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    Game Script by SS3 Grown Trunks

    Version: 1.32 | Updated: 08/22/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           MegaMan Battle Network Game Script
           MegaMan Battle Network for the GameBoy Advance game script. Any
    questions you can send them to ss3growntrunks@yahoo.com and I will try to
    answer them in the best way possible, but remember that if the answer to your
    question is inside this document, then I will simply ignore your e-mail, also
    remember to put as a subject to your e-mail "MegaMan Battle Network" or
    something to do with it because if you don't then I won't even read your e-
    mail. This is not a FAQ, so I don't expect too many e-mails since I will not
    answer e-mails regarding gameplay and stuff.
           I am Trunks Vegita, today is August 22, 2003.
           >>>>>>>Version 1.32<<<<<<<
           NOTE: * = Not Started
                 ** = Half Finished
                 *** = Almost Finished
                      = Finished
           #1 Introduction
           #2 Version History
           #3 Game Script
            #3.1 Going to School
            #3.2 NetBattling Class
            #3.3 MegaMan Detective
            #3.4 FireMan's Hot Flames
            #3.5 NumberMan's School CountDown
            #3.6 StoneMan's Blockade
            #3.7 Meeting Chaud
            #3.8 IceMan, Water's Missing!
            #3.9 ColorMan, Green lights, no Red Lights!
            #3.10 ElecMan's BlackOut
            #3.11 BombMan Enters
            #3.12 MagicMan and the Life Virus - The Final Battles
            #3.13 THE END
           #4 Disclaimer
           #5 Note to Webmasters
           #6 Credits ***
           #1 Introduction
           This document was made for to only purpose of existing, why because I
    did not do it to help you in gameplay, I only did it because I wanted to.
    BEWARE because it does contain spoilers, obviously since it is the game script
    (duh!). You can use it to remember what happened or for whatever, except that
    you cannot take credit for doing this since I did it, and you cannot post it in
    your site without my permission.
           #2 Version History
           Version 0.1
           - Made the first release of the walkthrough
           - Sections 1, 4 and 5 are completely done.
           - Made the first part of the Game Script.
           - Second part of the Game Script for future release has been done.
           Version 0.2
           - Finished section 3.2 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.3 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 0.3
           - Finished section 3.3 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.4 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 0.4
           - Finished section 3.4 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.5 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 0.5
           - Finished section 3.5 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.6 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 0.6
           - Finished section 3.6 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.7 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 0.7
           - Finished section 3.7 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.8 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 0.8
           - Finished section 3.8 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.9 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 0.9
           - Finished section 3.9 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.10 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 1.0
           - Finished section 3.10 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.11 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 1.1
           - Finished section 3.11 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.12 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 1.2
           - Finished section 3.12 of the Game Script.
           - Section 3.13 of the Game Script has been done for future release.
           Version 1.3
           - Finished section 3.13 of the Game Script.
           - The Game Script has been completed.
           version 1.31
           - Corrected a little mistake not worth naming.
           Version 1.32
           - Updated date of last version.
           #3 Game Script
           #3.1 Going to School
           (You see Lan sleeping on his bed)
           Mom: Lan, wake up!
           Lan: ...
           Mom: If you don't get up, you'll be late for school!
           Lan: ...
           (PET lights up)
           PET: PET NetNews! "WWW crime on the rise!" It says the WWW plan to
    control the net might be starting!
           Lan: Ugh...Sleep...
           PET: You've got mail from Dad, too! Look..."Sorry I couldn't get off
    work Sunday, I'll be home soon. Here's a present for you" it says! There's some
    battle chip data attached!
           Lan: Yaaaawn...I was just having a great dream, too.
           Dad from mail: I'll expand your chip data, so check on your PET later,
           (Lan gets up and ready to leave to school)
           Game: Lan got his "PET"! Press START to see chip data and read mail. Lan
    got an AI Navigation program, "MegaMan.EXE"!
           MegaMan: Lan! Good morning!
           Lan: Morning, MegaMan!
           MegaMan: If you need to talk to me, just push the L Button. OK, let's
    get to school!
           (PET lights up once again)
           MegaMan: Lan! Check you mail again!
           E-Mail: From: NetNews
                   Subject: WWW Crime!
                   WWW crime on the rise! WWW's plan to control the net might be
           MegaMan: Hurry! Let's get to school!
           Mom: Good morning, Lan!
           Lan: Morning, Mom!
           Mom: Breakfast is on the table! You have time to eat?
           Lan: No! I'll be late!
           (Go outside the house to go to the school, you see Mayl there)
           Mayl: Lan! You're late!
           MegaMan: Uh-oh...Mayl looks grumpy...
           Lan: No one asked you to wait for me...
           Mayl: Hm? Did you just say something? C'mon! Let's go!
           Lan: Why do we always have to walk to school together?
           Mayl: Silly! Because we've always got so much to talk about!
           MegaMan: She means SHE's got a lot to talk about. You just listen...
           Lan: Quiet!
           (Start going off to school.)
           Mayl: Have you heard about the oven accidents? People's ovens have been
    spitting fire all of a sudden!
           Lan: Hmmm...
           Mayl: I bet it's another WWW virus on the loose!
           Lan: You're just imagining things...
           Mayl: Maybe...Well, here we are! Let's get to class!
           (Go into the school and once in your classroom, talk to Dex.)
           Dex: I've been waiting for you, Lan! I challenge you...to a NetBattler!
    Your wimpy "Mega" Man against my GutsMan!
           Yai: I heard that! NetBattling isn't allowed, you know!
           Dex: Aww stuff it! You sure got a big mouth for such a shrimp! We're not
    bothering anyone, are we Lan?
           Yai: Well, I guess...Shrimp! That's no way to talk to a lady!
           Game: ding dong ding dong
           Dex: Aw man! Class is starting! After class, Lan! Be there!
           #3.2 NetBattling Class
           Ms. Mari: Let's begin class, shall we? First period is..."Virus
    Busting". Who's read NetNews?
           Boy: I did! It said WWW Net Crime is on the rise!
           Ms. Mari: Very good! And extra marks for checking your NetNews.
           MegaMan: Course, you should know too Lan...
           Ms. Mari: It's important we all know how to fight viruses!
           Dex: Hah! I'd like to see a WWW virus take on me and GutsMan!
           Yai: Hrmp, Dex and his silly little "GutsMan"...
           Dex: Whad'you say?
           Lan: Relax Why would the WWW bother with you anyway, Dex?
           Dex: Why, you! Lan!
           Ms. Mari: Quiet in the class! Today we'll be using the common virus
    called a "Mettool". Jack in your PET so your NetNavi can access the net.
           MegaMan: Lan, she said to jack in! Press the R Button!
           Lan: Yeah, yeah...
           (Press the R Button to jack in MegaMan.EXE)
           Ms. Mari: It looks like everyone's Navi is online! Okay, I'm releasing
    the "Mettool" data now. Everyone ready?
           (You get to start your first NetBattle, actually the first in the
    Battler Network series)
           Ms. Mari: OK, let's a demonstration on how to delete viruses. When
    fighting, you must first send chip data to your Navi. You choose the chips to
    send in this window. Chip icons are shown at the bottom of the setup window.
    Form here, you choose which chips you want to send to the Navi. This shows the
    chip data you have selected. It shows the attack rating. This is the virus's
    Hit Points (HP). It shows how tough this virus is. You can normally only send
    one chip at a time, but...You can send multiple copies of the same chip, such
    as two or three Cannons. This will let you use more weapons, and fight much
    better! OK, now we'll choose which chip data to send to the Navi. Select with
    the A Button. Press the R Button to see an explanation of a chip. You chose a
    Cannon, I see. That means you can choose one more Cannon! OK, let's send this
    to you Navi! Choose "OK". We've sent the data. Now, it's time to fight the
    virus!. Now, I'll explain how to fight as we actually do so. You can move your
    Navi up, down, left, and right. You shot with the B Button. It's weak, but
    fast. Your HP are shown at the top left. If you go down to 0 HP your Navi is
    deleted, so be careful! Above your Navi's head is the chip data you sent. You
    can only use it once, so be careful! And that's the basic battle technique!
    Easy, right?
           Boy: Ms. Mari! What do you do if you've used your chips, and the virus
    still isn't dead?
           Ms. Mari: That's a good question! Everyone, look here. This is your
    battle gauge. It slowly fills as you fight. When it's full, press the L or R
    Button. You can then go to the battle setup screen and choose new chips to
    send. OK, let's try it! Good luck!
           (Use the Cannons to delete the viruses)
           Ms. Mari: Good Job! Let's go on to the next lesson! OK, now I'll tell
    you about support chips. Not all chips are weapons. For example, a Steal chip
    will increase the are that your Navi is able to move around in...Since you need
    to get close for a sword, this would be a wise strategy.
           Boy: Ms. Mari! I though that we can only choose chip copies!
           Ms. Mari: Another good question! Look here, please. Do you see that
    letter? That's this chip's code. You can choose a different type of chip if it
    has the same code type. Please notice that Steal and Wide Sword have the same
    code! They're both "S"! You can choose two chips at the same time, now. They
    are shown here, in the order that you choose them. This will help you plan your
    strategy. OK, let's try that. Choose Steal and WideSword in order. OK! Next,
    choose the WideSword. OK, let's send this data to the Navi! Choose "OK". We've
    sent the data to the Navi! Time to try out our strategy! OK, let's review that
    strategy. First you'll use the A button to use Steal. Then, the virus's area
    will shrink right, and you will have more room to move around! Move into the
    area that you took, and use the sword! This is a powerful strategy! However, be
    careful of the virus's attack when close! Good luck! Everyone!
           (Use the strategy she just explained and delete the viruses)
           (If you press the L or R button to go to the chip selection screen)
           Ms. Mari: OK, let's send some data to the Navi again. Try it yourself
    this time!
           (After deletion of viruses)
           Ms. Mari: Good job! Let's go on to the next lesson! For our final lesson
    we'll talk about chip adding. By using chip adding you can increase the number
    pf chips that you can use to make combination for improved strategies. Look at
    the screen. See the ADD button at the bottom right? If you select this button
    without choosing any chips, you will have to fight for one turn without chips,
    but on your next turn you will be able to select from 10. do this twice, and
    you'll have 15 chips to choose from! This should surely give you all the
    strategies you need. OK, a pop quiz! For this test, you will need to use all
    the techniques I've just taught you and delete a virus. Good luck!
           (Choose the ADD button)
           Lan: MegaMan! I'm sending more chip data! Give me one turn!
           (Choose the chips you wish to delete the viruses)
           (After the deletion of the viruses by whichever method you used)
           Ms. Mari: Good job!!! That's all for today's class!
           Lan: Phew...
           MegaMan: Wow. Today just flew by, huh? Let's go home!
           Lan: OK!
           (Talk to Dex)
           Dex: Well, you got saved by the bell, but now it's time to fight! My
    GutsMan rocks! I got the latest version yesterday! Let's do it!
           Lan: (YES)
           Dex: That's the spirit! Don't be a crybaby if ya lose, hear?
           (Battle starts)
           (If you lose against GutsMan, I really doubt it)
           Game: MegaMan Deleted!
                 Game Over
           (If you delete GutsMan, I really think that is what will happen)
           Dex: Grr...you just got lucky! Today doesn't count, okay?
           (Get out of the classroom to head home)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!
           #3.3 MegaMan Detective
           (After you arrive at home)
           Mom: Lan, welcome home! A man from Net Safety is checking our home
    control panel. You heard, right? About the ovens exploding?
           MegaMan: That's the accident Mayl was talking about this morning.
           Repair Man: Hello. We think a virus might be responsible for the
    accidents...we're checking every home's control panel just to be safe.
           Mom: I'm glad it didn't happen to us! Lan, go to your room so you won't
    get in the way.
           MegaMan: Let's get on the net!
           Mom: You're in the way! Why don't you go play in your room? I'll call
    you when I've made a snack!
           Repair Man: If we just do this and this...Hee hee!
           (After arriving at your room)
           (Press the R Button near the PC to jack in MegaMan into the net)
           Lan: jack in! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (Once inside the PC)
           Green Program: This is the inside of your computer. From here you can
    access the net, and other terminal. You can jack out at any time by pressing
    the R Button.
           (Go talk to Glyde at ACDC Area 1)
           Glyde: Oh! MegaMan! My name is Glyde. I'm Lan's classmate Yai's NetNavi.
    Once of Yai's programs has gotten lost! I'm pretty sure that it's somewhere in
    the net around here. I have some pressing chores to do, and must return now.
    MegaMan, if you happen to find our program, could you please come by our
    network? Here, please take this.
           Game: "MegaMan got: '@Yai'"
           Glyde: If you use that at the proper place on the net, you will be able
    to access Yai's portrait network. I'll be there. Oh, and of you could keep this
    matter to yourself, thank you.
           (Talk to him again)
           Glyde: Thank you for helping me look for the lost program.
           (After finding and talking to the Green Program that was lost)
           Green Lost Program: Waaah! Waaah! I can't find my way hoooome! Glyde!
    Come find me! Waaah! Waaah!
           MegaMan: Lan! This must be the lost program!
           Lan: You're right! MegaMan, go tell Glyde!
           MegaMan: He's in Yai's portrait network, right? OK!
           (After trying to enter Yai's portrait network for the first time)
           Game: It looks like a connection to another terminal...MegaMan accessed
    @Yai! It connects to the terminal!
           (After entering Yai's portrait network for the first time)
           Game: MegaMan bookmarked Yai's portrait! You can now freely enter here!
           (Go talk to Glyde)
           Glyde: Ah, you found our program! Where is it? ...OK. got it! Thank you!
    Please take this as a reward!
           Game: MegaMan got a chip for "Spreader I"!
           MegaMan: Hey, cool! Lan, let's go see of Mom finished making us a snack!
           (Press the R Button to make MegaMan jack out)
           Lan: MegaMan, you want to jack out?
           MegaMan: (YES)
           Lan: OK! Roger!
           (Now controlling Lan)
           #3.4 FireMan's Hot Flames
           (While leaving the room)
           Mom: Eeek!!
           MegaMan: That's your mom! What could be wrong?
           Lan: Let's go!
           Mom: Laaaannn! I was trying to make hotcakes, and look! What should we
           Lan: Huh?? But it was just repaired?
           Mom: The repairman said it was fixed!! But it's on fire!!
           Lan: MegaMan: Let's jack in! Maybe it's a bug or a virus or something!
           MegaMan: Leave it to me!
           (After pressing the L Button)
           MegaMan: Lan!! Jack into the oven! Use the R Button!
