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    FAQ/Walkthrough by plasticcoated

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 09/18/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    **************************Super Mario Advance*********************** 
    Walk Through Guide and FAQ for Super Mario Advance for Nintendo Game 
    Boy Advance. 
    Written by Chris Fletcher (plasticcoated). 
    Version: 3.0
    Contents -
    A - Introduction.
    B - Differences between SNES/NES/GBA.
    C - Controls and stuff.
    D - Game selection.
     D1 - Mario Bros.
     D1.1 - Battle Mode.
     D1.2 - Garbage can Gambit.
     D1.3 - Classic.
     D1.4 - Enemies
     D2 - Super Mario Bros. 2.
     D2.1 - Story.
     D2.2 - Characters and Players.
     D2.3 - Moves and Abilities.
     D2.4 - Items.
     D2.5 - Enemies.
     D2.6 - Bosses.
     D2.7 - The bonus chance.
     D2.8 - Yoshi challenge.
     D2.9 - Tips for Success.
     D2.10 - The Guide.
    E - Version History.
    F - Thanks, Copyright and Contact info.
                        *     *     *     *     *
    A -
    Introduction - 
    June 22nd, gba release day in the uk, my gba was on its way in the 
    mail. A week later it had arrived, the little white and grey lump of 
    plastic felt so good in my hands. Along with it was a tiny grey 
    cartridge with colourful lettering on it. I began playing straight 
    away even though I had to go out to college in the next few minutes - 
    I was addicted already! It took me two sets of batteries and a week of 
    almost constant play to complete the game with all ace coins.
    For this cart, Nintendo churned out a re-vamp of a SNES game which was 
    a re-release of a NES game. And of all the Mario games they do Super 
    Mario 2, arguably the worst one. That's because it wasn't a Mario 
    game! It was a game in Japan called Doki Doki Panic. The character 
    sprites were changed to Mario ones and new enemies pasted in. The game 
    was then given a Mario story (which didn't involve the princess being 
    kidnapped). It was then dubbed Super Mario USA as Mario Bros 2 in 
    Japan was the lost levels game found in super Mario Allstars on SNES 
    and Super Mario Bros Deluxe on GBC. Any way this is the first 
    guide/faq I've written (that's a lie but it's the only one that I've 
    actually finished), I started a Zelda DX Guide but got half way 
    through and stopped as it was getting big and confusing. Any way this 
    guide/FAQ will detail everything about the Super Mario Advance 
    cartridge, from Ace coin and Yoshi egg locations to beating Wart. And 
    a whole load of stuff in between. So get spare batteries ready, theres 
    a long journey ahead...
                        *     *     *     *     *
    B -
    Differences between Mario Advance and previous Mario 2 games -
    Super Mario Bros. 2 was originally a NES game which was changed 
    slightly for Mario All-stars on the SNES (the graphics were improved), 
    its now been changed further for the Game Boy Advance. I've not 
    confirmed some of these changes, there from what I've noticed and what 
    people have said on the message boards.
    -	Apparently the credits are error free, I never completed the NES or 
    SNES versions so presumably they were all screwed up, but now 
    they're fine.
    -	Added frames of animation. There is an added frame of animation 
    when your character turns around. You now for a brief moment see 
    your characters face on during their turn. 
    -	Before the Super jump was just a high jump, now its been replaced 
    with a Super Mario 64 style somersault.
    -	In the NES and SNES versions there was no giant stuff. The giant 
    enemies, POW blocks, vegetables are all additions for the GBA 
    -	Bubbles with 1-ups in never appeared in the NES or SNES versions.
    -	As didn't the random item balls.
    -	The most obvious additions to the GBA version are the ace coins and 
    the Yoshi challenge.
    -	To show off the GBA's ability to rotate stuff, when you throw an 
    enemy they rotate. Whereas before they just flew like veggies do.
    -	This can also be said for the cogs turning inside some of the 
    -	Also the colorful backgrounds in the vases were never in the NES or 
    SNES versions.
    -	The bosses are different. Mouser and Tryclyde show up at different 
    times than in other versions. And Robirdo was never in the NES or 
    SNES games either.
    -	The character select screen has also been changed, its looks a lot 
    better than the SNES version and shows character stats at the 
    bottom of the screen.
    -	On the GBA version you can now choose how many coins to wager on 
    the bonus chance.
    -	Backgrounds have been improved, sometimes they move and some have 
    been added from the previous versions.
    -	Another notable change is the inclusion of voices. Never before in 
    Mario Bros 2 have you heard characters say stuff like "piece of the 
    cake!" or "thankyou".
    -	Some of the levels have been slightly tweaked in some areas, eg. 
    The start of level one and the battle with Wart.
    -	For some strange reason, on any Birdo besides the pink ones, you 
    can remove her little bow.
    -	I don't know about the NES version, but there was no scoring of 
    points involved in the SNES version. So with that there were none 
    if the jazzy effects that come with scoring huge points.
    -	Another never seen before inclusion is the heart radishes, also the 
    hearts have been changed (they're bigger) and they were much rarer 
    (you had to kill loads of enemies in order to get one).
    -	A pointless addition, is the bouncy carrot balloon things, the 
    rolling balls and ice spikes in the vases.
    -	Also in the NES and SNES versions Peach was called Toadstool. Her 
    name has been changed for the GBA version to correlate with every 
    other Mario game post SM64. 
                        *     *     *     *     *
    C -
    Controls and stuff -
    These were just taken from the instruction manual.
    D-pad - 
    push up to enter doors. Left and right move the character. Push down 
    to duck, hold down to build a charge (which is used for the super 
    A button - 
    this performs the basic action of nearly any platform game; the Jump, 
    the longer you hold the button down, the higher the jump (note - once 
    the jump is at its highest, you will fall down again even if you're 
    still holding the button). This button also confirms selections on 
    menu screens and such like.
    B button - 
    this lifts things (items and enemies) and throws them. Holding this 
    button down whilst running performs the Dash. Also this button cancels 
    menu selections and/or returns to previous screens.
    L button - 
    toggles the camera angle.
    R button - 
    performs the Dash in the same way as the B button.
    Start button - 
    starts/pauses the game.
    Select button - 
    toggles the camera angle.
    Button combos
    Push Start, Select, A + B all at the same time to reset the game.
    Push Select + R button - to put the Game Boy Advance into sleep mode.
    Push Select + L to cancel sleep mode.
                        *     *     *     *     *
    D -
    Game selection -
    "Choose a game!"
    At the title screen you can pick single or multi-player modes. Single 
    player will let you choose either Super Mario 2 or Mario Bros Classic.
    If you pick multi-player you can then choose which game you want to 
    play on Mario Bros. you can only select multi-player if other game boy 
    advances are linked up to yours (you being player 1). When you select 
    a game, a bar at the bottom of the screen will show your best score 
    for that game and for Mario Bros, the furthest phase you've reached. 
