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"A great conversion of an old classic"

There were 2.9 million preorders for the gameboy advance in japan, and i walk into my local import shop and just happened to buy one =) I do have to say though that i am extremely impressed by this game. I had played it when I was little and playing this brings back good memories. If you have never played this game, go out and buy it now. For the rest of you who have played it but want to see if is worth getting, read the rest of the review. Here is a rundown, in my opinion, of the game.

Gameplay - 9
The same as it was a few years ago in the original version. It is the same game with the same levels, but being a fan of the original, i loved it. It is the same format as most mario games, which makes it so good.

Story - 1
Umm... IT'S A MARIO GAME! WHAT DID U EXPECT? Truthfully, i can say this is probably one of the worst stories ever, but are you going to buy this game for that reason? I thought not....

Audio - 8
Wow, this game really shows off the gameboy advance's musical powers. It is great, besides the fact that the voices are HORRIBLE. Each character has a few voices, so it ain't that bad, but BEWARE when you hear them...

Video - 9
This is the same as it was but redone a little bit. The backgrounds are very cool and the characters look different. It is well done.

Replayability - 8
I just beat the game and am going back to find all the yoshi eggs. When you beat the game, there is the yoshi challenge, where you go back to each level to find yoshis eggs ( 2 in each level). Adds to replayability, and makes you feel like there is more to the game.

Well, you can't rent it, and it is hard to buy, but if you can get your hands on one, GET IT. I wouldn't advise spending WAY to much money, but if you can get a decent price, go for it. It is a great game and most people will like it. Don't worry about importing, I have NO Japanese knowledge and I got through the game easy.

Ahh, done with my second review. Back to Onimusha.....=)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/27/01, Updated 03/27/01

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