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"Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad are finally re-united in a wonderful remake of an old classic!"

Who doesn't remember Super Mario Bros. 2 (or if you live in Japan, Super Mario Bros. USA) for the original NES? Those were the good ol' days when Luigi was actually in a Mario Bros. game. Nintendo realized with the release of the Game Boy Advance, it would be better to revamp a magical classic than to begin GBA's career with a new title, and they did just that.

Here's the specifics..

The Story
After saving Princess Peach and Mushroom Kingdom from King Koopa, Mario decides to take a nap. Boy, was he in for one dream! Mario must travel through many levels on many different lands to defeat the evil Wart!

Ok, so the story line isn't as deep as many of today's games, but you have to remember this game was originally made back in the 1980's when video games were just beginning to get good. Don't let that get you down good, the story line isn't bad, it's just not as good as the games are today.

The Graphics
Wow! You don't realize how good the graphics are until you see them yourself in person. The Game Boy Advance's reflective LCD screen is truly amazing, and the quality of these next generation graphics can't be described until you actually do see them in person. You won't be disapointed! I guarantee it!

The Sound
All of the music from the original Mario Bros. 2 have been remixed and redone to sound wonderful. The game takes high advantage of stereo music if you're using headphones. I'd have to say personally the only thing you may tire of is the voice clips you hear when you are playing with your character. I know we all don't wanna hear Mario say ''Thank You'' very perky one thousand times, so with the voice control option, you don't have to.

Replay Value
You outta buy loads of batteries before you get this game because if you forget to, you'll be back to the store in about 15 hours. This game is near impossible to put down and with the inclusion of Multi player and original Mario Bros. Arcade, you don't have to stop.

-You won't be disapointed with this game at all. The Replay vaule is high, very high and I don't give very high ratings often.

-You can play anytime on the Game Boy Advance whether it's in your room or at your grand mom's house who doesn't believe in watching T.V. and likes to serve stale cookies.

-Original Mario Bros. Arcade game is included for you or up to three friends to play (if you'd like, with just one game pak) to keep the fun around.

The Scoring
Sounds - 7
Fun - 9
Difficulty - 8
Game Control - 9
Music - 8
Story - 5
Graphics - 10
Game Design - 10

Pros: 4 Characters to choose from with their unique strengths and weaknesses.
Original Mario Bros Arcade included
4 players-- 1 pak! Need I say more?
Cons: Continuous voices from your characters become annoying quickly.

Final Score: 8.25
GameFAQs Round: 8
My Score: 8

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 04/25/01, Updated 07/19/02

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