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Reviewed: 06/08/01 | Updated: 06/08/01

Yes that famus brand name is back as one of the first GBA games.... But does it make the cut?

Well first off, I'd like to make it clear that this Mario game is not, by any way a brand new game, really what this should be considered is a ''Super Mario Bros 2 DX''. But it's definaitly not unorginal and overused by any means, actually quite the oppisite. But is it worth buying if you already have Mario all stars? Is it worth buying over some of the other top of the line 2-D Platformers? Well read on...

Graphics: Graphically speaking Mario Adv. is a very nice game. Almost every sprite brakes the normal color-per-sprite limit resulting in very vibrant and lively visuals. The game makes alot of use of pastels and has a very cheerfull overall feel to it. But after a few seconds of playing you'll be able to tell this is a GBA game... You'll find rotation effects, pulsing and many other complicated effects that really show off the GBA's hard wear. The best way to discribe the graphics is this simple summery: Nice. I rate this game graphically as an 8/10.

Gameplay: This is where Mario really shines. Before you start playing you can pick one of 4 famus Mario universe characters,Peace, Mario, Lugie and toad. Each character has there own strengths and weaknesses. I'm not going to go into detail, but each one is dramatically diffrent to play as and makes each level seem like a whole new expeirence. As for actions they all pretty much share the same, your character can run, jump,pick up things from under them, throw things, go down vases ect. All though these may seem simple the game throws some intresting level mechanics at you that you'd never expect. The controls are great, the only complaint is that the game feels like your playing on ice all the time, your character's slip around alot and this results in alot of frusturating deaths.
I rate the controls a 9/10

Conversion: This section is for people that have played Mario 2 to death, or own Mario all stars... I'm rateing this section by new added things so if this is your first time playing or owning this game reading this isn't importent.

Well here's where alot of older gamers get turned off from this game because it is a converstion, and of a very common game no less. Really I think they converted this game very nicely, but it just probably wouldn't be worth the 40$ for some one that owns the game/mario all stars. They did try hard to make it worth it though. Alot of things were added, I'll make a list to simplify things:
First off they added alot of surprises level wise. If you know the game by heart it may be fun to try to find all the strange level additions. I'm not going to go into detail because I dont want to ruin any thing, but just expect to find some weird stuff to ''pop'' up now and then.

For better or worse they also changed the difficulty level. You'll find brand new bosses here and there but other wise the game is easier: Now when you die you can re-select your character... Health wise you get hearts for so many ways it's almost funny. (You get heart vegtables, you can get a heart for knocking out more then one monster, you can find huge hearts lieing around) but trust me when I say that when you get further in the game you'll see why they did this...

A few bouses were also added that adds tons of replay... But I won't get into that yet.

So in summery I think that if you own Mario 2 in any way buy a diffrent game,but if you have beat it recently I suggest picking this one up.
Conversion rating: 8/10

Sound: This one's a thoughie.... Music wise the games great, remixes of classic music is every where and it never gets annoying. Sound effects are simple, but suiting... but then theres the problem. Voice acting. Yes you can tell Nintendo was trying to show off in this one, every character mini-boss and normal boss has speech. This isn't a problem for the younger players but for older... well it's kinda annoying. The voice acting is good, don't get me wroung (Although alot of people complain about Toad's voice... it isn't a problem though because Toad is the least played character)but there's just too much. And you don't want to turn the sound off because the music is pretty good so it's a constint struggle.
At any rate sound wise I rate this game a rounded up 8/10

Story: Uhhh... well...I guess I'd better leave this section alone. All I can say is the story line is so basic that even finding out what it is will probably ruin the ending. I'm going to be nice and not count the story agenst it because it was an 8 bit game... If story counted for Mario games I would rate this a 1/10

Bonuses: Well there arn't many, but the few there are are pretty good. Theres a few bonuses as follows
A slot machine: The classic, for every coin you find you get to try your luck at a slot machine to win extra lives. An intresting devirson, however it can be annoying if you don't want to play. Why? Because you have to play for every coin you have. So the best way to avoid this is not get any coins.

The orginal Mario bros updated!!!!: Yes this one is a very good addition. The orginal arcadeMario game with updated machanics, level structure and graphics. Alot of fun single player because there is a seemingly endless amount of levels, all extreamly challenging and fun. overall this is a nice deversion in single player but the real fun comes in when you get 4 people playing... Yes this game also serves as a multi-player game. Every one battels on a playing feild doing every thing to stop the other players from suceeding... a blast to play and even better, only one person needs that Mario Advanced Cart for every one to play.

Ultimate secret: What do you acctually think I'm going to give this away? Sorry, but you're going to have to look else where. I'd just like to let you know that there are a few extra modes that add alot of replay,and yes they are hard... Very hard, but that makes them even the more better.

For game extras this game gets a perfect 10/10

Replaiblity: This game's a classic. It's meduim length, and is a blast to play. With the secrets and the 4 characters you'll be replaying this for a loooong time.
replaibilty gets a 9/10

Summery: Yes I think this game is worth having, but only as a pick up and play game. If you want a game with depth go for Castlevania, but for replaibility and quality this is one (if not the) best game for GBA. Play it with an open mind, because it is an unusual game... overall just buy it, the only way you could go wroung with this game is if you hated cheerfull stuff, but then you wouldn't be reading a Mario game reveiw, would you?

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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