    Also depending on how high you score, Mario faces will appear here 
    too, but they don't mean much - in Mario 2 one will appear for every 
    2000000 points you score.
                        *     *     *     *     *
    D1 -
    Mario Bros. 
    The original arcade game of the early 80's is included on the Super 
    Mario Advance cart. It's a fairly simple game, so it won't take much 
    D1.1 -
    Battle Mode - 
    A variation of this game can also be played on Super Mario Bros. 3. 
    The game is a 1-4-player battle. Everyone starts the game as Super 
    Mario. One hit form an enemy will turn Super Mario into plain Mario, 
    another hit after this and that Mario is out of the game. The first 
    person to collect five coins wins the round, a coin will come out of 
    the pipes at the top of the screen for every enemy that is defeated. 
    If all but one of the players are knocked out, that person left will 
    be announced the winner. You can hit the floor underneath rival 
    players to stun them (they will be unable to move) for a few seconds. 
    If you have been stunned in this way, repeatedly push the A button to 
    return to normal. In SMB2 style you can pick your rivals up by first 
    jumping on top of them, and then pressing the B button, another push 
    of the B button will throw them. Try throwing them at other players to 
    give yourself the edge in a battle. If you have been picked up by 
    someone else, press left and right on the D pad repeatedly to escape. 
    To flip enemies over, jump up and hit the floor beneath them, once 
    they are on their backs, run into them to kick them off the screen. 
    Use of the POW blocks: jump on top of the POW blocks and pick them up 
    with the B button, throw them with the B button too. POW blocks will 
    stun all rivals at once. Also if jump up and hit the bottom of the POW 
    block it will create the same effect. 
    D1.2 -
    Two-Player vs mode (Garbage Can Gambit) - 
    This game is similar to battle mode with two players, the only 
    difference being the garbage can at the bottom of the screen. If you 
    pick up your rival and carry them to the garbage can, the lid will 
    open and you can throw them into the can. It will automatically close, 
    this keeps your opponent out of the action so that you can grab coins 
    and stuff. If you in the garbage can you'll have to wait a few seconds 
    for it to open, once it has opened simply jump out of it to rejoin the 
    game. Being trapped in the garbage can may give your rival a chance to 
    grab coins, but you'll receive a special item that could give you the 
    advantage. There are four items you can get from the can, these random 
    items are - 
    Koopa Shell - 
    This shell will do damage to anything it hits. You need to throw it or 
    kick it to send it sliding away. 
    POW blocks - 
    Throw the POW block down to stun all on screen enemies and shrink 
    rival players. 
    Fish Skeleton - 
    This item is useless so just toss it away. 
    Egg - 
    The egg contains one of three additional items, these are - 
    Coin - Adds one to your total coin amount. 
    Heart - Collecting the coin will turn you into Super Mario. 
    Starman - You'll become temporarily invincible and thus cannot be 
    You can jump into the garbage can of your own accord in order to get 
    an item from it. If your opponent is standing on top of he can while 
    your in it, use the Super Jump (hold down on the d-pad for a couple of 
    seconds and then jump with the A button) to knock your opponent off 
    and escape the can.
    D1.3 -
    Classic Mode - 
    In single player, bump the enemies from below to tip them over, then 
    kick them off screen to defeat them defeat all of the enemies to clear 
    the level. You can get a lot of points by hitting multiple enemies at 
    one time. Enemies bounce in different directions depending on where 
    you floor beneath them. Hit the floor directly beneath them to send 
    them straight up in the air, hit the floor in front of them to bounce 
    the enemy backwards, hit the floor behind to knock them forward (Note 
    - the enemies bounce these ways throughout all Mario Bros game modes). 
    When playing with two to four players the same rules apply, knock out 
    all of the enemies to clear the level but this time cooperation is 
    highly important in clearing each level.
    D1.4 -
    Enemies -
    The enemies in this game are - 
    Spiny's - Flip these guys over and kick them off of the screen. Once 
    flipped they get back up after a few seconds and have increased speed. 
    Fighter Flies - These flies can only be stunned once they have landed 
    on the floor, so good timing is needed to get rid of these winged foe. 
    Crabs - These are tough, you have to hit them twice to stun them and 
    they are very fast! 
    Fireballs - These aren't really an enemy, only a hazard. If your 
    timing is good, hit the floor beneath them as the land to dispose of 
    Freezy - This guy freezes the floor so you (and other players) will be 
    sliding all over the place. But he is quite simple to knock out, just 
    one hit. 
    Spiny's, Flies, and Crabs all get faster if they recover from being 
    flipped over, you'll notice this as they change color.
                        *     *     *     *     *
    D2 -
    Super Mario Bros. 2 -
    This is the main part of the game and is the best version of Super 
    Mario Bros 2. It can only be played in single player, by the way.
    There are seven worlds to this game, the first six worlds have three 
    areas each, and world seven has just two. That's a total of twenty 
    areas to be getting on with. There are gates between the areas, you 
    need the crystal ball to unlock the gates. Birdo usually has one, some 
    are just lying around at the end of an area. At the end of each area 
    you'll meet up with a mini boss which is usually Birdo, on some levels 
    there are no bosses. At the end of a world there is a boss that needs 
    to be defeated to reveal an exit. You'll have to beat them all to 
    advance to fight Wart at the end of the game. This game is quite 
    difficult in the later levels and there is plenty to come back to - 
    trying to get all 100 ace coins and the 40 Yoshi eggs.
    D2.1 -
    The Story of Subcon - 
    (Note - this is a variation of the story in the Super Mario Advance 
    and Super Mario All-stars instruction manuals.) 
    One night, Mario had a mysterious dream. He dreamed he was climbing a 
    long stairway that led up to a closed door. When he reached the top 
    and opened the door, he found himself gazing out at a world he had 
    never seen, stretching out to the horizon. Then he heard a voice say, 
    "This is Subcon, the land of dreams. The evil toad, Wart, has used his 
    magic to lay a curse upon the land. Please defeat Wart and free us 
    from his spell. Oh - and remember that Wart hates vegetables. Hurry! 
    We need your help!" And a bolt of lightning suddenly split the sky, 
    Mario woke up to find himself on the floor. He had fallen out of bed! 
    A few days later, Mario and his friends hiked to some nearby mountains 
    for a picnic. Un reaching their picnic spot, they looked around and 
    found a small cave. When they entered the cave, they were amazed to 
    discover the land Mario had seen in his dream stretching out before 
    (This has to be one of the only Mario Bros games where the story has 
    nothing to do with the Princess being kidnapped by Bowser).