           (After pressing to R Button near the oven)
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (After MegaMan is already inside the oven)
           Lan: MegaMan!?
           MegaMan: Yeah, the oven program's here, but something wrong...
           Lan: Be careful! If a virus comes out, I'll send chip data!
           MegaMan: Roger that!
           (when at a specific place)
           Lan: It's just like Mayl was saying...Let's go MegaMan! Battle routine,
           MegaMan: Execute!!
           (After MegaMan is burnt and you are now controlling Lan)
           Mom: Eeeek!
           Lan: MegaMan what's wrong!? MegaMan!?
           (Lan's PET lights up)
           Mysterious voice: Hah hah hah!
           Lan: Who's there!
           Repair Man: Don't bother calling your Navi! He just went boom!
           Lan: You! You're the panel repair man!
           Repair Man: Hah! That was just a disguise! I work for the WWW, silly
           Lan: So all the other oven explosions...
           WWW Man: You're pretty smart. Me and my Navi do good work, huh? Sorry,
    but you gotta join your Navi! You can't escape!
           Mom: Lan...Where's MegaMan? You can't contact him?
           (After checking the toybox at Lan's room)
           Lan: Here it is!
           Game: Lan got "WaterGun"!
           Lan: OK! Let's go!
           (After checking the oven, Lan sprays the water gun)
           Mom: Thanks heavens! The fire's gotten a little better, now.
           Lan: MegaMan! Answer me, MegaMan!
           (After you get control of MegaMan once again)
           Lan: MegaMan! Answer me!
           MegaMan: Uh, uhhh...Lan?
           Lan: You okay?
           MegaMan: Yeah! I'm all right! Thanks! Lan!
           Lan: I got a lot on my hands here! Hurry up, MegaMan!
           MegaMan: Roger!
           (After finding Fireman for the first time)
           Fireman: And who are you?
           MegaMan: You're a WWW NetNavi aren't you! Your mischief ends here!
           FireMan: Hahah! So you're the Navi for this house. You think your kid
    operator con beat me and Mr. Match?
           MegaMan: Guess we'll just have to fight you and find out! Lan, get out
    chips ready!
           Lan: OK
           Mr. Match: Hahahah! You made it this far but now it's war!...Like
    FireMan sez, we're strong kiddo! FireMan! Let's burn!
           FireMan: Whooo!!
           Lan: ...MegaMan, these guys mean business! Give it your best!
           MegaMan: You, too, Lan! No getting scared okay?
           Lan: Who, me? No way! Battle program, set!!
           MegaMan Execute!!
           (If MegaMan losses and get deleted)
           Game: MegaMan Deleted
                 Game Over
           (If MegaMan wins and deletes FireMan)
           Mr. Match: How can a kid and a puny Navi delete FireMan!?...Hmph! At
    least I finished my mission...
           Lan: What do you mean?
           Mr. Match: Hah! This is just the first step in the WWW's plan!
           Lan: What!?
           Mr. Match: Hah! That's right! I found the program we need for our plan
    inside the oven in your house!...eh, I probably shouldn't have told you
    that...But who cares! Soon war will start and you'll be dead!...See ya!!
           Lan: Waur! Program? War? What's he talking about?...Phooey!
           (After controlling Lan again)
           Mom: ...Well, I'm glad the house didn't catch fire! Thank you, Lan!
           MegaMan: Hey, Lan! Great work back there!
           Lan: Yeah...You, too, MegaMan!
           MegaMan: ...You're worried, aren't you? About the WWW...
           Lan: Yeah...There's just so much I don't understand.
           MegaMan: Well, it was only the first time we fought them. But they'll
    never control the net! Not if I can help  it!
           Lan: But MegaMan...What can we do? We don't even know where they will
    strike next...
           MegaMan: We'll wait and get then when they come! C'mon, Lan!
           Lan: Okay, but first...Mom! I'm hungry! Can I have a snack?
           MegaMan: You're hungry at a time like this?
           Lan: Aw, c'mon, just a little byte....
           Mom: Your snack? It's there in the oven...They were turning out so well,
    and now there all burnt! I've gotten tired from all the excitement...Why don't
    you go out and play. Come back and rest later on!
           #3.5 NumberMan's School CountDown
           (After checking the bed)
           MegaMan: Turn in for the day?
           Lan: (YES)
           MegaMan: Good night, Lan!
           Game: Several days after the "strange oven explosions"...
           (After a guy appears in front of the school)
           Game: *clip* *clop*...*clip* *clop*...
           Strange Man: ...ACDC elementary, Den City...This is the place!...*grin*
           (After Lan wakes up to get to school the next day in the morning)
           Lan: Man! How come nobody woke me up?
           MegaMan: I did a few times, Lan! You just didn't get up!
           Lan: What time is it?
           MegaMan: You got five minutes!
           Lan: What about everyone else?
           MegaMan: Huhh...They're already at school!
           Lan: Duh!
           (After Lan get into the school)
           MegaMan: Looks like everyone is already in the classroom...
           Lan: MegaMan, any new mail?
           MegaMan: Lan! Didn't you hear what I just said? You better get to class
    quick! Geez! You have 2 messages. The first is NetNews "Student net crime on
    the rise!" The other one's from Miss Yai: "I called your name for you in
    homeroom so you owe me one."
           Lan: That Yai...Grr... ...Well, no point hurrying, I guess!
           MegaMan: Why do I even bother...
           (After the PET lights up)
           MegaMan: Lan! Check your mail again!
           (After checking the first mail)
           NetNews: Student net crime is on the rise at schools everywhere! The
    reasons for this rise are as yet unknown
           (After Lan gets into the classroom)
           MegaMan: Looks like everyone is still in homeroom...
           Lan: (Sneak time!)
           Game: pitpat...pitpat...
           (After Lan safely makes it to his seat)
           Lan: (Yeah! I did it!)
           Ms. Mari: ...So class, this is Mr. Higsby. He'll be helping me teach
    class for the next tow weeks.
           Mr. Higsby: Hello, I'm Mr. Higsby. I collect battle chips, it's my
    hobby! I'm looking forward to trading with all of you! Be sure to come to me if
    you've got any rare chips, okay? Heh, heh... *snort*
           Yai: ...The new teacher's kinda...scary.
           Mayl: Not really scary...just sorta weird.
           Lan: I didn't think teacher had hobbies, too...
           MegaMan:  Well, they do say everyone's gotta have a hobby!
           Game: *whisper* *giggle*
           Ms. Mari: Everyone, let's give Mr. Higsby a warm welcome, okay? Well,
    now, that's all for homeroom today.
           (After waiting for a while)
           Game: bing bong bing bong
           Kid: Hey! The teacher's coming!
           (After Mr. Higsby gets in the classroom.)
           Mr. Higsby: Weeeeel now, I'd like to begin the first class, huh.
           Mayl: Mr. Higsby, where's Ms. Mari?
           Mr. Higsby: Ms. Mari? She was sick and went to the nurses office, huh.
           Dex: Wha..!?
           Mr. Higsby: Quiet, everyone!...first class will be study hall, huh.
           Dex: All right!
           Mr. Higsby: Don't rejoice just yet, huh! I want you all to do math
    drills. I'll be checking them later!
           Dex: Shucks...
           Mr. Higsby: Now, jack in to the blackboard! Huh! All right
    everyone...Good luck!
           (After Mr. Higsby goes out of the classroom)
           Lan: Man, math is hard, especially in the morni...huh?
           (After ERROR appears in big letter on the blackboard.)
           Yai: Eeek!! What's that?
           (Strange Man begins to speak)
           Strange Man: We will now announce...The real goal of our plan...to
    control the net!
           MegaMan: Lan! This is a WWW re-education program!
           Strange Man: The WWW's true plan is to start a war...the EndGame! We
    will take take control of the military nets and all other nets! The only cure
    for this rotten world is deletion!!!
           Kid: Noooo!
           Mayl: Why? Why would they do that?
           Strange Man: To reach our goals, the WWW is hiring new staff members! We
    will begins a new instruction program, starting today! Children! Study well and
    become good slaves to the WWW!
           Dex: What!? Now way man, not me!
           Kid: Oh no, I can't turn my terminal off!
           Kid: Heeeeey! The door's locked!
           Dex: Everyone, be calm! Me and GutsMan will stop them!
           (After speaking to Dex)
           Dex: Lan...I know how you feel, really...But you better let me handle
    this one! Check it out! Me and GutsMan are the bomb!
           Yai: Dex, I don't think you'll be able to do it alone...
           Dex: Let's go, GutsMan!
           Yai: Maybe you should let Lan...
           Dex: Quiet! I'm trying to concentrate! Jack in! GutsMan.EXE, Goooo!
    ...Here those viruses come! Hyaa! Hyaa! Whoa! Hey! What the...hey! Ahh! Yipes!
    Help! BLAAAAAM!!! ...
           Yai: They got him...
           Mayl: Dex, do you have a backup?
           Dex: ...Yeah...
           Yai: That's a relief. Okay, Lan! You're up! Show us your stuff!
           Mayl: Lan!! Please!
           MegaMan: Let's do it Lan!
           Lan: ...Okay, fine, fine...MegaMan! Let's go for it!
           (Before being able to jack into the blackboard)
           Mayl: Don't be too hard on MegaMan, he's one of your friends, too. If
    you want, you can bring my Navi, Roll with you...I'm sure she can help out
           Game: Lan got a chip for "Roll R"!
           (After pressing R near the blackboard)
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (After MegaMan has finished jacking in)
           MegaMan: The net looks so different! The WWW must have dome this!
           Lan: We'll have to fix the net later...MegaMan! First, let's find the
    program locking the doors!
           MegaMan: Roger!
           (After finding a door which requires a passcode)
           MegaMan: We have to enter a passcode, huh...? Lan! How many chairs are
    in the classroom for 5A?
           Lan: Hang on! I'll go check!
           MegaMan: When you find out, hit the L Button! Then I'll input the
           (After pressing the L Button)
           MegaMan: Did you count the chairs in 5A?
           Lan: Yes
           MegaMan: OK, teach me the passcode!
           (After telling him it is 09)
           MegaMan: You're sure, right?
           Lan: Yes
           MegaMan: OK! I'll give it a try!...Cool! It worked! We can get in!
    Thanks, Lan!
           (After the lock disappears and you can keep on)
           MegaMan: Right on! We did it! Lan, the doors should open now!
           Lan: Thanks! I'll get everyone outside!
           (After finding another door which requires another passcode)
           Game: Library data locked for data preservation. Passcode required for
    entry. Hint: Number of volumes of History of the World.
           MegaMan: Lan!!
           Lan: So I need to find out how many volumes of History of the World
    there are, right? OK! Be right back!
           MegaMan: Call me with the L Button when you find out!
           (After checking the library)
           Encyclopedias are lined up on this shelf. There are 30 volumes of
    History of the World here.
           (After pressing the L Button)
           MegaMan: Did you get the number of books?
           Lan: Yes.
           MegaMan: OK, teach me the passcode!
           (After telling MegaMan it's 30)
           MegaMan: You're sure, right?
           Lan: Yes
           MegaMan: OK! I'll give it a try!...Cool! It worked! We can get in!
    Thanks, Lan!
           (After getting to yet one more door that needs another passcode)
           Game: This door is passcode protected. Door will not open without proper
    authorization. Hint: Number of doors in this school.
           MegaMan: Lan! Please go check!
           (After pressing the L Button)
           MegaMan: Did you count the doors in the school?
           Lan: Yes
           MegaMan: OK, teach me the passcode!
           (After telling MegaMan the answer is 15)
           MegaMan: You're sure, right?
           Lan: Yes
           MegaMan: OK! I'll give it a try!...Cool! It worked! We can get in!
    Thanks, Lan!
           (After MegaMan is electrified)
           MegaMan: Ahhh! Whoaaaaa!! L-Lan....
           Lan: What's wrong!?
           MegaMan: S-Sorry, I'm stuck in a trap! I-I can't move...
           Lan: Where are you?
           MegaMan: Near the AV room...Sorry...
           Lan: Don't worry! I'll check it out!!
           (After leaving class and getting knocked down by Mr. Higsby)
           Higsby: Sorry *snort*
           Lan: W-Wait!!...Huh? What's that going on?
           (After checking a PC in the AV room)
           Game: The computer's memory is full, so it has frozen up. Do you want to
    try to restart it?
           Lan: (Yes)
           Game: The computer is fixed!
           (After MegaMan stop being electrified)
           MegaMan: Lan! Thanks!
           Lan: Told ya I'd get you out!
           (After finding a door who need an ID Card)
           MegaMan: You'll need to go find an ID card for verification. I'll bet
    that Ms. Mari has an ID card!
           (After finding Mesmeric in the storage room)
           Ms. Mari: Mmphh, mmph! (Help me!)
           Game: [Help her?]
           Lan: [Yes]
           Game: Lan helps Ms. Mari!
           Ms. Mari: Thank you! I can't believe that guy Higsby! My ID card? Sure,
    as thanks for saving me!
           Game: Lan got: "SchoolID"
           Ms. Mari: Please try to help everyone!
           (After going to the last room and checking it)
           Game: A time recorder. You need an ID Card. Lan used the ID card! It
           Lan: MegaMan! The server is just beyond the lock! But be careful!
           MegaMan: OK!!
           (After finding NumberMan)
           NumberMan: I didn't think you'd make it this far!
           MegaMan: We've got to stop the announcement program, quick!
           NumberMan: ? But being a WWW slave is fun! Isn't it, Mr. Higsby?
           Higsby: Yes! With my new WWW salary I can buy lots of rare chips!
           Lan: I knew it! And you call yourself a teacher!
           Higsby: Heh...I did feel a little bad at first, huh.
           NumberMan: Mr. Higsby!
           Higsby: Yes! But then I knew I'd do anything for rare chips, huh!
           Lan: Who needs rare chips bought with the WWW's dirty money!
           Higsby: Huh!...Silence! Now, you face me and NumberMan!
           Lan: No problem! Let's go, MegaMan! Battle routine, set!!
           MegaMan: Execute!!
           (After deleting NumberMan)
           Higsby: Ugah-ah-ah...
           Lan: See! You've been wrong all along!
           Higsby: Gwagoogoo...
           Lan: Let's see you and your rare chips, now!
           Higsby: *sniff* *sniff*
           MegaMan: Lan, I think he gets it now...
           Lan: I'm right, aren't I?
           Higsby: ...It's true! Lan is right! I should collect chips by busting
    viruses... *snort* I'll be good now, I promise. Trade chips sometime?
           Lan: Sure! Why not? But...You do have to pay for your crimes. So... You
    better do something to help everyone out, okay?
