Review by Mr Food

"I just don't get it."

I thought this game would be great. It is, if you only like Mario 2 and those cheesy battle games from Mario 3. I just don't get it. Why, if it's Mario Advance did they put Mario 2 on it? Shouldn't it be called, Mario 2 Advance? That's what it is. Not only that, but the game is almost exactly the same as what it's trying to be, except for some redrawn characters. Not to say it doesn't look nice for a handheld system, the graphics are great thanks to the new backgrounds a la Mario All-Stars.

Visuals: 8/10
I can't say anything new about the visuals of this game. If you've played Mario 2 on the NES, you already know what it looks like. Think of this games visuals as what Mario All Stars did to the NES Marios. Just a lot of new backgrounds to enhance the game. One major difference is that a few characters (Birdo and ShyGuy) are redrawn. Birdo looks like some deranged robot and ShyGuy looks like he had a bit too much for supper. That doesn't diminish the quality of the game, though. Most people who will play this game probably don't even remember the original.

Sound: 8/10
The sound is decent. It still plays the same annoying music that the original had, which may or may not be a good thing. It gives it that old feeling and reminds you how much fun the game was when you had it on the NES. And now when you pick a character, they talk...and it gets annoying after a while.

Ingenuity: 3/10
Nothing new at all. It's Mario 2 and battles from Mario 3. The only new stuff is that there are more junky battles you can bore yourself with. Not very innovative, but it adds to the replay value, I suppose.

Replay: 8/10
The single player game can keep you busy for a few hours, but the battles are what will keep you busy for days. That is, if you like that kind of thing. I can't imagine playing the battles in your house, but if you're in a long car ride with a sibling or friend, it'll pass the time.

Don't buy this game unless you really like Mario 2, or you have a brother/sister you can play this with in the car.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/13/01, Updated 06/13/01

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