    D2.2 -
    Characters and players -
    "Choose a player"
    The key to completing most of the levels of this game (and uncovering 
    shortcuts etc) is which character you use. As each character has 
    different abilities some may be a better choice than the others to 
    complete a certain level. The characters available to you are: 
    Mario - 
    Obviously the short, fat plumber would make an appearance seeing as 
    the game is named after him. 
    Luigi - 
    Also makes an appearance with being Mario's brother and the game being 
    called Mario Bros. 
    Peach - 
    Taking time out from being kidnapped, the princess has come along to 
    Toad - 
    Who surprisingly is the most powerful of the bunch. 
    Anyway my point is that each character is different - you can check 
    which ones best by looking at their ratings at the bottom of the 
    player select screen. Mario is the most average, luigi can jump really 
    high (which can be difficult to control), toad is fast but has a 
    pathetic jump, and peach can float for a short while.
    The ratings are as follows -
    Mario: power-4/5, speed-4/5, jump-4/5
    Luigi: power-3/5, speed-3/5, jump-5/5
    Peach: power-2/5, speed-2/5, jump-3/5
    Toad: power-5/5, speed-5/5, jump-2/5
    D2.3 -
    Moves and Abilities -
    This is similar to the controls section, but is to do with SMB2.
    Jump - 
    The most basic move in the game or any platform game. Pushing A will 
    perform this.
    Running Jump - 
    Same as a jump but executed when running. Allows you to travel 
    Super Jump - 
    Crouch using down on the d-pad until your character begins to flash, 
    now without moving left or right jump using A. you'll go 1.5 times 
    higher than normal.
    Climbing - 
    Pushing up on a vine or chain will make your character climb the vine 
    or chain.
    Picking stuff up - 
    Push the B button when on top of keys, enemies, eggs, mushroom blocks, 
    red grass to pick them up.
    Throwing stuff - 
    Once you've picked something up, press the B button to throw it. It'll 
    go further if you throw it while running.
    Floating - 
    This can only be done by Princess Peach. Once you've jumped, hold the 
    A button and she'll hover for a second or two. This ability makes 
    Peach a good choice.
    Dash - 
    The Dash makes you run faster, hold the R or B button to dash. Its 
    better to use the R button as it leaves B free for picking stuff up 
    and throwing.
    D2.4 -
    Items -
    There are a number of items in this game, here they are-
    Vegetables - 
    Turnips, carrots, radishes, and green pumpkin things can be drawn from 
    the ground and can be thrown at enemies.
    Vegetables -
    Pull these out of the ground and use them against enemies. Every fifth 
    veggie you pull up will be a time stop clock.
    Small vegetables - 
    The only thing these tiny roots are good for is throwing at enemies.
    Giant Vegetables - 
    These huge veggies can be used to take out multiple enemies which can 
    reveal useful hearts. 
    1-up mushroom - 
    This handy fungus gives you an extra life.
    Mushroom block - 
    Can be used to throw at enemies (especially Green Birdo), it can also 
    be used to block enemies from appearing from vases, many can be piled 
    high to create a tower to reach high up platforms. Sometimes hidden 
    items are behind these mushroom blocks.
    Ace Coins - 
    There are 5 of these coins on each level, that's 100 all together, 
    collect them all to achieve a 100% clear rating.
    Shells - 
    Throw these down and they will slide along knocking every enemy out in 
    its path, DON'T touch it once its been thrown as it'll kill you. 
    Enemies killed with a shell always produce hearts
    Bombs - 
    Once picked up they will begin to flash and explode a few seconds 
    later. Mouser uses these against you in battles. They can be used to 
    remove blocks and walls to get further into a level or uncover hidden 
    Mushrooms - 
    These are found inside sub-space warps and picking one up will 
    increase your health meter by one heart (and fill any empty ones) your 
    max heart number is five.
    Heart radishes - 
    Pull these out of the ground to fill one heart of your health meter 
    Hearts - 
    Hearts will appear when you hit multiple enemies or some are just 
    littered around the levels. They will fill one heart on your health 
    POW Blocks - 
    These will get rid of all on screen enemies that are on the ground.
    Giant POW Blocks - 
    These bounce around the screen killing everything just like POW blocks 
    but on a much bigger scale!
    Rockets -
    Pull these out of the ground to be transported to another area of the 
    Coins - 
    Found in the ground in sub-space, these allow you to gamble on the 
    bonus chance slot machine at the end of every level.
    Keys - 
    These are needed to open locked doors but beware they are guarded by 
    Phantos. Carrying them will not slow you down. 
    Cherries - 
    When you collect five cherries on a level a Star-man will appear, grab 
    it to become invincible. Collecting a cherry makes your character 
    scream 'lucky!'.
    Magic Potions -
    Toss the potion down onto the floor to create a warp to sub-space.
    Time stop clocks - 
    When you pick your fifth vegetable (not small or giant) time will 
    stand still for a few moments. This will make enemies become 
    motionless, although they can still damage you if you run into them. 
    Yoshi eggs - 
    This is the extra challenge that can be played when you defeat Wart, 
    collect all 40 eggs. There are two on each level, if you die you'll 
    lose any collected eggs, so the challenge is not to lose a life on 
    each level! There are six colors of eggs, green, red, blue, yellow, 
    pink, and turquoise.
    D2.5 -
    Enemies -
    Shy guys - 
    The red ones walk in straight lines and will walk of ledges, even to 
    their own death. Blue Shy guys turn around once they reach an edge. 
    Topple the giant Shy guys to get a heart. 
    Snifits - 
    These guys come in three colors, red, blue and gray. They all shoot 
    nightmare bullets from their mouths. The gray ones stay in one spot, 
    red ones act like red Shy guys and wander off cliff edges, and blue 
    ones turn around when they reach an edge.
    Beezos - 
    These are the Shy guys of the sky. Study their flight patterns to 
    avoid being hit by them.
    Phantos - 
    These flying masks guard the keys. They only come to life when you 
    have picked up a key, so keep dropping and re-picking the key up to 
    avoid a chase. Phantos will chase you from screen to screen if you've 
    got their key!
    Cobrats - 
    Cobrats hide inside of jars and jump out and attack when you approach, 
    they can also spit nightmare bullets. Think twice when jumping into 
    Flurry - 
    These are really annoying as they appear on the ice/snow levels. Both 
    you and them slip and slide all over the frozen platforms and they 
    follow you everywhere, so avoiding them can be a tad difficult. 
    Pidgits - 
    These flightless crows ride around on magic carpets, knock them off 
    the carpet and you can take control of it for a short while before it 
    Sparks - 
    These things follow set paths, circling blocks and platforms. The best 
    way to get rid of them is with POW blocks, but throwing anything at 
    them will turn off their power.
    Pansers - 
    These flowers spit fireballs. There are three kinds, red: these are 
    stationary but the fireballs fall to the left or right, blue: these 
    flowers can move as well as spit fire to either side of them, green: 
    the most basic, they are stationary and spit fireballs straight up. 
