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    Red Coin List by El Rapido

    Version: 1.001 | Updated: 06/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    El Rapido's Super Mario Advance Red Coin List
    Contact me at: alex@chello.nl if you have anything useful to add to 
    this FAQ.
    This document is mine, but you're free to use it as long as you don't 
    change ANYTHING about it. 
    This document attempts to list all the red coins (100) in Super Mario 
    Advance. As seems to be the case with many of these lists, they're 
    created because no one else has bothered to do so yet. And since I 
    believe I have a fair chance of finding them all, I started writing 
    their locations down. This listing will become more complete as I 
    finish the game.
    This document is written for those who can figure out the levels for 
    themselves but are having trouble finding the difficult coins. But then 
    again, who am I to decide which coins are difficult to find and which 
    ones are easy? That's why I'm listing them all. If a description is too 
    vague please contact me.
    Current status: All coins up to world 5.
    Version 0.01 Made a start
    Version 0.02 Filled in the gaps to complete worlds 1-5
    Version 1.0 All coins are listed, so I'd say that warrants a release!
    Version 1.001 Changed my policy towards distribution of this FAQ.
    1 - After using the first door, it's above the first giant shy-guy you 
    2 - Above the first pair of logs on a waterfall.
    3 - Continue eastward until you find a door just after a log-bridge. 
    Enter and grab the coin to the right.
    4 - Climb up the vine here, go right, go back outside. Head to the 
    right and start going up the vine there. Go up up up, and keep your eye 
    on the right hand side of the screen
    5 - When you get to the 3 parallel vines, it's on the right side of 
    1 - Stay low when you get your flying carpet and you'll see it.
    2 - After getting 1, go up and to the right to find the second one.
    3 - After entering the locked door, blow up the first wall you find to 
    get to the second coin
    4 - Once you get back outside, jump up and go left to find the 4th coin 
    at the end of this ledge
    5 - Go back right, and take a fair jump off the last ledge you see to 
    get coin number 5.
    1 - If you have luigi just take a HUGE vertical leap. Otherwise use the 
    entrance to get enough air to reach the ledge above you.
    2 - After you pass the 5 grass knolls on the ledge, you'll see the coin 
    hovering above those floating logs.
    3 - When you get to the door at the end of this area with the vase next 
    to it, keep going and jump on the green hill there.
    4 - Go inside, all the way up to get the key, then all the way down to 
    get to the locked door. I like to use the key first, and then go back 
    through the now unlocked door to collect the coin to the topleft of it.
    5 - Inside the previously-locked-door-area, you'll see it a few ledges 
    below yuo. Make a quick right-left movement to fall off the left side 
    of the top ledge, and enter the bottom ledge again. 
    1 - High above the first set of bones you come across.
    2 - Above the cactus just before the pyramid with the fire-spewing-
    flower on it.
    3 - 1 or 2 screens further it's floating above a lot of quicksand with 
    a snake in it. Jump on the cactus after it to get it.
    4 - After entering the door, stick to the right during your digwork to 
    get the 4th coin.
    5 - Then run left and dig on to get the 5th one.
    1 - Take a huge leap on the first boney carcass you see.
    2 - When you get to the quicksand with the recurring rotating boney 
    carcass in it, jump over it to the solid bit, and take a huge leap to 
    the left there.
    3 - Keep progressing through the level, and you'll find two of those 
    fire-spewing-flowers. It's in between them.
    4 - While digging through the layers of sand, stick to the left
    5 - See 4.
    1 - Take a jump off the first cactus you see. Or use one of those 
    speared-mosquito's. Or use a crouch-jump.
    2 - Keep going until you get to the bits of quicksand which have cacti 
    right next to them. It's high above one of those cacti.
    3 - After entering the door at the end, fall down on the left side of 
    the screen to increase your chances of grabbing this one.
    4 - Keep going all the way down and stick to the left to find this one. 
    It really is all the way at the bottom of the sand-layers.
    5 - In the pre-boss-area (where the stressy music starts) it's above 
    the fire-spewing-plant again.
    1 - Once you go through the door to get to the HUGE waterfall, drop 
    down and hang left until you grab the coin. Then swing right 
    immediately to prevent dying.
    2 - Now go up the waterfall, and keep your eye on the left side of the 
    screen. It's on top of the green structure you came through.
    3 - When you've got your very own flying carpet, stick to the left to 
    get the coin.
