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"Worth the money if you don't have Super Mario 2"

Super Mario was my first game on my Game Boy Advance and what better way to break it in than with this classic? Secondly, this is my first review, and another great way to break me in!

Gameplay 9/10
Super Mario Advance is basically just a port of Super Mario 2 and as such, it's controls are relatively limited. It makes some use of the L and R buttons but nothing other buttons cannot do also. The thing this game seems to excel in is fun! The easy controls just make the game even better because you don't have to learn much. It's always fun dodging enemies, picking them up, and clashing with a boss. Another cool feature, as in SM2 you can pick your character! From Mario and Luigi, to Toad and Peach, they're all here! My only problem with the gameplay is the useless L and R buttons.

Visuals 4/10
The games visual appeal is... pretty bad. It's exactly the same as Super Mario 2 in fact so there really is nothing ground-breaking. All the platforms have right-angled edges but in a way, it wouldn't be Mario without them. All the characters and enemies only have a few frames of animation.

Audio 7/10
The sound is pretty good. Basic Mario 2 stuff here but with one difference... everyone talks. Mario and the others all have they're own little moments when they say something. Bosses also talk to you at the beginning and end of matches. I really love the music in this game. From start to finish all the music is really cool. It is very repetative but who cares? It's cool!

Replay Value 8/10
The great thing about this game is that you can come back and do it again and never get bored! Once you beat the game you'll unlock the special task of finding Yoshi's 40 eggs (2 per level) which are hidden in Subspace which will take quite some time to accomplish!

Overall 7/10
I would say this game is worth the money but only if you don't have, or haven't beaten Super Mario 2. Although there is some new music, speech, and a few new enemies, the game really isn't that different although it is still pretty cool. One thing I really do dislike in this game is the way the screen moves. When you go off a screen the game stops and then the screen drags across to catch up before starting again. However a cool feature of the game is the Standby mode. Much like a computer I suppose. If you press Select and R together, the screen will turn off and pause the game wherever you were! You can come back and continue with Select and L. The Game Boy will still turn off if the batteries run out or are taken out though so don't get any ideas!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/31/01, Updated 07/31/01

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