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    Translation Guide by Supa Gaijin

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    MMBNEXE Translation Guide
    Ver 1.0
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    ===== Contents =====
    0.  Introduction
    1.  People
    2.  Places
    3.  Misc
    4.  Virus
    5.  Chips
    6.  Untranslatables
    7.  Translation Notes
    8.  FAQ Info
    =====  0.  Introduction =====
    The purpose of this FAQ is to provide information that links the original
    Japanese names and terms of the Mega Man Battle Network series with the English
    translations.  Especially when a new game in the series comes out, people will
    refer to the Japanese names, like the Daifunsui chip, and many countless posts
    are wasted asking what the English name is.  This FAQ will attempt to list all
    of the important characters, locations, virii and chips using both the Japanese
    names and the English translations.
    This FAQ will also provide small blurbs of information, including insight as to
    why certain things were translated the way they were.  For instance, ever
    wonder why Protoman's controller is called Chaud?  There's a good reason. 
    Because of this extra information, THIS FAQ CONTAINS SPOILERS about the plots
    of the games.  Some of this information is very opinionated, so take it with a
    grain of salt, please.
    "FIND" (Ctrl-F) is your FRIEND!  There's a lot of information contained in
    here, and it's organized as best as I can.  But instead of scrolling a lot to
    find out what the original name of YumLand was, search for it and get there
    A small problem that occurs in the translation from Japanese is that even the
    Japanese names can vary, and we make natural changes when saying them.  For
    example, Protoman's Japanese name is Blues.  However to literally translate the
    symbols (into English letters, called Romaji) for his name makes it "Buruusu",
    which does sound a lot like "bruise", but it is really a reference to "blues",
    and so we say his Japanese name is "Blues", not "Bruise".  Because of this
    complication, the FAQ will list names in this manner:
    If all three names are very similar (which happens for most of the robots),
    then only the English name and romaji will be given.
    I suppose if enough people ask for it, I will also include the actual kana
    (Japanese) syllables. However, they would make reading the FAQ a little bit
    harder, so I won't do this immediately.
    Enjoy, and maybe you'll learn a little about the Japanese language along the
    ===== 1.  People =====
    (Japanese names in romaji are listed as <Surname FirstName>)
    Character:  Lan Hikari |  Net (Netto) Hikari <Hikari Netto>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The human hero of the series and controller of MegaMan (Rockman).   Hikari
    means "light" in Japanese, so this name is perfect, since Lan's father and
    grandfather are intimately involved with the Navis and the creation of MegaMan
    -- and all that harkens back to Dr. Light being the creator of MegaMan in the
    original series.
    Character:  MegaMan | Rockman <Rokkuman>
    Alternate Name:  Hub | Saito <Saito>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The robot hero of the series, and interestingly enough, Lan's (Netto's)
    brother.  When the first game (for the NES) came out, the connection between
    the main robot's names and musical terms (Rock, Roll, Blues, Forte) wasn't so
    clear since only Rock and Roll had been introduced, and so the translators used
    MegaMan, a non-musical term.  Nevertheless, he's still the Blue Bomber.  The
    Japanese name "Saito" means "site" as in a website (to go along with the name
    Net).  "Site" is kind of a sucky name in English, so Hub works much better, and
    goes better with Lan, too.
    Character:  Mayl | Mail Sakurai <Sakurai Meiru>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The controller of Roll, classmate, and (unspoken) girlfriend of Lan (Netto). 
    It appears that the translators decided to give all the human characters
    networking-type names (Lan, Hub, Mayl = Mail, Dex = Index).  She usually gets
    stuck playing the "worried girlfriend" role.
    Character:  Roll | Roll <Rouru>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Mayl's Navi and often flirtatious with MegaMan.  One of the few female robots
    ever seen in the MM series of games.  The name Roll acts as counterpart to
    RockMan's name to play on the musically derived names.
    Character:  Dex | Dekao Ohyama <Ooyama Dekao>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The controller of Gutsman, classmate and friend of Lan (Netto).  He's usually
    challenging Lan to NetBattle, and early in the MMBN series he played more of an
    antagonist role, but lately he's gotten more "hero" roles.  Dex's last name,
    "Ooyama" means "big mountain", which speaks of his large size.
    Character:  Gutsman |  <Gattsuman>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The big lug Navi, and most reknown for pounding things.
    Character:  Yai | Yaito <Yaito ???>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The controller of Glide, and classmate of Lan (Netto).  She's rich, she's
    smart, and she has a big forehead.
    Character:  Glide (var. Glyde) | Glide <Guraido>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The "butler" Navi of Yai.  Apparently he wasn't really designed to NetBattle,
    though Yai does give him pretty nice chips.  He has always played a rather
    secondary role, and oddly is probably the only named Navi in the games to NOT
    give a battle chip.
    Character:  Eugene Chaud | Enzan Ijuuin <Ijyuuin Enzan>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    An Official NetBattler, controller of Protoman (Blues) and often quite
    antogonistic with Lan (Netto).  His father apparently runs a strict household
    (MMBN3) and it seems to have rubbed off on the son and he is often very curt. 
    Usually refered to simply as "Chaud", this name derives from the French word
    meaning "hot", perhaps chosen because his name "Enzan" is written with the
    kanji meaning "fire mountain".
    Character:  Protoman | Blues <Buruusu>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The sword-wielding, shield-bearing Navi under control of Chaud.  He often comes
    across as being very committed to battle, and is very dedicated to Chaud.  The
    Japanese name Blues goes along with the musical terms for the main robots, and
    now you know why his chip is coded "B" and not "P".  The translators probably
    went with "Protoman" because he's implied as being created before MegaMan (back
    in the original NES series), thus he's a prototype, or 1st.  Also, having
    changed RockMan to MegaMan, the music-theme is already lost, so Blues makes
    less sense.  Unfortunately this translation caused further problems when
    Alpha/Proto (which see) appeared.
    Name:  Dr. Hikari | <Hikari Yuuichirou>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Father of Lan (Netto) and creator of MegaMan.  A dedicated robotics scientist
    that works at SciLab.  He's often helping Lan out with upgrades and repairs to
    Megaman, as well as encouraging his son.  "Yuuichirou" can be loosely
    translated as "cheerfuly divine helper", and that's often how he helps Lan and
    MegaMan -- just at the right time.
    Name:  Ms. Hikari | <Hikari Haruka>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Mother of Lan (Netto) and apparently a fine chef.  She usually plays a minor
    role in the games, never straying far from the domestic life at home.
    Name: Tadashi Hikari | <Hikari Tadashi>
    Games: 3
    Grandfather to Lan (Netto) and creator of Alpha (Proto).  He's the early
    pioneer into networking and the technology that made way for the Net society. 
    His first name "Tadashi" means "right" in English (as in "correct").  Perhaps
    this is a joke at the name Dr. Light being translated as Dr. Right? (which is
    always a problem due to the "L"/"R" ambiguity in Japanese).
    Name:  Dr. Wily | Lord Wily <Wairii>
    Games: 1, (2), 3
    Founder of the WWW.  Former worker at SciLab and general evil-doer (with the
    ominous laughing, too).  Wants to destroy the Net society.
    Name:  Ms. Mari | <Ouzono Mariko>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Teacher of Lan (Netto).
    Name: Ms. Yuri | <Ouzono Yuriko>
    Games: 1
    Sister to Ms. Mari and also a teacher, but in Dentown.  Apparently she's also
    an ex-WWW member!
