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Reviewed: 07/01/01 | Updated: 07/01/01

Don't But This Game! You Already Have it!

I just want to say that this game isn't bad at all, but theres nothing ''super'' or ''advanced'' about it. Every Mario game has been an istant cult classic, worthy to be in the Video Game Hall of Fame (except Mario is missing, but that is not a Mario game now is it?). Every Mario game released at a system's launch has been a must have, I've had every Mario game available at launch and loved every one of them. I think it's more of a tradition to buy or have a launch title Mario game than anything else. I feel that everyone else thinks the same way I do, to bad Nintendo was not paying attention. (117 word mark)

First let me explain the title, if you have Mario 2 you have this game! If you happen to have bought Super Mario All Stars, then you happen to have this game! Last but not least, if you happen to have Super Mario Advanced than you definitely have this game, and if you remeber the 80's or mid 90's at all what so ever than you should be angry.(188 word mark)

Storyline 5/10: I don't even remember the plot all that much, I know it's something about a dream and you getting lost in a strange land. If the plot isn't memorable than it should say something about the game right there. What did I expect though? This is a Mario game title, how deep can the story really be eh?

Graphics 6/10: Like I said before, not very super or advanced, I can't tell the difference between the one on the Gameboy Advanced (now referred to as GBA) or the Super Nintendo version remade on All Stars 6 or 7 years ago. Not bad on a handheld though, I'm surprised that that is possible period.

Sound 5/10:The sound is actually worse one the GBA then it is one the SNES (Super Nintendo remember?). The music is exactly the same except being dumbed down for the GBA's inferior speakers. We must remember though that it's still a handheld system, so the sound won't be all that great. If you want the sound to be something to gawk at get some head phones, that will make it sound great.

Cons: Same graphics,sound and everything else that should be ''super''ed up or re ''advanced'' for the system that's more powerful than the Super NES.

Pros: Can be played in Math class, church and any where else you're not supposed to.
You don't need this game to play it anywhere.

Conclusion: Unless you have never played Mario 2 on NES or on SNES than you'll love this game because it really is an awesome game. If you have played it than don't waste your time with this rehash.

Difficulty: Medium to Hard

Rent or Buy: Rent, maybe steal or borrow it if you want to.

Rating: 2
(Not an average)

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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