    Trouters - 
    They inhabit the waters of Subcon, watch out as they jump up out of 
    the water. Sometimes they provide a way of crossing rivers or 
    Tweeters - 
    These birds hop around and hang out with the boss characters, just get 
    rid of them.
    Ostros - 
    These guys are fast, but their nothing to worry about if you knock off 
    the rider. Kill them to reveal hearts.
    Pokeys - 
    These are found in the desert, and can be quite helpful for reaching 
    high up platforms or ace coins. Try and knock all the segments out in 
    one go for loads of points.
    Albatosses -
    Careful as these birds drop Bob-ombs everywhere, otherwise they're 
    great as moving platforms for reaching secret areas and ace coins.
    Hoopsters - 
    You'll find these crawling around on vines and ropes so be careful 
    when climbing.
    Porcupos - 
    These annoying creatures are covered in spikes so you cant stand on 
    them like some other enemies, throw something at them to rid them. 
    Ninji's - 
    The purple suited ninja type guys. All these guys do is jump, 
    sometimes they run and jump. Anything thrown at them will kill them. 
    Ice spike - 
    This thing appears in some vases. It doesn't move but it is dangerous 
    so don't touch. It looks like a giant Freezy from Mario Bros.
    Bob-omb - a walking bomb, that's all there is to say.
    D2.6 -
    Bosses - 
    Birdo - 
    The most common of all boss characters, she spits eggs at you. The 
    best way to defeat her is to catch the eggs and throw them back at 
    her. There are three types of Birdo, pink: all she does is spit eggs, 
    red: occasionally she spits fireballs as well as eggs, green: this one 
    just spits fireballs so use nearby mushroom blocks to hit her. Birdo 
    only takes three hits before she is knocked out.
    Mouser -
    This guy appears more than once. He destroys sweet dreams with his 
    nightmare bombs. He throws bombs at you so be careful. To defeat him, 
    catch his bombs and throw them onto the platform he uses as a base. It 
    should only take three hits to end him.
    Tryclyde - 
    Basically a three headed Cobrat that spits tones of fireballs. Make 
    sure you have plenty of health and throw mushroom blocks at him, three 
    hits and he's history. A good strategy is to build a wall with 
    mushroom blocks that you can hide behind. He's quite easy as he stays 
    still, unlike some other bosses.
    Clawgrip - 
    This crab grows real big and then launches rocks at you. Catch the 
    rocks and throw them back at the crustacean. Be careful not to get 
    knocked down the holes by the rocks.
    Fry Guy - 
    This Hothead (from Zelda) hurls fireballs at you so be wary of him. 
    Use mushroom blocks to throw at him. He'll split into many separate 
    little fry guys, so mushroom block them all to win.
    Robirdo - 
    This giant mechanical Birdo spits giant eggs at you and charges at 
    you. Be careful if she jumps up in the air make sure you're not on the 
    ground when she lands as you'll be paralyzed for a few seconds 
    allowing her to charge at you. Use the chains to evade her attacks. 
    Throw the giant eggs back at her. A good way to avoid her attacks is 
    to stand on her head.
    Gate bird head thing - 
    It flies at you once you pick up the crystal ball instead of opening 
    up on the last level, destroy it using the mushroom blocks, just keep 
    hitting him with them until he is defeated (3 times).
    Wart - 
    The final boss and the most uncontrollable mischief-maker in all of 
    the land of dreams. Wart spits bubbles at you while veggies pop out of 
    the dream machine. Use the veggies to beat Wart. The strategy I used 
    was this: make sure your health is full, and wait on the pink platform 
    at the left of Wart(dodging any bubbles if need be). When a vegetable 
    jumps out run under it so that you catch it, quickly return to the 
    pink area to avoid the bubbles. Now super jump up to the purple 
    platform and jump across to the next purple platform watching out for 
    Warts bubbles. You can only hit Wart when his mouth is open, so just 
    before he sprays bubbles at you, throw the veggie into him to hit him. 
    To make it easy, jump and land behind Wart, he cant hit and when he 
    opens his mouth, hit him with a veggie. If the veggie hits a bubble it 
    be destroyed so you'll have to try again. You'll have to do this six 
    times in order to beat Wart.
    D2.7 -
    The Bonus Chance -
    This slot machine at the end of each area is what the coins are used 
    for. You gamble away you coins trying to win extra lives. The number 
    of coins you have determines how many goes you get. The option to 
    change the amount of coins you wager is a new addition to the game.
    How many coins you wager is up to you, pushing down will wager 1 coin, 
    push right to increase wager by 1 coin, push right to reduce your bet 
    by one. If you push up you will gamble all your coins. The amount of 
    lives you win depends on your wager and what combination of pictures 
    you get. If the first picture is a cherry you get 1 life, first two 
    pics are cherries you get 2-up, all three being cherries gives you a 
    3-up. If you match three of any picture you'll get two lives. Also if 
    you match three 7's you'll get a whopping 5 lives! Number of lives = 
    wager X picture value, example: you bet 5 coins and get three 7's, 
    that's 5 X 5 = 25 lives!! 
    D2.8 -
    The Yoshi Challenge - 
    This extra mode only becomes available once you've completed the game.
    Upon completing the game the title screen will change color and a 
    green Yoshi egg will be pictured. The green egg will be red or turn 
    red if and when you collect all 100 ace coins. The file select screen 
    should say extra with a number out of 40 - this how many eggs you've 
    located it also shows that you have to find 40 eggs. In this mode you 
    can select any level to play, once in that level you have to find 2 
    Yoshi eggs. The eggs are hidden in the sub-space warps and the trick 
    to finding them is knowing where to place the warp. Once you've 
    collected all the eggs from a world, they will hatch into full grown 
    Yoshi's. See the Guide section for individual Yoshi egg/level 
    D2.9 -
    Tips for success - 
    Enter every vase you come across as they contain lots of items such as 
    heart radishes, 1-up mushrooms, and shells. Some vases also contain 
    potions and keys. Ride the spinning platforms (some have enemies on) 
    to get out of the vases.
    Use POW blocks when there is 5 or more enemies on screen to get bag 
    fulls of points and a 1-up mushroom(s).
    You'll get loads of points (and hearts) if you take out multiple 
    enemies with one throw, this is easier with giant enemies/vegetables.
    Use bombs to blow up walls and locate secret routes/items etc.
    If you need hearts pick up and throw large enemies repeatedly to get 
    as many hearts as you require. To jump a little higher and further 
    keep B or R pressed while running to perform the dash, then jump when 
    To find secrets and ace coins don't take the most obvious of routes, 
    go the hard way as you're more than likely to be rewarded. 