    Name:  Mr. Match | <Hino Kenichi>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Member of the WWW and controller of FireMan (MMBN1), HeatMan (MMBN2), and
    "FlamMan" (MMBN3).  Plays a non-antagonistic role in MMBN2.
    Name:  FireMan | <Faiaman>
    Games: 1
    WWW Navi controlled by Mr. Match.  This Navi was responsible for sending ovens
    Name:  HeatMan | <Hiitoman>
    Games: 2
    Navi controlled by Mr. Match.  Not a major role in the game.
    Name:  FlamMan (ugh, how about FlameMan?) | FlameMan <Fureimuman>
    Games: 3
    WWW dog-Navi controlled by Mr. Match.  The name is "FlameMan" in Japanese, so I
    have no idea why the translators went with FlamMan.
    Name:  Mr. Higsby | <Higure Tarou>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Ex-member of the WWW, owner of the chip shop and controller of NumberMan.  Best
    known for the "huh" he tacks on at the end of phrases.  This wonderful man is
    also responsible for operating the chip traders.  His shop is closed in MMBN2,
    but he still manages to get the traders working and make a special appearance
    to counsel Lan, huh.  Sometimes you see his name translated as "Higureya",
    which I'm not sure is correct, as "ya" is probably a reference to his shop
    (that is, Higsby's shop would be called Higureya in Japanese, if his name is
    simply Higure).
    Name:  NumberMan | <Nambaaman>
    Games: 1, (2), 3
    Mr. Higsby's Navi; would probably make a great accountant.
    Name:  StoneMan | <SutounMan>
    Games: 1
    A Navi that disrupted the Metroline service.
    Name:  Dr. Froid | <Hikawa Seiji>
    Games: 1, (2?)
    Controller of IceMan.  "Froid" means "cold" in French, so hopefully that makes
    more sense now.
    Name:  IceMan | <AisuMan>
    Games: 1
    I hope IceMan didn't make that furry parka from baby seals.
    Name: Ms. Madd | <Iroaya Madoi>
    Games: 1
    Controller of ColorMan.  "Iro" means color in Japanese, and Madoi can mean
    "delusion" (as in crazy, or "mad", hence Madd).
    Name:  ColorMan | ColoredMan <Karaadoman>
    Games: 1
    The stop-and-go WWW Navi that makes traffic go haywire.  The original Japanese
    name has unfortunate connotations in English, and the name ColorMan works just
    as well.
    Name:  Count Zap | <Eleki Hakushaku>
    Games: 1
    Controller of ElecMan, and all around weird guy.  He apparently likes
    lightbulbs on his clothes.  Although written in kanji, "shaku" probably is
    meant to be a word-play on "shakku", meaning "shock".
    Name:  ElecMan | <Erekiman>
    Games: 1
    WWW Navi that attempts to shut down the power plant.
    Name:  BombMan |  BomberMan <Bombaaman>
    Games: 1
    Navi defeated to gain the "@WWW" address.  Not to be confused with the other
    Name:  Yahoot | <Mahanijyarama>
    Games: 1
    Controller of MagicMan.
    Name:  MagicMan | <Majikkuman>
    Games: 1
    One of the few Navis that doesn't move.  He sends plenty of other stuff to do
    his bidding, though.
    Name:  Sal | Saloma <Saroma>
    Games: 1
    Controller of WoodMan.  Nature lover, works at the goverment complex selling
    Name:  WoodMan | <Uddoman>
    Games: 1
    Navi made of wood.  Always makes me think of "UdonMan", which would be
    "NoodleMan".  Hopefully we never see that robot.
    Name:  Masa | <Masa>
    Games: 1
    Controller of SharkMan.  Very ugly, works at the goverment complex selling
    Name:  SharkMan |  <Shyaakuman>
    Games: 1
    Nasty water Navi.
    Name:  Miyu | <(Kuroi) Miyuki>
    Games: 1
    Little goth girl that controls SkullMan in Dentown.  Kuroi means "black" in
    Japanese, but I believe this has crept in from the anime series, not the
    original game.
    Name:  SkullMan | <Sukaruman>
    Games: 1
    Freaky Navi and much better interpretation from the NES series.
    Name:  PharoMan | <Faraoman>
    Games: 1, 2
    Egyptian Navi that hides deep in the internet (area 12) in MMBN1.  Guardian of
    WWW Area 1 in MMBN2.
    Name:  ShadoMan | <Shadouman>
    Alt:  ShadowMan (MMBN2) | <Shadouman>
    Games: 1, 2
    Ninja Navi that hides deep in the internet (area 15) in MMBN1; upgraded to
    actual Navi in 2 (controlled by Mr. Dark).
    Name:  LifeVirus | Dream Virus <Doriimu Wirusu>
    Games: 1
    The virus that Dr. Wily attempts to create to destroy the Net.  Not sure why
    the name change, but it seems to work.
    Name:  Bass | Forte <Forute>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Good ol' Bass.  By the time Bass (Forte) was introduced, the translators must
    have figured out the musical-term theme, though they altered it.   There's an
    amusing joke at the end of MMBN2 where Bass gets to deliver the line "Battle is
    my forte".  Note that Bass is pronounced like "base", and not "bass" like the
    fish.  As Data from ST:TNG noted, upon Dr. Polaski pronouncing his name
    "Dah-tuh" instead of "Day-tuh", "One is my name, and the other is not".
    Name:  Ribitta | <Midorikawa Kero>
    Games: 2, (3)
    DNN Newsreporter, controller of ToadMan.  The Japanese use "kero" like we use
    "ribbit" (to denote a frog-sound), and "midorikawa" means "green river".
    Name:  ToadMan | <Toudoman>
    Games: 2
    Amphibious Navi with annoying musical-note attack.
    Name:  Raoul | <Rauru>
    Games: 2, 3
    "Native American" (or Native Netopian) that controls ThunderMan and acts as the
    leader of the Underground in Netopia.
    Name:  ThunderMan | <Sandaaman>
    Games: 2
    Electrical storm Navi.
    Name:  Mrs. Millions | Mrs. Millionaire <Misesu Mirionea>
    Games: 2
    Eccentric, rich woman who controls SnakeMan.
    Name:  SnakeMan | <Suneikuman>
    Games: 2
    Reptile Navi that lives in a jar.
    Name:  Arashi | <Kazefuki (or Fusui?) Arashi>
    Games: 2
    Dapper chap that controls AirMan.  Dig those funky cuffs!  "Arashi" means
    "storm".  The kanji for his last name (Kazefuki) derive from the ones for
    "wind" and "blow".
    Name:  AirMan | <Eaaman>
    Games:  2
    Wind-type Navi that likes little whirwinds.
    Name:  Speedy Dave | <Daisuke Hayami>
    Games: 2
    Mad bomber who controls QuickMan with an IQ of 170.  "Haya" probably derives
    from the word for "early, fast".
    Name:  QuickMan | <Kuikkuman>
    Games: 2
    The fast Navi with the boomerang attack and lightning reflexes!
    Name:  King (of YumLand) | Navi King of Ajiina <Ajiina Kokuou Nabi>
    Games: 2
    Lan and MegaMan arrive in YumLand just in time to see this poor guy get
    Name:  Mr. Dark | <??>
    Games: 2
    Controls ShadowMan.
    Name:  CutMan | <Kattoman>
    Games: 2
    Barber-type Navi that could use a haircut, too.
    Name:  Jennifer | <>
    Games: 2, 3
    She's from South Netopia and attends the NetBattler meeting in Netopia (MMBN2)
    and the N1GP competition in MMBN3.