           MegaMan: Lan! Restart the server and put the net back to normal!
           Lan: OK!
           (A scene in which all are standing near the server)
           Game: Bleep... Weeee! Bleep! Weeeeeeeee!
           Lan: Mayl! How's it look?
           Mayl: Lan! The announcement program stopped!
           Yai: You did it!
           Dex: Hey, not bad, Lan!
           Yai: "Not bad?" You mean "Great!"
           Dex: Yeah, well...
           Lan: You ain't seen nothing yet! MegaMan?
           MegaMan: What?
           Lan: Good job!
           MegaMan: Don't relax just yet, Lan! You got English class coming up...
           Lan: Awh, man... I fixed the server too soon...
           #3.6 StoneMan's Blockade
           Game: After class.
           Lan: Phew...
           MegaMan: Rough day today, huh? Ah!!
           Lan: What?
           MegaMan: Today, wasn't...
           Lan: Ah! The Metroline's opening today!
           MegaMan: Hey, let's surprise your dad down at the SciLab! And we can
    pick up that PowerUp program for me!
           Lan: Good idea!
           (After talking to the Police on the Metroline Station)
           Police: This is the ACDC Metroline station. Why do I look so glum on
    opening day, you ask? Looks like there was a landslide, and we can't run!
           Police: The whole train system is run by computer. When there's an
    accident, the safety program should stop the trains, but the program was hit
    with a virus! It doesn't look like anyone broke into the control room, So we
    think that someone got in through the net.
           MegaMan: Lan! Want me to check things out on the net?
           (After pressing the R Button near Lan's PC)
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (MegaMan finds an inaccessible link)
           Game: It says, "Dex's PC! Get out! This means YOU!" You don't have
    access rights.
           Lan: Looks like we'll have to get permission from Dex before we can go
           (Lan goes to speak to Dex at his house)
           Dex: You want access to my links!?!? No way, dude!...But!...Maybe I will
    for a Recov50 L chip! GutsMan saw one in a jack in port at Mayl's house. Forgot
    the address of where it is, though...
           (after finding the chip Dex wants at Mayl's PC)
           Game: MegaMan got a chip for Recov50 L!
           (after jacking out)
           MegaMan: Lan! We've got mail!
           (While checking your new mail)
           Game: From Dex
                 Subject: A challenge!
                 My GutsMan is ready to take you on, if you're not CHICKEN!
           (Lan goes to Dex's house to speak to him)
           Dex: Hey! You have a Recov50 L!! If you give that to me, I'll NetBattle
    you for my link!
           Lan: (Sure)
           Dex: Prepare to meet your maker!
           (After deleting GutsMan AGAIN!)
           Dex: Hwaaa...
           Lan: !?
           MegaMan: What's wrong with him? He looks a little pale...
           Dex: Ooooh...
           Lan: ???
           MegaMan: Is he okay? Maybe the shock...
           Lan: Don't tell me your not going to give me a link again!
           Dex: ...I can't believe I lost to you! It must be fate!...But I always
    keep my promises! The link is yours!
           Game: Lan got: "/Dex" (Use this on the net to expand the area you can
           Lan: Thanks, Dex! I owe you one!
           Dex: Hey, wait! Use this, too!
           Game: Lan got a chip for "GutsMan G"!
           Dex: You got talent, Lan! So...Go make me proud!
           MegaMan: I guess Dex wasn't so bad after all...
           Lan: Yeah... Thanks, Dex!
           (After jacking into Lan's PC)
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (MegaMan finds the previously inaccessible link)
           Computer: It says, "Dex's PC! Get out! This means YOU!"...MegaMan
    accessed /Dex! MegaMan gained access!
           Lan: Cool! Now we can pass through! Let's find out what caused the bug
    in the Metroline!
           Green Program: If you keep winding up from here, you'll see the
    Metroline safety program. I just saw some really big guy there. Oh, and if you
    go down that ramp and take the first turn you can go to the lower level.
           (MegaMan encounters StoneMan for the first time)
           StoneMan: Gok...Gokgok. (Out of my way...)
           MegaMan: What do you think you're doing?
           StoneMan: Gokgok! (Blocking the Metroline security program!) Gok..(So
    the Metroline won't open!)
           MegaMan: Why would you want to do a thing like that?
           StoneMan: Gokgok Gokgok! (To control the net!)
           MegaMan: Not another WWW croney! Get those rocks outta there!
           StoneMan: Gok! (StoneMan must delete all programs that interfere...)
           MegaMan: You're the one who's going to be deleted! Lan!!
           Lan: Let's go, MegaMan! Battle routine, set!!
           MegaMan: Execute!!
           (After deleting StoneMan)
           MegaMan: Lan! We did it!
           Lan: Right on! Let's get the security program running!
           MegaMan: Leave it to me!
           (MegaMan shoots multiple MegaBuster shots and destroys the rock)
           MegaMan: This should let the Metroline open safely! Let's hurry up and
    get that PowerUp program!
           Lan: OK!
           #3.7 Meeting Chaud
           (His PET lights up while going to the Metroline)
           MegaMan: Lan!! You've got mail!
           (Lan reads his new mail)
           E-mail: From: Dad
                   Subject: Sorry Lan
                   Sorry I was busy when you came to visit. But I have some good
    news: I managed to compress the PowerUp for MegaMan I was talking about! Enjoy!
           Game: Lan got a PowerUp: "HpMemory"! Lan got a PowerUp: "PowerUP"!
           Dad: Don't forget to use the menu to equip "PowerUP"! PS: Always listen
    to your mom!
           Game: One month has passed since the "School-jacking" incident. WWW net
    crime grows worse, and the damage more serious daily! Peace didn't last long in
    the town of ACDC...
           MegaMan: Lan! It's morning!
           Lan: Uh, uhh...C'mon, it's Saturday! Lemme sleep!
           MegaMan: Ah! You're right!
           Lan: Told ya.
           MegaMan: ...But remember you have weekend class this week?
           Lan: Oh, man!
           (Lan speaks to his mother)
           Mom: Oh...Lan...Morning!
           Lan: Morning, Mom! What's wrong? Not feeling well?
           Mom: No, it's just...The water's off, so no breakfast...
           Lan: What? But I'm hungry! And thirsty!
           MegaMan: Well, there's not much your mom can do with no water...
           Lan: Yeah, but...
           MegaMan: Hey, you better get going or you'll be late!
           Lan: All right already!!
           (After leaving the house, he find Mayl there)
           Mayl: Hey! You're late!
           Lan: Sorrysorry!
           (While walking towards the school)
           Mayl: Lan...Did you have water this morning at home?
           Lan: What, you too?
           Mayl: Yeah! I couldn't even wash my face this morning...yuck
           Lan: You can wash it when we get to school!
           Mayl: I hope so...
           (They see there no water in school either)
           Lan: Hey, the pond! What if there's no water at school?
           Mayl: Oh no! I hope not!
           Lan: Well, maybe it's just this neighborhood or something...
           Mayl: I'm worried...I'm going to go check!
           Lan: So thirsty...
           (After entering class, and speaking to Yai)
           Yai: Don't tell anyone but...A kid from B class is missing! And I smell
    a rat!
           Game: bing bong bing bong
           Yai: It's a secret, okay?
           Ms. Mari: I'd like to begin homeroo...
           Dex: Teacher! We don't got no water at my house!
           Ms. Mari: Now be quiet, we're going to talk about that in homeroom.
    ...Class, you all know that the town water has stopped.
           Dex: What!?
           Mayl: Ms. Mari? Do we know why?
           Ms. Mari: We're not sure, so we don't know when it will be fixed.
           Yai: Really!?
           Ms. Mari: I'm afraid we'll have to cancel class for today.
           Dex: All right!
           Ms. Mari: Wait! Don't walk around too much, you'll get thirsty!
           Dex: Okaaaay...!
           (Lan's PET lights up while heading to the Metroline again)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!
           (After checking his new mail)
           E-mail: From: Yai
                   Subject: Kidnapped!
                   It turns out that missing kid from B Class was kidnapped! Lan,
    you have to help us look for him, OK? You better help, or I won't call your
    name in home room! Good luck! -Yai  PS: Buy some water if you find any, please!
           (After talking with Chaud for the first time)
           Chaud: Therefore, a check of the Waterworks and net is needed...
           Clerk: You're an official netbattler, right? I understand. If you could
    show me your ID card...
           Chaud: Here.
           Clerk: I see...Insert your ID card to use the elevator. The elevator
    will take you around the works automatically.
           Chaud: Thank you. ? What's a kid like you doing here? You're in the way!
           (Chaud leaves)
           Lan: What's his problem?
           MegaMan: You are a kid, you know! But wait, Did you hear that? He's an
    official netbattler! They fight netcrime!
           Lan: I've heard of them before.
           MegaMan: They can netbattle anywhere they want! Isn't that cool? I
    wonder what kind of NetNavis they use...
           Lan: Who cares? Let's go check out the waterworks!
           #3.8 IceMan, Water's Missing!
           (Upon arriving at Dad's Lab and checking his coat)
           Game: A lab smock...The ID says "Dr. Hikari".
           Lan: I know! I'll just borrow this for a bit.
           Game: *snip, snip* Lan got: "SciLabID"!
           (While checking the elevator)
           Game: An elevator switch. Lan used "SciLabID"! The elevator doors
           MegaMan: Let's go check out the pump room!
           (Upon speaking to Froid)
           Froid: What are you doing in this area? This is for staff only!
           Lan: Ummm... ACDC Town's water supply has stopped...
           Froid: Yeah, I know.
           MegaMan: Looks like he knows.
           Froid: There seems to be a bug in the pump program... We're doing our
    best to remove the bug. It'll be fixed soon.
           Lan: Oh, OK.
           Froid: It would have been bad if it were a WWW scheme, but... well...
    Thanks for coming down to tell us.
           Lan: Sure, no problem.
           Froid: As long as you're here, why don't you take a tour?
           (While walking up and down, you speak to Chaud once more)
           Chaud: (...what's this?) Wh... Who are you? I'm busy! Leave me alone!
           (After checking the elevator)
           MegaMan: Lan... Doesn't something seem wrong?
           Lan: What?
           MegaMan: I mean... why would a netbattler come to check out a bug? And
    it's not just water that is missing, too!
           Lan: This isn't going to be easy to fix...
           MegaMan: I'm afraid so... Let's hide out and check the net once everyone
           Lan: ... Right! Good idea!
           MegaMan: Now, to find a place to hide...
           (After arriving at his Dad's Lab again)
           MegaMan: Well? Nobody'll come here will they?
           Lan: And Dad is... right.
           MegaMan: Okay, let's hide out here a while, then.
           Lan: OK!
           (Lan wastes time by walking around)
           Game: bing bong bing bong
           Lan: OK! It's 12:00!
           MegaMan: Today's Saturday, so everyone should be gone by now...
           Lan: Let's go!
           (Upon pressing the R Button near the cooler there)
           Lan: Jack-in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (The transmission is not completed)
           Someone: Hey!
           MegaMan: *gulp!*
           Lan: !!
           (An ugly-dressed girl walks in, called Madd)
           Madd: What do you think you're doing here?
           MegaMan: Uh-oh...
           Lan: Umm... I, uh, got lost...
           Madd: I see. Well, you're not supposed to be in here. So..... Go home!
    Got it?
           Lan: Y-Yes!
           Madd: Good! Now go home like a good little boy.
           (She goes away)
           Lan: Hmm...
           MegaMan: Well? We going home?
           Lan: You kidding? Let's do it! Jack-in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (this time they do complete the transfer)
           MegaMan: Funny... it's frozen here and there... And there's no Navis or
    programs anywhere...
           Lan: That guy said he'd be here debugging, but...
           MegaMan: I smell a rat...
           Lan: Let's go see what's wrong with the water supply program!
           MegaMan: Roger!
           (MegaMan finds a red cool looking Navi)
           Red Navi: ... Who're you?
           MegaMan: !?
           Lan: That's no waterworks Navi! It must be one of the WWW's!
           )The Red Navi attacks MegaMan)
           MegaMan: What are you doing!
           Navi: You dare call me one of those WWW lackeys?
           Chaud: What is it, ProtoMan?
           ProtoMan: Load Chaud, sir!
           Lan: You! From before!
           Chaud: Ah, you again... You're not an official battler. Are you lost?
           Lan: Do I look lost?
           Chaud: Fine... but, I am an official netbattler, Eugene Chaud! And this
    is my NetNavi, ProtoMan! Get in our way, and we'll have to delete you, kid!
           Lan: You can't just delete people who get in your way!
           Chaud: I can, and easily at that... but I've got work to do! ProtoMan!
           ProtoMan: Sir!
           (ProtoMan Jacks Out)
           Chaud: I'll deal with you later. Watch out for WWW agents, kid...
           Game: *click*
           Lan: What an attitude!
           MegaMan: Lan! Getting mad will just make you thirstier...
           Lan: ! You're right! MegaMan, let's go!
           MegaMan: OK!
           (This time MegaMan come to a normal looking green Navi)
           Green Navi: If you run water over ice, it will melt! You can walk over
    the melted ice, but not over water. If you jack out, the water will return, but
    the ice will not return!
           (MegaMan turns on a water pipe)
           Game: MegaMan turned the handle! Water starts flowing!
           (MegaMan turns off a water pipe)
           Game: MegaMan turned the handle! The water stops!
           (MegaMan finds yet another Navi, he is strange)
           Strange Navi: I'm just a friendly neighborhood Navi! It's a dead end
    from here! Sorry!
           (MegaMan finds a handle missing)
           Game: The handle is missing!
           MegaMan: Looks like it's broken...
           Lan: Let's worry about this one later!
           (MegaMan deletes viruses who look like ugly bears who throw ice cubes at
           MegaMan: I think that was the virus causing the waterworks bug...
           Lan: Pretty easy, huh? I'll send you a fireshot! Melt the ice on the
    pump water supply program.
           MegaMan: Roger!
           (The ice melts)
           MegaMan: Okay, I'm done here!
           Lan: OK! Come back to town and we'll see how the water is.
           (Upon arriving at the ACDC Metroline Station)
           MegaMan: Lan! We have to go check the water!
           Lan: Let's check out the school pond!
           (Lan finds out the water is purple)
           Lan: Well, there's water, but...
           MegaMan: It looks really nasty...
           (Dying Man wants water)
           Dying Man: Waterrr! Need waterr!
           (The man drinks the purple water)
           Man: Water!! Must drink!
           MegaMan: Huh?
           Lan: That water's bad!
           Man: gulp...gulp...Uck!
           Lan: Are you okay?
           Man: ... (Faints)
           MegaMan: Lan!!
