). Be warned, there is only one save slot in Rockman.EXE, so be careful.
    Pressing the A button talks, examines, confirms (i.e. choosing Chips in battle)
    and uses special weapons during battle.
    Pressing B cancels all menus and commands and uses the mega buster in battle.
    This also runs on the map screen.
    Pressing the START button during the game brings up the Menu. Here there are
    quite a few options-
    >>チップフォルダ- Chip folder. This allows you to view all the Chips you have
    and organize them into the 30 that you can equip on Rockman at one time. Use
    the Up/Down arrows to choose the Chip, and the A button to select one to move
    or replace. Selecting a Chip twice removes it from Rockman's inventory.
    Pressing the Right/Left arrows switch between Chips that are in Rockman's
    inventory (out of 30) and of the total that you own. The symbol in the box next
    to the Chip's name denotes its element- a green line is neutral, a red flame is
    fire, etc. For more information on the Chips go to the Chip section below.
    >>データライブラリ- Data Library. This shows what Chips you have collected out
    of the total 175 and lets you view their statistics. Stars next to the name
    indicates the overall usefulness of the Chip out of five. For more information
    on Chips, see the section below.
    >>ロックマン- Rockman. Selecting this will let you view Rockman's level(LV.),
    hit points(HP), type of armor equipped(this will be in gray and originally say
    ノーマルアーマー), attack power(ATTACK), firing quickness(RAPID), and charge
    ability(CHARGE). When you get a Buster Power Up (バスターUP) then you go to
    this menu to choose whether you want to increase Attack, Rapid, or Charge. That
    increases your level by 3. Getting HP Memory(HPメモリ) increases HP by 10 and
    Rockman's level by 1.
    >>Eメイル- E-Mail. This lets you check your E-Mail and re-read what you have
    already recieved previosly. This is important, because you sometimes can't
    progress through the game until you have read your E-Mail.
    >>アイテム- Item. This lets you view your special items you have collected
    since the beginning of the game.
    >>ネットワーク-This is for multi-link games only. I don't have 2 Gameboy
    Advances, nor do I know someone else who has one and Rockman.EXE along wth it,
    so I have yet to figure this out. You can trade, have a practice battle, or a
    ranked battle in multi-player mode.
    >>セーブ- Save. Obviously, this saves your data. (はい=Yes いいえ=No) The
    number in X:XX format is Game time, the number in X/175 format is number of
    different Chips collected, the third number is how many Chips you own, and the
    number XXXz (at the bottom) is how much Zenny or money you own.
    >>もどる- Exit. This just exits you from the Menu.
    That should be all of the standard Japanese text that you need to read in order
    to play through the game besides from what information I will give in the
    walkthrough and names of Chips and items.
    Now is where it gets fun. Through this part, I will just put the things youneed
    to do in the game to get along. I will add the storyline later, when Ihave
    CHAPTER 1: Back to School
    After you wake up, retrieve your PET (the blinking blue thing on the dresser).
    Go to your menu and check your EMail. You will recieve a Spreadgun G from Papa.
    Go downstairs, and leave the house. At school, talk to everybody. After you
    do,the bell will ring and you will talk about how to fight. After they finish
    talk-ing, press the R button to transform into Rockman in the Net. You will
    then go into a battle. Don't worry about what she says, it has all been
    explained some-where else in the FAQ. Select the two Cannons (they are the
    blue, 40 damage Chips. If you get puzzled about which Chip to choose, go down
    to the Chip list below. I have all of the Japanese names as well as English).
    Then select OK. After she finishes talking, the battle will start. The easiest
    way to beat it is to just shoot your two Cannons at the Mets. After the battle
    finishes, she will put you in yet ANOTHER battle. Select Area Steal and Wide
    Sword, and then OK. Then just finish out the battle. In the next battle, Ms.
    Mariko will want for you to select ADD. Continue to fight until your Custom bar
    is at full, then press L or R, select your Chips, and fight out the battle.
    After that, you canjust leave the school. Be sure to check your EMail!
    CHAPTER 2: Fireman
    Head home after you check your EMail. You will be greeted by a sequence where
    your mother and the repairman are talking. When they finish, head up to your
    room and log on to the Internet (stand in front of your computer and press
    R).Talk to the robot and head into the second teleporter. Go ahead and explore
    the area as best as to your ability. Talk to the odd looking yellow robot, and
    he will give you Yaito's Address. (Heading east then north from here will get
    you 100 Zenny. After you collect that, head north). Follow the paths until you
    run into another robot (for now, don't go into the ACCESS panel to his south).
    He will sell you good things, such as HP and Buster upgrades, so be sure to
    remember his position. Go east, and talk to the green robot. Return the way you
    came and go into the ACCESS panel I told you not to go in. Talk to the weird
    yellow robot again, and he will give you a Spreadgun. Follow the paths and pick
    up the green Mystery Crystal to get a Recovery-30 Chip. You can't leave the
    area through the teleporter (the other end isn't open) so you can either run
    around fighting enemies, or press R to return to the real world. Head
    downstairs from your room, and you find your mother burning the hotcakes!!
    Stand in front of the fire and press R to start a transmission to Rockman. You
    will be transported to Fireman's domain. Talk to the robots, and head out, pick
    up the Mystery Crystal to get a Shotgun Q. Head south, and hear your main
    character say, "Go, Rockman! Battle operation, set!", and of course, you will
    be put in a battle. Keep going (the purple Mystery Crystal gives you 400zenny)
    and talk to the robots. Head northwest and northwest again to get a Area Steal
    A Chip, south from there leads you to a Sword B Chip, and east from there (on
    the green platform) will take you to a robot that gives you 7 Iceblocks. Take
    the ice blocks to fire, and press A to put it out. Take note that you only have
    7, but returning to the robot will replenish your supply. Oh no! As you try to
    leave, the fire gets out of control! Run up into your bedroom and snatch your
    watergun from your dresser, and squirt the fire down in control. Explore
    around, collect the Mystery Crystals, until you get to Fireman.