    Name:  Princess Pride | <Purinsesu Puraido>
    Games: 2
    Princess of Creamland, and also controller of KnightMan.
    Name: KnightMan | <Naitoman>
    Games: 2
    Heavily armored Navi with a ball-and-chain.
    Name:  Mr. Gauss | <Gausu ??>
    Games: 2
    President of Gauss, Inc. and controller of MagnetMan.  Gauss is an electric
    term (on magnetic flux density), how cute.
    Name: MagnetMan | <Magunettoman>
    Games: 2
    Bi-polar Navi with an equall bi-polar board design.  I think I liked the music
    for this board the best.
    Name:  FreezeMan | <Furiizuman>
    Games: 2
    Frozen Navi whose controller is never mentioned.
    Name:  Sean ??|  <Obihiro Shun> Shuryou?
    Games: 2, 3
    Founder of the Netmafia and controller (so to speak) of Gospel.  Notice that
    his Japanese name is "Shun", which is why Lan says "Shun" at the end of MMBN3
    (lots of typos made it into that game... yeesh!).
    Name:  Gospel | <Gosuperu>
    Alt: Treble
    Games: 2, (3)
    The name of Sean's Navi and force behind the Netmafia.  Morphs into a large
    wolf-like creature due to radiation.  In the original series, Gospel was Bass'
    companion, like Rush was to Mega Man.  However, his name got changed into
    Treble (for a play on Bass and Treble -- two major musical clefs).  My guess is
    they went with the original name "Gospel" In the MMBN series because it is set
    up as the name of an organization, and Netmafia Gospel sounds much nicer than
    Netmafia Treble.
    Name:  NapalmMan | <Napaamuman>
    Games: 2
    Guardian of WWW Area 2.
    Name:  PlanetMan | <Puranettoman>
    Games: 2
    Guardian of WWW Area 3.
    Name:  Mr. Famous | <(Eguchi?) Meijin>
    Games: 2, 3
    Controls GateMan in MMBN2 and Punk in the Blue (Black JPN) version of MMBN3. 
    "Meijin" more or less means "famous", as it is spelled with the kanji that mean
    "name" and "person" (a person with a name that everybody knows is famous).  I'm
    not yet sure if "Eguchi" comes from the anime or the game.
    Name:  GateMan | <Geitoman>
    Games: 2
    Winning Navi in the Japanese "create-a-Navi" contest.  Has an annoying
    gate/shield from which could come trash or toy soldiers.  Part of a extremely
    powerful Program Advance, though.
    Name:  Punk | ???
    Games: 3
    Mr. Famous' Navi for the 3rd game in the series.  Only accessible in the Blue
    (Black JPN) version of the game.  His chip is only available through special
    Capcom battling events (rather like Mew, Celebi of Pokemon).
    Name:  ??? | <Saiko Rei>
    Games: 3
    Controls FlashMan and likes to hear odd hats.
    Name:  FlashMan | <FurasshuMan>
    Games: 3
    Hypnotizing Navi.
    Name:  Chisao | <>
    Games: 3
    Dex's little brother who has been living in Netopia.  Is there anything cuter
    than "'Scooooose me???"
    Name:  Tamako | <Tamako>
    Games: 3
    Controls MetalMan and runs a kiosk in front of Ura Inn.
    Name:  MetalMan | <MetaruMan>
    Games: 3
    Buzzsaw Navi with a fist of steel.  I don't understand why his Navi chip has
    him do a fist-slam attack -- why not use those saws??!
    Name:  Inukai | <Inukai Takeo>
    Games: 3
    Controls BeastMan, but apparently he doesn't survive a "deleting" by Wily.
    Name:  BeastMan | <BiisutoMan>
    Games: 3
    Ferocious animal Navi that uses lots of slashing attacks.
    Name:  BubbleMan | <BaburuMan>
    Games: 3
    Fat, bubbly aqua Navi.  Oh, poor BubbleMan, what did they do to you? 
    Apparently he has no operator.
    Name:  Tora | <Aragoma Torakichi>
    Games: 3
    Talented NetBattler and controller of KingMan.  Helps Lan and company out
    during the final showdown with the WWW.  From Akindo(??) City.
    Name:  KingMan | <Kinguman>
    Games: 3
    Chess-piece Navi that uses pawns, knights and rooks to attack via various
    plans.  This Navi was the winning entry in the "create-a-navi" contest in
    Name:  Sunayama | <Sunayama Noboru> <Tengaronhatto>
    Alt name: Q | <>
    Games: 3
    Organizer of the N1 Grand Prix for DNN and controls DesertMan.  Wears a red
    tengallon hat.  "Sunayama" basically means mountain of sand.
    Name:  DesertMan | <Dezaatoman>
    Games: 3
    Sandy Navi that gets stuck when wet.
    Name:  Mamoru Ura | <>
    Games: 3
    Cute kid that suffered from the same heart-condition that killed Hub.  Acts as
    sysop for the Undernet.
    Name:  Anetta | <>
    Games: 3
    Likes to cause havoc on behalf of the earth.  Controls PlantMan.
    Name:  PlantMan | <PurantoMan>
    Games: 3
    Thorn-shooting and vine-growing Navi.
    Name:  DrillMan | <Doriruman>
    Games: 3
    Hard-headed (and pointy!) Navi that can bore through the very fabric of the
    Name:  CopyMan | <>
    Games: 3
    Well... unfortunately CopyMan only came in the form of GutsMan.  It might have
    been cool if CopyMan could keep shifting to different Navis.  Was ranked #3.
    Name:  MistMan | <Misutoman>
    Games: 3
    Genie-in-a-bottle-Navi ranked #2 amongst the top 10 Undernet Navis.  Present in
    the White version of MMBN3, and runner-up in the "create-a-navi" contest.
    Name:  BowlMan | <Bouruman>
    Games: 3
    Navi with bowling balls for arms (whew!) and ranked #2 amonst the top 10
    Undernet Navis.  Present in the Blue (Black JPN) version of MMBN3, and
    runner-up in the "create-a-navi" contest.  If this Navi was the runner-up, I
    wonder what the losing entries looked like???
    Name:  Dr. Cossack | <Kosakku>
    Games: 3
    Creator of Bass and what a sweet goatee!
    Name:  Alpha | Proto <Puroto>
    Games: 3
    The original internet!  The name was probably changed to Alpha because of
    Proto's unfortunate similarity to ProtoMan.  But Alpha makes more sense in
    English anyway (as in alpha or beta-testing software... ahh!).
    Name:  ??? | <Tousan>
    Games: 3
    Chaud's father and president of?
    Name:  DarkMan | <Daakuman>
    Games: 3
    Guardian of Secret Area 1.  Changes elements to yield different attacks.
    Name:  JapanMan | <Yamatoman>
    Games: 3
    Guardian of Secret Area 2.  Yamato refers to a time long ago in Japan's past
    (thus his samurai appearance).  Oddly, there was a YamatoMan in the NES MM6
    game, so why they changed the name, I have no idea.
    Name:  Serenade | <Serenaado>
    Alt name: S | <>
    Games:  3
    The #1 ranked Navi hidden deep in the Secret Area, again with a musical term
    for a name.  Rumors have been floating around that Serenade is actually female,
    and the translators got it incorrectly (or purposefully switched it).  I can't
    confirm one way or another until I see HARD PROOF.  So if you want to email me
    on this, don't give me your theories or lengthy essays -- I don't care, because
    I need to see actual written material (in Japanese) or similar stuff to say
    anything conclusive.
