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Reviewed: 06/13/01 | Updated: 06/13/01

A great update to a not-so-great Mario game

Super Mario Advance is Nintendo's flagship launch game for teh new Game Boy Advance, along with F-Zero: Maximum Velocity. Its really 2 games on one pak, Super Mario 2, and the original Mario Bros. Super Mario 2 was originally released for the NES in around 1987-1988. It originated as Doki Doki Panic in Japan, with altered sprites. Its a great platformer, but as a Mario game it dosent really fit in. To kill enemies, you throw vegetables and mushroom blocks at them. You can also jump on top of them and throw them, but that won't kill 'em. Hello? This is Mario! You should be able to jump on the enemies and kill them! Anyway, on to the ratings.

Graphics: 10/10
Wow! The updated graphics are excellent! Nintendo really put a lot of work into these graphics. Lots of scrolling objects, like 50 objects on screen and no slowdown, HUGE sprites....makes you drool. Awesome.

Sound: 8/10
Great digitized speech, Mario screams ''Mamma Mia!'' when he dies, ''Wahoo!'' when he super jumps, Peach yells ''Straight from the bottle'' when multiple enemies are killed, and it's all crystal clear, especially with headphones. The music selection of tunes, theres a level theme, a boss theme, a cave theme, and the classic Mario theme. Hmm. The music is still pretty good though.

Gameplay and Replay: 11/10
WAHOO! Gameplay is excellent! Jump and hop through stages, grab huge veggies and kill 5 enemies, great boss battles, gobs of secrets, 100 Ace coins, 20 levels of vine-climbing, enemy bashing, carpet riding goodness. After beating the game, go back through all the levels in Yoshi's challence to find two eggs in each level, a la Mario DX for GBC. Original Mario Bros. will keep you busy for a long time, esp. Multiplayer.

Control: 9/10
Great and simple controls, scroll buttons, b to jump, a to grab, easy stuff. Handles like a dream. D-pad controls feel a little tight though.

Overall: 9/10
Great update to a not-so-great Mario game. Recommend it to anyone. Great launch title, along with Tony Hawk and Castlevania. But what puzzles me is why did Nintendo pick SMB2 instead of like 3 or something? 2 wasn't the best of Mario games. I would have much rather played through a great Mario game that I've beaten countless times than a not-so-great Mario game that I've only done once or twice. However, the GBA port is a great game, and good to check out if you havent played the original.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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