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"A game of Space Cat Vs. Space Mouse..."

This is my first Gameboy Advance game, so I thought I'd write a good review over this strange cat and mouse game! It may not have stunning graphics, but the gameplay goes a loooooong way.

Gameplay- 10

Personally, these kind of puzzle games don't really appeal to me. It is falling-block puzzle games that I like, but still, I've become extremely addicted to Chu Chu Rocket, and I'm actually a decent player at it.

Pretty much, all you must do in this game is place arrows down on a checkered board. When you start the mice, which are called ''Chu Chus'', they will go in the direction they are pointing, and when they touch an arrow, they go the direction the arrow is pointing. Your goal is to lead all of the Chuchus into their rockets. Kinda like Lemmings? Nah, not really. There are obstacles that get in your way too. There are space cats called ''Kapu Kapus'' that will eat your Chu Chus and there are also holes in the ground that you can fall into, but you can take advantage of those holes and trap the Kapu Kapus in there!

There are other modes in this game where you have to do much different tasks. Like in one, you must feed the Kapu Kapu ALL of your Chu Chus to win. In another one, you are put against the computer player and you must send Kapu Kapus to the CPU's rocket to win. Some of these unique puzzles are a little difficult though. I still have trouble with a bunch of them.

The difficulty in this game is a bit tough... In fact, it is very hard. You've got 2,500 puzzles to complete, and on some, you may have to sit and think for a while. The challenge of the game gets even harder in the Stage Challenge mode... Ahhh... It scares me just thinking about some of the impossible seeming levels.

Story- 6

Not much of a story at all... Though there is one. It is a bit childish. Let me read the introduction story from the instruction manual. Cute, but silly.

In a far away time on a far away planet, there is a Space Port. This Space Port is inhabited by thousands of little ChuChus. The things that ChuChus detest more than anything else are KapuKapus. The ChuChus lived happily until one day, when... The Space Port became infested with KapuKapu. The fate of the ChuChus is in your hands! The ''ChuChu Rocket!'' launch countdown has started!

See? And that is all of the story you will get.

Audio/Video- 8

The graphics are nothing stunning. If this is your first Gameboy Advance game, this is just a simple taste of what graphics you'll see on the GBA. Still, the Gameboy Color could never do this, and the ChuChus and KapuKapus are shaded nicely. As well as being shaded nicely, everything is well animated too. If you think you can do better with the graphics, then make your own ChuChu and KapuKapu in the character editor mode! One more thing about the graphics, I've heard that people have been complaining that the Gameboy Advance screen is too dark. Well, the screen seems just fine on Chu Chu Rocket. The areas are bright and can be well-seen even in a darker room.

The music in the game sounds really good, even coming from that little speaker on the GBA. Though the music itself is pretty good too. I don't find it obnoxious, which is good due to that you'll be hearing the same song through every level.

The sound effects are really nice. They go from the Chuchu's squeak to the meow of the Kapukapu. Heh heh. Not much else to say here. Time to move on.

Replay Value- 10

Enough said. The Replay Value deserves a 10. The game has 2,500 puzzles. You can make your own puzzles. You can make your own characters. You can explore the unique Help menu (But that won't take too long). Lets not forget MULTIPLAYER either! The Multiplayer in Chu Chu Rocket also uses that ''One game pak multiplayer'' thing where you only need one game pak to play up to four players. So yes, you'll be playing this one for a long time.

Rent or Buy?

I highly suggest you buy this game. I haven't seen too many people that ever hated Chu Chu Rocket. It isn't a graphical game or a gory murderous game, but it is really fun to play. I highly suggest you buy this one, but if you aren't a fan of puzzle games, you might want to try it out first. Still, I'm sure you'll enjoy it though!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/12/01, Updated 06/30/02

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