    ===== 2. Places =====
    Name:  ACDC Town | <Akiharacho>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Lan's hometown.  Has its own Metro, school, park, chip store, and also has
    Lan's and his friends' houses.  "Cho" simply designates it as a town.
    Name:  Government Complex | <Kanchougai>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Houses the Waterworks and Power Plant in MMBN1.  Home of the PET creators,
    research, etc. (SciLabs).
    Name:  Water Treatment Network (Waterworks) | <Suidou Kanri>
    Games: 1
    In the same Goverment Complex as SciLabs.  Attacked by the WWW to poison the
    water supply.
    Name:  Dentown | Densan Town <Densan Taun>
    Games: 1
    A big 5 block city with DenCity (Densan Shiti) in the middle.  "Den" is a
    general term used for "electricity".
    Name:  Power Plant | <>
    Games: 1
    In the same Goverment Complex as SciLabs.  Targeted for disruption by Count Zap
    and ElecMan.
    Name:  Undernet | Ura Internet <Uraintaanetto>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The shadier place of the internet where criminals hang out.  Revealed in MMBN3
    to be the hiding spot for GigaFreeze.  Servers maintained by Mamoru, whose last
    name is Ura.  This connection is lost in the English translation, which is a
    shame.  In this case, "ura" probably means "wrong side" or "undersurface".
    Name:  Marine Harbor | <>
    Games: 2, (3)
    Location of the Official Center (used to be the Goverment Complex?) and also
    where SciLabs is.  Presumably it's also in the 3rd game, but you never get to
    go outside of SciLabs.
    Name:  Official Center <OfisharuSentaa>
    Games: 2, (3)
    Location of SciLabs at Marine Harbor.
    Name:  SciLabs | <>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    Home of the PET creators and where they do research.  It has either changed
    locations from MMBN1, or... well who knows.  Dr. Hikari works here.
    Name:  Okuden Valley | <Okuden>
    Games: 2
    Name:  Electopia | <>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    It turns out this is the name of the country that Lan and company live in (i.e.
    Name:  Netopia | <Ameroppa>
    Games: 2
    As you can tell from the Japanese name, it's supposed to be an amalgamation of
    America and Europe, which explains the large stone castle mixed with the
    typical American city slums.  The translation change was probably justified,
    though amusingly it plays off of "Utopia" and Netopia certainly doesn't appear
    that way!
    Name:  Airport | <>
    Games: 2
    Used to fly back and forth between Netopia.
    Name:  Kotobuki | <Kotobuki>
    Games: 2
    Location of Gospel's headquarters.  Full of radiation by the time Lan reaches
    Name:  Yumland | <Ajiina>
    Games: 2
    A place with lots of food, but apparently destroyed by ShadowMan.
    Name:  Yoka | <Yokayoka>
    Games: 3
    Real world Yoka contains the zoo and the Ura Inn.
    Name:  Ura Inn | <Ura Ryokan>
    Games: 3
    A tradition Japanese-style inn (a ryokan) that also houses the servers of the
    Name:  Beach (Street) | <Biichi>
    Games: 3
    Real world Beach area is home to the DNN Station, the ferry, and the hospital.
    Name:  Hospital | <Byouin>
    Games: 3
    The hospital houses the Tree of Life.
    Name:  Hades Isle | "Hell" Island <Jigokutou>
    Games: 3
    Eerie island where the N1 Grand Prix takes place.  Jigoku is an infernal place.
    Name:  Demon Waters | <>
    Games: 3
    The island where the WWW base resides in MMBN3.
    Name:  Secret Area | <Shiikuretto Eria>
    Games: 3
    The non-jack-out-able area accessible after beating the game.  Contains more
    Navis, including the #1 ranked Serenade.
    ===== 3. Misc =====
    Name:  EXE | <Eguze>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The name for the subtitle, and suffix given to the robots to denote that they
    are .exe files (executables).  Unfortunately this English term is hard to
    pronounce in Japanese and comes across as the garbled "eguze".
    Name:  WWW | WWW, World 3 <Waarudo Surii>
    Games: 1, (2), 3
    The organization founded by Dr. Wily in an attempt to destroy Net society. 
    Notice the Japanese pronunciation is "World 3", while most English speakers
    probably say "double-u" 3 times (or "dub-ya" ^__^ ).
    Name:  Metroline Station | <??>
    Games: 1, 2, 3
    The nifty conveyance system that gets Lan around Electopia.  Kids ride free!
    Name:  Net-Mafia Gospel | <>
    Games: 2
    The organization that causes problems in lieu of the WWW for MMBN2.
    Name: Full Synchro | <>
    Games: 2, 3
    Where Navi and operator become one.  Yes, this happens first in MMBN2 when
    MegaMan uses the 'heart program' to go "full sync" with Lan.
    Name:  N1 Grand Prix | <N1 Guranpuri>
    Games: 3
    Contest run by DNN to crown the top NetBattler.
    Name:  Giga Freeze | <K??igafurizu>
    Games: 3
    A program to shut down programs.  So dangerous, it was hidden away in the
    Undernet and very few can wield its power.
    Name:  Guardian | <>
    Games: 3
    The program designed to watch over Alpha.  Tadashi Hikari's memories were
    stored in it to make this possible.
    ===== 4. Virus =====
    English Name		Japanese Name		Games
    Aqua Aura
    This is next on my list to finish.
    ===== 5. Chips =====
    A brief note on chips -- they can only contain 8 characters max, which bodes
    better for Japanese.  For instance, "AirMan" takes 6 in English, but "EaaMan"
    only takes 5 in Japanese (E, a, -, Ma, n).  Thus, a lot of the English names
    have to be shortened, usually to no harm.  But note for instance that
    "AirShot1" comes from "EaShuuto1", which would technically be "AirSHOOT1" in
    English, but that's 9 characters.  Now go and impress your friends with THAT
    knowledge! hehe
    I debated awhile on whether to include each chip list for each game separately,
    or to catalog them as a whole and tell in what games they appeared.  To avoid
    massive repetitions, I went with the latter, however some chips names were
    changed, so I tried to include those variants as well.
