"The best Mario game ever made and much more!"

This is a remake of the second Mario series ever made. This game is very underrated and badly reviewed. This game can be considered the oddball of the Mario games; although today's Mario are completely different from the NES versions. Mario 2 has a different Quest from the usual save the Princess from Bowser. A new enemy named Wart has evaded, a new world called the Sub-con. The game has new enemies from the 1st Mario series and has new methods of attacking. You may also pick from Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess. This is Toad's only adventure game. The Characters have different strengths and abilities. The heavy jump and Fire Power ability are done away with. Now the method of defense is Picking up Vegetables. Mushroom Blocks, Bombs, Keys, or even enemies and toss them into another enemy. Some enemies can not be jumped on though. You also can get a star from collecting 5 cherries. This is the first Mario Series with ''True'' Boss fights; unlike the first one where you can go over the enemy to proceed. Every stage has a mini-boss at the end and the end of the world has a boss. This game has only 20 stages, but it has 4 characters to choose from. This version has many new add-ins such as a new boss, the starting is different, and a challenge quest after beating the game.

You have to pick up items or enemies and throw them into other enemies. This is not a easy as it sounds. This is a left to right srcoller like the first although you can backtrack as far as you want. You mainly travel from the first area of the stage to the last area of the stage which has a boss. You have a new power meter that is increased by finding a mushroom in the mirror world by using a special door potion. Your power meter does not follow you to the next stage, so you will need a to find Mushrooms for each stage. If you are hit you can recover health by defeating enough enemies to make a heart appear. You travel through a few new environments. There are no swimming levels. The environments include; Plains, Caves, Buildings, Deserts, Clouds, Slippery Ice, and Levels with all of these mixed-in. After each stage you come into a bonus game that will use the coins you gain from the Mirror world to get extra lives. There are a few short-cuts which you can do the game in half the stages. This game also seems to have a few glitches that make this game even more strange and fun.

The stages theirself are not difficult, but the characters will effect the stages difficulty. The bonus game at the end of every stage is a easy way to beat this game also. The difficulty has lowered cause of an extra mushroom and frequent heart appearance.

not even the later stages are a extreme challenge.

Since the characters have different abilities. Who you choose will increase or decrease the difficulty. I will now split up the difficulty level of each character.

Mario has no real abilities. He is a balanced character making him not the sharpest tool in the box, but he can over come other characters abilities. He runs the second fastest and picks up the second fastest. So using him gives the game a 7/10 difficulty.

He is close to Mario abilities except he can jump really high. He picks a little slow and runs slow. The glitch where you can jump extra high at the tip of his jump has been taken out like is was on the All-star version. Luigi gets a 6/10 for difficulty

He is the shortest jumper in the game. He may pick the fastest and run the fastest, but when it comes to going over large water falls with falling logs he is a terrible choice, but challenging choice. He is best suited for levels with many plants that can be turned into coins. Toad is the most challenging character with a score of 9/10 for difficulty.

This is one of the most Ironic things about Mario 2. She seems to be the best character whenever she stars in a Mario adventure game; although she usually get kidnapped by Bowser. She can float for about 2 seconds. Making her the best character in the game ability wise. She can reach shortcuts that other character can not reach or have to find other harder ways of reaching. She is the best character for beginners or people who are serious when it comes to wanting to beat the game. She may pick the slowest and slowest picker, but she has the best evasion. She is the easiest character to beat the game with so she gets only a 3/10 for challenge.

The story is not the strong part of this game, A little biography is giving at the start about Mario dreaming and then waking up and seeing what he saw in his dream. The Sub-con World is in trouble and Mario has decided to help along with the Princess and others. When you beat this game the story will really be strange.

The graphics are as great as they were for the SNES version. Many colors and better designs on the characters. The level and environment graphics are excellent. The enemies are nicely shaped and the game is so bright.

This game only has a few tunes: Outside, Inside, Mirror World, Bosses, and The Final Boss. The character select has a nice tune, if you decide to listen to it and the title screen has a nice tune also, but you will hear the same tunes through each stage. Many find this annoying. I do not care the game play is all I care about.

The expert gamers of today can beat this game in 2-3 hours. If you use short cuts it will kill the play time a lot. To get all the Play Time it is recommended you go through all 20 stages with all characters.

A new replay value has been added instead of just ending like the NES version. There are 2 forms of Replay in this: 1) Using a different character from the last time. 2) A special challenge has been added where you must find 2 Yoshi eggs in the Mirror world in all 20 stages.

BUY!! This game is less than $30 by now so if you do not own it go pick this ASAP.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/09/04

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