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Reviewed: 06/22/01 | Updated: 06/22/01

When the cats are away, the mice do more than play...

In a word-stunning.
Let me just start off by saying: this is the best puzzle game I've seen in a long time. It is unique, very challenging, and fun-some recent games have lacked those. I bought this at launch time, and was simply amazed. I never played the Dreamcast version, so I don't know how close to the original it is. However, who wouldn't want to have a portable version of your favorite console system game?

The graphics are excellent, and you can actually see the 3-D rendering of the cats and mice on the screen. A good thing about this game is that the graphics are pretty bright, so even with Gameboy Advance's rather dark screen, the graphics are still pretty easy to see; a major plus. Of course, because this is a puzzle game, the graphics won't be as important of a factor as, say, challenge in game design. But even so, another nice thing about the graphics and animation is that the screen and animation is never slowed because of too many moving objects on the screen, which was evident in many old Super Nintendo, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, and numerous other systems' games. The graphics are also pretty cheery and funny, which add to a certain fun factor of the game.

)))Play Control(((:8
Not much to say about play control in the puzzle modes of the game because it really isn't a major factor. However, in the multi-player modes, the controls can seem a bit loose, and at other times a bit stiff. Also, in the ''create-a-stage'' and ''create-a-character'' modes of the game (very fun!), the creation ''controls'' are somewhat awkward, with weird button assignment. None-the-less, control is pretty good.

The sound is excellent in comparison to other original gameboy and gameboy color games, but somewhat lacking for gameboy advance's capabilities, especially when compared to Castlevania: Circle of the Moon for GBA. None the less the music is very appropriate and has a fun ring to it, but not a ''kiddish'' ring-just the right balance. The music definitely is a plus to the game, but not anything spectacular.

)))Challenge(((:11 out of 10
Okay...I know we are only supposed to rate on a 1 to 10 scale, but this game deserves an 11. With over 2500 stages in the game, you will be playing for hours. Also, many of the stages are no walks in the park. In fact, quite a few took me up to an hour to complete. In addition to the Puzzle mode, there is a multi/4-player mode in which you can verse the computer or other human players in a free-for-all to collect Chu-Chu's. Fast, furious, and wild fun; also challenging depending on the opponent. But wait! There's more! The create-a-stage mode allows you to create your own stages with solutions to trade to your friends (using the link cable) so that the number of possible puzzles is infinite. Just writing this review makes me drool over the possibilities, and the challenges that come with them.

)))Fun Factor(((:10
An extremely fun game, despite how frustrating it can be. The bright and ''fun'' graphics, in combination with the ''fun'' music add fun points to the game. Also, the multi/4-player mode is soooo fun, that you'll wanna play it to take a break from the tough puzzles.

)))Replay Value(((:8
Unfortunately, the automatic save feature saves your progress after every completed stage, which means that once you beat a stage, there really is no point of going back and completing them again. The stages are hard enough though so that in three years when you pick up the game (yet again), you may have forgotten the answers and work towards beating them again (who knows-you may still be on the first time around with over 2500 puzzles). The good news is that the create-a-stage mode allows for trading stages amongst your friends for a new flare of stages, and the multi/4-player mode is always replayable and fun every time.

This is a really fun and enjoyable puzzle game that will have you playing for hours. Even if you aren't into puzzles, you maybe attracted to this game because of its other features, especially the multi/4-player mode. The graphics and sound aren't spectacular, but definitely nice. The challenge and fun factor will keep you coming back (and coming back again and again and again ...)

You should definitely take a look at this game, and if you are a puzzle or strategy fan-BUY IT NOW! This game will keep you running to the local store for AA batteries for days :). I highly recommend!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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