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"Sooper Mario brothers too!"

The Nintendo had Mario, The Gameboy had Mario World 2, and Gameboy Color had Wario Land 2 DX (That counts as a Mario game right?) and Gameboy Advance has Super Mario Advance. This is simpley two games in one, the first been Super Mario Brothers 2, which was out for Nintendo, and the other been Mario Brothers.

Super Mario Brothers 2 was the ''oddball'' of the family, it introduced a few things, but many key elements to a Maruio game wasn't there, like the legend Goomba, the ''?'' blocks and super transformations (E.G Fire Mario, or flying cat Mario)I would list more, but they'll be potential spoilers. However, Super Mario Brothers 2 introduced Shyguys and the enemy Birdo. You don't jump on enemys to kill them in this game, you have to PICK THEM UP and throw it to another enemy

Mario Brothers is a small areana with several, long platforms and some pipes. Enemys walk out of the pipes, and the play must guide Mario and jump on the platform BELOW them to dispatch the enemy, you need to use some good jumping and tactical skills to beat this one.

Graphics - 9.5 :

Super Mario Brothers 2 : Just like the NES version. The background is quite detailed. The characters are made perfectly. There is no ''blocky'' graphics in this game (except for the Lego like stages of course ^_^). Nintendo have done a good feature in this game, known as the rotation feature, which just sures off the Gameboy Advances rotation skills.

Mario Brothers : These are updated to match todays Gameboy Advances standers, but its no Rayman Advance. The enemys are done nicely, but the backgrounds just be there, nothing special in the backgrounds, but still great graphics.

Sound and Music - 10

Super Mario Brothers 2 : Splended sound, and hilarious voices. The only downer is Toads voise. Toad is cheesy, but it does get trapped in the Gameboy Advance, making it come out as a deep screech. The music is cute, and does not get annoying unlike some games *cough* 102 Dalamations *cough*. A great touch.

Mario Brothers : Mario Brothers has some good music, most of it sounds like music from arcade machines, like the crane game or penny slots.

Gameplay - 10 :

Super Mario Brothers 2 : Like I said, this is the ''oddball'' of the family. You can take a ride on enemys by jumping ion them, and by pressing ''B'' you can pick them and by pressing ''B'' you can throw them. The characters, you have a choice of four are : the main character Mario, his lanky brother Luigi, the Princess herself, Peach and little Toad, all having their strenghs and weakness'.

The characters can dig in the desert, which is a bit like the classic game, '' Dig Dug''. Boss battles can proove difficult, but it all comes to the character you choose. For example, if you have to throw a bomb to an boss a little bit away, Toad will be able to get there fast, but Peach will take a bit longer.

On the ground of the levels, are these weeds / Turnips (stop laughing ;)), these can be thrown at enemys, some weeds are hearts which can fill up you're health bar, and the others are prizes like stopping enemys for 15 seconds, or bombs. The best one though, is a RED potion. You can throw these and a door appears, if you enter the door you do into ''another'' world which is the ''mirror'' mode of the screen you was currently on, in here you can get Coins and mushrooms, which increase the max health by 1.

At the end of the level, if you got some coins, you can have a go on the Mario Slot Machine, which basically is a slot machine, where you can win 1-UP's.

Scattered throughout the level are these red coins, there are 5 in all and you must get them to get a higher precentage mark. This adds difficult, exploration and frustration to the gameplay, you'll be spending weeks trying to get every coin and secret.

Mario Brothers : If any of you own the game called ''Bonks'', Mario Brothers is like that. There are several platforms and enemys. If you are on the platform directly below them, you can jump up and knock them over, then you need to collect the nemy to get rid of them for that level.

After every few levels, you have a mini game, where you have to collect ALL the coins in a matter of seconds, this is hard when you have ''icey'' levels.

Mario Brothers has two modes, a ''Classic'' and a ''Battle''. Classic is the original game, which i explained above, and Battle is the multiplayer version, where you can battle other players, whilst sticking on task (killing enemys).

Replaybility - 10 :

Super Mario Brothers 2 : Plenty of replaybilty here. Plenty to see and do int his world, and Peach can reach hard to reach areas. After you have completed the game, you have another challenge, I am not telling you what, as its a suprise.

Mario brothers : The single player mode gets boring after a bit, and is frustrating when you are on a high level, die and back to the very first. At least there is a multiplayer mode, which is fun.

Multiplayer - 8 :

Super Mario Brothers : none....unfortinatley

Mario Brothers : A battle mode, which you must take care of other players, AND destroying enemys. Doesn't seem bad, but it is great, and worth shelling out for a link cable.

Overall - 10 : Super Mario Advance is one great port. I suggest buying it now. The Gameboy Advance has some great entertainment, but you're going to have to wait for Mario Super Circuit (Mario Kart Advance) for something really special. Needless to say, Buy this for great entertainment and challenge.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/30/01, Updated 06/30/01

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