           Game: *beep*
           Chaud: You've done it now!
           Lan: Chaud!
           Chaud: People are drinking the polluted water everywhere... The real
    problem was in the water filtering program! This is all your fault!
           Lan: Uhhh...
           Chaud: Just stay out of my way, okay?
           Narrator: *click*...
           MegaMan: Lan, I'm sorry. I made a mistake.
           Lan: It's not your fault, MegaMan. Let's go back!
           MegaMan: What?
           Lan: We can't give up now! Let's fix this problem for good!
           (Lan gets new mail while heading back to the WaterWorks)
           MegaMan: Lan!! You've got mail!
           Email: From: NetNews
                  Subject: No Water!
                  Hard times get worse as people faint from lack of water.
    Remember, don't drink the tainted water!
           (Lan gets a ticket to Government Complex)
           Game: *beep*
           MegaMan: Mail! Should I open it?
           Lan: Please!
           Email: From: Yai
                  Subject: The truth!
                  So? Are you looking for the kid who was kidnapped? ... I forgot
    to mention his last name is "Froid." And...it looks like the WWW is involved.
    So, good luck!
           MegaMan: Lan, she said "Froid."
           Lan: That's the name of the guy at the waterworks! That means...
           MegaMan: The WWW took Froid's son and made him bug the water program!
    Things are starting to make sense...
           Lan: Yai... She could've told me sooner!
           MegaMan: If we save his son, maybe Dr. Froid will stop the bug?
           Lan: Right! Good idea!
           MegaMan: Lan! Check your mail again!
           (Lan checks the car near the school entrance)
           Game: *gachak!*
           (A kid falls out of the car)
           Kid: Owwww... Oh! You're that Lan fellow!
           Lan: You Froid? Are you okay?
           Froid Jr.: Thanks...We gotta stop my dad from helping the WWW!
           MegaMan: We were right!
           Lan: Got it! Leave it to me!
           Froid Jr.: This is a program my dad uses at work. It might help...
           Game: Lan got the "Handle" program!
           Lan: Thanks!
           Froid Jr.: Tell my dad I'm fine, okay?
           Game: Lan got "Message"!
           Lan: Roger!
           MegaMan: Lan, let's go!
           (Lan heads back to the WaterWorks)
           (Lan goes to the place where there was a missing handle inside the
    cooler network)
           Game: The handle is missing!
           MegaMan: Lan! I'll bet we can use the handle we got from Froid!
           Lan: Hey, yeah!
           Game: Lan used the Handle! The handle fits! MegaMan turned the handle!
    The water stops!
           (MegaMan encounters with a Green Navi)
           Green Navi: Fall through a hole to find a path. Melt the ice to create
    another. Fall through another hole. Let the ice again to create a new path.
    Then you can get to the brown path to the right.
           (MegaMan does what he's been told to and finds one more Navi)
           Green Navi 2: You can fall through there to get to the path below.
    You're almost there! Good luck!
           (MegaMan finds IceMan being beaten by ProtoMan)
           ProtoMan: You're late! It's all over...
           Chaud: Hey! I told you not to interfere!
           Lan: What!?
           IceMan: Grr...
           ProtoMan: Hraa!
           Froid: I have to protect my son...
           IceMan: That's right! IceMan still has work to do!
           ProtoMan: Oh yeah? Well how about a taste of thi...
           MegaMan: Wait! These two aren't the real enemy!
           Chaud: How can you say that... After so many people have suffered
    because of them!
           ProtoMan: ? Load Chaud, you have mail from HQ.
           Chaud: ! ProtoMan! It looks like we've been had! They're a decoy!
    There's a WWW A-rank operator somewhere! WWW is after the "Aquaprogram" here!
           Lan: Aquaprogram? Isn't that one of the superprograms?
           Chaud: The WWW Navi must be here somewhere...Let's find them!
           ProtoMan: As you say, Load Chaud!
           (ProtoMan moves on to find the Navi)
           IceMan: W-Wait!!!
           MegaMan: Now that he's gone, will you please listen to me?
           IceMan: Silence!
           Chaud: Yeah! If we break the WWW's orders, my son...
           MegaMan: Lan!?
           Lan: He's not listening! We have no choice... Battle routine, set!!
           MegaMan: Execute!!
           (MegaMan deletes the puny IceMan)
           IceMan: I am sorry, Dr. Froid.
           Froid: There was nothing we could do...And now my son...*sniff*
           MegaMan: No! Read this!
           Game: MegaMan gave IceMan the Message!
           IceMan: What? ...Dr. Froid, this mail...
           Froid: Huh? This mail address is my son's...
           Lan: Well? Your son is safe! Do you get it now?
           Froid: Yes...but, after all I've done...
           Lan: We have to get the net back up and running!
           Froid: You...You're right, kid. ...IceMan!
           IceMan: Yessir!
           (IceMan inhales, therefore unfreezing everything)
           Froid: That should fix the Dentown waterworks!
           (A loud alarm starts to sound and ring, or whatever it does, it
           Lan: Huh!?
           (The Strange Navi and ProtoMan are face to face)
           Strange Navi: Good job finding me! You're better than the rest...
           ProtoMan: Put down that Aqua program...or else!
           Strange Navi: Now, now, we don't have time to play with you now. But you
    will face me, ColorMan, soon enough!
           Madd: Let's go!
           ColorMan: OK, Madd! Later!
           (ColorMan Jacks out)
           ProtoMan: ...
           (IceMan and MegaMan appears on scene)
           MegaMan: It's that Navi from before!
           ProtoMan: Hmph! You nosy scoundrels again...!
           Lan: Chaud!
           Chaud: Who are you, and how do you know my name?
           Lan: That can wait! Why were they after the Aquaprogram?
           Chaud: Find out for yourself! ProtoMan, we're outta here!
           ProtoMan: Sir!
           (ProtoMan Jacks Out)
           Froid: ...We used that program to make good tasting water. But somehow I
    don't think that's why the WWW wants it... Lan?
           MegaMan: Lan?
           Lan: Hmm...I don't get it! Pull out, and let's go see Froid!
           MegaMan: Roger!
           (Father and son unite once again)
           Froid: Really, I don't know how to thank you... I'll do my best to keep
    the water clean from now on!
           Froid Jr.: Dad! I..I..*sniff*
           Lan: ...
           MegaMan: Ahh...family!
           Lan: Yeah, you're right...
           MegaMan: Huh? I was expecting the usual sarcasm...You homesick, Lan?
           Lan: Me? Never!
           MegaMan: Okay... Time is tight now, Lan! This WWW plot is getting deeper
    and darker!
           Lan: Yeah, and we have to show that Chaud what we can do!
           MegaMan: That's the spirit!
           #3.9 ColorMan, Green lights, no Red Lights!
           Game: And so, Lan & MegaMan solved one mystery, but... The WWW was
    getting closer to total control of the net! And why was the WWW collecting the
    superprograms? It was up to them to stop the WWW and bring peace to the net!
           (Wily appears, and plans his next move)
           Wily: Grrr... All our plots in DenCity are failing recently!
           Yahoot: We're having some funding problems, too...
           Wily: This will slow down the entire WWW plot to control the net! What
    exactly is the problem!?
           Mr. Match: Apologies, Lord Wily! It's just...
           Wily: What!? Speak up!!
           Mr. Match: There's just this one Navi-operator team...
           Wily: Hmph, an official NetBatttler, huh?
           Ms. Madd: No, it's just a boy by the name of Lan, but... He's got this
    powerful Navi, "MegaMan.EXE".
           Wily: What are you saying? Our WWW Navis can handle anything! No more
           Mr. Match: Yes, but...
           Wily: Silence I said! Silence! No more failures! Delete all that stand
    in your way!
           Ms. Madd: ...Yessir. I have a plan. Leave it to me.
           Wily: Then get to it!
           Yahoot: We await your favorable report...
           Wily: I'm off!
           (Wily and Yahoot leave)
           Ms. Madd: Why why why!? Must we get every superprogram by ourselves? We
    might not have gotten "Wood", but "Fire" and "Aqua"!
           Count Zap: You're right! But, we mustn't speak of the LifeVirus! It's so
    top secret we're not even supposed to know about it!
           Ms. Madd: I know, I know. Well! Back to work!
           (They leave)
           Wily: "Lan"...Hmm, I wonder...?
           MegaMan: Lan, I'm just about finished home page maintenance.
           Lan: Yeah...
           MegaMan: I work and work and all you say is "yeah"?
           (Roll appears)
           Roll: Hiya Mega!
           MegaMan: Heya Roll!
           Roll: This is a letter from Mayl to Lan.
           MegaMan: OK, got it!
           Roll: Later!
           MegaMan: Later! Thanks!
           (Roll leaves)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!
           Email: From: Mayl
                  Subject: Yai's present
                  Hey, Yai's birthday is coming up! Wanna come with me to buy a
    present? Meet in front of the Metroline station. OK? Write me back!
           MegaMan: Respond to this mail?
           Lan: (Yes)
           MegaMan: What will you tell her?
           Lan: (Let's go shopping!)
           MegaMan: Right on! Go ahead and write your mail.
           Game: ... Lan wrote: "Response"!
           MegaMan: I'll go give this to Roll.
           (Lan checks his other mail)
           Email: From: NetNews
                  Subject: New Metroline
                  New "Dentown-ACDC" Metroline opens today!
           (MegaMan gives the response to Roll)
           Roll: Oh, you brought the answer!
           Game: MegaMan gave Roll the Response!
           Roll: I'll take this to Mayl! See you later!
           (Lan goes into the Metroline Station)
           MegaMan: Lan!! You've got mail!
           Email: From: Froid
                  Subject: Official ML
                  Thanks for the help, I thought this might aid you: You know about
    the official NetBattlers right? Well, in order to share the tricks of the
    trade, they're using an ML (mailing list) to spread information. I know it's
    not allowed... But I talked to a friend. He got you on the list, so you should
    get the mail, too. It's useful for info about battlechips, viruses, and
           (He goes out of the Metroline Station)
           Mayl: Sorry!
           Lan: You're late!
           Mayl: Sorry, sorry! Don't look so mad!
           Lan: Hmph, you mean like you are every time I'm late?
           Mayl: Bygones! Oh Lan, I have to bring something to my grandma's...
    Sorry, but you can go ahead to Dentown!
           Lan: What? Why did I have to wait for you, then?
           Mayl: Sorry! I'll make it up to you! Later!
           (Lan goes to DenTown)
           (Lan receives new mail)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!
           Email: From: BattleML
                  Subject: Water virus
                  NetBattlers: Greetings. Can the DenCity rep tell us about the
    Waterworks virus? WWW's viruses are getting worse, so be on your guard!
           (After walking a bit, Lan get more new mail)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!
           Email: From: Mayl
                  Subject: Meeting place
                  I'm free now, so I'll take the bus to Dentown Block1. Oh yeah,
    you know Yai has been collecting antiques recently? I was wondering if you
    could look for a place to buy some? Sorry to ask so much of you Lan. Hey, I got
    this for you! (Narrator: Lan got a chip for "Roll2 R"!!) C-ya later!  -Mayl
           (After exploring a bit)
           Email: From: BattleML
                  Subject: Re: virus
                  This is Chaud. The Waterworks incident used a NetNavi with ice
    attacks. I found out that ice power is aqua-based. And, there was a civilian
    NetNavi on the works server...an elementary school student's! Some kinda
    wannabe hero?
           (Lan encounters Miyu, an antique shop)
           Miyu: My name is Miyu... Welcome to my store. All of the antiques here
    have spirits... Can you feel them? I can feel the bright burning of the spirit
    contained in your NetNavi!
           MegaMan: Lan, challenge Miyu to a NetBattle?
           Lan: (Yes)
           Miyu: Let the feast of souls begin! SkullMan, arise!
           (MegaMan deletes SkullMan)
           Miyu: You have truly shown me the power of your spirit... That Navi
    should do well in defeating the evil spirits which surround us now... Here!
    Take this!
           Game: Lan got: "/Miyu"! (Use this on the net to expand the area you can
           Miyu: The spirits of your Navi and yourself shall grow together, and
    become as one.
           (Lan goes into the school)
           Ms. Yuri: You thought I was Mari, right? Nope! I'm her twin sister,
    Yuri! She only wishes she was as good a teacher as me! By the way, are you a
           Lan: (No)
           Ms. Yuri: That right? Well I'll tell you this... We twins have a special
    bond! Hah!
           (Lan goes off to the meeting place)
           MegaMan: Mayl isn't here yet, is she?
           Lan: What could it be this time?
           MegaMan: Wait, Lan... Does the traffic light look odd to you, too?
           (Lan notices something)
           Lan: Huh? It's green both ways!
           MegaMan: A! Watch out!
           (There is a car accident)
           Person: An accident!
           Person 2: Oh no!?
           (Another car accident)
           Person 3: Help! Somebody help!
           (Lan gets new mail)
           MegaMan: Lan, you've got mail! It's from...the WWW!!
           Email: From: Your WWW
                  Subject: Accidents?
                  It seems the Dentown autodrive system has malfunctioned... But we
    at WWW have created a program to solve the problem! Just install it in your car
    computer and it will run like new! It's a little pricey at 1,000,000 zenny, but
    it's worth it! On sale at Dentown Central only while supplies last!
           (Three persons walk stupidly to buy that)
           Person: We have to buy a fix program!
           Person 2: It's only 1,000,000 zenny this time! Cheap!
           Person 3: Let's hurry!
           (They leave)
           Lan: Those WWW meanies! Kicking people when they're down!
           MegaMan: I bet it's their virus bugging the traffic lights!
           Lan: I think so, too! Let's delete that traffic virus! MegaMan! I'm
    jacking in!
           MegaMan: OK!
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (MegaMan speaks to a Green Program)
           Green Program: The WWW has bugged up our programs! When this floor is
    red, pressing that switch should make the signal turn red...I'm not sure what
    to do!
           (MegaMan finds the switch)
           Game: MegaMan pressed the color switch! The signal turned red!
           Lan: Did it!
           MegaMan: Lan! Let's tell everyone we fixed the lights quick!
           Lan: OK!
           (Lan finds the people seen before)
           Person 3: Give me my program! I just withdrew all my savings.
           Lan: No! Don't! I'll fix the signals!
           Person 3: You will? Well, I guess I won't need that program, then!
           (Person 3 leaves)
           Person 2: Never mind the antiques, I want that program!
           Lan: You're being duped by the WWW!
           Person 2: What's that!? I see...! I'm leaving!
           (Person 2 leaves)
           Person: Sell it to me! I'll pay you double! Triple!
           Lan: Please, calm down!
