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"If you want a game to keep you busy for a while, this is it!"

Chu Chu Rocket is a puzzle game revolving around mice, cats, and rockets. The object of the game is to lead mice to rockets, while keeping the cats from eating the mice. You do all of this controlling through the use of arrows which you place on the floor.
There are three control schemes for the modes that involve action (such as 4-player battle and stage challenge), and there are 2 schemes for puzzle mode.
The game keeps track of how many of the puzzles you have completed, and also how long it takes for you to finish the stage challenge mode (and also how many of those stages you have completed).
There are also options where you can create your own character, and also options to make up your own stages and puzzles.
The multiplayer is extremely fun, and allows 4 people to play using only one game pack. The special event mice add some flare to the multiplayer mode by changing different things in the game (like an extremely large amount of mice coming out for a period of time).
This game has to be one of the best puzzle games I have ever played. Not only does it have over 2600 puzzles to complete, but it also has stages to complete which are more action oriented than puzzle oriented.
Now I will list my scores for each area:

Graphics: 10
The graphics on-screen are very bright and easy to see in almost all light types (except for dark of course). Everything is very well animated also. Not to mention you can create your own special mice, which animate well too (considering you create 4 frames which will repeat in a loop).

Sound: 9
The sound effects are nice, but can get annoying to listen to in puzzle mode where you constantly hear the cats eating the mice sound as you try to figure out the harder puzzles. The sound effects do help in multiplayer where 4 people are battling it out (which can get confusing at times without the sound effects).

Multiplayer: 10
Solving the puzzles is fun but leading a cat to one of your friend’s rockets is even more fun. Also, being able to play with four people with only one game pack is another plus. Also, in multiplayer there are many special mice, which affect the game in many different ways (like exchanging your rocket for a friend’s rocket, which can confuse most people).

Replay Value: 10
Between the Stage Challenge, and Multiplayer modes you can have a lot of fun for a while, but it is the 2600 puzzles available for you to solve which will help keep you busy (and playing) for a long, long time.

Overall: 9
Go out and buy this game while you still can. You won't be disappointed. It will add some life to your GBA because you won't want to stop playing for a while.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/27/02, Updated 05/27/02

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