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Reviewed: 10/14/01 | Updated: 10/14/01

One of the most unique and challenging puzzle games to date.

From time to time, I like to find games that are simple, yet very challenging. Never did I expect that I'll find it in a game for the new Gameboy Advance. Chu Chu Rocket (which also made its appearance on the Dreamcast) is definitely one of the most enjoyable puzzle games ever. I have a notion that puzzle games are really excellent when it is on a handheld machine (remember the tough games on Game&Watch?)

Gameplay/Controls (10): A true puzzle game must have 3 elements in order to be called a great game (in my criteria). First, the puzzles must be ingeniously created. You must see the effort of the developer in making a hard to solve puzzle. Second, a new idea will always appeal to a lot of people and Chu Chu Rocket made a comically funny one at that. Finally, the game should be simple enough to be understood by players, but it has to be difficult. Puzzle games that are easy are just time wasters. Oftentimes, puzzles hone your skills in problem solving and logical thinking.

For the controls, the game doesn't need many buttons. Just the directional controls and a few action buttons. The controls are responsive and are excellently mapped on the Gameboy Advance. You're asking the time frame that you'll take in order to master the controls? It will take on only minutes or even seconds to get the hang of it.

Storyline (n/a): There isn't any story in this game (unfortunately), but this doesn't affect the overall challenge and the amount of interest that a gamer will put to this game.

Graphics/Sounds (8): The graphics are smooth and can well match up to its highly-advanced version in the Dreamcast. They are simple but they represent what the game is all about. As for the sound, the background music and sound effects are nice to hear with the speakers of the Gameboy Advance. No scratchy or buzzing sounds.

Re-play Value (8): The problem with puzzle games is when you finish it, there's no more challenge in it. But why did I still give it a 8? Well, you can make your own custom puzzles! This is great, especially when you challenge another player to solve your puzzle.

If you want puzzle games that are challenging and you have a Gameboy Advance in your hand, Chu Chu Rocket is definitely the title you should pick up. It will make you think since the style is unorthodox. But don't forget to work and study.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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