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    Manual Translation by duz

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    Mario Advance
    Instruction Manual Translation
    v1.0 April 9, 2001
    (C) 2001 duz
    First off I'd like to say my knowledge of Japanese is not as good as one
    would think for one that is translating manuals.  So this is not a direct
    translation but instead an interpretation of the manual.  It also means
    that some stuff will be blank but all the important stuff will be covered.
    If you find errors or have translated something I skipped, contact me at
    duz@ignmail.com  You can always find the latest version at http://vge.cjb.net
    The Manual
    Page 1 - Title Page
    Mario Advance
    Super Mario USA + Mario Bros.
    Page 2 and 3 - Warnings
    Page 4 and 5 - How to use four player Multiplayer with one cart
    Make sure all the GBAs are turned off.
    Connect the GBAs as pictured.
    Make sure the GBA with the cart has the only gray plug.
    Turn on the GBAs that don't have the game in them.
    If the other GBAs have a game in them other then Mario Advance hold Start
    and Select until the Nintendo logo disappears.
    Turn on the GBA with Mario Advance in it.
    Page 6 and 7 - How to use four player Multiplayer with four carts
    Make sure all the GBAs are turned off.
    Connect the GBAs as pictured.
    Tun on the GBAs.
    Page 8 - Contents
    Super Mario USA
    Story - pg. 13
    Game Start - pg. 14
    Rules - pg. 18
    Action - pg. 20
    Items - pg. 26
    Characters - pg. 30
    Bonus Chance - pg. 36
    This game is for one player only.
    Mario Bros.
    Game Select - pg. 39
    Battle Mode 1 - pg. 40
    Battle Mode 2 - pg. 44
    Battle Mode 3 - pg. 46
    Battle Mode 4 - pg. 48
    Classic Mode - pg. 50
    This game is for one to four players.
    Techniques - pg. 52
    Page 10 and 11 - How to Use
    L Shoulder - Pans view up putting character at the bottom of the screen.
      Press again to pan down putting character at the top of the screen.
    R Shoulder - Makes character run.
    D-pad - Move character and highlight menu options.
    A Button - Makes character jump and select menu options.
    Start - Pause game and select menu options..
    Select - Not used
    Select + R - Put GBA into sleep mode.
    Select + L - Wakes GBA up from sleep mode.
    Select + Start + A + B - Reset game and go back to title screen.
    Page 12 - Super Mario USA
    Page 13 - SMU - Story
    Mario is asleep in a dreamy sleep.  He dreams walking up a long flight of
     stairs.  He opens the door at the top and falls through.  Thus the game
     starts with you falling from a door.
    No I'm not making this up, it really is the story.
    Page 14 to 17 - SMU Game Start
    1.  Select Single Player Mode (First Option)
    Select the doors for Super Mario USA
    2.  Select the saved game to play.
    To delete a saved game choose the last option.
    The Yoshi egg will turn into a Bob-omb, select a saved game with the Bob-omb
     will open a window confirming deletion of saved game.  Top option is no,
     bottom is yes.
    To delete all saved data press and hold Start + Select + L + R + A + B when
     the Nintendo logo appears when you turn the GBA on.  Be careful you can not
     restore a deleted game.
    3.  Select a character to play as.
    At the bottom of the screen is a five star rating of each characters
    Mario is the all-around character.  He does everything equally well.
    Luigi is the high jumper.  He is not as fast but can jump higher then the
     other characters.
    Princess Toadstool is the floater.  She is not very fast but can hover in
     the air for 1.5 seconds.
    Toad is the speedster.  He can run very fast but does not jump as high.
    Page 18 and 19 - SMU Rule
    1.  Status Bar Breakdown
    Current World and Stage
    A coins collected for current stage
    Number of Hearts
    Number of Lives left
    Current score
    2.  Hearts
    The number of hearts are how many hits the character can take until he
     looses a life.
    Pick up floating hearts to refill the hearts.
    When you have one heart left the character will shrink in half.
    3.  If you fall of the bottom of the screen you will loose a life.
    4.  Pause menu
    Save and Continue
    Save and Quit
    Restart Level
    5.  Game Over Screen
    Continue without Save
    Continue with Save
    Quit and Save
    Page 20 to 25 - SMU Action
    (Much of this section is repetitious so I'll only put stuff once)
    Press A to jump, the longer you hold in A the higher you jump.
    Hold Down until flashing then press A to perform a super jump.
    Hold Left or Right then press A to perform a running jump.
    Press B while over the top of a vegetable to pull it up.
    Press B while on top of an item to pick it up.
    Hold Left or Right then press B to throw an item.
    Hold B or R to run.
    Hold Down to duck.
    Hold Up to climb vines.
    Press Up to go in a door.
    Press Down to go in a vase.
    Be careful with Bob-ombs and bombs, getting hit by the blast will make you
     loose one heart.
    Page 26 to 29 - SMU Items
    There are four different kinds of ripe vegetables and one kind of unripe
    There is also a special Heart vegetable that refills one of your hearts.
    Mushroom blocks are like vegetables except that they don't disappear after
    Bob-ombs and bombs break loose blocks.
    POW blocks will bounce several times killing any enemies on screen.
    Yellow I coins give you an extra turn at the bonus chance.
    Koopa shells shoot forward and kill any enemy it hits.
    Red A coins count towards the A coin total.
    Mushrooms will refill and increase your number of hearts by one.
    1UP increases your life by one.
    Hearts refill one of your hearts.
    Keys are used to open locked doors.
    Potions make a door open to subspace where Mushrooms and Yoshi eggs
     are hidden.
    Stars appear after cherries are collected.  You will be invincible for
     several seconds.
    Clocks freeze enemies for several seconds.
    Page 30 to 35 - SMU Characters
    These are the enemies and bosses.  If you really want me to put their names
     in then ask.
    Page 36 to 37 - SMU Bonus Chance
    Collect Yellow I coins to use the slot machine and win extra lives.
    Press Up and Down to increase of decrease the number of coins to wager.
    Press Left or Right to wager the maximum or minimum amount of coins..
    Mario Bros.
    Page 39 - MB Game Select
    This game can be played with one to four players.
    Page 40 to 49 - MB Battle Modes 1-4
    Select the second option on the main screen to go to multiplayer Mario Bros.
    Then select the second option to go to battle mode.
    These are different multiplayer battle modes.
    Page 50 to 51 - MB Classic Mode
    Select Mario Bros. from the second screen to access the classic game in one
     player mode.
    Select the second option on the main screen then the first option on the
     second to access the classic game in multiplayer mode.
    Page 52 to 53 - Technic
    1  Super Mario USA
    Ferris Wheel Vases have bonuses in them.
    Try to get as many enemies on screen when using a POW block.
    Every time you throw a large enemy you will get a heart.
    2  Mario Bros.
    Hitting an enemy at an angle will make them land away from where you hit them.
    The icicle will freeze the ground making it slick.

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