Where and how do you recruit Karla?

  1. I always though people were referring to Karel but I remember seeing a female Swordmaster dressed in gray that talked to you. But I did not see her recruitment listed under the cheats section or in any of the answer's question sections.

    I'll go look through the FAQs but I'd thought I'd go ahead and ask

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Accepted Answer

  1. First of all, Karla is a character who is only recruited on Hector Mode, accessible after beating the game at least once. If you are playing Eliwood Mode(the default mode), it is impossible to recruit Karla, so you don't have to worry about her.

    Anyway, to recruit her in Hector Mode...

    You have a character named Bartre, right? You must have promoted him to a Warrior, and then you must have leveled him up to level 5 or higher.

    Once you've done that, you must access Chapter 31x(Battle Preparations). You will remember that level; a map which has no enemies and only a lot of shops to equip yourself. There's an arena on that map, and if your Bartre is a level 5+ Warrior, Karla will appear on top of the arena as a green NPC unit.

    Then, talk to Karla with Bartre. After a few words the two will start a round of combat with each other. Hope that neither of them dies here(a Karla critical has a chance of killing Bartre, and Bartre with a Swordslayer will definitely kill Karla; just have him equip a bow so he can't attack at all). If both of them survive, Karla will join your party.

    However, despite all that trouble you went through to recruit her, Karla is actually... quite mediocre, even bad in terms of stats. Guy and Karel are better Swordmasters, so I'd advise sticking to them.

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