    4 - While still on the carpet, head right before jumping on to the vine 
    to get number 4.
    5 - After climbing up the vine, you'll see a huge blue shyguy coming 
    from the left. Take a huge jump to the left to find a door. Go through 
    the door, blow the wall up, and grab the coin! Alternatively take the 
    long way to the egg-boss-area, and jump on the wall behind the hawk-
    face-exit to get there.
    1 - Just keep heading right from the start, it's just in front of a 
    2 - Same thing
    3 - All the way to the right on the top level. Above the bricks you 
    blow up to get to the bottom level.
    4 - Once you've blown up the bricks mentioned in 3, don't take the 
    first ladder underground but keep going past those 3 birds to find the 
    4th coin under a huge POW block
    5 - In the second subterraenean area you get to, near the ceiling.
    1 - In front of the first big brick structure you get to.
    2 - After entering the locked door, proceed upward until you get to a 
    door. Use this door, and then take the route that leads downwards. You 
    may need to plan this if you're a lowjumper or use a crouch-jump.
    3 - The second time round, go upwards and follow the path layed out for 
    you. It'll be on the right hand side of the screen, 2-3 doors further 
    4 - When you get to the last area of this level jump on top of the 
    building you just came out of.
    5 - On top of the exit of this level.
    1 - Above the first fish you encounter on this level. If you're low-
    jumper use the fish to get it.
    2 - 3-4 screens into the level, on the edge of a platform at the bottom 
    of the screen. Watch out for the little snowmen.
    3 - Same setup as 2, another 2 screen further into the level.
    4 - In the second area of the level (after you use the rocket) use the 
    shyguy on the riding cannon to get to the coin above it.
    5 - Just before you get to the 2 vases, either go back and take a huge 
    jump, or use the crouch jump on the riding cannon to get to it.
    1 - After you climb up the vine in the beginning and go right, you'll 
    find it in between the swarms of enemies coming at you.
    2 - Just a little further on
    3 - After entering the door to get to the whales go right. When you've 
    passed the 3 pillars with 3 polls of grass on them you'll find the coin 
    on the tail of whale.
    4 - About 3 whales further into the level, on the tail again
    5 - After using the rocket to get to the next area of the level, go 
    right and take a giant leap. You may want to use the riding cannon to 
    get more height if you're a low-jumper.
    1 - When you're riding the egg to the east, just before you get to the 
    island use a crouch-jump to jump up to the coin.
    2 - Once you've entered the door there, keep your eye on the left hand 
    side of the level, you'll spot it.
    3 - Use the door at the top, go to the right, use that door. When 
    you're in, use the bird-type-thing to kill the blue shyguy. Then 
    quickly jump on the red one. Once it starts going right on the second 
    set of spikes get ready to jump to the left.
    4 - Keep going down (use the first door to get the key) and you'll find 
    the 4th coin all the way at the bottom. There isn't even any more level 
    below it.
    5 - In the pre-boss-area (where the stressy music starts), get yourself 
    to the ledge on the top, it's in the lefthand corner of the screen.
    1 - Straight ahead, by the fire-spewing-flower.
    2 - Over the first set of logs that float over the waterfall.
    3 - Take the last log deeeeeep down to get number 3.
    4 - By the jumping fish, may take a bit of practice to get.
    5 - Onm another fish, nearer the end of the area. Jump as soon as you 
    get the coin (duh) and you'll make it.
    1 - Take a long jump off the first green-hill-type-thing you see if 
    you're luigi, otherwise use a crouch jump on the first tree crawlers 
    you see to get it.
    2 - Once you get to the first vase, take a long jump from the right 
    side of it if you're luigi or peach. Otherwise drop down and use the 
    pink bird and a crouch jump to get the necessary height.
    3 - Once you've passed the porcupines you'll get to a bit with lots of 
    small pillars with trees with crawlers on them. After you pass the 
    single poll of grass (1-up!) jump from one crawler to the next to get 
    this one.
    4 - At the end of this area climb up the vine. Keep climbing, switch to 
    the left one, and drop off near the vase. Jump up off the vase to get 
    5 - After going through the door at the top you'll drop down. Don't 
    stick to the left, but stay near to the left. You'll want to try this a 
    few times I think, but you might get lucky.
