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What?! A Mario launch title that isn't the best...yup. Castlevania shares the spot for the best...however this is a pretty good little waste of time regardless. I would like to know who's decision it was to release it with SMB2, sure we americans enjoyed it...but I really am not sure about them Japanese. You can tell Japanese humor is present with the voice acting as well...anyway here we go.


think of a smazzy SMB 2 given the All stars treatment that we know and love...and then give it anabolic steroids and you got this. I looks a little better than all stars, and shows the GBA's potential. a coulple nice touches such as the huge enemys are really nice. but there really isn't anything to say...I mean, if you've seen all stars, you've practicly seen this(the jump isn't that big).


for a while I thought the big N made a 32 bit machine with the sound of a NES. This game proves me wrong, the music is beatiful, sounds just like the SNES and I think the other companies should take note and work on their BGMing before they bring their stuff out(hint hint...Capcom, you listening? Breath of Fire falls into that catagory).


Uhhh, if there ever was a game that could be crazier than incredible crisis...this could be a good contender...okay probably not, but man! the voice acting is insane. It makes the game wacky, and I can't really pinpoint if the big N is doing it to make older gamers laugh(like me) or if it is to cater towards the younger generation. I think I will go with option B. the voice acting ranges from ''hiiiyaa''! to ''Lucky''!...or at least that is what I think he says, when you pick up those cherries(you know the ones that you summon the star man with) they sound like they say ''Lucky''! then there are others, when you get a heart and morph into your full size then you hear them say ''here I go!'' and when you get a 1-up they say ''just what I needed!'' there are more...including Toads scary voice. It is so crazy that you will just want to play because it is a humorous romp through Sub-con if you bring the fungus guy along. When it did get old, I still kinda would chuckle and keep the smile on this face o mine because it is so damn crazy! Even the bosses have voices...but they only say a sentence before the fight starts and that is it.


It is is Nintendo...and Nintendo has never released a below average game in the control dept...need I say more?


If you liked SMB2 then your gonna love this game. if you sorta liked SMB2 then you will still like this game, but it won't hold you over for long hours like say Castlevania will. If you didn't like SMB2 then stay far far away. they got the original SMB(not the one your thinking of, I am talking the game that you fought people in in SMB3) but that was for nostalgic moments and it really is for the multi player(which is a blast I might add). Anyway, this is game that should go home with your system on launch day.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/20/01, Updated 04/20/01

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