           Person: Hey, you're right! I don't even have a driver's license.
           (Person leaves)
           (Ms. Madd is infuriated)
           Ms. Madd: Why you...! Hey...It's you again!
           Lan: You were at the Waterworks! You're a WWW Operator?!
           Ms. Madd: That's right, You meddling kid!
           Lan: Hey, you're the one who's meddling!
           Ms. Madd: You don't know the trouble I've... Arrghh! This time I'll
    break all the traffic signals for good! Heh, heh! And I'll get you good, too!
           Lan: !?
           Ms. Madd: That's right! I've been looking at your personal files... Ah,
    there's nothing sadder than losing the ones we love... And I think you're gonna
    be REAL sad!
           (Ms. Madd leaves after threatening Lan)
           MegaMan: Lan... I got a bad feeling about this...
           (Lan leaves too and his PET lights up)
           MegaMan: Lan!? Phone for you!
           Lan: Who is it!? Hello?
           Mayl: Lan! It's me!
           Lan: Oh, it's you Mayl... Oh no!!!
           Mayl: Help! I'm stuck in a runaway bus! All the lights are green and we
    keep speeding up!
           Lan: Mayl! Calm down! Where are you?
           Mayl: Huh, um, hold on... ! We just passed Dentown Block 3 heading for
    Block 4!
           Lan: Gotcha! I'll be there ASAP! Don't panic!
           MegaMan: Lan, we've got to turn the lights red to stop that bus!
           Lan: I know! I know!
           (MegaMan jacks in into the traffic lights in Block 4.)
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (After walking around a bit)
           Lan: MegaMan, hurry! The bus'll be here anytime now!
           MegaMan: Roger!
           (MegaMan presses the color switch)
           Game: MegaMan pressed the color switch! The signal turned red!
           (In Lan's world, the lights are now red)
           Lan: Stop!
           (The bus makes it through)
           Lan: Oh no, we're too late!
           MegaMan: Lan!?
           Lan: I know! I'm not giving up yet!
           MegaMan: I'll jack out right away!
           (Lan goes to another traffic light)
           Game: *beebeebeep*
           Lan: Mayl!?
           Ms. Madd: Sorry, charley! So, you miss your girlfriend yet?
           Lan: So you were behind it all along!
           Ms. Madd: Heheh! You better listen up, kiddo! I forgot to mention the
    virus I put in the bus gas program!
           Lan: !?
           Ms. Madd: It makes the gas go backwards and then... It's BOOM time!
           Lan: What!?
           Ms. Madd: I should think the virus will activate any time now... You
    better stop that bus quick, huh? Good luck! Heheh!
           Game: *click*
           Lan: Grrr...That gal really ticks me off!
           MegaMan: Lan, quick! We have to catch that bus!
           MegaMan: Let's get farther ahead of it this time!
           (MegaMan jacks in to another traffic light)
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (When almost there)
           Lan: MegaMan! The bus is here again!
           MegaMan: Roger! The signal should change soon! We'll make it!
           Lan: I hope so!
           Game: MegaMan pressed the color switch! The signal turned red!
           (The bus barely makes it but it still goes through)
           Lan: Too late again!? Arrrggh!
           MegaMan: But the bus slowed down a little! Don't give up yet!
           Lan: Right!
           (While in the central part, he receive a mail)
           MegaMan: Lan! You got mail from Mayl!
           Email: From: Mayl
                  Subject: Whattodo!?
                  I heard the bus is going to blow up! For real!? Lan! Help! What
    should I do?
           (Lan Jacks in MegaMan into yet another light)
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (MegaMan find the switch again)
           Game: MegaMan pressed the color switch! The signal turned red!
           (This time the bus almost stays but made it through by a little bit)
           MegaMan: Lan! Just a little more! We can stop it at the next light!
           Lan: Right! I'm on it!
           (Lan goes to the final lights)
           Lan: We got past the bus! We'll make it this time!
           (MegaMan jacks in)
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           Lan: MegaMan! Turn all the traffic lights to red!
           MegaMan: Gotcha! We'll stop the bus at the intersection!
           Game: MegaMan pressed the color switch! The signal turned red!
           Lan: OK! Let's get the next one!
           MegaMan: Roger!
           Game: MegaMan pressed the color switch! The signal turned red!
           Lan: Two more to go!
           Game: MegaMan pressed the color switch! The signal turned red!
           Lan: Just one more!
           Lan: MegaMan! Now!
           Game: MegaMan pressed the color switch! The signal turned red!
           (The bus is finally stopped in its tracks)
           Lan: We did it!
           MegaMan: The bus stopped!
           Game: *brring*
           Ms. Madd: I'm sooo sorry, But it seems you're a lit-tle late!
           Lan: What to you mean?
           Ms. Madd: The gas program virus has been activated! You may have stopped
    the bus, but now it's going to blow! Hee! Ignition in, 3 seconds, 2, 1...
           Lan: Maaaaaaayyll!!
           Game: ...
           MegaMan: Uhhh...It didn't explode?
           Ms. Madd: Huh? ColorMan! What's going on?
           ColorMan: I'm sorry, Ms. Madd! There was this cute little Navi there...
    But don't worry, I'll delete her right away!...See?
           Roll: Heeelp!
           MegaMan: Roll? Is that you?
           Lan: Mayl! Mayl!? Are you okay?
           Mayl: I'm fine for now! But...Roll's in trouble! Quick! Jack in MegaMan!
           Lan: Hold on! I'm coming!
           (MegaMan jacks in)
           MegaMan: Roll! Where are you? Aaa!!
           (A scene where ColorMan is bugging Roll)
           ColorMan: Now, now, I'll delete you soon enough... Heheh! But first I'll
    watch you squirm a little!
           Roll: Help! Heeeeelp!
           MegaMan: Hey you! Get away from Roll!
           Roll: MegaMan! Delete this guy, quick! Or else the bus will...
           MegaMan: Gotcha! So you're ColorMan, huh? Let Roll go! I'm the one you
           ColorMan: Sure thing, I'll just delete you first, and delete her later!
           Lan: Let's go! Battle routine, set!!
           MegaMan: Execute!
           (ColorMan is deleted)
           MegaMan: Are you okay?
           Roll: Uh...oww...I think so. Thanks, Mega!
           MegaMan: Sure you don't have any errors?
           Roll: Yep, I'm fine, really! But what about Mayl? You better jack out!
           MegaMan: Right!
           (Lan and Mayl are facing each other)
           Mayl: Laaan!
           Lan: Geez, all the trouble I go through...
           MegaMan: Now Lan, be nice!
           Mayl: No, Lan's right. Thank you, Lan...
           (Mayl walks closer to Lan's side)
           Lan: H-hey! What's the big idea coming up close like that!
           Roll: *giggle*
           MegaMan: Oh Laaan... You're blushing!
           Lan: S-Shut up! I am not!
           Mayl: Hee hee! Well now, let's go get Yai's present! C'mon Lan! Let's
           Lan: Now you're all happy and everything! What's going on!?
           Mayl: Well...It's a secret!
           (Mayl leaves)
           Roll: He sure is dense...
           MegaMan: You sure are dense...
           Lan: Hey! Wait up!
           #3.10 ElecMan's BlackOut
           Ms Madd: ... Please forgive me, sir!
           Wily: Fool! You have failed me again!
           Ms Madd: Please...
           Wily: S-s-silence!! No more excuses!
           Ms Madd: Awhhh...
           Wily: C---C-C-Count Zap!
           Count Zap: Yes Lord Wily!!
           Wily: Listen up! Enough with these two-bit schemes! Let's take this town
    down once and for all! C-C-Count Zap! I-I'm counting on you!!! Understood!?
           Count Zap: I hear and obey Lord Wily!
           Game: ... Many days have passed since the traffic light incident. Until
    one after noon...
           (Lan is in the park)
           Lan: Man I'm starving! I wonder what's for dinner tonight?
           MegaMan: Huh? But Lan, you just ate lunch at school...
           Lan: Well I cant just recharge once a day like you, MegaMan!
           MegaMan: Okay, okay... Hey wait we gotta get home! "The Bonne Bunch" is
    about to start!
           Game: *beepbeepbeep*
           MegaMan: Lan, you've got mail! ... It's from your dad!
           Email: From: Dad
                  Subject: Dinner?
                  Lan, how have you been? I'll be seeing you today! That is, you'll
    be coming to see me... There's a party at the Government Complex. I'm inviting
    you and Mom to join me for dinner! Let's meet at 7 in front of the TV in the
    SciLab lobby. Say hi to Mom for me, and let her know about tonight! - Dad
           Lan: All right! We get to see Dad!! I'm gonna eat till I drop today!
           MegaMan: As if you were on a diet yesterday... Okay, Lan! Lets go home
    and tell Mom!
           (MegaMan tells Lan new mail arrived)
           MegaMan: Lan!! You've got mail!!
           Email: From: Froid
                  Subject: For you...
                  I've got something for you. Drop by the Waterworks anytime!
           Email: From: BattleML
                  Subject: Mystery op?
                  The DenCity autodrive system's been hacked into! WWW is getting
    bolder day by day! I heard the operator who solved the prob wasn't a
    NetBattler! Hard to imagine a civilian handling such a high-level incident. Who
    is this mystery operator, anyway?
           (Lan goes home to tell Mom the news)
           Lan: Hey, Mom! Dad's invited us to a party!
           Mom: How wonderful! How sweet of him to think of his family at such a
    busy time! So, Lan, When and where are we supposed to meet?
           Lan: At 7 in front of the TV in the 1st floor lobby of the SciLab
           Mom: Ok! ...But wait! It's almost 7 now! We have to hurry!
           Lan: Mom!! Since you always take so long, I'll go ahead, OK? ...Man, if
    I had to wait for her, I'd never get to eat...
           MegaMan: C'mon Lan... I know you just can't wait to see your dad...
           Lan: H-Hey, stop saying that! Geez...
           (Once in Government Complex)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!!
           Email: From: BattleML
                  Subject: Advances
                  Some program advance info: while you can advance most prog's by
    collecting chips in a series under 1 code (like B-bomb), some chips like Gaia
    won't advance even then! I have some new info that might solve this old
    problem. Seems U need 1 more chip-a trigger chip-to advance. There's about 4
    possible combos worth trying out!
           (Lan goes pick up what Froid has for him)
           Froid: Thanks for coming by! When I was taken by the WWW, I was given
           Game: Froid shows a WWW PIN to Lan!
           Froid: I was told to use it to do whatever was needed to complete the
    operation. If you think it will help you, please take it.
           Game: Lan got: "WWW PIN"!
           (Lan speaks to Chaud)
           Chaud: ...You again? What are you doing in the SciLab? This is no place
    for little boys to be playing games!
           Lan: Just 'cause I'm a kid doesn't mean you can push me around!
           MegaMan: Yeah! Yeah!
           Chaud: Hmph... Noisy little brats... I don't have time to deal with you
    now... Later, brat.
           (Chaud goes away)
           (Lan talks to all the people there)
           Guy: The restaurant underground is surrounded by water. I wonder if fish
    are swimming in it? Underneath the restaurant is a power plant. It supplies
    energy to all of DenCity!
           (Dad is coming over)
           MegaMan: Lan! It's Dad! Your dad's here!
           Dad: Lan, did you wait long? You're looking fit as a fiddle! Where's
    Mom? Didn't she come with you?
           Lan: She's coming! She just had to get dressed!
           Dad: Hahaha! Well, that'll take a while, if I know your mother!
           (Mom appears on scene)
           Mom: Sorry! Here I am! Honey! How have you been? Are you keeping well?
    ...Well, you seem good enough! Let's go downstairs to the restaurant floor and
           (Once downstairs Lan talks with every person)
           Person: I haven't been to a good party in years!
           Person 2: Those PETs on display... Are those really the latest thing in
    technology? I heard that they're recycled from plastic bottles...
           Person 3: Who's that hot thang in the dress? She's my type!! What???
    It's your mother?? *gulp*
           Person 4: There was supposed to be a foreign scientist coming... I
    wonder where he is?
           Person 5: I just asked nicely, and they let me in!
           Chaud: Well, you look like you're having fun... Hmph...Enjoy it while
    you can...
           The Chef: What do you mean, what am I doing here? I'm the chef!!
           Person 6: I think that we have the best technology, but it's important
    to keep abreast of the latest trends from overseas. We'll fall behind if we
    don't watch out!
           Waitress: Hello kid! What are you doing here? Me? I'm a college student.
    This is my part time job.
           (Lan talks to Dad)
           Dad: It's been a while since we've talked, Lan. Actually, there is
    something I've been meaning to ask you.
           Lan: Huh? What's that?
           Dad: Well, it's about my research...
           Lan: Sounds difficult! How would I know about that?
           Dad: Well, it's connected to you and MegaMan. See, I made your PET. It's
    different from normal ones. And MegaMan, too...
           Game: Bing bong bing bong Dr. Hikari, paging Dr. Hikari... Please report
    to the Lab immediately.
           Dad: Whoops! I'm sorry, it looks like I have to go! Lan, we'll finish
    where we left off next time!
           Lan: G-good luck, Dad! ... So much for dinner together...
           Mom: Well, let's eat!
           Host: Everyone, thank you for waiting. We'd like to welcome our speaker
    for the  evening.
           Count Zap: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming here this evening.
    To our... WWW Party of Death!! We'd like you to know that the WWW has just
    taken over the underground power plant! So, let's get the party started with a
    little... No, A really big... blackout!! ElecMan! Zap to it!
           (The blackout starts)
           Person: A Power out!? Oh no! The air vents have stopped! If we don't fix
    them the air will run out and... *gulp*
           Count Zap: Now, relax and enjoy your last breaths! Ahahahahahah!
           Person 2: No good! The power won't turn on! The generator... Someone go
    check the power plant below us!
           MegaMan: Lan, let's go!!
           Lan: Easy for you to say! It's pitch black in here! ... Wait, my eyes
    are adjusting... I can see a little. OK, MegaMan! Let's go!!
           (Lan checks the laundry vent or whatever)
           Lan: Looks like we can get to the power plant from here! ...Let's try
           (Lan makes it down)
           Guy: Argh, it won't work! The lock to the power plant is computer
    controlled! We'll never get it until the program is fixed!
           Scientist: Please be quiet! I'm trying to open the control room!
           (Lan talks to the guy again)
           Guy: Huh? It looks like the control room door is open now. You go on.
    I'll get this door open.
           (Once in the control room Lan talks to another person)
           Scientist 2: We normally control the power plant from this room... But
    all of the computers are down!
           (Lan checks a computer who is barely running)
           MegaMan: Lan!! It looks like we can jack in here!!
