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The start of another Capcom series with rehashes. We have what, 100's of series now?05/24/04Adori
Another smash-hit...or is it?06/11/03AHalbert
MegaMan enters a new genre as well as a new persona03/30/02AKamal
An awesome game that molds many genres into one small package.01/24/02Ashton300
Mega Man, in an RPG? I didn't believe it either until I played this masterpiece.07/19/01At the Drive In Kid
MegaMan Hits Home with this Action Packed GBA Game!03/19/02Black Angel
All your base are belong to us.06/07/02FredWinner
A refreshing new RPG adventure from Capcom!11/05/01GamerFerret
An excellent game which combines both action and RPG01/12/02GheddonLN
A must buy for any Mega Man or RPG fan!11/05/01Grant_
Mega Boring... Mega Dissapointing.01/26/02GTedaldi
Mega? Uh, not really02/11/02MarioKartDriver
A Impressive Hybrid of a RPG and Adventure game12/28/01Mogster453
The Blue Bomber is back, but this time in a new action-packed RPG game for Gameboy Advance.11/17/01Nivrae
Better stick to the Internet08/02/10Ofisil
You wanted to know, so get ready to read07/11/02OhMyImNice
A very addictive RPG08/05/04plasmabeam
My first GBA game and it is great!!12/28/01RPG King
YES! Mega Man on GBA!11/12/01RPG_Pro
The Blue Bomber battles to the GBA on a stunningly different way11/10/01Schlave
Blue Bomber plugs in to the GBA... with great results!08/04/02Shadow Ed567
Prepare to face deletion07/03/07Sinful_Xaver
A new type of Mega Man, but is it a good thing?03/21/02Sir Psycho
Mega Man Advance? Or is it11/30/02SolidSnake15
The Blue Bomber Advances!02/09/02The FalloutFreek
Overall an excellent first generation title which really begins to show what the Gameboy Advance can do04/14/01vyse2001
3x3 Steps and a Whole Net World07/28/04X SaberSword X
An average attempt at a Megaman RPG.04/26/03_____Cait

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