    Here's a list of all the chips in **alphabetical order by English name**:
    (Navi series of chips are kept as a block, even if name change would place it
    alphabetically somewhere else)
    English Name	Japanese Name		English Equivalent	Games
    AirMan		EaaMan						2,
    AirManV2	EaaManV2					2,
    AirManV3	EaaManV3					2,
    AirShoes	EaShuuzu					2, 3
    AirShot1	EaShuuto1		AirShoot1		3
    AirShot2	EaShuuto2		AirShoot2		3
    AirShot3	EaShuuto3		AirShoot3		3
    AirStrm1	EaSutoumu1					3
    AirStrm2	EaSutoumu2					3
    AirStrm3	EaSutoumu3					3
    AirSwrd		Fuuatsuken					3
    AlphArm(E)	PurotoAamu(E)		ProtoArm(E)		3
    AlphArm(w)	PurotoAamu(w)		ProtoArm(w)		3
    AntiDmg		Kawarimi					2, 3
    AntiElec	Hiraishin					2,
    AntiFire	Kakigenkin					2,
    AntiNavi	NabiSukauto		NaviScout		2, 3
    AntiRecv	BaddoMedisun		BadMedicine		2, 3
    AntiSwrd	Shirahadori					2, 3
    AntiWatr	Daikouzui					2,
    Anubis		PoizunAnubisu		PoisonAnubis		1, 2, 3
    Aqua+30		Akua+30						3
    Aqua+40		Akua+40						2,
    AquaAura	AkuaOura					1, 2,
    AquaBall	AkuaBaruun		AquaBalloon		1,
    AquaBlde	AkuaBureido					2,
    AquaGspl							(*2),
    AquaSwrd	AkuaSoudo					1, 2, 3
    AquaTwr		AkuaTawaa					1,
    AreaGrab	EriaSuchiiru		AreaSteal		1, 2, 3
    Arrow1		BiiArou1		BeeArrow1		3
    Arrow2		BiiArou2		BeeArrow2		3
    Arrow3		BiiArou3		BeeArrow3		3
    Atk+10		Atakku+10					2, 3
    Atk+20		Atakku+20					2,
    Atk+30		Atakku+30					2, 3
    Aura		Oura						3
    Balance		Ryouseibai					3
    BambSwrd	BambuuSoudo					3
    Barr100		100Baria		100Barrier		3
    Barr200		200Baria		200Barrier		3
    Barrier		Baria						1, 2, 3
    Bass		Forute			Forte			2,
    BassV2		ForuteV2		ForteV2			2,
    BassV3		ForuteV3		ForteV3			2,
    BassGS		ForuteGS		ForteGS			3
    BblWrap1	BaburuRappu1					1, 2,
    BblWrap2	BaburuRappu2					1,
    BblWrap3	BaburuRappu3					1,
    BeastMan	BiisutoMan					3
    BeastMnV2	BiisutoManV2					3
    BeastMnV3	BiisutoManV3					3
    BeastMnV4	BiisutoManV4					3
    BeastMnV5	BiisutoManV5					3
    BgRedWav	OoAkaTsunami		BigRedTsunami		(2),
    BigBomb		BigguBomu					1, 2,
    BigCloud	MosutoKuraudo		MostCloud		1 (Cloudest), 2
    BigWave		GureitoWeibu(OoTsunami?)GreatWave(Tsunami)	1, 3
    BlckHole	BurakkuHouru					2,
    BlkBomb1	BurakkuBomu1					(2 - no number), 3
    BlkBomb2	BurakkuBomu2					3
    BlkBomb3	BurakkuBomu3					3
    Blower		Neppu						2,
    Bolt		SandaaBoruto		ThunderBolt		3
    BombMan		BombaaMan		BomberMan		1,
    BombMan2	BombaaManV2		BomberManV2		1,
    BombMan3	BombaaManV3		BomberManV3		1,
    Boomer1		Buumeran1		Boomerang1		3
    Boomer2		Buumeran2		Boomerang2		3
    Boomer3		Buumeran3		Boomerang3		3
    BowlMan		BouruMan					3
    BowlManV2	BouruManV2					3
    BowlManV3	BouruManV3					3
    BowlManV4	BouruManV4					3
    BowlManV5	BouruManV5					3
    BrnzFist	BuronzuFisuto					2,
    BstrGard	BasutaaGaado					1,
    BstrBomb	BasutaaBomu					1,
    BstrSwrd	BasutaaSoudo					1,
    BstrPnch	BasutaaPanchi					1,
    Bub-V		BaburuBui					2, 3
    BubblMan	BaburuMan					3
    BubblMnV2	BaburuManV2					3
    BubblMnV3	BaburuManV3					3
    BubblMnV4	BaburuManV4					3
    BubblMnV5	BaburuManV5					3
    Bubbler		BaburuShotto		BubbleShot		1, 2, 3
    BubCross	BaburuKurosu					2,
    BublSide	BaburuSaido					3
    BubSprd		BaburuSupureddo					2,
    Bunny		Rabirii						3
    Burner		BaaninguBodi		BurningBody		1 (BodyBurn) 2, 3
    Burning		BaaninguKurosu		BurningCross		3
    Candle1		Rimorousoku1					1, 2,
    Candle2		Rimorousoku2					1, 2,
    Candle3		Rimorousoku3					1, 2,
    CannBall	Hougan						1 (Howitzer), 2, 3
    Cannon		Kyanon						1, 2, 3
    Catcher		KyatchiMashiin		CatchMachine		2,
    ColdPnch	KourudoPanchi					2,
    ColorMan	KaraadoMan		ColoredMan		1,
    ColorMn2	KaraadoManV2		ColoredMan2		1,
    ColorMn3	KaraadoManV3		ColoredMan3		1,
    Condor		DasshuKondoru		DashCondor		3
    CopyDmg		KopiiDameiji					3
    CrosBomb	KurosuBomu					1, 2,
    CrossGun	KurosuGan					1, 2
    CrsShld1	KaasuShiirudo1		(CurseShield)		2, 3
    CrsShld2	KaasuShiirudo2					2, 3
    CrsShld3	KaasuShiirudo3					2, 3
    CustSwrd	KasutamuSoudo					2, 3
    CutMan		KattoMan					2,
    CutManV2	KattoManV2					2,
    CutManV3	KattoManV3					2,
    Cyclone		Saikuron					1,
    DarkAura							3
    DarkMan		DaakuMan					3
    DarkManV2	DaakuManV2					3
    DarkManV3	DaakuManV3					3
    DarkManV4	DaakuManV4					3
    DarkManV5	DaakuManV5					3
    DashAtk		DasshuAtakku					1 (Dash), 2, 3
    DblSnsr		DaburuSensaa					2,
    DeltaRay							3
    DesrtMan	DezaatoMan					3
    DesrtMnV2	DezaatoManV2					3
    DesrtMnV3	DezaatoManV3					3
    DesrtMnV4	DezaatoManV4					3
    DesrtMnV5	DezaatoManV5					3
    Discord		Disukoudo					3
    DoubNdl		DaburuNiidoru					2,
    Drain1		Mosukiito1		Mosquito1		1,
    Drain2		Mosukiito2		Mosquito2		1,
    Drain3		Mosukiito3		Mosquito3		1,
    DrillMan	DoriruMan					3
    DrillMnV2	DoriruManV2					3
    DrillMnV3	DoriruManV3					3
    DrillMnV4	DoriruManV4					3
    DrillMnV5	DoriruManV5					3
    DropDown	TenjouUra					1, 2,
    DublBomb	DaburuBomu					3
    Dynamyt1	Dainamaito1					1,
    Dynamyt2	Dainamaito2					1,
    Dynamyt3	Dainamaito3					1,
    DynaWave	DainaWeibu					1, 2, 3
    Elec+30		Ereki+30					3
    Elec+40		Ereki+40					2,
    ElecAura	ErekiOura					2,
    ElecBall	ErekiBaruun		ElecBalloon		2,
    ElecBlde	ErekiBureido					2,
    ElecGspl							(*2),
    ElecMan		ErekiMan					1,
    ElecMan2	ErekiManV2					1,