           (Lan Jacks MegaMan in)
           Lan: OK! Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           Scientist 2: Waaaait!! You wanna delete your Navi? Jacking in now is
    suicide! If the power's out here, it's out on the Net, too! If you jack in now,
    your PET's battery will run out quick! And... if your PET's battery runs out
    while you're in... The energy sent to your Navi is cut off completely... and
    your Navi won't be able to heal by itself! ...It'd be just a matter of time
    'fore you got deleted!
           Lan: You serious!? ...What should I do!?
           MegaMan: Lan, let's go!!
           Lan: What are you saying, MegaMan!? Y-You might get deleted!
           MegaMan: All we have to do is defeat the WWW Navi and jack out!
           Lan: ...No! It's too dangerous!
           MegaMan: Lan! If we don't go now, there's a chance that your
    mom......and all the other people stuck here will die! And...I think you're a
    good enough operator to do it!
           Lan: ...Yeah, I won't let them delete you! Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE,
           (The jack in fails)
           MegaMan: Whoa!!
           Lan: MegaMan!?
           MegaMan: They've got some heavy protection on this thing!
           Lan: Can you get through?
           MegaMan: No problem, just give me a second! There! Got it!
           (The jack in now is successful)
           Lan: MegaMan? You OK!?
           MegaMan: I'm fine! I've displayed the PET's remaining battery--top
    right! If the battery runs low, I can't heal after battle! So let's get that
    WWW Navi before the PET's battery dies!
           Lan: OK! On to the network power generator!
           (MegaMan speaks to a Green Program)
           Green Program: You can't see it, but there IS a road... There are many
    other invisible roads like this!
           (MegaMan find another Green Programs)
           Green Program 2: To light the bulbs, you need to use batteries. You can
    get them from the battery keeper!
           (MegaMan finds et another Program)
           Green Program 3: There are battery boxes near the lightbulbs. Put the
    batteries in the connected boxes and pull the switch. The bulbs will light and
    show you the path! However, there are more boxes than batteries! You'll have to
    find out which boxes are connected! If your batteries run down, bring them back
           Game: MegaMan got the "BatteryA" program!
           (MegaMan places the batteries)
           Game: Throw the switch?
           Lan: (Yes)
           MegaMan: Switch... ON!
           Game: A bulb has been turned on! A path is revealed!
           (MegaMan finds a corrupted program)
           Corrupted Program: I...I'm...not...altered!!!...
           (MegaMan deletes it and find another one)
           Corrupted Program 2: *clink* *clank* Aaarrrrghhh!
           (MegaMan deletes it and finds yet one more program)
           Corrupted Program 3: All your base are belong to us!!
           (He deletes it and finds yet another one)
           Corrupted Program 4: Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
           (Again it is deleted and now he find a Green one)
           Green Program 3: Not being able to see the floor makes it difficult
    sometimes but if you look carefully there is sometimes a clue.
           (MegaMan talks to another program)
           Green Program 4: From here, there will start to be more battery boxes.
    Think hard about how you place the batteries! These are the batteries that I
    control. If they run out of power, I will recharge them.
           Game: MegaMan got programs "BatteryA" and "BatteryB"!
           (MegaMan talks to another program)
           Green Program 5: Have you figured this out yet? The boxes which are
    connected to the light bulbs are never adjacent to each other!
           (MegaMan finds yet another program)
           Green Program 6: You'll need to think hard before setting a battery.
    These are the batteries that I control. If they run out of power, I will
    recharge them.
           Game: MegaMan got several programs! "BatteryC" "BatteryD" "BatteryE"
           (After that he find yet another Program)
           Green Program 7: You can sometimes get by without using all the
    batteries. Use the extras to  find new... *beep* Some, something is not
    right... *beep*
           (Yet another programs here)
           Green Program 8: You've probably heard this already, but...remember that
    the correct boxes will never be adjacent to one another.
           (He finds another program)
           Corrupted Program 5: You lookin' at me? You lookin' at ME?
           (It is deleted and finds another one)
           Corrupted Program 6: You WWW scum! Take this!
           (He deletes it but there's another one)
           Corrupted Program 7: I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance
    and fuuurious anger!
           (He finds yet another one)
           Green Program 9: You'll need to think hard before setting a battery.
    These are the batteries that I control. If they run out of power, I will
    recharge them.
           Game: MegaMan got several programs! "BatteryA" "BatteryB" "BatteryC"
           (MegaMan finds one more program)
           Corrupted Program 8: I... I'm afraid...that I...must ask you...to delete
           (He finds one more program)
           Green Program 10: You'll need to think hard before setting a battery.
    These are the batteries that I control. If they run out of power, I will
    recharge them.
           Game: MegaMan got several programs! "BatteryA" "BatteryB" "BatteryC"
           MegaMan: Lan! The door to the power room should be open now! Quick! Go
    get that generator running!
           Lan: OK!
           (Lan goes into the power room)
           Lan: Huh? The lights are on in this room...
           (Lan checks the generator)
           Lan: The generator...is working!? Then why's the power out? MegaMan!
    Check out the power generator area again!
           MegaMan: Roger!!
           (MegaMan encounters ElecMan for the first time)
           ElecMan: Who R U? A NetBattler? Hrm...You did good coming this far, but
    you're too late... I just finished downloading the electricity program!
           MegaMan: Electricity program?
           ElecMan: ? You're not a NetBattler come to protect it? ...No matter, All
    who stand in my way get... Zapped!!
           (The battle starts but ElecMan is unbeatable)
           MegaMan: M-My attacks aren't working!?
           ElecMan: Heehee! Electricity is my power! As long as there's power
    generated, I can't be stopped!
           MegaMan: What!?
           ElecMan: Zaaaap!!
           (MegaMan is Zapped!)
           MegaMan: Arrrggghhh!!
           Lan: MegaMan!! ...Oh no! What can I do!?
           (Lan pulls the plug in front of him)
           Lan: OK! Let's stop that generator! That'll keep ElecMan from healing!
    This isn't going to be easy... But here goes!
           (Lan is also zapped but makes the plug go down)
           Lan: And stay down!!
           (ElecMan is no longer unbeatable)
           ElecMan: W-What!? What have you done to the generator?
           Lan: MegaMan! Quick! Let's get him while we can!
           MegaMan: Leave it to me!
           (This time ElecMan is deleted by MegaMan)
           ElecMan: This... This can't be happening! But I've already sent the
    program to Count Zap! Now, we have all the programs! You're finished!
           (ElecMan disappears)
           (ProtoMan jacks in)
           ProtoMan: Darn... Too late... It took to long to break the jack in
           MegaMan: ProtoMan!?
           ProtoMan: Hump... Not a shred of data left, either... I was just about
    to get the WWW server location out of ElecMan's memory data. If you amateurs
    hadn't got in the way, our plan to lure in the WWW with fake data would have
           Lan: Fake data? Then this was all...
           Chaud: ProtoMan, delete that Navi. They've caused us enough trouble..
           ProtoMan: As you wish, Lord Chaud.
           MegaMan: This isn't the time! We have to get the power back up!
           ProtoMan: Silence! Prepare for deletion!
           (MegaMan defeats ProtoMan)
           ProtoMan: How can this be!? A civilian Navi beat a NetBattler? Never!
           MegaMan: Don't get it? 'Cause you're an official Navi, you can carry
    your own battle chips--so you can fight alone!
           ProtoMan: That's right...And I've fought alone every time! And I've
    never lost! Not once!
           MegaMan: ...'Cause I'm a civilian Navi, I can't fight alone. That's why
    I've got Lan backing me up! We've come this far together...Because we fight as
    a team! The better friends you are with your operator... The better you fight!
           ProtoMan: Friends?
           Chaud: ProtoMan! Don't listen to their nonsense! Jack out, now!
           ProtoMan: Wait, please, Lord Chaud!! You're MegaMan...right? Just tell
    me one thing...How do you see your operator, this "Lan"? What is he to you?
           MegaMan: Why...He's my best friend!
           ProtoMan: Friend...huh...I never thought of that...
           Chaud: Let's go, ProtoMan! Jack out!!
           (ProtoMan jacks out.)
           MegaMan: Lan, we have to jack out too and get that power plant going!
           Lan: OK!!
           (Lan turns the power on)
           Lan: Right on! That should fix the power out!
           MegaMan: Lan, back to the restaurant! Your mom is worried sick!
           Lan: You're right...
           (Lan talks to Mom)
           Mom: Lan! Where were you? I...I was so worried!
           Lan: Sorry, Mom! But we're fine, see?
           Game: *beebeebeep*
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail! It's from Dad!
           Email: From: Dad
                  Subject: R U OK?
                  That was a long power out! Is everybody OK?
           Lan: That's my dad, as clueless as ever... "Dear Dad, don't worry,
    MegaMan is looking after me!"
           Mom: Oh well...I guess the party's over. Shall we go home? Lan? Do you
    want to stop for something to eat on the way?
           Lan: Yeah, now that you mention it, I haven't eaten since lunch! I'm
           MegaMan: I guess you need to recharge, too!
           Everybody: Hah hah hah!
           #3.11 BombMan Enters
           Wily: Hoo, hoo, hoo. Waaah hah hah hah! Wonderful --- Simply wonderful!!
    I have them all! All of the superprograms are mine! So super... Such programs!!
           (Wily get closer to a computer)
           Wily: By combining these 4 programs, I can make YOU-KNOW-WHAT!!!! Ahh,
    hah hah... *phew* and once I've made that...I can delete the world! No more
    annoying people with their annoying machines! And I will get my revenge
           (Lan appears in his room)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!
           Email: From: Dad
                  Subject: About Chaud
                  Dear Lan, You're friends with that Chaud boy, aren't you? I see
    him at the lab and recently he seems a little blue. Perhaps his work as a
    NetBattler isn't going well? Maybe you could try talking to him? Thanks! -Dad.
           (Lan starts heading to SciLab and receives new mail)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!
           Email: From: BattleML
                  Subject: Aura virus?
                  I ran into a virus with some kind of aura the other day. Damage
    less than the number it displays doesn't hurt it! It looks like you need real
    high power chips for this guy! When it attacks, part of it comes outside the
    aura... Maybe aiming for that with a buster would work? Everybody, watch out
    and good luck!
           (Lan is looking for Chaud)
           Scientist: Chaud? He went to Dentown. He said that he heard there is a
    WWW member there! His job? Well, he's supposed to find the WWW's address.
    That's why he's looking for members, I guess.
           (Once in DenTown Chaud is interrogating a girl)
           Girl: You're calling me a WWW member?? How rude!!
           Chaud: If you're a WWW member, then you know about the Undernet! Tell
    me, now!!
           Girl: I said I don't know anything about the WWW!!
           Chaud: ... Grrr!! Another false lead... How will I get into the
           (Chaud sees Lan standing there)
           Chaud: Huh? You again? I'm busy here! Leave me alone!
           Lan: What's your problem? I heard you were having problems, so I just
    came to help!
           Chaud: Why would I ever need your help? Out of my way!
           (He leaves)
           Lan: What a jerk...
           MegaMan: Hey, Lan...
           Lan: Yeah... I don't want to help Chaud, but we have to stop the
    EndGame! MegaMan, let's try to find the WWW server's address!
           MegaMan: OK! First we'll need to get into the Undernet! Chaud just said
    that any WWW member should know how...
           Girl: Nobody as cute as I am could ever me in the WWW...
           (Lan goes to talk to Higsby)
           Mr. Higsby: Yah wanna inside the Undernet, huh??? ... OK, huh! Thanks to
    you, I got out of the WWW, huh! To thank you, I'll get you into the Undernet,
           Game: *clink**clank*...*beep!*
           Mr. Higsby: I sent the codes to your PET, huh!
           Game: Lan got "Hig Memo"!
           Mr. Higsby: Go towards Dentown in the net, huh. The access point's there
    Use the code on that memo, huh. That'll get you in!...huh.
           (MegaMan jacks in and finds an access point)
           Game: It looks like an access point to somewhere...
           Lan: MegaMan! I'll bet that's the access to the Undernet!
           MegaMan: I think so to! I'll try using Higsby's memo!
           Game: ...MegaMan used Hig Memo! The access route to the Undernet opened!
           Lan: All riiight!
           MegaMan: Yeah! ....Huh?
           Lan: What's wrong?
           MegaMan: Lan! It's a virus! And a big one at that!
           Lan: Oh, man... This could be bad... Well, only one thing to do now...
    Battle routine, set!!
           MegaMan: Execute!!
           (MegaMan manages to delete the virus)
           MegaMan: Lan! I made it into the Undernet! ...? Looks like you got some
           Email: From: Higsby
                  Subject: Old friend
                  Lan, the WWW server is hidden deep down inside the Undernet!
    There are 3 locks, each a higher level than the last, M'kay? Unfortunately, I
    don't have any idea how to open them. But one of my old WWW friends is at the
    SciLab now. He regrets having worked for WWW now, & he might help you!
           (Lan goes to SciLab and finds Higsby's friend)
           Scientist: Hmmmm...Hmmmmm... Huh? Me? A WWW member? You must be joking
    Huh? Higsby said what? I see. I get the picture. Use this...It should clear
    things up...
           Game: Lan got "Lab Memo"!
           Scientist: Many people like myself have quit the WWW. There are 2 more
    locks to open to get to the server. Find 2 more memos from others who have quit
    the WWW. However, you'll have to be strong enough to defeat the WWW even with
    the memos, approaching the server before you're strong enough will just end up
    getting you in danger. In DenCity, there are 2 more members. A young beautiful
    lady, and an old man.
           (Lan sees Chaud at DenTown)
           Chaud: Go on, beat it!
           MegaMan: Lan, challenge Chaud to a NetBattle?
           Lan: (Yes)
           Chaud: So you want to see how the pros do it, huh? PROTOMAN!!
           ProtoMan: You called?
           (MegaMan deletes ProtoMan again)
           Chaud: I didn't make any mistakes! What's IN that Navi there?
           (Lan talks to Ms.Yuri)
           Ms. Yuri: Me? An ex-member of the WWW? Hah! Hmmm, lemme see that Navi of
    yours... Hah! ... I've been waiting for a NetBattler like you to appear I've
    been playing the fool to hide from the WWW... Sure, I know how to undo some of
    the locks... Hmmm... Lemme check your data library... ... I suppose that you're
    ready, now... Here's how to open the lock!
           Game: Lan got: "YuriMemo"!
           Ms. Yuri: I have faith that you can stop the WWW... Hah! ...Ooops, looks
    like that's become a habit...
