"I didn't like Mario II much when it came out, but..."

So what is Super Mario Advance, you ask? Well, it's two games in one. This cartridge (which is even smaller than a GBC game), has two games inside. One is the classic original Mario Brothers, which I believe first found a home in Arcades all across America. Then, I don't remember when, Nintendo decided to port this game over to the NES, and let me tell you it was a good game. Now, this game has made a comeback on the GBA, and here's what I think. Oh yeah, I'll be doing two parts here.
Mario Brothers
Control 10-10. Considering there's not that much to do, the controls are easy to learn. You move around and jump over stuff. The L and R buttons can be used to move the screen so you can see certain things better.
Audio 10-10. Ah, though originally this game didn't have any music during actual gameplay, this game has a nice, catchy little tune that fits the mood quite well, running from monsters and jumping over them. The other music, although reformatted, comes fresh from the original game. The SFX are almost exactly as they were on the NES< but yes, they were altered a bit. Still if they sound good who gives a damn? Not me.
Story'' Well, I don't really remember this game having a story. You just had to clear as many levels as you could.
Overall 10-10. A fun game, even when it was made. This is no easy game though, so don't expect to beat it in one go. My brother was one of the best video gamers I knew back when he was younger and even he didn't think the game had an ending.
Mario Brothers II
Control 10-10. Also very simple. Jump with A, pick stuff up with B, and also throw it with B. move with the D-pad and adjust the screen using R and L.
Audio 10-10. Reminds me of Mario Allstars. I'm serious, this machine's got almost 16-bit sound! THis game's music's right from the original game, sounding like its later revival on SNES. In both games however, speech is rather annoying, not because it's hard to understand (I was amazed at the clarity of the voices in this game), but the voices themselves were rather irritating. Fortunately you don't here them much, except when you die and choose characters. Yeah, there's speech throughout the game, but none of it comes in really long clips. There are just small voice clips for certain things.
Story 9-10. Finally, a Mario game where the princess isn't the one needing to be saved! Instead you save the whole mushroom kingdom from the evil frog (yes a frog), Wart!
Overall score for both games 10-10. This was a good move on Nintendo's part, and I hope Super Mario Advance II keeps up the good work. I've always liked the mario series, all except the N64 games, so if this next one isn't as good I'll be very disappointed!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/15/01, Updated 03/01/03

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