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"The best puzzle game on Gameboy Advance!"

First of all, some game players believe that Chu Chu Rocket! is one of the strangest puzzle games ever created by Nintendo. Obviously... it IS one of the most interesting... there are SEVERAL levels you can play in this game, a VERY fun multiplayer mode, and alot of interesitng things to find.

For example, 2500 levels to play in single player mode... and that is a FULL TIME JOB to finish that, and some of the puzzles and mazes... well actually, most and a lot of them are rather DIFFICULT and sometimes impossible!

Really though, the main objective of this game is to move your mice and figure out the puzzle by moving your mice to certain objects and moving them around to create a happening in that scenario. If you do it correctly, you win, and boom, to the next level. A good thing also is that there is a game save so it automactically saves when you beat a level, so that means you can take a break and play later! For a puzzle game, that is a BIG STEP UP. Finally, a game save for your favorite new puzzle game!

Although Gameboy games such as Tetris and Dr. Mario are the type of #1 rated puzzle games, there are also action-puzzle type of games where you control other beings like in Chu Chu Rocket!, mice. It is quite fun, and I must admit this is the best puzzle game on the Gameboy Advance handheld system without a doubt, and also will probably be the most fun you will ever see on the Gameboy Advance... There is just something about this game where controlling mice and solving puzzles with all the nice music, sounds, graphics, and characters makes it so interesting you just want to keep playing for a LOOONG time, and if you get bored of it, you will just come back later on for more!

Still, to my opinion, this is without a doubt the best puzzle game on Gameboy Advance, and perhaps, will be the most fun puzzle game that will and even has ever be created by Nintendo.

Graphics: 95%
Words: Come on, you got to give the graphics higher than 90%! This is without a doubt some of the greatest graphics I have ever seen on the newly enchanced Gameboy Advance!

Sound: 85%
Words: The sound and music tunes are so nice and lovely to listen to, you will feel as if you are in the game yourself, teling the mice where to go and what to do.

Replay: 85%
Words: Replay is very, very strong in this game due to all the things you can do... even WITHOUT the multiplayer games!

Gameplay: 100%
Words: PERFECT gameplay. This is by far the greatest gameplay in a puzzle game I have ever played or seen.

Story: 65%
Words: Mice must run around a maze and gather items to make a happening occur to approach a next level. Fun and interestingly worth playing for gamers who like some story in a puzzle type of game.

Characters: 83%
Words: MICE, MICE, and MICE! Also, a cat that tries to gobble up your mice when you are not looking, be careful!

Final Words: By far, the greatest and best puzzle game on the Gameboy Advance, and I believe this is the greates game perhaps that Nintendo has or will ever created, honestly. I cannot think of ones other than Tetris and Dr. Mario that come too close! Buy this game, even at $50!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/21/02, Updated 02/21/02

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