Review by MCenters

"Great Rental, Bad Buy"

This game is definitely a good launch title for Game Boy Advance, but after the thrill of GBA wears off, so does the fun in this game. It is Super Mario Bros. 2 for NES and Mario ''Classic'' which is nothing more than the mini-game from Super Mario Bros. 3 for NES. There are some changes in Super Mario 2, but none of them are big enough to make much of a difference. The only things I noticed were that there were some Giant Shy-Guys & a Bizarre Robo-Birdo boss. I would probably give the game a 9 if replayability wasn't factored in. It is more fun than the Original for NES and should entertain the average gamer for about a week, or whenever they beat it. The visuals deserve a solid 10. They are top-notch, and look twice as good as the original. I can't really rate the audio, because I had the volume turned way down and just listened to my CD player.
This brings me to the most important part of a game, Replayability. This is what ruined the game's rating. I was hoping for a spectacular prize when I beat the last level, but all I got was Yoshi Mode and a chance to claim any Ace Coins I missed. So I collected all the Ace coins in the game and since I didn't get a good reward for beating it the first time I was expecting a spectacular reward. I still haven't gotten it. I started to go for all the eggs, but it just wasn't worth it. I read that if you get them all you unlock Yoshi as a playable character. This sounded very cool at first, but then I realized that I already beat the game and this wasn't much of a reward. The best part about Super Mario Bros. DX is that when you beat the game, you get a harder game and if you get enough points in either one you can unlock You Vs. Boo Mode which is fairly fun or you can unlock an entire new game, the Lost Levels. I'm still playing Mario DX, and I got it last summer. Here's an idea for Nintendo, make the next Mario game fun even after you beat it, or make an entirely new game. I love the classic NES and SNES games, but I would still love to see some great original games that aren't already on console like Sonic Advance.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 07/05/01, Updated 07/05/01

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