can i have both Wallace and Geitz in my team ?

  1. I've read the walkthrough and it seems like I can either recruit Wallace or Geitz in chapter Twenty Three. So can i have both of them in my team ?

    If i can't, then plzz tell me which one is better ?

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    Kanbei12002 - 8 years ago

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  1. 1. You can't have both of them. You must choose between the two.

    2. You're going to use the one you get? Well... Depends on how you've played the game so far.

    Played Lyn Hard Mode, currently on Eliwood/Hector Normal Mode: Pick Wallace. He's decent. Although he loses out to Oswin, he only lags slightly behind and is a fine choice for a second General. Of course, I'm assuming you DIDN'T prematurely promote Wallace in Lyn Mode. Geitz, on the other hand... loses to Bartre outright and stands a good chance of losing to Dorcas as well.

    Played Lyn Normal Mode, currently on Eliwood/Hector Normal Mode: Either one is fine, since both of them aren't good. In fact, Wallace auto-promoted in Lyn Normal Mode is a total mess. Just recruit either, then forget him as you may well have plenty of other good characters.

    Currently playing Eliwood/Hector Hard Mode: Pick Geitz. Solely because of the fact that Wallace will most likely not survive the onslaught of Hard Mode enemies attacking him in the chapter you get him, before you reach and recruit him. On Hector Hard Mode, the odds are even more on Geitz's favor, as training Bartre is very difficult and Geitz comes with Hard Mode Bonuses, which makes him into a decent unit, especially with his B-rank in bows.

    Last piece of advice: Remember to adjust your lords' levels before Chapter 23 to choose which character you get! The three lords' levels sum>50 gets you Geitz, and the sum<50 gets you Wallace.

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  1. No. You will be able to recruit Wallace it you are playing Lloyd's version of Four Fanged Offense. If you're playing Linus's version, the recruitable character will be Geitz. Which version of the map is dependant on the combination of all three lord's levels. Wallace requires you to talk to him with Lyn, Kent, Sain, or Florina. Geitz needs to be spoken to by Dart. Note: If you got Dart killed before this chapter, then you're screwed.

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