    Only use the dash when needed as unlike other mario games there is no 
    time limit on completing the levels. This allows you to take your time 
    and explore, uncovering shortcuts and stuff.
    If you don't locate a mushroom inside a subspace warp, enter a door or 
    vase and return to pick the potion up again and make a warp in a 
    different area. Repeat until you find the mushrooms to increase your 
    total health.
    For 99 lives do the following: on level 3-3, climb the ladder and over 
    the sparks to a door on the ledge. The last patch of red grass is a 
    shell, go to the bottom of the area and throw the shell into the 
    doorway to kill enemies. Now wait on the ledge as you keep getting 1-
    ups. Alternatively, on level 5-3, climb the ladder and the first red 
    grass is a shell, throw it and when it returns jump on it. Albatosses 
    will continually drop bob-ombs which the shell will kill eventually 
    you will gain as many lives as you want.
    D2.10 -
    The Guide -
    The bit you've all been waiting for. In this section, I'll bullet 
    point all the Ace coin and Yoshi egg locations to each level. I'll 
    also give a brief overview of the level including enemies and I'll 
    point out any shortcuts that I know of. Enjoy!
    World 1
    Level 1 -
    Overview - 
    An easy level to introduce you to the game. This level is simple, all 
    you need to do is jump and climb.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Ninji's, Tweeters, Hoopsters.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Pink Birdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Clearly visible near the raised platform with a vine.
    (2)	Between the two moving logs on the waterfall.
    (3)	In the cave near the vine and the a Ninji.
    (4)	At the peak of a towering platforms, near a cloud.
    (5)	Its on the far left with the three vines.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Green - 
    Use the potion to warp on the raised platform near Ace coin 1, the egg 
    should be in the warp, close to the vine.
    Red - 
    Enter the vase near the towering platforms to get a potion, make a 
    warp on screen up from the vase.
    Shortcut -
    Climb the vine after Ace coin 3, jump over to left. Get rid of the 
    blue Shy guy and bomb the wall. Enter the door and jump up to the top 
    of the screen. Run left along the top of the screen to appear at 
    Level 2 -
    Overview - 
    Another easy level, which introduces some new techniques such as the 
    use of keys. Also bombing is required to beat this level, as well as 
    using a flying carpet.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Pidgits, Beezos, Phantos, Snifits, Ninji's.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Pink Pirdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Use the carpet to fly along the bottom of the screen.
    (2)	After coin 1 fly along the top of the screen.
    (3)	With the grey Snifit near the ladder.
    (4)	After exiting the door, jump and run left along the platform. The 
    coin is at the end.
    (5)	Do a running jump from the door that leads to Birdo.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Blue - 
    Warp where Ace coin 3 is.
    Turquoise -
    Warp between the two vases after the carpet ride.
    Shortcuts - 
    Use Luigi and where the locked door is, use a Ninji and a Super Jump 
    to reach the platform where Ace coin 4. Also using Luigi, you can ride 
    the carpet until its just about to disappear and jump off at the last 
    second to the platform with Ace coin 4.
    Level 3 -
    Overview - 
    This level ups the difficulty a bit as it is long and complicated, 
    with many enemies.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Ninji's, Trouters, Snifits, Sparks, Phantos
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	On the first raised platform, jump from the bird face to get up 
    (2)	Its between the moving logs on the last waterfall.
    (3)	Above the vase near the door, use the bouncy carrot balloon to 
    reach it.
    (4)	Fall to the locked door, it's on the left side. If you miss, climb 
    the chains to reach it. Be careful not to fall on the spikes at 
    the bottom.
    (5)	Once through the locked door, it's on the lower level of the three 
    platforms. It's easily visible.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Yellow - 
    Take a potion under the log bridge with all the Ninji and a Trouter. 
    Make a warp here. The egg will be here.
    Pink - 
    After climbing chains, get the potion from the vase. Make a warp near 
    the vase. The egg should be on the blue platform.
    Shortcuts - 
    In this level there is a secret warp to World 4! Take the potion from 
    under the log and warp near the vase (where Ace coin 3 is). Once in 
    the warp, enter the vase to go to World 4.
    World 2
    Level 1 - 
    Overview - 
    Fairly easy, but watch out for sinking sand. There is some digging 
    required and those spitting Cobrats can be really annoying.
    Enemies - 
    Cobrats, Shy guys, Ninji's, Snifits, Pansers.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Pink Birdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	At the start above the skeleton platform, near a vase.
    (2)	Its above one of the cacti in the sinking sand., near the red 
    (3)	Above the sinking sand after the red Panser. Use the cactus to the 
    right to reach it.
    (4)	Dig to the right inside the pyramid.
    (5)	After coin 4, dig to the left in the pyramid.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Green - 
    The blocks next to the vase after Ace coin 1. Use the warp here and 
    the egg will fall into the sinking sand, so collect it before its 
    Red - 
    Make a warp on the block platform where the red Panser is. If you kill 
    the Panser, there is a potion where it stood. 
    Shortcuts - 
    Level 2 -
    Overview - 
    Similar to Level 2-1, only a little more difficult.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Cobrats, Pansers, Ninji's, Pokeys.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Red Birdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Above the skeleton before the sinking sand and vase after the 
    (2)	Above the sinking sand waterfall, just before the area of vases 
    with Cobrats.
    (3)	In between the two red Pansers, just before the vine leading down.
    (4)	Move over to the left when digging.
    (5)	Keep digging on the left.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Blue - 
    Enter the door beneath Ace coin 2. Bomb the wall and get the potion 
    from the area with Shy guys. Make a warp in the area to the right of 
    the door.
    Turquoise - 
    Dig all the way to the bottom on the left to get a potion from beside 
    the vase. Take the potion all the way back up to the vine and warp 
    there to get the egg.
    Shortcuts - 
    Level 3 -
    Overview -
    A desert level with temples to explore - and a lot of digging too.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Beezos, Phantos, Tweeters, Pansers.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Best character - 
    Luigi (again!)
    Ace coins -
    (1)	High up near a cactus after climbing the ladder.
    (2)	High and between the first two sand waterfalls, above a cactus.
    (3)	Fall to the left when you enter the pyramid.
    (4)	Dig all the way to the bottom (either side). The coin is on the 
    left side at the very bottom.
    (5)	Above the red Panser, through the locked door.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Yellow - 
    To the right of the ladder is a potion, use it to warp on the ladder 
    for the egg.
    Pink - 
    When entering the pyramid, fall to the left or right and move towards 
    the middle and land on the log platform with Shy guys, jump up to the 
    stone platform in the centre. One of the grass patches is a potion, 
    make a warp in the same spot to get the egg. 
    Shortcuts - 
    World 3
    Level 1 -
    Overview - 
    On the SNES, this level really gave me some trouble, but I found it 
    easy on the Advance version. This level is pretty difficult and 
    requires a lot of precision jumping.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Beezos, Pansers.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Red Birdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	After entering the door, climb the green hills.