    ElecMan3	ErekiManV3					1,
    ElecSwrd	ErekiSoudo					1, 2, 3
    Escape		Esukeipu					1, 2,
    Fanfare		Ouenka						3
    FireAura	FureimuOura					1, 2,
    Fan		Suikomi						2,
    Fire+30		Faia+30						3
    Fire+40		Faia+40						2,
    FireBlde	FureimuBureido					2,
    FireGspl							(*2),
    FireMan		FaiaMan						1,
    FireMan2	FaiaManV2					1,
    FireMan3	FaiaManV3					1,
    FireRatn	RattonHanabi		RattonFireworks		2 (just FireRat??), 3
    FireSwrd	FureimuSoudo					1, 2, 3
    FireTwr		FureimuTawaa					1,
    FlamMan		FureimuMan					3
    FlamManV2	FureimuManV2					3
    FlamManV3	FureimuManV3					3
    FlamManV4	FureimuManV4					3
    FlamManV5	FureimuManV5					3
    FlashMan	FurasshuMan					3
    FlashMnV2	FurasshuManV2					3
    FlashMnV3	FurasshuManV3					3
    FlashMnV4	FurasshuManV4					3
    FlashMnV5	FurasshuManV5					3
    FoldrBak							3
    Fountain	Daifunsui					3
    FreezBom	FuriizuBomu					(2),
    FreezeMn	FuriizuMan					2,
    FrzManV2	FuriizuManV2					2,
    FrzManV3	FuriizuManV3					2,
    FrntSnsr	FurontoSensaa					2,
    FstGauge	KuikkuGeiji		QuickGauge		1, 2, 3
    FtrSwrd		FaitaaSoudo					1, (2),
    FullCust	FuruKasutamu					2, 3
    Gaia1		GaiaHammaa1		GaiaHammer1		1,
    Gaia2		GaiaHammaa2		GaiaHammer2		1,
    Gaia3		GaiaHammaa3		GaiaHammer3		1,
    GaiaBlad??	GaiaBureido					3
    GaiaSwrd	GaiaSoudo					(2), 3
    Geddon1		Desumatchi1		Deathmatch1		1, 2, 3
    Geddon2		Desumatchi2		Deathmatch2		1, 2, 3
    Geddon3		Desumatchi3		Deathmatch3		2, 3
    GateMan		GeitoMan					2,
    GateManV2	GeitoManV2					2,
    GateManV3	GeitoManV3					2,
    GateSP		GeitoManSP					(*2),
    Geyser		Kanketsusen					2, 3
    GodStone	GoddoSutoun					2, 3
    GoldFist	GourudoFisuto					2,
    GrabBack	SuchiiruPanishu		StealPunish		3
    GrabRvng	SuchiiruRibenji		StealRevenge		2, 3
    GrassLne	KusamuraRain		KusamuraLine		2,
    GrassStg	KusamuraSuteiji		KusamuraStage		2, 3
    Guard		MettoGaado					1 (MetGuard), 2, 3
    Guardian	Ojizousan					2, 3
    GutImpct	GattsuImpakuto					3
    GutPunch	GattsuPanchi					1 (GtsPnch), 2, 3
    GutsMan		GattsuMan					1, 2, 3
    GutsManV2	GattsuManV2					1, 2, 3
    GutsManV3	GattsuManV3					1, 2, 3
    GutsManV4	GattsuManV4					3
    GutsManV5	GattsuManV5					3
    GutStrgt	GattsuSutoreito					3
    Hammer		BureikuHammaa		BreakHammer		1, 2, 3
    Heat-V		HiitoBui					2, 3
    HeatBall	HiitoBaruun		HeatBalloon		2,
    HeatCros	HiitoKurosu					2,
    Heater								1,
    HeatMan		HiitoMan					2,
    HeatMnV2	HiitoManV2					2,
    HeatMnV3	HiitoManV3					2,
    HeatShot	HiitoShotto					2, 3
    HeatSide	HiitoSaido					3
    HeatSprd	HiitoSupureddo					2,
    HeroSwrd	ParadinSoudo		PaladinSword		1, (2), 3
    HiCannon	HaiKyanon					1, 2, 3
    Hole		DaakuHouru		DarkHole		3
    HoleMetr	HouruMeteo					3
    HolyPanl	HouriiPaneru					2, 3
    Huricane	Harikein					1,
    IceBall		KooriHougan					3
    IceCube		AisuKyuubu					1,
    IceLine		AisuRain					2,
    IceMan		AisuMan						1,
    IceMan2		AisuManV2					1,
    IceMan3		AisuManV3					1,
    IcePunch	KoorudoPanchi					1,
    IceStage	AisuSuteiji					2, 3
    IceWave1	AisuWeibu1					3
    IceWave2	AisuWeibu2					3
    IceWave3	AisuWeibu3					3
    Interupt	Intaaraputo					1,
    Invis		Inbijiburu					3
    Invis1		Inbijiburu1					1, 2,
    Invis2		Inbijiburu2					1, 2,
    Invis3		Inbijiburu3					1, 2,
    IronBody	AianBodi					1,
    IronShld	MetaruShiirudo		MetalShield		1,
    JapanMan	YamatoMan					3
    JapanMnV2	YamatoManV2					3
    JapanMnV3	YamatoManV3					3
    JapanMnV4	YamatoManV4					3
    JapanMnV5	YamatoManV5					3
    Jealousy	Jerashii					2, 3
    Jelly		Jerii						3
    KillerEye???	KiraazuAi					3
    KingMan		KinguMan					3
    KingManV2	KinguManV2					3
    KingManV3	KinguManV3					3
    KingManV4	KinguManV4					3
    KingManV5	KinguManV5					3
    Knight		Naito						3
    KnightMn	NaitoMan					2,
    KnghtMnV2	NaitoManV2					2,
    KnghtMnV3	NaitoManV3					2,
    KngtSwrd	NaitoSoudo					1, (2),
    Kunai1		RyoutenKunai1					2,
    Kunai2		RyoutenKunai2					2,
    Kunai3		RyoutenKunai3					2,
    Lance		BambuuRansu		BambooLance		2, 3
    LavaBall	YouganHougan					3
    LavaCan1	MagumaKyanon1		MagmaCannon1		3
    LavaCan2	MagumaKyanon2		MagmaCannon2		3
    LavaCan3	MagumaKyanon3		MagmaCannon3		3
    LavaDrag	MagumaDoragon		MagmaDragon		2,
    LavaLine	MagumaRain		MagmaLine		2,
    LavaStge	MagumaSuteiji		MagmaStage		2, 3
    LeafShld	RiiruShiirudo					1, 2,
    LifeAura	DoriimuOura		DreamAura		1, 3
    LifeAur1	DoriimuOura1		DreamAura1		2,
    LifeAur2	DoriimuOura2		DreamAura2		2,
    LifeAur3	DoriimuOura3		DreamAura3		2,
    Ligtning	Raitoningu		Lightning		3
    LilBomb		SumouruBomu		SmallBomb		1, 2
    LilCloud	Kuraudo			Cloud			1 (Cloud), 2,
    LineOut		RainAuto					2,
    Lockon1		RokkuOn1					1,
    Lockon2		RokkuOn2					1,
    Lockon3		RokkuOn3					1,
    LongSwrd	RonguSoudo					1, 2, 3
    M-Cannon	MegaKyanon		MegaCannon		1, 2, 3
    MagBomb1	MagunettoBomu1					2,
    MagBomb2	MagunettoBomu2					2,
    MagBomb3	MagunettoBomu3					2,
    MagicMan	MajikkuMan					1,
    MagicMn2	MajikkuManV2					1,
    MagicMn3	MajikkuManV3					1,
    MagLine		MagunettoRain					2,
    MagnetMn	MagunettoMan					2,
    MagntMnV2	MagunettoManV2					2,
    MagntMnV3	MagunettoManV3					2,
    Magnum1		Magunamu1					3
    Magnum2		Magunamu2					3
    Magnum3		Magunamu3					3
    MedCloud	MoaKuraudo		MoreCloud		1 (Cloudier), 2
    MetalGel1	SuchiiruZeri1		StealJelly1		3
    MetalGel2	SuchiiruZeri2		StealJelly2		3