           (Lan talks to an Old Man)
           Old Man: Me? A WWW member? You must be joking! However, I did meet a man
    who knows a lot about them... I think he said he lives in ACDC Town...
           (In ACDC Town Lan talks to another Old man)
           Old Man: You think that I'm an ex-member of the WWW, huh? ... Hmmph
    Lemme see that Navi you've got there. Well, no point in pretending to be senile
    any more... Yes, I was a member at the beginning. As Wily's assistant! Yes, I
    know how to release the Undernet lock, but... ...Lemme see that Navi of yours
    one more time. ... Well, I guess that you are strong enough. Here!
           Game: Lan got: "Pa'sMemo"!
           Old Man: Perhaps the one to stop the EndGame will be you, Lan, and not a
    SciLab NetBattler!
           (MegaMan goes deep in the UnderNet and finds another access point next
    to a Purple Navi)
           Purple Navi: Those WWW jerks went and encoded this area! Only high-
    ranking WWW dudes can get in! Sheesh... They think they're so bad...
           (MegaMan tries to enter the area)
           Game: Entrance for WWW personnel ONLY!
           Lan: MegaMan! Try using that memo we got at the SciLab!
           MegaMan: OK!!
           Game: ...MegaMan used the Lab Memo! He gained access!
           Lan: Way to go!
           (MegaMan reaches another access point)
           Game: Entrance for WWW personnel ONLY!
           Lan: MegaMan try using that memo we got from Ms. Yuri!
           MegaMan: Roger!!
           Game: ...MegaMan used the YuriMemo! He gained access!
           Lan: Way to go!!
           (MegaMan finds the next-to-last gate)
           Game: Entrance for WWW personnel ONLY!
           Lan: MegaMan try using that memo we got from the old man!
           MegaMan: OK!!
           Game: ...MegaMan used the Pa'sMemo! He gained access!
           Lan: All right!!
           (MegaMan finds the last gate and a Navi guarding it)
           BombMan: ? How did U get in here? And who R U?
           MegaMan: I am MegaMan!
           BombMan: And what brings you to me, the great BombMan!?
           MegaMan: I'm here to get the WWW net address! I know you've got it, so
    hand it over!
           BombMan: No, no, no. That won't do! It's deletion for U!
           Lan: MegaMan, this guy isn't too bright. I don't think we have a
    choice... Battle routine, set!
           MegaMan: Execute!!
           (MegaMan deletes BombMan)
           BombMan: But...but BombMan is never defeated!
           (MegaMan grabs the program BombMan was guarding)
           MegaMan: Lan, I've got the WWW's address!
           Lan: Then let's use it to break into the WWW's network!
           BombMan: Fool... They don't call me BombMan for nothing! NetBomb program
           MegaMan: !?
           Lan: Uhoh! MegaMan!?
           (BombMan explodes in a big blast)
           Lan: You OK?
           MegaMan: Yeah...but... Oh not! The net's been closed off!
           Lan: Darn! And we were so close!
           MegaMan: I'm sure we can use this address somehow!
           Lan: You're right! Let's talk to Dad!
           (Lan goes speak to his Dad)
           Dad: Oh, Lan!
           Lan: Hey, Dad! You got a minute?
           Dad: Of course!
           Lan: Cool!
           Dad: Haha, sorry I've been away so much... So, how are you? Did you talk
    to Chaud?
           Lan: Talk to that jerk!?
           Dad: Hmmm, did you have a fight? He CAN be hard to deal with...
           Lan: Well, anyway, check this out!
           Game: Lan used the @WWW!
           Dad: Lan!! Where did you get this??
           Lan: I got it with MegaMan! But we can't get through the network!
           Dad: I see... well...with this, I'm sure we can find the WWW labs.
           Lan: Are you sure?
           Dad: Sure, should be no problem using our technology. This may help us
    stop the war! Of course, I'll have to tell Chaud about his. That OK?
           Lan: Ummm... I guess... Can you tell me the location, too?
           Dad: ...No.
           Lan: Why not!? I'm the one who defeated the WWW! And with the MegaMan
    program that YOU created!! Please, let us help finish the job!
           MegaMan: Lan...
           Dad: ...finish the job... OK, OK, I give in. But one condition! The
    WWW's attacks will likely start coming even harder. MegaMan could be deleted,
    and your actions could trigger the war! Can you take that responsibility?
           Lan: (Yes!)
           Dad: OK... I'll send you the location when we find it...
           Lan: Thanks, Dad!!
           Dad: I'll send you mail with the location. Go practice NetBattling.
           #3.12 MagicMan and the Life Virus - The Final Battles
           (While Lan is asleep, Wily creates the LifeVirus)
           Yahoot: Our address...it looks like the SciLab has got it.
           Wily: ...
           Yahoot: Our secret lab will be discovered in no time!
           Wily: ...no matter! Hee, hee, hee...
           Yahoot: ?
           (The LifeVirus is finally created)
           Wily: Because...I've already made the LifeVirus!! Now we can delete,
           Yahoot: You mean, the EndGame is about to begin?
           Wily: Hah hah! Of course! The final battle at last! Yahoot! Come with
           Yahoot: As you command, so shall it be done!
           (When Lan gets up he has new mail)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!
           Dad: I've found the site of the WWW Lab deep in the mountains! But
    there's no roads, no railways, and no airport either...And it would take to
    long to walk there, I'd reckon...But WWW agents are getting into DenCity
           (On the living room, Wily is talking to the whole world)
           Mom: Lan! Look on TV! It's awful!
           Wily: I am pleased to announce that the WWW master plan...is entering
    the final phase!  Our next targets are this country's military satellites! We
    will be launching a hacking rocket from our WWW labs...Once we have
    control...the EndGame begins!
           MegaMan: Lan! We've got to get to the WWW Labs!
           Lan: Right on! Let's go!
           (Mom calls Lan while was attempted to leave)
           Mom: Lan!? Where are you going at a time like this?
           (After leaving Lan gets new mail)
           MegaMan: Lan!! You've got mail!
           Email: From: BattleML
                  Subject: Aura, cont.
                  More information on the aura virus: Seems like the aura always
    uses a type of energy. The one I met was Fire, so I hit it with AquaTower. This
    seems to be an effective way to fight them!
           (Lan finds a WWW Pass on Higsby's counter)
           Game: ...There's something by the register! Lan got: "WWW Pass"!
           MegaMan: A Metroline pass? The WWW and the Metroline... something fishy
    going on here! The pass is expired. I bet Higsby was using it for the WWW.
           (Lan tries to use the Metroline with the pass)
           Person: A WWW Pass?  You can't use that here...
           Person 2: A conductor told me something interesting. He said that he can
    sometimes hear another train, even though no train is passing him! Could there
    be another train line running nearby?
           (Lan goes to ACDC School entrance)
           Game: *Whoooosh*
           Lan: ? What was that noise?
           MegaMan: It came from below us! I wonder...
           Lan: The mystery Metroline!?
           MegaMan: Maybe there's an entrance around here somewhere!
           (Lan checks behind the statue)
           Lan: ...! There's a door in the statue base!
           MegaMan: I think I can hear something.
           Lan: That sound...it's getting closer!
           Game: *Whoooosh*
           MegaMan: Lan, it's the Metroline!
           Lan: Let's open the door!
           (Mayl appears on scene)
           Mayl: Lan? I wonder what he's doing...?
           (Lan opens the door)
           Lan: A staircase!
           MegaMan: Let's go inside!
           Lan: OK!
           Mayl: Hey Lan! Wait up! ...He's gone...
           (Lan is wandering on the secret Metroline)
           MegaMan: Huh? Did you just hear Mayl's voice?
           Lan: Huh?  I think you're hearing things...Hey we found it!
           (Lan tries to enter the Metroline)
           MegaMan: This sure does look like the WWW's...
           Lan: Secret Metroline! We can get to the lab from here!
           MegaMan: Yeah, but our pass is out-of-date, Lan...
           Lan: Let's give it a try, anyway!
           (Lan tries to gain access)
           MegaMan: Nope, no good...Maybe we should ask your Dad?
           Game: Intruder alert! Leave the premises at once! Leave!
           Lan: Uh-oh!
           MegaMan: Let's get out of here, quick!
           (Lan heads to see Dad)
           MegaMan: Lan!! You've got mail!
           Email: From: BattleML
                  Subject: Re: Aura, cont.
                  I met one of the aura viruses, too. Mine was Wood, and it ignored
    any damage less than 80! I used a FireSword to delete it but man are they
    tough... If they made an aura without an elemental affinity... It wouldn't have
    any weaknesses! A true "Life Aura"!
           (Lan goes to talks to Dad)
           Dad: Glad you're still OK...Was there something you need?
           Game: Lan showed his Dad the WWW Pass!
           Dad: Hmmm...we had heard rumors of this secret Metroline...
           Lan: Dad, can you make this work again?
           Dad: Sure, we just need to reset the expiration date...
           Game: *beep* *beep* *boop*!
           Dad: Like I said, piece of cake!
           Game: Lan got: "WWW Pass"!
           Lan: Wow! The expiration date is changed! Thanks, Dad!
           Dad: Be careful Lan...
           (Lan heads back to ACDC Town)
           MegaMan: Lan!! You've got mail!
           Email: From: BattleML
                  Subject: Rare chips!
                  Has anyone met that virus that looks like a bagworm? It's the one
    with the funny face. Word is that guy's carrying a pretty rare chip! You meet
    him a lot if you go deep in the net.
           (Lan makes the Metroline work and heads toward the WWW Base)
           (Scene cuts to Dad's Lab)
           Game: *Brrring...*
           Dad: Dr. Hikari speaking. Oh, hello honey! Yes, Lan was just here.
           Mom: I'm worried.  I think those two are in trouble...
           Dad: Don't worry, I'll look out for them. I'll never let what happened
    last time happen again...
           Mom: Honey...I'm sorry to have called you at work.
           Dad: No, I'm sorry for not being at home more...
           Mom: Hmm...that is true. ...But it's OK! I'll be fine by myself here!
           Dad: Good...I'm glad to hear that.
           Mom: Bye!
           Game: *bleep* *bleep*
           (After they finish talking, a Scientist rushes to Lan's Dad)
           Scientist: Dr. Hikari! I've got info on the virus in the WWW rocket!
           Dad: ...It's the LifeVirus...I see...Lan...and Hub don't have a
    chance......We've got to act fast! Can you help me?
           Scientist: Yessir!
           (Scene cuts back to Lan)
           MegaMan: We...we made it!
           Lan: So, this is the WWW's lab, huh?
           MegaMan: Yeah! There's the hacking rocket!
           Lan: Let's break in!
           (Lan is surprised to see 3 persons all tied up)
           Lan: Aak!
           Higsby: Whooo!
           MegaMan: It's Ms. Yuri! And the old man! Lan!
           Lan: I see them!
           (Lan sets them free)
           Higsby: Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
           Lan: All you did was help me and now...
           Old Man: Heheh...not to worry at all! I'm used to hard times!
           Ms. Yuri: Lan, you have to get up there, quick!
           Lan: Roger! On my way!
           (The first door is locked)
           Game: It's securely locked...There seems to be a jack in port here,
           MegaMan: Lan, I'll disable the lock!
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!!
           (The area is the Oven revisited)
           Lan: MegaMan! There's got to be a program locking this door! Find it and
    delete it!
           MegaMan: Roger!
           (MegaMan speaks to a Green Navi)
           Green Navi: I am a WWW Navi...However I can no longer help them. Please
    take this. It should  help you.
           Game: MegaMan got the "IceBlock" program!
           (MegaMan works his way through but at the end, he is unable to go any
           MegaMan: Argh! Not enough ice blocks...
           Lan: I can see the lock program right there!
           (Yai stars speaking)
           Yai: Leave it to us!
           Lan: Yai!? What are you doing here?
           Yai: I'll explain later! Glyde, to work!
           Glyde: Certainly, my lady.
           (Glyde jacks in, clearing the fires)
           Glyde: The rest, is up to you...
           MegaMan: Thanks! I owe you one!
           (MegaMan deletes the doorlock program)
           Lan: You did it! Thanks, Yai!
           Yai: Just helping out a friend!
           (Lan goes to ask an explanation to Yai)
           Yai: Mayl told me to give this to you...
           Game: MegaMan got a chip for "Roll3 R"!
           Yai: Don't lose it, now.
           (Guess what? The second door is locked too)
           Game: It's securely locked... You notice a jack in port.
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (MegaMan is now at ACDC School revisited)
           Game: This gate is passcode protected. Door will not open without proper
    authorization. Passcode hint: none. Input Passcode.
           (MegaMan guesses all of the codes except for the last one)
           Lan: MegaMan! Do your stuff!
           MegaMan: Hunh...? No good... This passcode is gonna take some time...
           (Higsby appears on scene)
           Higsby: Leave it to me! *snort*
           Lan: Mr. Higsby!
           Higsby: Numbers are no problem for NumberMan!
           (NumberMan jacks in)
           NumberMan: Analyzing program... Passcode: 9630. Entering passcode...
           (NumberMan inputs the password)
           MegaMan: Thanks, NumberMan!
           (MegaMan deletes the lock program for this door)
           Higsby: Lan, get going!
           Lan: I'm gone!
           (Scene cuts to Wily's Lab)
           Wily: Ah-hah-hah-haaa! Now I load this into the rocket, and...
           Yahoot: Report, sir! It seems that intruders are in the lab...
           Wily: Grrr... I won't be stopped now! Yahoot, deal with them!
           Yahoot: As you command, so shall it be done!
           (Yahoot leaves)
           Wily: Just a little more, and the world will be...DELETED! Ahahahahah!
    Say your prayers, Dr. Hikari!
           (Lan reaches another locked door)
           Game: It's securely locked. There seems to be a jack in port here,
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (MegaMan is in the Cooler Network revisited)
           (MegaMan finds his way through until it comes to a giant ice block)
           Lan: Darn! This is a tough program!
           (Froid appears on scene)
           Froid: Let us help you!
           Lan: What...Froid?
           Froid: I've got a lot of making up to you to do...IceMan!
           IceMan: Yessir!
           (IceMan jacks in and destroys the ice)
           MegaMan: Thanks, IceMan!
           (MegaMan deletes this lock too)
           Froid: Let's get Wily!
           Lan: Right on!
           (Lan keeps on and finds yet another locked door)
           Game: It's securely locked... You notice a jack in port.
           Lan: Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (MegaMan is now in the Traffic Light Revisited)
           (At the end, this time he finds a big boulder)
           (Dex appears on scene)
           Dex: Hold on! Don't forget about us!
           Lan: Dex!
           Dex: Leave the hard parts to me and GutsMan! We'll handle this!
