What is the best team to have with Lyn story mode?

  1. I've played this game many times, but have not finished it.
    I need the best team to have with Lyn story mode

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  1. Depends on who you're going to use for Eliwood/Hector Mode.

    Lyn: Obviously. She's the lord, isn't she? Although some say she sucks(I definitely say no to that), she's actually quite good when trained, with the slight potential of being awesome.
    Kent: You definitely need one or two Paladins in your team. I'd say use him. He's got balanced stats, and he's better than Lowen, the Cavalier in Eliwood/Hector Mode, who puts too much of an emphasis on defence.
    Sain: Same arguments as Kent except that he's a bit less balanced due to the fact that he emphasizes on attack. Another worthy character to use. Use either him or Kent, or you can use both if you want.
    Florina: Being fragile is a major drawback, but she's quite good if you do train her. Having a flier is nice, so training her is a good idea. If you think that's a hassle you'll have to wait until her sister Fiora shows up midway through Eliwood/Hector Mode...
    Wil: He's decent, but Rebecca in Eliwood/Hector Mode is a slightly better Archer/Sniper. Not worth using unless you're planning on Hector Hard Mode later on, which makes training Rebecca near impossible...
    Dorcas: Bartre in Eliwood/Hector Mode beats him due to rounded stats and better speed. Same arguments as Wil; don't use unless planning for Hector Hard Mode. In his case, not using even on HHM is possible.
    Erk: Decent character with a chance of awesome. More importantly, only Anima user for Lyn Mode and two-thirds of Eliwood/Hector Mode(unless you promote Priscilla very early). Definitely use him. Should he be RNG-screwed, Pent can replace him later. Oh, and don't use Nino unless you love the ultimate baby-sitting job.
    Serra: She's the only healer you get in Lyn Mode, so you're kinda forced to use her. Eliwood/Hector Mode has Priscilla for competition, but Serra can become a great attacking force once promoted. Only drawback is the absence of S-rank staves and the fact that raising her Light magic level will be hard...
    Matthew: He's your only thief, so you have to use him for those goodies in chests. If you don't like him, then only use him for picking locks and stealing. Your choice entirely; you can use Legault later if you ditch him.
    Rath: Comes over-leveled, rejoins severely underleveled in Eliwood/Hector Mode. He requires baby-sitting when he comes back. Use him if you're fine with that, as he's pretty good once trained. Of course, take care so he doesn't hog your EXP in Lyn Mode.
    Lucius: Your only choice for Light magic(until Serra promotes). He's quite good in the offensive department so using him can be a good idea. Only character who has a realistic chance of reaching S-rank in Light Magic except Athos. Beware of his low HP and nonexistent luck and defence, however...
    Nils: Use him if your playing style likes bards/dancers. I personally don't like him. Definitely should use him if planning for Hector Mode, for chapter 19xx.
    Wallace: In Lyn Hard Mode, don't promote him and he becomes decent. Compared to Oswin he'll be better offensively yet weaker defensively. Still, decent and worth using as a second General. In Lyn Normal Mode, DON'T USE HIM. His auto-promotion kills him completely.

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  1. You should use lyn, will, 1 cavalier,(sain is best ) florina if u want, Skip lucius, erk, dorcas, kent, wallce , rath, and serra.

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  2. I haven't S-ranked any mode myself, but if you're just looking to finish the game, I can try and help. Judging from "never finished it", I would assume you will be doing ENM (Eliwood Normal Mode).

    First, you're going to want to use Lyn. A lot. Otherwise you're going to find yourself stuck on Chapter 30 or something because she keeps getting fried by Bolting. On top of that, she's a dodgetank (extremely hard to hit) most of the time (if the RNG doesn't give her horrible SPD/LUCK).

    Other than that, it's mostly up to you. A few personal notes:

    Kent/Sain: Personally, I can't stand cavalry units in FE...ever. That's just me, though. If you're going to use one, use Sain. Kent's kind of lackluster, both in personality and in stats (he's not particularly tankish, nor is he strong). Sain's a real flirt, and has high STR, so he does a lot of damage.

    Florina: I personally say she's a good character, though she does take a little bit of babying early on. Her availability beats the other pegasus knights, she makes a good dodgetank, just like her friend Lyn, and she has great mobility to reach places others cannot. Just keep her away from arrows...

    Wil: Really depends on if you like archers. Bows are all he's ever going to get, and he's not that great in general...I would say no. He has decent stat gains, but I just can't stand using an archer that only gets one attack per turn.

    Dorcas: One of those "if you like" things, but for axes. I personally can't stand him...fighters are slow, have a hit rate like drunkards for most of the game, and get butchered by mages...a lot. While he's faster than Bartre, he still has the hit rate of a drunkard...

    Erk: He's a pretty good mage, decent stats all around (except DEF, but that's a general mage problem anyway). He has the best availability of the magi, so if you're using a mage, use him (or Pent if the RNG decides to flunk Erk).

    Serra: Lone healer in Lyn's story...I rarely use her. Almost every stat she has is inferior to Priscilla (Ch. 14)...I use her until I get Priscilla, then drop her. Serra is also largely dependant on the RNG to give her MAG...else she's screwed. Priscilla, at least, has a decent base MAG and a decent growth rate.

    Matthew: Yeah, only thief Lyn mode...I prefer Legault (Ch. 19 in ENM), mostly because he's a little more combat-worthy if he does get attacked. It's really your choice, though.

    Rath: Serious issues. He's an ARCHER. On a HORSE. He comes overleveled, returns...10-15 chapters later, severely underleveled.

    Lucius: Pretty much the lone choice for unpromoted Light magic, Lucius has average MAG, SKL, and SPD, high RES, but low LUCK and DEF, so he's prone to getting critical'd to death by a lot of enemies. I didn't have much trouble using him on my first completion, but if the RNG isn't kind to you, a stray critical will kill him...

    Nils: Yay, bards! Since judging from the original question, you're going to be forced into ENM...you don't need to level him up all that high. Just as much as you need to use him. Later on he gains "weapons" that give allies some relatively large stat boosts when used.

    Wallace: If you're leveling your lords a lot, this guy shouldn't even EXIST. Lord total level > 50 triggers a map that gives a Warrior instead of Wallace.

    Only tip for ENM: Level your lords...a lot. At least get them to Lv20 by the time you get your first lord promotion item...

    I hated trying to do ENM with Lv3 lords.

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