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"Great! It can take forever to beat!"

For the Dreamcast, out of no where, the Sonic Team made a Cat and Mouse chase game with a lot of puzzle to it. Strangely enough, this game is a port of the Dreamcast one, but with many new features.

The graphics are quite good by GameBoy Advance standards, especially since so many objects are running across the screen at once.

The music is futuristic and the sound effects go into the game nicely.

There’s no story in this game.

Now for the game play. The basic idea is to get a bunch of mice called ChuChus into a rocket. To do this, you must place an arrow on the grid-like floor. When a ChuChu runs on this arrow, they will go in that direction. You must lead them into the rocket. However, cats are in the courses. They can eat ChuChus and mess you up if they hit a rocket. Obstacles in the courses include pits, which can kill a ChuChu and cat, and walls. When a creature hits a wall, they turn to THEIR left. This game has a lot of modes, some calm, and some very not…

The game’s “main mode” is the four-player mode. Link four GameBoy Advances together and be ready for some mayhem. The goal is to get the most ChuChus into your rocket. You need to place arrows (Up to three can be laid by one person at a time) and lead them away from your foes and towards you. Watch out! If a cat enters your rocket, one third of your ChuChus are gone! The action is very chaotic and fun. There is also a team mode.

The game has a Challenge Mode for solo gamers. In these challenges, you must complete tasks. The tasks range from sending a cat to eat mice, dodge cats, to playing cat soccer. The mode is fun but short. There are only 25 courses and they were taken directly from the Dreamcast version.

Though the game is supposed to be about insane action, most of your game time will come from the addictive Puzzle Mode. You are given certain arrows and you must place them on the map correctly to send the ChuChus to the rocket without hitting any cats. It may sound easy, but it gets insanely tough. 100 of the puzzles were yanked from the Dreamcast version, but the other 2400 user-made puzzles are new. Puzzle Mode can last for years, don’t ruin it by using a guide.

The game will also let you be creative. You can make up to 25 of your own full-featured puzzles. You can also make up to eight of your own characters, but it’s not advised since you can’t tell what direction they’re facing.

Though it borrowed from the Dreamcast version, this is worth owning for anyone. It will supply years of fun!

Overall Rate: 9.5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/09/03

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