    MetalGel3	SuchiiruZeri3		StealJelly3		3
    MetalMan	MetaruMan					3
    MetalMnV2	MetaruManV2					3
    MetalMnV3	MetaruManV3					3
    MetalMnV4	MetaruManV4					3
    MetalMnV5	MetaruManV5					3
    Meteor9		Meteo9						2,
    Meteor12	Meteo12						2,
    Meteor15	Meteo15						2,
    Meteor18	Meteo18						2,
    Meteors		Ryuuseigun					(2), 3
    MetlStge	MetaruSuteiji					3
    Mettaur		Mettouru					3
    MindBndr	AnazaaMaindo		AnotherMind		2,
    Mine		SuterusuMain		StealthMine		2, 3
    Mine1		SuterusuMain1		StealthMine1		1,
    Mine2		SuterusuMain2		StealthMine2		1,
    Mine3		SuterusuMain3		StealthMine3		1,
    MiniBomb	MiniBomu					1, 2, 3
    MistMan		MisutoMan					3
    MistManV2	MisutoManV2					3
    MistManV3	MisutoManV3					3
    MistManV4	MisutoManV4					3
    MistManV5	MisutoManV5					3
    Mole1		Yukashitamogura1				3
    Mole2		Yukashitamogura2				3
    Mole3		Yukashitamogura3				3
    Momogra		Momoguran					3
    MudWave		DoroTsunami		MudTsunami		3
    Muramasa	MuramasaBureido		MuramasaBlade		1, 2, 3
    Mushy		Chamusshu					3
    NapalmMn	NapaamuMan					2,	
    NaplmMnV2	NapaamuManV2					2,
    NaplmMnV3	NapaamuManV3					2,
    Navi+20		Nabi+20						2, 3
    Navi+40		Nabi+40						2, 3
    NavRcycl	NabiRisaikuru		NaviRecycle		3
    Needler1	NeedoruMashin1		NeedleMachine1		3
    Needler2	NeedoruMashin2		NeedleMachine2		3
    Needler3	NeedoruMashin3		NeedleMachine3		3
    NoBeam1		NOBiimu1					3
    NoBeam2		NOBiimu2					3
    NoBeam3		NOBiimu3					3
    NrthWind	SuupaaKitakaze		SuperNorthWind		3
    NumbrMan	NambaaMan					1,
    NumbrMn2	NambaaManV2					1,
    NumbrMn3	NambaaManV3					1,
    OldWood		OurudoUddo					2, 3
    Panic		PanikkuMuudo		PanicMode		3
    PanlGrab	PaneruSuchiiru		PanelSteal		2, 3
    PanlOut1	PaneruAuto1					1 (X-Panel1), 2, 3
    PanlOut3	PaneruAuto3					1 (X-Panel2), 2, 3
    Pawn		Poun						3
    PharoMan	FaraoMan					1, 2,
    PharoMnV2	FaraoManV2					1, 2,
    PharoMnV3	FaraoManV3					1, 2,
    Plasma1		PurazumaBouru1		PlasmaBall1		3
    Plasma2		PurazumaBouru2		PlasmaBall2		3
    Plasma3		PurazumaBouru3		PlasmaBall3		3
    PlanetMn	PuranettoMan					2,
    PlnetMnV2	PuranettoManV2					2,
    PlnetMnV3	PuranettoManV3					2,
    PlantMan	PurantoMan					3
    PlantMnV2	PurantoManV2					3
    PlantMnV3	PurantoManV3					3
    PlantMnV4	PurantoManV4					3
    PlantMnV5	PurantoManV5					3
    PoisMask	PoizunMasuku					2, 3
    PoisFace	PoizunFeisu					2, 3
    Poltrgst	Porutaagaisuto					(2), 3
    PopUp		YukaShita					1, 2,
    Prism		Purizumu					2, 3
    ProtoMan	Buruusu			Blues			1, 2, 3
    ProtoMnV2	BuruusuV2		BluesV2			1, 2, 3
    ProtoMnV3	BuruusuV3		BluesV3			1, 2, 3
    ProtoMnV4	BuruusuV4		BluesV4			3
    ProtoMnV5	BuruusuV5		BluesV5			3
    QuadNdl		TetoraNiidoru		TetraNeedle		2,
    Quake1		Aasukueku1		Earthquake1		1, 2,
    Quake2		Aasukueku2		Earthquake2		1, 2,
    Quake3		Aasukueku3		Earthquake3		1, 2,
    QuickMan	KuikkuMan					2,
    QuickMnV2	KuikkuManV2					2,
    QuickMnV3	KuikkuManV3					2,
    Ratton1		Ratton1						1, 2, 3
    Ratton2		Ratton2						1, 2, 3
    Ratton3		Ratton3						1, 2, 3
    Recov10		Rikabarii10					1, 2, 3
    Recov30		Rikabarii30					1, 2, 3
    Recov50		Rikabarii50					1, 2, 3
    Recov80		Rikabarii80					1, 2, 3
    Recov120	Rikabarii120					1, 2, 3
    Recov150	Rikabarii150					1, 2, 3
    Recov200	Rikabarii200					1, 2, 3
    Recov300	Rikabarii300					1, 2, 3
    RedWave		AkaTsunami		RedTsunami		1, 3
    Remobit1	Rimokogorou1					1, 2,
    Remobit2	Rimokogorou2					1, 2,
    Remobit3	Rimokogorou3					1, 2,
    Repair		PaneruRitaan		PanelReturn		1, 2, 3
    RndmMetr	RandamuMeteo		RandomMeteor		3
    RockArm1	SutounAamu1		StoneArm1		3
    RockArm2	SutounAamu2		StoneArm2		3
    RockArm3	SutounAamu3		StoneArm3		3
    RockCube	SutounKyuubu		StoneCube		1, 2, 3
    Roll		Rouru						1, 2, 3
    RollV2		RouruV2						1, 2, 3
    RollV3		RouruV3						1, 2, 3
    Rook		Ruuku						3
    Rope1		GuriinRoupu1		GreenRope1		3
    Rope2		GuriinRoupu2		GreenRope2		3
    Rope3		GuriinRoupu3		GreenRope3		3
    Salamndr	Saramandaa					3
    SandStge	SandoSuteiji					3
    Satelit1	Sateraito1					2,
    Satelit2	Sateraito2					2,
    Satelit3	Sateraito3					2,
    Scuttlst	DoriimuBitto		DreamBit		3
    Sensor1		KiraaSensaa1		KillerSensor1		3
    Sensor2		KiraaSensaa2		KillerSensor2		3
    Sensor3		KiraaSensaa3		KillerSensor3		3
    Serenade	Serenaado					3
    ShadoMan	ShadouMan					1, 2,
    ShadoMnV2	ShadouManV2					1, 2,
    ShadoMnV3	ShadouManV3					1, 2,
    Shadow		Kagebunshin					3
    Shadow1		Kagebunshin1					2,
    Shadow2		Kagebunshin2					2,
    Shadow3		Kagebunshin3					2,
    Shake1		HebiiSheiku1		HeavyShake1		3
    Shake2		HebiiSheiku2		HeavyShake2		3
    Shake3		HebiiSheiku3		HeavyShake3		3
    SharkMan	ShaakuMan					1,
    SharkMn2	ShaakuManV2					1,
    SharkMn3	ShaakuManV3					1,
    ShockWav	ShokkuWeibu					1 (ShokWave), 2, 3
    ShotGun		ShottoGan					1, 2, 3
    ShotMetr	ShuutoMeteo					3
    SideGun		SaidoGan					3
    SilvFist	ShirubaaFisuto					2,
    SkullMan	SukaruMan					1,
    SkullMn2	SukaruManV2					1,
    SkullMn3	SukaruManV3					1,
    Slasher		Iaifoomu					2, 3
    SloGauge	HebiiGeiji		HeavyGauge		1, 2, 3
    Snake		KamonSuneiku		CommonSnake		3
    SnakeEgg1	EgguSunekku1		EggSnake1		1,
    SnakeEgg2	EgguSunekku2		EggSnake2		1,
    SnakeEgg3	EgguSunekku3		EggSnake3		1,
    SnakeMan	SuneikuMan					2,
    SnakeMnV2	SuneikuManV2					2,
    SnakeMnV3	SuneikuManV3					2,
    Snctuary	Sankuchuari					(+2), 3
    SnglBomb							3
