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    Boss FAQ by Kirby Freak101

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Super Mario Advance Boss FAQ
    Author: KFreak101<Blazingfire456@aol.com>
    Version: 1.0
    This FAQ is Copyrighted(C) 2001 and is not to be reproduced in any Magazine, 
    NewsPaper, Website, or any other places it can put in.  It is protected by 
    law.  This FAQ is only aloud on certain websites listed below.  Copyright(C) 
    KFreak101<BlazingFire456@aol.com> all rights reserved. The following websites 
    are the only sites that this FAQ is aloud on, and it may be updated. If you 
    would like a request for this FAQ on your site, please e-mail me.  The 
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    This is a Super Mario Advance Boss FAQ.  If you have played the original, 
    don't pass this FAQ up.  Some of the bosses have different stradegies.  There 
    are even some new bosses found in this game that weren't in the original.  This
    FAQ can be updated if you send my a tip on beating a boss.  I will give you 
    proper credit for it too!  Lets get on with the bosses!
    _Birdo_(End of every Stage with the exception of a few)
    This is sort of a mini boss.  You will fight Him/Her(????) at the end of 
    every stage.  There are 3 forms of Her(lets just call it a her for now) 
    each with harder difficulties.  The three forms are:
    1.Pink Birdo.  She is easy, just pick up the eggs she spits out, and 
    counter-attack her by throwing the egg back at her.  It takes 3 eggs to kill 
    2.Red Birdo.  This one randomly shoots out Fire balls or eggs.  Watch out 
    when she throws out the fire balls.  But catch the eggs that she throws 
    out and throw them back at her.  It also takes 3 to kill her.
    3.Green Birdo.  She ONLY throws out fire balls.  No eggs.  So instead look 
    around for a mushroom block.  Pick it up and keep throwing it at her.  It also 
    takes 3 hits to kill her.
    _Mouser_(End of Level 1)
    Here is a boss you might have some trouble with.  But he shouldn't be too 
    hard to take down.  Mouser can throw long ranges of bombs and short ranges.  
    Be sure to catch the bomb while he throws it for the best chance at getting 
    When you first enter the room,  there will be plants on the ground.  Pick them
    up, and they will be bombs.  Use them to blow away the Wall that is blocking 
    you.  When you first encounter him pick up the bombs that he throws down, and
    try to throw them up onto his platform.  When it blows up it should cause some
    damage to the litter critter.  The best way is to lay the bomb on the opposite
    side he is standing, and he will usally back up and the bomb will explode on 
    him.  It only takes 3 bombs to kill him.
    _Tryclyde_(End of Level 2)
    This boss has some difficulties, but should be easier then Mouser, just a bit. 
    When you enter this fight it is good to watch out for his fire balls.  He has 
    3 heads, so 3 fire balls shoot out at once.
    Pick up the mushroom blocks that are on the ground.  It is best to take 3 
    of them onto the top platform, and make a little tower so the fire balls 
    can't hurt you.  After that just pick up the remaining mushroom blocks 
    on the ground, and throw them at the beast.  It takes 3 hits to kill him.
    _Robirdo_(End of Level 3)
    This is the boss that wasn't in the original, so make sure to read up.  
    She is like birdo except she is in a big giant Robot Form.  Make sure to 
    grap the ropes to get away from her charging.
    This boss can be kinda hard.  When she spits out the eggs.  Jump on them 
    and pick up the Humungo things!  First throw the eggs at her, then she 
    will charge at you.  Grab the rope at the end, and hang on until she backs
    up.  When she ducks then jumps up, quickley jump up to avoid her 
    EarthQuake or else you will freeze for about 3 seconds and she will 
    charge at you.  It takes 6 eggs to kill her.
    _Fry Guy_(End of Level 4)
    This is boss is one of the bosses that I have the hardest time with.  The 
    hard is that when he dies, he turns into 6 little Fry Guys that you have to 
    kill.  Plus they get faster as the more you kill.
    This is one of the hardest bosses I faced in this game.  When you start out 
    stand on the top platform while holding a mushroom block.  When he gets near
    you, throw it on him.  It takes 3 hits to kill the first form.  Then he will
    turn into the little tiny guys.  Stand on the highest platform and throw 
    mushroom blocks.  The hard part is not throwing the blocks at them.  But 
    getting the blocks.  You have to get the mushroom blocks that are standing 
    right next to them.  What a treat!  Not!  It takes 1 hit to kill each.
    _Clawgrip_(End of Level 5)
    This guy is no fun.  Well, he isn't that hard.  But be careful!  He likes 
    to throw rocks at you.  I have have heard rumors that if you get near him 
    he will pinch you.  But it has never happened to me before!
    It is best to sit and wait on the platform in the middle, and stand next 
    to that mini wall.  When he throws rocks, quickley jump on them and grab 
    them.  Then throw them back at him.  Make sure you don't get too close to 
    him or otherwise he will bump you.  This guy takes 5 worthy hits to kill.
    _Mouser II_(End of Level 6)
    Yep, he is back, but he is harder this time, and more prepared for you.  
    Also he throws bombs a lot quicker.  He has just about the same stradegie 
    as the last.  But he is a touch bit harder.
    The tough part about this battle is that there are Sparky's going around 
    the room over and over.  Just keep throwing bombs at him.  Remember 
    to put it on the opposite side of him and it will more then likely take 
    some damage.  This time it takes 5 bombs to conquer him.
    _Wart_(Last Boss:  End of Level 7)
    Here he is.  The devil who is trying to take everything over.  Even him 
    should be easier then Fry Guy.  He is say the second hardest boss in the 
    game in my humble opinion.  He hates Vegetables.  So just hurt him with 
    The Machine that is there is not part of the scenery.  It will throw out 
    vegetables for you.  Now you can only throw them at him when he opens his 
    mouth.  When he open his moth he shoots out bubbles.  Try to avoid them 
    casue they can hurt you and they can destroy the vegetable you are 
    holding.  Right when he opens his mouth, quickley throw the vegetable 
    in.  But you must be quick cause 1 bubble will destroy it.  It takes 6
    vegetables to kill him!  Good luck on beating the game!
    Any comments or suggestions? E-mail me at BlazingFire456@aol.com

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