    (2)	Fall down the waterfall after the door. Fall to the left for the 
    (3)	On the right at the start of the carpet ride up.
    (4)	On the left, near the vine, during the carpet ride up.
    (5)	Use Peach or Luigi and jump the huge gap over to the door, left of 
    the vine. Bomb the wall to get the coin. 
    Yoshi eggs -
    Green - 
    Fall down the waterfall where coin 1 is and land on the platform with 
    the door. Enter the door, one of the grass patches is a potion. Make a 
    warp near the vase for the egg.
    Red - 
    Get the potion from the green platform to the right of the green 
    Panser. Make a warp here and the egg will be on the cloud above the 
    platform where the potion was.
    Shortcuts - 
    Go to where Ace coin 5 is. Now super jump up and run outside the 
    screen to the left. You'll drop down at the gate near Birdo. 
    Go to where the green Yoshi egg is. Warp here and enter the vase to 
    warp to World 5.
    Level 2 - 
    Overview - 
    This level seems complicated but is relatively simple. There is a lot 
    of climbing ladders and entering doors.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Snifits, Pansers, Tweeters, Beezos, Ostros.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Red Birdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Near the green Panser close to the start.
    (2)	Above the giant POW block.
    (3)	Run to the right of the giant POW block, its at the end near a 
    grey Snifit.
    (4)	Underground near the giant POW block.
    (5)	In the underground section with 4 platforms and a blue Shy guy.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Blue - 
    Go all the way to the end where Ace coin 3 is. Bomb the floor here and 
    get the potion from the green platform. Make a warp near the bombed 
    floor. The egg should fall down the bombed floor.
    Turquoise - 
    Go to where the floor is bomb-able with Porcupos underneath (this area 
    is to the left of the ladder leading to the door). Bomb the floor 
    furthest to the left, make a warp here and the egg is in the pit.
    Shortcuts - 
    Level 3 -
    Overview - 
    This level can be very difficult because of the Albatosses and their 
    bob-ombs. Then inside there is a lot of jumping avoiding Sparks. 
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Phantos, Sparks, Albatosses, Bob-ombs, Ninji's, Snifits, 
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Above the pillar on the left of the door.
    (2)	Enter the door after coin 1. Now enter the door at the bottom of 
    the ladder. Pick up the Ninji and make your way to the top. The 
    coin is right of the platform that's too high (use the Ninji as a 
    platform to get to higher levels).
    (3)	Go through the door after the Ninji's, now make your way up 
    avoiding the sparks. The coin is on the left side.
    (4)	Above the door before the long bridge leading to the crystal ball.
    (5)	On the brick platform where the bird face gate is situated, the 
    coin is above here.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Yellow - 
    At the start after going through the door. After the POW block, one of 
    the grass patches is a potion, make a warp next to the POW block. The 
    yellow egg will be on top of the third pillar (the tallest one)
    Pink - 
    Make your way up at the area where the platforms are cross shaped, 
    keep going up after the door. Get onto the blue platform with the 
    Ninji. Climb the ladders and get the potion from the screen above. Now 
    return to the blue platform and make a warp here for the pink egg. 
    Alternatively, at the door before coin three, fall down the gap in the 
    floor. When falling keep to the left or right of the screen and you'll 
    land at the top of the ladders where the potion is.
    Shortcuts - 
    This level has a number of different routes, but they are all equally 
    difficult. A prominent shortcut is where Ace coin 2 is, carry the 
    Ninji from the bottom of the area up to the small left hand platform 
    near Ace coin 2. Put the Ninji on the platform and stand on top of it, 
    do a Super jump when the Ninji is at the peak of its jump. You'll land 
    at a door and you've just skipped the bit of the level where you have 
    to get a key to a locked door!
    World 4 
    Level 1 -
    Overview - 
    A fairly simple level that is short and sweet. The only slight 
    difficulty is everywhere is slippy, so be careful and watch for 
    skidding Flurries. A good thing is that there isn't a boss or anything 
    at the end of the level.
    Enemies - 
    Flurries, Trouters, Autobombs, Shy guys.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	At the start above the first jumping Trouter.
    (2)	At the end of an icy platform, underneath another icy platform.
    (3)	In another spot just like Ace coin 1, after some red grass 
    patches, with loads of Flurries.
    (4)	After going up in the Rocket, its in the area with the 1st 
    Autobomb, use the Autobomb to get it.
    (5)	To the left of the vases near an Autobomb, again use the Autobomb 
    for extra height.
    Yoshi eggs - 
    Green - 
    After Ace coin 2, there is a potion under a platform. Take it to the 
    next platform where the red grass patches are and a Trouter is 
    jumping, make a warp here for the green egg.
    Red - 
    At the end of the icy platforms, where the Rocket is, one of the grass 
    patches above the Rocket is a potion. Warp here and the egg is where 
    the Rocket would be.
    Shortcuts - 
    Level 2 -
    Overview - 
    Nothing too difficult about this level save for the long icy bit with 
    tons of Beezo's. Towards the end, use the Autombomb (rid its rider) to 
    cross the spikes.
    Enemies - 
    Porcupos, Beezos, Flurries, Shy guys, Snifits.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Red Birdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Easy to spot amongst the oncoming Beezo's.
    (2)	Further on amongst the fleet of Beezos.
    (3)	In the area with the Whales, its on one of the whales tails.
    (4)	On another one of the Whales tails further on after Ace coin 
    three, near a vase.
    (5)	After the Rocket, in the area with the Autobomb before the spikes.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Blue - 
    In the area with the whales, go left to the last whale and get the 
    potion off its back. Warp a little to the right and the egg will be on 
    the whale which had three Shy guys and a giant Shy guy on.
    Turquoise - 
    The fourth pillar after the 1-up in a bubble has a potion on top of 
    it. Make a warp here and the egg is on top of the ice block structure 
    to the right of the pillars (that's left in the warp).
    Shortcuts - 
    Warp to World 6-1! Go right and up the vine, avoid the swarm of 
    Beezo's and enter the door on the cloud. Go right to the top of the 
    highest stone platform and pull up the plant for a potion. Take the 
    potion right to the jar, drop the potion and enter the jar while in 
    Level 3 -
    Overview - 
    Once inside the castle/dungeon area, this level is extremely 
    difficult. At the start you have to ride one of Birdo's eggs to the 
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Tweeters, Birdo, Flurries, Phantos.
    Sub-boss/boss - Fry Guy.
    Best character - Mario
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Just after riding the egg the coin is up above the first platform 
    you land on.
    (2)	On the left hand side of the screen whilst climbing the icy 
    platforms inside the castle.