    SonicWav	SonikkuWeibu					1 (SoniWave), 2, 3
    Sparker		ChaajiSupaaku		ChargeSparker		(2),
    Spice1		BaddoSupaisu1		BadSpice1		2, 3
    Spice2		BaddoSupaisu2		BadSpice2		2, 3
    Spice3		BaddoSupaisu3		BadSpice3		2, 3
    Spikey		Garuu						3
    Spreader	SupureddoGan		SpreaderGun		1, 2, 3
    StandOut	Purominensu		Prominence		3
    StepSwrd	Fumikomiza??n					2, 3
    StepCros	Fumikomikurosu		FumikomiCross		3
    StoneBod	SutounBodi					2,
    StoneMan	SutounMan					1,
    StoneMn2	SutounManV2					1,
    StoneMn3	SutounManV3					1,
    Sword		Soudo						1, 2, 3
    Swordy		Swoudin						3
    Team1		Burazaafuddo1		Brotherhood1		3
    Team2		Burazaafuddo2		Brotherhood2		3
    Thunder1	SandaaBouru1		ThunderBolt1		1,
    Thunder2	SandaaBouru2		ThunderBolt2		1,
    Thunder3	SandaaBouru3		ThunderBolt3		1,
    ThunMan		SandaaMan					2,
    ThunManV2	SandaaManV2					2,
    ThunManV3	SandaaManV3					2,
    TimeBomb	KauntoBomu		CountBomb		3
    TimeBom1	KauntoBomu1		CountBomb1		1, 2,
    TimeBom2	KauntoBomu2		CountBomb2		1, 2,
    TimeBom3	KauntoBomu3		CountBomb3		1, 2,
    Timpani		Timpanii					3
    ToadMan		ToudoMan					2,
    ToadManV2	ToudoManV2					2,
    ToadManV3	ToudoManV3					2,
    Tornado		Toruneido					2, 3
    Totem1		Toutemu1					3
    Totem2		Toutemu2					3
    Totem3		Toutemu3					3
    TreeBom1	ForesutoBomu1		ForestBomb1		2,
    TreeBom2	ForesutoBomu2		ForestBomb2		2,
    TreeBom3	ForesutoBomu3		ForestBomb3		2,
    TriArrow	ToripuruArou		TripleArrow		1,
    Trident		Toraidento					2,
    TriLance	ToripuruRansu		TripleLance		1,
    TripNdl		ToripuruNiidoru		TripleNeedle		2,
    TriSpear	ToripuruSupia		TripleSpear		1,
    TrplBomb	ToripuruBomu		TripleBomb		3
    Twister		Kogarashi					2,
    Typhoon		Taifuun						1,
    UnderSht	AndaaShattsu					2,
    V-Gun		BuiGan						2, 3
    VarSwrd		BariaburuSoudo					2, 3
    Volcano		BorukanoKyanon		VolcanoCannon		3
    WatrLine	Chikasuimyaku					3
    Wave		Tsunami			Tsunami			1, 3
    Whirlpl		Uzushio						2,
    WideSwrd	WaidoSoudo					1, 2, 3
    Wind		Toppu						2, 3
    Wood+30		Uddo+30						3
    Wood+40		Uddo+40						2
    WoodAura	UddoOura					1, 2,
    WoodGspl							(*2),
    WoodMan		UddoMan						1,
    WoodMan2	UddoManV2					1,
    WoodMan3	UddoManV3					1,
    WoodTwr		Uddi??Tawa					1,
    Wrecker		Tekkyuu						2,
    Yo-Yo1		YouYou1						2, 3
    Yo-Yo2		YouYou2						2, 3
    Yo-Yo3		YouYou3						2, 3
    ZapRing1	RabiRingu1		RabbiRing1		1 (RingZap1/ErekiSaakuru1), 2, 3
    ZapRing2	RabiRingu2		RabbiRing2		1 (RingZap2/ErekiSaakuru2), 2, 3
    ZapRing3	RabiRingu3		RabbiRing3		1 (RingZap3/ErekiSaakuru3), 2, 3
    ZeusHamr	ZeusuHammaa		ZeusHammer		2, 3
    ===== 6.  Untranslatables =====
    This section lists things that weren't translatable, or were overlooked.
    +++++ A.  Those Legendary Tomes +++++
    MMBN3 -- One of the later jobs on the Job Board has a ghost Navi ask you to get
    three legendary tomes that encode the resting place of a great treasure.  Each
    tome (sky, land and sea) has a strip of lines and dashes, and when you write
    them out in the correct order, you get:
    _ _ X _ X _ _ _ _ X X _ _ X X X X
    _ X _ _ _ X _ _ _ _ _ _ _ X _ _ X
    X _ _ _ _ _ X _ X X X X _ _ _ X _
    Don't say "It's Greek to me!", because it's actually Japanese.  They are
    katakana syllables that spell out the word "haniwa".
    / \ = ha
     =  = ni
    last = wa
    Okay, what's a haniwa?  Haniwa are these old earthenware objects made in the
    old times of Japan.  If you've played Animal Crossing (for GameCube) the haniwa
    are those little totem-like statues.  Of course, there's also a haniwa statue
    in the game -- at the school.  If you check out the statue with all 3 tomes in
    your possession, you find the (massive!) treasure.  [I actually figured this
    one out on my own, though only after I knew the treasure was in the statue.]
    ===== 7. Translation Notes =====
    When writing out the romaji, I go with the more phonetic form.  That is, I
    write "tsu" instead of "tu" and "fu" instead of "hu".  This use also extends to
    the use of "U" followed by a small "e" to mean "We", and all the other
    "non-natural" Japanese syllables (wi, fo, di, etc).
    ===== 8. FAQ Info =====
    Lots of stuff left to do, but I wanted to get this FAQ up and running:
    1.  Virus list.  Doing the chip list was draining enough, so I'll eventually
    get around to listing the virus names.
    2.  Add English translations for the Japanese chips where they vary.  For
    instance, Volcano is really "Volcano Canon".
    3.  Fill in the few gaps remaining.
    4.  Continual update.  As of this writing, the BattleChipGP game is about to
    come out, and EXE4 has already been announced.  Can't wait!!
    *** Due to this guide being in English, I won't update with information on a
    new game until the English version comes out!! ***
    Version History:
    0.1 -- Never published, just my personal copy.
    1.0 -- Finished on July 23, 2003.  Mostly complete information of first 3
    My thanks go to Capcom for making an intruiging series, and to all of you for
    I'd also like to thank the folks who helped with the following information:
    Capcom Japan:  http://www.capcom.co.jp
    RockmanPass: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Dice/7946/
    ExeTown: http://homepage3.nifty.com/abc-xyz//exetown.htm
    The MegaMan Network:  http://megaman.retrofaction.com

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