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"Save the Chu Chus from the Kapu Kapus in this simple game"

A direct port from the Dreamcast version. Chu Chu Rocket!
involves saving the Chu Chus (space mice) from the Kapu Kapus (space
cats) by directing them to their rocket for take off. Simple isn't

Graphics: 8/10
Sonic Team made this game to show people that graphics aren't
everything. CCR obviously doesn't push the Gameboy Advance for
graphics like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 or Rayman but the graphics are
decent. The sprites are all animated perfectly and the colors don't
clash with each other during gameplay. Good clean graphics, easily
seen and that's all that counts here.

Sound: 9/10
It has some catchy songs to it on almost every screen. While I
don't really pay attention to the music in general my friend who had
heard it for 30 minutes while playing multiplayer was humming the songs
for quite a bit. My only complaint is during puzzle mode, the same
song gets played over and over, which will get boring fast considering
the vast amount of puzzles and the complexity of some.

Controls: 8/10
They has been major debate over the controls of CCR.
Personally, I find that the controls are perfectly fine but there is
warrant to those claims. There are three control methods. One is the
rotation scheme where you place an arrow and press A or B to rotate it
to the desired direction. In my opinion, this is the worst one. The
most used control setting is the hold A and press a direction to set
an arrow in that direction. The easiest to use but in multiplayer it's
a bit slow. The last one is the pro setting which binds the up arrow
to the A button, the down arrow to the B button, the left arrow to the
L shoulder pad and the right arrow to the R shoulder pad. This will
give you the quickest response but is harder to use until you get used
to it.

Gameplay: 9/10
In CCR the mice and cats run in whatever direction they're
pointed in. If they hit a wall, they turn right. If the right is
blocked by a wall, they turn to the left, if the left is blocked, they
about face. Also the cats and mice will follow your arrows. Once
they walk over them, they'll turn in the direction it's pointing to.
Your main goal is to lead the mice to your rocket while avoiding pits
and keeping the cats away. The bulk of CCR is in puzzle mode. Puzzle
mode is by far the hardest thing in CCR. Stage Challenge modifies the
rules a bit and challenges you to perform the task in under 30 seconds.
Then there's the multiplayer. Multiplayer is completely chaotic where
everyone is taking mice to their rocket, leading cats to yours,
stealing mice that you're leading to your rocket etc. This by far is
the funnest part of CCR.

Replay: 10/10
With over 2500 puzzles to complete, you'll be spending a lot of
time before you finish this game. Puzzle mode does get boring and
stage challenge is only 30 stages so the core of the replay is with the
multiplayer. CCR allows you to take on upto 3 other people with the
use of only 1 cartridge. Don't have 3 other friends with GBAs or link
cables? You can play with the computers on various difficulty
settings. There are around 30 (I don't remember exactly) maps where
you can hold this game. If you get tired of the maps or sprites at
anytime, you can always go into the editors which allow you to make
your own for use in any mode.

Buy or Rent? Buy

Averaged score: 8.8
Overall score: 9

Chu Chu Rocket! is another one of those games that some people
love and some people hate. If you want, you can find another person
that has this game and test it out to see if you like the gameplay.
One more thing, if you don't know anyone with a GBA, suggest you look
for another game (unless you want to finish all the puzzles) as the
multiplayer mode gets old without human opponents. Believe me, you'll
have more fun trash talking your friends and sending cats to their
rockets than you'll have beating the computer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/20/01, Updated 06/20/01

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