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"Two oldies make a one great game"

Well, we've all heard of the Mario series (if you haven't, please check to see that you haven't been sitting under a rock for most of the video game history). This time, Nintendo hopes to make a fortune out of Mario, except with a game that a ton of people played before.

-2 games (Mario 2 and the classic Mario Bros.) on one cartridge, with tons of levels to explore
-Up to 4 players can play off 1 cartridge
-The 2 original games, re-mastered, and now with color

Gameplay: (9/10)
Exactly the same as the original versions, with barely anything new. For the 2D scroller, Mario 2, it's the same pluck-a-veggie-and-throw-it-at-enemy routine. You can beat each level like this, but variations of enemies, secret doors, and bosses make it harder than it seems. Overall, I think it's a great aspect. Again, for the Mario Bros. part, nothing really has changed. You basically have to bump the enemies from underneath, go next to them, and kick them off the screen. Doing this a couple times will advance you to the next level. It's very simple, but addicting nonetheless.
Overall, no one can resist the fun gameplay, and this is one of the best aspects about the game.

Graphics: (6/10)
Again, like the original Mario games. They're not too pretty against other games (Rayman, etc), but they do the job. Since the graphics are now in color, they make it seem prettier, but in the end, it's just regular 2D graphics that (sniff, sniff) NES can produce.

Music: (6/10)
Well, it can depend on what you mean by music. It can be sound effects, which are horrible, especially with some bosses, or the BG music, which is not that bad, having some old Mario tunes. You can ignore this category, since you will mostly be hearing BG music (but hey, you can always turn the volume off).

Difficulty Factor: (7/10)
There's not much to say for Mario Bros. Although the levels change, and there are a variety of enemies, often simplistic level designs disappoint. As for Mario 2, the difficulty factor is right where it needs to be. Any newbie can pick it up and start playing, but only the experts will beat the entire game (it's okay, newbs, you'll learn :P). Since this isn't the classic jump-on-enemy-to-kill-it routine, some die-hard Mario fans will find this game a little harder than the rest in terms of destroying enemies, since it takes a little longer to actually pull out the veggies and throw them.

Multiplayer Options: (8/10)
This factor is totally kick-ass (whoops, shouldn't be sayin' that ;)), since up to four players can play on just 1 cartridge. I think it's one of the best multiplayer games available for GBA (who doesn't), and ya gotta admit, playing 4-player Mario Bros. and throwing people is fun :).

Bottom Line: (8/10)
Overall, this game is really great, and no GBAer should be without it. If you can ignore the crap SFX, and just listen to the BG music, while playing 4 (or 1)-player in the beautiful color surroundings, this game is really great.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/30/01, Updated 08/30/01

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