    (3)	In the second castle, let an enemy carry you over the two sets of 
    spikes. You should be able to see the coin on a platform to the 
    left, jump over to get the coin.
    (4)	At the bottom of the area, beneath the locked door.
    (5)	On the icy platform above the crystal ball, to the far left. 
    You'll see it when you enter the door.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Yellow - 
    Near Birdo I a potion, take it left to the three columns. Make a warp 
    and the egg is on the tallest (middle) pillar.
    Pink - 
    In the cloud section, between the entrances of the two 
    dungeon/castles. Get the potion and warp on the clouds to the left of 
    the door, the egg will be on the first pillar of the first castle.
    Shortcuts - 
    World 5
    Level 1 -
    Overview - 
    This level can be very difficult at times, as you have to use jumping 
    Trouters to get past large sections of waterfall.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Ostro's, Trouters, Pansers.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Green Birdo.
    Best character - Luigi.
    Ace coins -
    (1)	To the left next to the red Panser at the start of the level.
    (2)	Once in the cave, the coin is at the top between the first couple 
    of logs.
    (3)	Between the logs after coin two, near the bottom.
    (4)	After the lone log, between two jumping Trouters that have to be 
    used as platforms.
    (5) In between two pillar like platforms, use the Trouter to reach it 
    at the bottom. 
    Yoshi eggs -
    Green - 
    Once in the cave, get the potion from near the door. Take it along the 
    waterfall to the platform after the lone log - this is where the egg 
    Red - 
    This one is a little difficult, its best to use Luigi at this point. 
    On the last waterfall before the door to Birdo, when the right log is 
    at its peak, jump to the right off the screen. Now drop down on to the 
    left mushroom block, pick it up and fall down. One of the grass 
    patches is a potion. In sub-space the egg will drop through where the 
    mushroom block used to be. 
    Shortcuts - 
    Level 2 -
    Overview - 
    This level is a tough one, there is no specific area that is overly 
    difficult, its just generally difficult!
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Hoopsters, Ostros, Trouters, Pansers, Ninji, Snifitts, 
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Red Birdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Above and slightly to the right of the Hoopsters at the start, 
    ride the first one up and jump for it.
    (2)	High above the Porcupos - Super jump of the Ostro to reach it.
    (3)	At the top of the screen, in between two Hoopsters on vines.
    (4)	Above a vase on a cloud in the area with vines.
    (5)	When dropping down, avoid the spikes. The coin is on the left near 
    the bottom. Be careful not to fall through the gaps in the bridge 
    at the bottom.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Blue - 
    Go in the first vase to get a potion. Now go right until you reach 
    some pillars over some pits with a bunch of Hoopsters. Egg is on one 
    of the pillars.
    Turquoise - 
    Climb the longest vine when in the area with clouds. Kill the first 
    Snifit. Pull up the potion that he was sitting on. Now ride the 
    Hoopster to the top, the egg should be on the cloud that is next to 
    the door (in sub-space).
    Shortcuts - 
    Level 3 -
    Overview - 
    This level begins extremely difficult with wave after wave of 
    Albatosses dropping Bob-ombs on you. And the rest of the level isn't 
    exactly a walk in the park.  
    Enemies - 
    Albatosses, Bob-ombs, Shy guys, Sparks, Pidgit, Birdo.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Above the vase at the start of the level (above the ladder).
    (2)	High up above the small green platform in between two huge tree 
    trunks (which are in the background). Use an Albatoss to reach it.
    (3)	Easily seen, below the door after entering the area with Sparks.
    (4)	When riding the carpet, the coin is high up.
    (5)	Similar to coin 4, only lower down.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Yellow - 
    Take a potion from the start to just before where ace coin 2 is. The 
    egg should before the long log suspended on shorter ones. 
    Pink -
    Underground, near the Giant Shy guy, take the mushroom block off the 
    vase to release Bob-ombs. Let the Bob-ombs chase you so they end up 
    destroying the bomb-able blocks to the left of the vase. Now go down 
    the hole made, the first grass patch is a Potion, return above the 
    hole and the egg will be by the side of the hole in sub-space.
    Shortcuts - warp to 7-1! Go right and up the ladder, super jump to get 
    up to the platform with a vase. Pull up the right hand plant for a 
    potion. Drop it near the vase and enter the vase in sub space. 
    World 6
    Level 1 -
    Overview - 
    More desert, relatively easy level - but careful of the quicksand.
    Enemies - 
    Cobrats, Shy guys, Pokeys.
    Sub-bos/boss - 
    Green Birdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins - 
    (1)	In between a skeleton log and a cacti.
    (2)	Very high up between two skeleton logs - you'll have to use a 
    Pokey to reach it.
    (3)	In the area of cacti just before the door.
    (4)	After entering door, walk off the ledge and move to the left.
    (5)	Up near a vase.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Green - Enter the first vase you see, only to emerge with a potion, 
    now make a warp very close to the quicksand - the egg is in the 
    Red - at the end of the cave is a potion, get and go to the center of 
    the area with all the vases and the egg should be here in a sub-space 
    Shortcuts - 
    Level 2 -
    Overview - 
    More desert, only at night. Again, this is a relatively easy level.
    Enemies - 
    Ninji, Beezo, Albatoss.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Green Birdo. 
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	High up near the start.
    (2)	Right before the high pillar with the potion on top.
    (3)	High up after the second Ace coin.
    (4)	Again, high up after the third Ace coin.
    (5)	This ones low down after the 4th!
    Yoshi eggs -
    Blue - 
    Get the potion from the pillar (near ace coin 2), the egg is on the 
    thin pillar nearby, so warp where necessary.
    Turquoise - 
    Getting a potion to use for this one is the difficult bit. Once you've 
    got a potion, the egg is on a thin pillar near the door with a Ninji 
    close by.
    Shortcuts - 
    Level 3 -
    Overview - 
    I was really stupid on this level. There is a metal door with a bob-
    omb above it that you enter like any other door. I thought that you 
    had to blow the door up with the nearby Bob-omb. I accidentally found 
    out that it as just like a normal door! Otherwise, this level is 
    little tougher with vine climbing and wall bombing a plenty.
    Enemies - 
    Pokey, Shy guys, Ninji, Birdo, Sparks, Snifits.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	In between two skeleton logs, it's high up so use the Pokey for 
    (2)	When climbing the brown vines, it's easily seen and obtained.
    (3)	Again, when climbing vines, easily seen on the left.
    (4)	Higher up when vine climbing, under five even length vines with 
    Hoopsters on them.
    (5)	After the very last vine, the coin is on the left, use a Super 
    Jump to get it.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Yellow - 
    Get the potion from the start and make a warp on the skeleton logs. In 
    sub-space the egg will land in quicksand, so get it before it 
    Pink - 
    When climbing the vines in the clouds, get a potion from in the vase, 
    make a warp near the vase as the egg is on the cloud to the left of 
    the one with the vase on it.
