"Pointless nostalgia at it's best!"

Let me start by saying I've seen a few people complaining about how Super Mario Advance is not an original game but a port of two games.To those people I say ''Big deal!It's a great game and it's portable!What more could you want?''After beating the game I have noticed that..well there are some things a miss.

Gameplay: 10

It's Super Mario 2!How could you not like Super Mario 2?If that is not enough they have included the original Mario Bros(Not Super Mario Bros.The original where you pound enimies from below than run into them)which I have never played so I enjoyed that.The only thing close to being a gameplay problem would be the fact that there are only 20 levels.(Tecnically that is not a gameplay problem but like I said it's the closest thing)

Graphics: 9

The graphics are clear and crisp.Every character moves perfectly without any kind of blur.The enviroments are somewhat improved over the original with more details in the backround.I'm not sure why but there were some little things like light reflecting on the ice that impressed me.Overall the graphics are much better than the original's(remeber that little blue frame that surrounded each character?)and a small step up from Mario all stars.

Sound: 8

I'm not sure why some people(you know who you are!) are so annoyed by the voices!Sure, they can be a bit annoying at first but in about ten minutes or so you should be able to ignore them.They were a shameless way of showing off the GBA's sound capabillaties.As for the music....I love the music!!!!The cave theme is good,I find nothing wrong with the boss music's,but the field theme is so great!!!I have always loved the field theme and I don'y know why.Oh well.I'll probably figure it out someday!

Control: 10

The controlls are without fault.Simple and responsive.Nintendo did add one new thing though.Tapping L lowers and rises the screen so you can see what's above or below you.That is very helpful seeing as how the GBA's screen does not give you the full view you would get on a TV screen.

Story: 5

I give the story a 5 because even though it's kind of stupid at least it has one.In case you did'nt know the story is ''one day Mario has a strange dream about a land called Subcon which is under attack by the evil Wart.When Mario awakens he tells Luigi,Toad,and Peach about the dream.They have a picnic or something and all somehow fall asleep and have to save Subcon from Wart and his many minions.''Or something like that.

Replay value: 8

The game can be palyed again and again!!!However, when you compare it to Super Mario Bros DX you wonder why they did not add all those extras!The only extra's are the Yoshi egg hunt and the new 2 player modes in Mario bros.In DX they had fourtians,high scores,races,and a hard mode.Oh well.

All in all I think this game is great and would have givin it a 10 if it had more extras.Sadly I have yet to play the 2 player mode but I'm sure I will eventually.Unless you are an evil anti-Nintendo one system biased idiot(Which I hope you are not)or own both games and have played them to death and don't fell like buying them again you should get this game.

Buy or rent?:Buy

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/17/01, Updated 06/17/01

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