    <<BOSS!! FIREMAN ファイアマン>>
    Fireman is pretty easy if you have been collecting all your Mystery Crystals
    and such. Basically his only attack is to shoot fire waves at you, which are
    relatively easy to dodge. He has a large amount of HP, around 300, but you can
    knock it down relatively quick.
    [Items.LST]There aren't that many items in Rockman.EXE, but there are 175
    different Chips. as I am not finished with the game at this point in time, I
    will continue to add Chips and Items periodically (if anyone has more to
    submit, feel free to contact me).
    アイテム Items--
    PET- Your PErsonal Trainer for Rockman. Allows you to contact him and play as
    him periodically through the game.
    ウオーターガン- Water gun. Stashed away in your dresser upstairs. Decent
    forputting out fires.
    アイスブロック- Ice block. You get seven at a time, and they dissapear
    先生のパスカード- Teacher's Passcard.
    XXXライセンス- Your father's liscense card.
    メイルのアドレス- Meyrl's network adress, listed in a text file.
    やいとのアドレス- Yaito's network adress, listed in a text file.
    デカオのアドレス- Dekao's network adress, listed in a text file.
    パパのアドレス- Papa's network address, listed in a text file.
    デカオのリンク- Dekao's link. Provides access to Dekao's internet area.
    あきはらきっぷ- Metroline ticket. Gives a ride between your hometown and your
    father's workplace.
    チップ Chips-	    Name	    Element  	Damage	 Effect	 Rank
    1. キャノン	       : Cannon 	       None	         40       Straight	    1
    2. ハイキャノン    : Hi Cannon       None          80       Straight        2
    4. ショットガン    : Shotgun         None          30      Straight +1      1
    5. クロスガン      : Crossgun        None          30      Straight +4      1
    6. スプレッドガン  : Spreadgun       None          30      Straight +8      2
    8. ヒートスプレッド: Heatspread      Fire          70      Straight +8      2
    9. ミニボム        : Minibomb        None          50       Straight 3      1
    10. スモールボム   : Smallbomb       None          50       Straight 3      1
    13. ソード         : Sword           None          80        Melee          1
    14. ワイドソード   : Wide sword      None          80       Wide melee      1
    15. ロングソード   : Long sword      None          80        Forward 2      2
    23. ショックウエーブ: Shockwave      None          60       Forward all     1
    24. ソニックウエーブ: Sonicwave      None          80       Forward all     2
    29. アースクエイク1 : Earthquake 1   None          90       Straight 3      1
    34. ダッシュアタック:Dash attack     None          50      Forward all      1
    36. トリプルアロー : Triple arrow    None          40      Forward all x3   1
    64. パネルアウト1  : Panel Out 1     None          x    Destroy panel melee 2
    65. パネルアウト3  : Panel Out 3     None          x    Destroy panel wide  3
    66. ブレイクハンマー:Break Hammer    None         100     Melee/Crack       2
    67. メットガード   : Met Guard       None          x        Guard 3         1
    69. リカバリー10   : Recovery 10     None          x        HP +10          1
    70. リカバリー30   : Recovery 30     None          x        HP +30          1
    71. リカバリー50   : Recovery 50     None          x        HP +50          1
    75. リカバリー200  : Recovery 200    None          x        HP +200         3
    77. エリアスチール : Area Steal      None          x     Change panel wide  3
    80. エスケープ     : Escape          None          x        Escape          3
    82. パネリターン   : Panel return    None          x     Return panel       1
    113. インビジブル1 : Invisible 1     None          x      Invisible 1       2
    128. ロール        : Roll            None         60        Drain HP	    3
    131. ガッツマン    : Gutsman         None         40       All/Crack        3
    140. ナンバーマン  : Numberman       None         x10    Random damage 6    3
    Term definitions-
    Straight: Shoots directly in front of you. Straight +x determines how many
    squares around the affected enemy are hit as well. Straight x determines the
    range of the weapon in front of you. It will not hit any square except x in
    front of you.
    Melee: Hits only directly in front of you. Wide melee hits the whole row in
    front of you.Forward: Forward x determines how far in front of you the attack
    will reach. Froward all will reach every square in front of you.
    Destroy panel: Completely wipes out a panel. Melee destroys one panel directly
    in front of you, wide destroys the whole row in front of you.
    Crack: Cracks a panel. Anything stepping off of this square will cause it to be
    All: Hits everything.
    Guard: Defends for x number of seconds.
    HP +x: Recovers x amount of HP.
    Escape: Escapes from battle.
    Invisible: Turns you invisible.
    Drain HP: Deals damage and adds to your HP.
    Random damage: Deals random damage from x to y and is multiplied by what is
    listed in the damage column.
    Change panel: Changes the color of the panel(s) in front of you for extra
    movement area. Wide denotes a whole row changes color.
    Currently this list contains 32 of the 175 Chips total. This was achieved in
    about 6 hours of play.
    Since I don't know exactly what to put here, I suppose I'll say what is the
    best way to read this FAQ. Run NJStar in Japanese Auto-detect mode and open
    this .TXT file in Notepad. Resize the window so that the devider lines (which
    look like \/\/\/\/) are even with the edge of the Notepad window, and set
    wordwrap to On.
    Written by Alerith. Copyright 2001 Alerith. If anybody copies this they will
    die. If you want to put this on your website, PLEASE ask first. Providing a
    link to my website is fine, but don't actually PUT this on your website without
    permission. Thank you and enjoy.
    Version 0.2

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