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"I'm sorry I gave this a 5..."

The Chu Chu's space port has been invaded by Kapus! It is up to you to lead the Chu Chu into rockets to escape!


You help the Chu Chu by placing arrows down for them to follow. For example, by placing an arrow pointing right, they will go right when they walk over it. The same for the cats. If a cat enters a rocket, you lose a 1/3 of your collected Mice. That's in multiplayer. So the tactic is get mice, give opponents cats.
In puzzle games, you set arrows down, then release the Chu Chu. You then adjust the arrows till they get into the rockets.
The 'Stage Challenge' is slightly harder. You must place arrows to do what you need to while the mice are running all over the bloody place.
I was disappointed because this is basically a port. Apart from having loads of user created puzzles that were uploaded to the net from the Dreamcast version, there is nothing different. This fatal flaw killed this game for me. No new puzzles made by the game’s creators, only user made ones. And lots of them. 4 Rockets, each with A-Y, each letter with 30 puzzles. * Picks up calculator * That’s about 3360 puzzles, give or take a few. Sadly, I’m not a puzzle manic, so they didn’t keep me amused for long.
The graphics are simple but smooth. They look identical to the Dreamcast version. You can create your own levels and characters, which you can then trade, with your friends.
Which brings me to multiplayer. This is fun and addictive, but repetitive and annoying after 5 hours. A nice bonus is that you only need 1 cart between 4 people to play with all the features.
The sound is.. augh, awful. I expect more from a GBA. The tunes are scaled down catastrophes. Beepy Boopy is what they are. Again, repetitive and annoying. The sound effects are Game Boy Original standard. Again, awful.
The controls are easy to use and aren’t as terrible as people are led to believe. You can either have it so that you hold A and press a direction to lay an arrow, L as left, R as right, and a and b as up and down. The first is where you keep pressing a to cycle through left right up down.

I was sorely disappointed upon purchasing this game. Just a bad DC to GBA port. Bum.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 04/02/02, Updated 06/14/03

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