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"Who knew navigated mice into a rocket can be this much fun?"

Chu Chu Rocket for the GBA as you all might know is a semi-port of the Dream Cast title. The objective is to get all of the mice (Chu Chu's) into the rockets will at the same time avoiding cats and making sure the cats dont go into the rocket. Of all the GBA launch titles I would say this game is the most hectic out of all of them. It really shows what the GBA can handle. Literally, sometimes you can see hundreds of mice on the screen at the same time.

Graphics - 9
Its simplistic but it get the job done. Theres not much to say about the graphics. Everything is sprites, well atleast it looks that way.

Gameplay - 9
This game has it all. It has a 4-player multiplayer mode with just one cartridge. You can make your own levels. And you can even make your own Chu Chu's (which make for some X-rated fun....). There are many modes in the multiplayer, including Blindfold the Winner, and much more. Make sure you play with your friends some time so you all can equally be pissed at the controls, also its the funnest way to play. The oneplayer will get boring after a while, cuz with 2500 puzzles to complete, at times it will get monotonous. Also some of the puzzles are incredibly hard, but that just adds the the overall satisfaction when you finally complete it.

Time to Complete - Eternity
Man, believe me, you will not beat this game within the first 5 months you have it, even if you spend all your time playing it. I mean, this game has over 2500 puzzles, OVER 2500 PUZZLES!

Best Feature - Very Hectic
Worst Feature - The controls are kind of hard to handle with the GBA's shortage of buttons. See with the DreamCast version you have 4 buttons, one lays and up arrow, one lays a down arrow, one lays the right arrow, and the last one lays the left arrow. But with the GBA, you only 3 avialable buttons, so you can see the conflict.

Replay Value - 10
Man I can not get enough with the game. The multiplayer is a blast. The best part of the game is that you can play this game with 4 people, even if you only have 1 cartridge! Now just add that feature with countless puzzles, create your own level mode, create your own mice mode, loads of multiplayer modes, and what does all that equal to? OUTSTANDING REPLAY VALUE!!!!!!

Overall - 9
A welcome additions to anyones GBA library.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/20/01, Updated 06/20/01

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