    Shortcuts - 
    After climbing the ladder at the start, go to the quicksand to the 
    left. Get sucked into the quicksand and start jumping while moving 
    left. If done correctly, you should emerge at a door. Go through to 
    appear near Birdo.
    World 7
    Level 1 -
    Overview - 
    OK, this level is very long and combines every difficulty trick 
    employed in all the other levels to make getting to the end a very 
    difficult task. It'll be difficult to survive the level unscathed with 
    Yoshi eggs.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Bob-ombs, Albatosses, Snifits, Sparks, Hoopsters.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Green Birdo.
    Best character - 
    Ace coins -
    (1)	Above the second block bridge.
    (2)	You can get this coin when riding the Albatossses.
    (3)	After the rocket ride use the left pillar to reach the coin.
    (4)	Above the mushroom blocks that house a Spark.
    (5)	The fifth Ace coin is right near Birdo.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Green - 
    At the second block bridge, get the potion from on top of the pillar, 
    the egg is very close to here.
    Red - 
    At the very last screen of the level, there is a potion on the right. 
    Get it and the egg should be near here.
    Shortcuts - 
    Level 2 -
    Overview - 
    Like level 1, this level too is long and very difficult, especially as 
    when you get to the end you have to fight Wart - so make sure your 
    energy is as high as possible. As with level 1 getting the Yoshi eggs 
    in this level is a real challenge. Getting the Ace coins is a bit 
    difficult due to the multiple route aspect of this level, my 
    explanations of the Ace coin and Yoshi egg locations will be very 
    confusing as this level is so sprawling it would take a page to 
    explain a single Ace coin location. The same goes for level 7-1 too.
    Enemies - 
    Shy guys, Pansers, Sparks, Bird gate head, Birdo.
    Sub-boss/boss - 
    Best character - 
    Ace coins - 
    (1)	In the first room, go past the vase that spews bob-ombs, avoid the 
    Pansers and the Ace coin is near the Spikes.
    (2)	After climbing a chain the coin is in the centre of the room with 
    loads of Sparks.
    (3)	After climbing down some ladders, the coin is below the ladders to 
    the left of the screen.
    (4)	After Ace coin 3, return through the last door you came through. 
    Now head up the level, the coin is easily seen after you go 
    through the next door.
    (5)	The final Ace coin is after the Birdo with the key. Go left and 
    down after the Birdo, go past the locked door, avoid the next 
    Birdo and go down the chain, the coin is near the spikes.
    Yoshi eggs -
    Blue - 
    Where Ace coin three was, drop down and then climb down the ladder. 
    The plant furthest to the right is a potion, get it and the egg is 
    close to the door.
    Turquoise -
    Climb the chain to the left of Ace coin 1, now continue along, go 
    downwards in the room with mushroom blocks in it. Go through the door 
    at the bottom of this room. Now, go right and through the first door, 
    the potion is in the next room and the egg is right by the door you 
    entered through.
    Shortcuts - 
    There are no real shortcuts for this level because of its layout there 
    are multiple routes, but neither route is easier than the others.
    Well, that's it, you've completed the game with 100% Ace coin rating 
    and all 40 Yoshi eggs! Congratulations, you should be proud of 
    Truthfully this is the point I'm up to:
    I've completed the game with 100% Ace coin rating, the character I 
    used most was Toad. I've got all the Yoshi eggs form the 14 levels. 
    Ive found all the other Yoshi egg locations (how could I write this 
    guide without that knowledge?), I just can't survive the levels once 
    I've got the eggs! This is kind of a good thing as there is still 
    something left of the game for me to play for. 
                        *     *     *     *     *
    E -
    Version history -
    Version one was a bit basic and very crap.
    Version two commenced from the 8/7/2001, it contained a guide to the 
    first three worlds and was a complete overhaul of version one. I 
    changed the title, contents, ending bit, intro, enemies and boss 
    lists. I put the 'differences' section in there for fun.
    Version three started on 29/7/2001, things have been delayed as I got 
    Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 and Mario Kart Advance on GBA and Gran Turismo 
    3 on PS2 (I may write guides for these games - keep an eye out) and a 
    re-kindled love for my N64 returned, so Perfect Dark and Conkers Bad 
    Fur Day have been taking up my time also. It contains a guide to 
    everything after world 3. And I edited the entire thing, tweaking it 
    so it looked better and made more sense, and getting rid of any 
    spelling mistakes that slipped in.
    A small apology about the unfortunate delay of version 3 - my computer 
    keeps having problems with the file this faq is saved as, so I can 
    only do a little bit of the guide at any one time or else the file 
    screws up and becomes un-usable - then I have to load my backup file 
    and rewrite what got screwed up! But I have confirmed that the problem 
    lies deep within Windows and not the file!
    18/09/2001 - Finally, the guide is finished it has taken me a while to 
    iron out problems but the job's done.
                        *     *     *     *     *
    F -
    Thanks, copyright, Credits, and contact info.
    Firstly I want to thank Nintendo for all the great games over the 
    years and for creating the Game Boy - the most versatile console ever! 
    Nintendo also provided most of the information in this guide as it's 
    just an elaboration on the instruction manual (but updates will follow 
    to make it more than this). I would also like to thank my self for 
    buying this game and playing on it - how wonderful it has been. And 
    also the decent thing to do would be to thank gameFAQS for posting 
    this guide. Thanks. Also I would like to thank the people who asked 
    for permission before posting this guide on their site.
    If there is any imperfections in this guide that you feel should be 
    corrected then please tell me and I'll do so, also if there is 
    something that you want me to cover in the guide that hasn't already 
    been done so, then by all means let me know. If your thing gets 
    included in the guide I'll give you the credit that you deserve 
    (you'll get your name in the credits, that's all...sorry)
    E-mail your idea's, requests, corrections to: 
    But don't send stuff complaining about how crap my guide is or how 
    crap I am, just stuff that may help to improve the guide, Thank you.
    And if anyone has any requests on FAQs you would like me to produce, 
    just let me know and I'll try my best to provide!
    This document is copyright Chris Fletcher 2001. Do not attempt to copy 
    any part of this document for personal gain. If you want to this guide 
    for anything other than helping you to play the game eg. Putting on 
    your website, all you need to do is ask. This guide may not be used in 
    any type of magazine or burned onto a CD, only read by you and may be 
    printed as many times as you want (how can I stop you? Answer: I 
    The only places this guide should be on are;
    www.gamefaqs.com (and any related websites),
    www.neoseeker.com  ,
    This guide was written by me - Chris Fletcher (plasticcoated), the 
    only other people who deserve credit for it are Nintendo and GameFAQs.
    If you see this guide anywhere else, please notify me.
    Hope this guide helped.
    > end of transmission...

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