           Lan: Hmm... You sure you can do it?
           Dex: Trust me! You should save your strength for the last battle! Yo!
           (GutsMan jacks in and punches the boulder, destroying it)
           MegaMan: Thanks, GutsMan!
           GutsMan: Yeeehaaw!
           (MegaMan deletes this program, the same way he did last time)
           Lan: Dex! You really came through!
           Dex: Of course, silly! But it's not over yet!
           Lan: You're right! OK, I'm off! ...But I wonder how you all knew to come
           (After entering the next room, he gets mail)
           MegaMan: Lan! You've got mail!
           Email: From: BattleML
                  Subject: The LifeVirus
                  Did you all see the WWW broadcast? Things are getting sticky! I
    got some info on the LifeVirus from my lab connections. I thought all the
    NetBattlers should know about this. "LifeVirus: ultimate program made up of 4
    programs: Fire, Aqua, Elec, and Wood, possessing no elemental weakness. No
    effective combat strategies known..." That's what it says! Honestly, I don't
    know how my NetNavi can fight it... I've got some other info here: apparently
    there's evidence that the LifeVirus defense program was copied by
    someone...Something to do with the WWW or the EndGame? Who knows? All we can do
    is practice with our chips and wait...
           (Lan enters Wily's lab and check his picture)
           Game: A self portrait of Wily.
           MegaMan: Hey, Lan! Check out all these footprints!
           Lan: Hey, yeah!
           MegaMan: Let's check around here again...
           (Lan checks it again)
           Game: ...!!! You notice that the picture swings back!
           MegaMan: Lan! It's a secret door!
           Lan: Cool! We can jack in here! Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           (MegaMan is now at ElecMan's NetWork Revisited)
           (He finds a Green Program)
           Green Program: Be careful...When you fight the top WWW Navi, your Navi's
    save feature will be disabled! You may want to save here...It's close...Very
           (MegaMan saves the game)
           (MegaMan keeps on until they can no longer go any further)
           MegaMan:  Weird...I can't use my batteries here...
           Lan: For real? Not after we made it so far...
           (Mayl appears on scene)
           Mayl: Lan! I'm here at last!
           Lan: Mayl? You, too? What's going on here?
           (Roll jacks in and goes to MegaMan's side)
           MegaMan: Roll!
           Roll: Hiya Mega!
           Lan: What are you all doing here?
           Mayl: I saw you near the school entrance... And I told everyone, so we all
    came to help out!
           Lan: ...Man, I was doing fine by myself...
           Mayl: Yeah, right! Is that any way to show gratitude? Really!  Roll,
    roll out!
           Roll: Yep...
           Roll: Rollflash!!!
           (Roll makes a path)
           MegaMan: Thanks, Roll!
           (MegaMan destroys the lock program as well)
           MegaMan: We did it!
           Roll: You take care of yourself, Mega!
           MegaMan: Sure thing! Now Lan, thank Mayl.
           Lan: Humph. Nobody asked her to... Mayl!
           Mayl: What now!?
           Lan: Thanks...You really saved me. Thanks to all you guys.
           Mayl: Oohhh? Lan...I was so worried......*sniff*... Sorry, I meant to be
    cheering you on not crying...*sniff*...Good luck, Lan!
           Lan: Mayl...leave it to me!
           MegaMan: I'm jacking out.
           (MagicMan appears for the first time)
           MagicMan: Wait!
           Yahoot: Sorry to interrupt such a touching scene...But this is as far as
    I can allow you to go!
           Lan: Who are you!?
           Yahoot: I am Yahoot! Right hand man to Wily of the WWW!
           MagicMan: And I am his Navi, MagicMan! And for my next trick...
           (MegaMan deletes MagicMan)
           Lan: We did it!
           Yahoot: Errgh...
           Wily: Yahoot! Not you, too! Here, use this bit data from the LifeVirus!
           Yahoot: Phew...
           (MagicMan throw down MegaMan)
           MegaMan: Unh!
           MagicMan: Yahoot! I did it! You can say goodbye to MegaMan.EXE!
           Lan: No...
           Yahoot: M-MagicMan!  Look out!
           (ProtoMan jacks in and slices MagicMan in two)
           MagicMan: ! LifeMaa....Ak!!
           ProtoMan: Grr...Too late?
           Roll: Mega!!
           Lan: ...
           Mayl: Lan...
           Chaud: Lan...Your father gave me this...here.
           (Chaud gives a program to Lan)
           Lan: Hub.bat...what's this?
           Game: Emergency...Receiving call...
           Lan: Hello?
           Dad: Lan?
           Lan: Dad! MegaMan's...
           Chaud: Dr. Hikari, I'm sorry, I was too late...
           Dad: Lan, listen to me!  You can still save MegaMan!
           Lan: But! He's not responding...
           Dad: Apply the Hub.bat to MegaMan, there may still be time...But before
    you use Hub.bat, I have to tell you something. It might make it...hard for you
    to use MegaMan...OK?
           Lan: ...I don't really understand what you mean...But I'll do anything
    if it might save MegaMan!
           Dad: Then, listen...About 10 years ago, I was working on a new kind of
    Navi. A kind of Navi that could truly befriend its operator.  But a program is
    only a program. Though I could make a Navi follow its operator's orders, I
    couldn't make one think and act on its own. So I started thinking...Maybe if
    you had some connection with your Navi...The Navi could respond to your
    emotions...and thereby create its own emotions...So I tried. Looking at human
    DNA I came to a conclusion. If I made a Navi with DNA just like its operator's
    its basic values and emotions would be the same. Operator and Navi would become
    a single entity! Making an ultimate Navi! But, it was tough making a program
    with DNA...I could make about 95% of the program, but no more...I just couldn't
    figure out that last five percent! My research came to a sudden stop...It was
    about this time that I had a son...A cute baby boy...We named him "Hub." But
    our happiness didn't last long...He had heart trouble and became too weak to
    live...So I thought...Somehow I will keep his memory alive. Lan, Hub was your
    twin brother. You were born from the same egg...your DNA is identical. I could
    use Hub's DNA to make a NAVI for you...Suddenly, I had the DNA solution I had
    been searching for! The Navi I made...was MegaMan.EXE! And the results proved
    that I was right! MegaMan.EXE is a new generation of Navi. As close to you as a
    brother...But there was a danger...If I made the DNA 100% the same...The Navi's
    internal and external state might synch with you. So damage to the Navi would
    also damage you, too! So I changed MegaMan.EXE's DNA by 0.001%. If you use
    Hub.bat, that 0.001% will disappear...
           Lan: ...You mean MegaMan will be born again...as my twin?
           Dad: Correct.
           Lan: I was always sending MegaMan into such dangerous places...Did
    MegaMan...I mean Hub, know the truth?
           Dad: I asked Hub to keep it a secret. If you knew the truth, you'd be
    too scared to use him. And a Navi that you can't use isn't a good Navi......So
    what will you do?  I'll let you decide.
           Lan: But, Hub...I'll lose MegaMan...
           Dad: Remember, if your DNA is 100% the same, you will be affected by
    whatever affects your Navi.  And the reverse is true, too! Lan, if you truly
    think you can beat the WWW ...I think Hub will sense that, and he'll come back
    to help!
           Lan: ...OK! I'll use Hub.bat!
           Dad: Lan...You're doing the right thing!
           Game: Applying Hub.bat to MegaMan.EXE...
           Lan: Hub! Come fight by my side! ...No reply...!
           ProtoMan: Hmm?
           (MegaMan wakes up)
           MegaMan: ...L-Lan...
           Lan: Hub! It's me, Lan! Wake up!
           MegaMan: La..n...Uh...
           MegaMan: ? What happened to me?
           Lan: Hub! It's you!
           MegaMan: Lan? You called me "Hub"?
           Dad: Hub...I've told Lan everything. We used Hub.bat to bring you
           MegaMan: Dad...I see...
           Lan's Dad: That light means your program is being rewritten. When the
    light goes down, your power should be increased!
           MegaMan: Yeah...I can feel the energy inside me! Lan, I'm sorry for not
    telling you the truth earlier.
           Lan: Hub, I'm sorry for ordering you around all these years...
           MegaMan: No problem... I always regretted not being able to be with you
    in the real world. But being able to watch you grow from inside here...made me
           Lan: Hub...So, how do I operate you now, I wonder?
           MegaMan: Just be yourself! And I'll be myself, MegaMan! Let's hurry!
    Lan, I'm counting on you!
           Lan:...Right...OK! Let's go, MegaMan!
           MegaMan: Right on!
           (Lan keeps on and sees Wily laughing)
           Wily: Ha,ha,ha,ha!! Once I press this button...Bye bye world! Dr. Hikari
    may have kicked me out of his little lab...But now I get my revenge!!
           Lan: Wait! Wily!!
           Wily: Ahh...Hikari's little boy Lan, I presume? Leave it to the Hikari's
    to bother me to the very end!
           Lan: The EndGame is revenge against my family? Why!?
           Wily: Hmm...Shall I tell you? 30 years ago, two famous scientists
    competed to be the best! ...Me, and your grandfather, Dr. Hikari! I made
    robots, and he specialized in networks. We were both lost in our research.
    Then, one day...In order to win an international competition, our country had
    to pick one of our projects to fund. After long debate...They canceled my robot
    research! I couldn't believe it! My research was vital! Vital! I had no place
    to turn to, and so I left the lab. That's why I'm mad! If it Wasn't for
    Hikari...! So I made the WWW to get back at him! He made this world what it is,
    and now I'll destroy it!
           Lan: But he didn't cancel your research! It's not his fault!
           Wily: Hah! That's what he said, too! You'll never understand how I feel!
    Never! Enough talking! World, prepare for DELETION!!!!
           Lan: Noooo!!
           Wily: Hahah!
           Lan: Never! Not if MegaMan and I can help it! Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE,
           (MegaMan walks along the path and encounters the "Life Virus")
           MegaMan: Lan...The LifeVirus...
           Lan: If we can defeat and delete it, the WWW's plans will be foiled!
    This is it...Our ultimate virus bashing...Battle routine, set!!
           MegaMan: Execute!!
           (MegaMan manages to barely defeat the Life Virus)
           Wily: M-M-My LifeVirus!!! What, what, What have you done!?!? My baby! My
    WWW!! Nooooo!!!!
           Game: Warning! Warning! Virus leak! All systems malfunctioning! Self-
    destruct sequence activated!
           Lan: Uh-oh!
           Wily: B-But my precious WWW laboratory!!
           Lan: Let's get out of here! MegaMan, Jack out!
           MegaMan: Roger!
           Mayl: Lan!
           Chaud: Lan! Are you OK?
           Lan: Hey guys!
           Chaud: And the LifeVirus?
           Lan: History!
           Mayl: Yippie!
           Lan: Where's everyone else?
           Chaud: They got away to safety!
           Lan: Great! Now, let's scram!! Hurry the place is gonna blow!
           Wily: WWW...Forever!!!
           (There is a gigantic explosion destroying everything in its path)
           #3.13 THE END
           Game: And so...
           Dad: Good job, Lan...and, Hub...I mean MegaMan!
           Mom: Oh, I'm so glad the two of you are OK!
           Lan: Sorry, mom.
           Mom: Well, I never thought raising two boys was going to be easy! Isn't
    that right, Honey?
           Dad: Heh...They couldn't have done it without you. Thanks.
           Mom: They couldn't have done it without us, you mean.
           Dad: Honey...
           Mom: Honey...
           Mayl: Heh-heh, your mom and dad sure get along well, Lan.
           Lan: I know. It's really embarrassing.
           Mayl: Maybe we could learn from them...
           Lan: Huh? What are you talking about? We're just friends!
           MegaMan: Lan, Lan, Lan...
           Roll: He really is dense, isn't he?
           MegaMan: That's right, Roll!
           Roll: You said it, Mega!
           Mayl: Look...Even Roll and MegaMan are in the mood! I've had it with you
    Lan! After I was so nice...I shouldn't have rescued you after all!
           Lan: ??? I don't get it! What am I doing wrong??
           Dex: *whistle* Yowsas!
           Yai: Woo! Woo! Mayl and Lan, up in a tree...
           Lan: Mayl and...Huh? Mayl, are you...Do you...?
           Mayl: Isn't it obvious!? Really!
           Lan: Y-Yeah, but I...
           Yai: Don't deny it, Lan...
           Lan: Grrr! That's it! This conversation is over! Just, thanks for
    rescuing me, you two!
           Dex: Dex always pays his debts! Don't mention it...
           Lan: Thanks, Dex, you're a true friend.
           Yai: That's right...you need a little more practice, though, Dex.
           Dex: What was that? Me? Practice? Why, you...
           Chaud: Well, now...Aren't we the happy bunch now?
           Lan: Chaud...Thanks, you really helped me out, too.
           Chaud: No need to thank me. In fact, you made me look pretty
    bad...Because you did all the work!
           Lan: Heh...grumpy as ever, I see...But I couldn't have stopped the WWW
    if you hadn't helped. Thank you!
           Chaud: Yeah, well...Thanks accepted, this time. But next time something
    happens, you leave the fighting up to me and ProtoMan!
           Lan: Hey, we'll be right by your side! Right, MegaMan? Ah, sorry...I
    mean, if you still want, to, um...Hub?
           MegaMan: MegaMan's the name, and I'm with you all the way! As a team,
    Lan, we're unstoppable!
           Lan: Yeah...Right!
           MegaMan: Oh, wait! Just one thing...From now on...You're getting up by
    yourself in the morning! Got it?
           Lan: What, really...? Awww....
           Everyone: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
           Game: ...*ahoooga**ahoooga*
           Mom: What? There can't be a crook here now...The alarm system must be
    buggy again! Darn old thing...
           Game: *ahoooga*
           MegaMan: Lan! We've got a job to do!
           Lan: Right on! Let's go! Jack in!! MegaMan.EXE, transmit!
           THE END
           #4 Disclaimer
           This FAQ was written by me, Trunks Vegita (ss3growntrunks@yahoo.com)
    Unpublished work of Trunks Vegita 2003, and is for personal use only. This FAQ
    may not be republished in any other shape and form, be distributed for profits
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           I, Trunks Vegita, take no responsibility for subsequent damage to
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           #5 Note to Webmasters
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           #6 Credits
           Well, first of all thanks to God for everything.
           Thanks to Capcom for making such a great game, in fact one of the best
    they have ever made.
           Thanks to my parents for buying me the GameBoy Advance and the game of
    MegaMan Battle Network and also for the computer to write this thing.
           Thanks to me for writing this.
           This document is a copyright (c) 2002 of me Trunks who is SS3 Grown
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