    Extra: No matter how much this level may seem to suck, there's a way to 
    get TONS of lives here. In fact I'm gaining lives while I'm typing 
    this! Here's what to do. 
    In 5-3, climb up the ladder in the beginning and grab out the turtle-
    shell. Throw it at  the first breakable wall you see so it starts going 
    back and forth. Now jump on it. You can stay on it for ever and the 
    lives will keep rolling in! 
    You may want to grab a red flask first and throw it at the floor a bit 
    further into the level (where there are 5 grass polls). There's a 
    mushroom to the left (dark world: to the right) of them. 
    1 - Once you get up the ladder, jump up to the vase you see above you 
    and jump off it to the left to grab the coin.
    2 - Between two horizontal logs a bit further into the level.
    3 - Once you get through hell and you see your first fuzzy-electric-
    type-enemy drop down a bit and you'll find number 3.
    4 - After number 3, take the left side of the screen back up, go 
    through the door and steal the flying guy's carpet. Take it to the 
    left, and stay high at first.
    5 - Then hang low.
    1 - After you pass the vase, find something high to take a crouch jump 
    off of. I used the walking cactus.
    2 - After you pass the vase, count 3 cacti and then find something high 
    to take a crouch jump off of. I used the walking cactus.
    3 - Keep going until you find a group of 7 cacti with 2 walking cacti. 
    Take a big jump off the last cactus (or lure one of the walking ones to 
    the left) and grab that coin! 
    4 - After going 'inside' through the door at the end, you'll find a 
    huge shyguy guarding the 4th coin a little below to your left.
    5 - A little further ahead above a snake jumping out of a vase.
    1 - Leave the room you start in and grab an Albatross that's heading 
    east. A pretty high one if possible. Stay on it until you see the coin.
    2 - I had to kill myself to get this one because I was still on the 
    Albatross high up that I mentioned earlier. Drop down, or take a lower 
    Albatross (eastwards) the second time
    3 - Once you get you feet back on solid ground jump to the second 
    pillar and take a crouching jump off it to the right to grab it. I took 
    a leap of faith and it worked, but you may have to get a decent 
    Albatroos to reach it.
    4 - Once you're forced to use the Albatrosses back and forth to get 
    across the level, look around for this coin. It's there. You might want 
    to try sticking with the first hy-flying Albatross you get as long as 
    you can, it helps.
    5 - See 4.
    1 - The first coin is just after you encounter your first walking 
    cactus. Punish it for showing up by using it to get to the coin.
    2 - When you come to the multiple vines with the crawlers on them the 
    coin should be on the right side of the screen about 3-4 screens up.
    3 - A little futher up the vines, just after the vase on the left-hand 
    side of the screen
    4 - Even further up the vines, on the right side of the screen.
    5 - When you get all the way to the top of the vines you'll see it 
    dangling to your left. Alternatively:
    When you get to the outside area in the beginning you'll see quicksand 
    beneath the building to your left. Sink in it to your waist while 
    pushing rightward. As soon as you see yourself disappearing to the 
    left, press the jump button like a madman to prevent drowning. On the 
    other side, use the door. Go reaaaaally far left, till you see a yellow 
    vine. It's to the left of this vine that you'll find coin number 5. You 
    may want to do this one first and the backtrail for the rest of the 
    coins, it's up to you.
    1 - Once you see the Albatrosses flying around head all the way right 
    until you get to the door, and then take an Albatross to the left. 
    You'll see it.
    2 - Stick with your Albatross and this one should come naturally.
    3 - After using the rocket, take a high vertical leap from the pillar 
    to your left.
    4 - Once you encounter tose fuzzy-electric enemies again keep going up 
    and keep your eyes on the right side of the screen
    5 - Above the egg-shooting boss enemy.
    1 - Go inside the castle, and follow the path till you see a fire-
    spewing-plant. It's next to that.
    2 - Keep going to the right and take the chain upwards. You'll find the 
    second coin here
    3 - Keep following the path you're meant to take, and when you start 
    going up again, stick to the left. You'll find a door which would have 
    been unreachable if you had taken the path to the right. Through the 
    door you can drop down and there's a coin there.
    4 - After killing the egg-bitch who gives you the key in this level, go 
    through the door and unlock the door.Come back. Head further left and 
    take the chain down. It should be somewhere on the left hand side 
    5 - Go back all the way up, back through the door, and keep going up. 
    At the top, you'll find a coin above a pow block.

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