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"A port. Need I say anything more?"

Well, okay then. I will. This game may be a port of the NES/SNES conversions of Super Mario Bros. 2, but I have to admit, it doesn't change the way I feel about the game. Which is pure love! Not only is SMB2 (NES) the first game I ever played, it will be my favourite out of the series for a long time to come. This game adds an extra mode onto the game once you finish it, and you can play the original Mario Bros. (not Super Mario Bros.) with updated graphics!

Story - 5/10
Super Mario Bros. 2
Meh, at least you don't have to save a princess in this game. The story goes like this: Mario is having a dream one night, and creatures called Subcons greet him in his dream, and tell him a tale of misery and woe. Wart the toad has captured all the Subcons, and trapped them in a room inside their castle! Wart is now running rampage on the town (also named Subcon) by letting his minions run around. When Mario awakens after the Subcons plea for his help, he remembers he must meet Peach, Luigi and Toad for a picnic. He tells them about his dream, and they all go hiking. When they reach a mysterious door, they all enter it and fall. Cue level 1-1.

All in all, I'm just grateful Peach isn't captured in it. Also, Bowser is only in the Mario Bros. game!

Mario Bros.
There is no story. Voided!

Gameplay - 7/10
Super Mario Bros. 2
This game is split into 21 levels (three levels each world, two for the last), and you must reach the goal by either avoiding enemies, or defeating Birdos (pink Birdos shoot out eggs, Red shoot out eggs and flames, and Green shoot out flames). You have to choose from Mario, Luigi, Toad and Peach to play as, and they all have varying abilities. For example, Toad is the most powerful and speedy of the group, but sucks at jumping. The Princess can float for a limited time if you hold down the 'A' button, and is average in everything else. Luigi is the highest jumper, and Mario is well-balanced.

You cannot defeat enemies the normal 'Super Mario Bros.' way. Instead, you must pick up vegetables from the ground, and hurl them at the creatures. You can also pick up an enemy, and throw it at another. Of course, bosses would take a bit more than just one vegetable thrown at them. For example, Birdos must have three items thrown at them before they are defeated.

There are multiple things in the ground - vegetables, 1-Ups, shells, and even a potion which you can throw and turn into a door! If you position the door correctly and enter it, you might find a mushroom (which ups your health). Collect five floating cherries, and you'll get a Starman!

Mario Bros.
In single player, you must try to knock the enemies appearing from the pipes onto their backs (by jumping up to the floor underneath them), so you can defeat them by kicking them off the screen, and collecting a coin. Be careful though, as crabs take two hits, and all enemies can get back up if you leave them. Fireballs appear every now and then, and in the later levels, enemies appear that can freeze the floor and make everything slippery.

In multiplayer, you must verse against different coloured Marios. You can pick them up and throw them in a trash can (which they can never get out of if you stand on it afterwards), or you could stun them by hitting them from the floor underneath them. This game plays the same as single player. Just try to get the most coins, and you win!

And did I mention POW Blocks? They're in both SMB2 and MB, and they can be extremely helpful. The ones in MB can either be picked up and thrown, or hit from underneath three times. You can only pick them up in SMB2, and they instantly kill any enemies on the screen. As for MB, they just flip the enemies.

Graphics - 7/10
The graphics in this game are like the SMB2 off of the SNES version. Still, they made some enemies bigger in some parts (Shy Guys and Ninjis), and the shells have also been made bigger. Too big. The shells have pixellation on them, which can get annoying. The backgrounds are very good, and the enemies and platforms are excellent. Nothing much else to say, so let's move ahead!

Oh, by the way, MB has the exact same graphics as SMB2, so I'm avoiding that part, otherwise it would be a waste of time...

Sound - 5/10
Ugh, the worst part of the game. Toad, Peach and Birdo sound really different, and Mario and Luigi get annoying. The bosses have a sentence each, which isn't so bad. But if you play it over and over again, you'll want to turn the volume down completely! Which is what I usually do...

Now onto the real music. It's got all the themes from SMB2, so you can imagine it yourself!

Replay value - 8/10
Meh, it's all good. With three main game files to choose from, plus unlimited fun playing Mario Bros., it's got potential. A redeeming feature is the Yoshi Challenge, where after you beat the main game once, you must collect two Yoshi eggs from each level to officially beat the game. Plus there's the Advance Coins.

Overall Score - 7/10
This Mario game is actually good. I've been a fan of Mario games for many, many years now, and SMB2 sticks out in my mind the most. Plus, it's got to be on sale for bargain bin prices now, right?

Rent or Buy?
Well, good luck renting it anywhere. I know I can't rent any GBA games here in Australia, so buying is the choice. It's also a better choice! Good luck, and have fun playing!

*hums MB2 theme song*

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 09/14/05

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