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    FAQ/Walkthrough by helloiforgotmyname

    Version: 0.36 | Updated: 01/09/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    FFFFFF          II        RRRRRRRRR    EEEEEEE
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    FFF          IIIIIIIII    RR     RR    EEEEEEEEEE 
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    Table of Contents
    1.0-Legal Stuff
    2.0-Version History
    5.0-Basic Tactics
    8.0-Types of Classes
    ^=Not finished
    *=Not started
    1.0-Legal Stuff
    This guide is for personal use only and can not be copied or reproduced in 
    any way. This guide is to only be used at sites that have notified me and I 
    have given them permission. (c)2003-04 HelloIforgotmyname(tm)
    This guide should only be posted on
    2.0-Version History
    v.0.11 -Wrote about From Prologue to the End of Chapter 4 of Walkthrough, 
    F.A.Q., and Basic Tactics, plus the Legal Stuff and the Version History. 
    v.0.17-Added the large title at the top. Also added the Types of Classes 
    v.0.31 -Added chapter's 5, 6, 7, and 7x to the walkthrough and the menu's 
    section. Also added the what I do and don't accept in emails into the 
    introduction and another question to the F.A.Q. section. Lastly, I added the 
    section separators.
    v.0.36-Added chapter(s) 8 and changed the business about the thief upgrading 
    a class(thanks to Jollyman1010). 
    	Hello, I am HelloIforgotmyname. This is my gift for all gamers out 
    there playing Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance. This is a complete 
    walkthrough that goes through the entire game. Also, it teaches some basic 
    techniques that will help you stay alive while not using my F.A.Q. This 
    being my first FAQ, I tried really hard and I hope that you enjoy it.
    Why I did this FAQ; 1. There aren't many Walkthroughs written and few are 
    written to tell you exactly what to do. 2. I Love this game. 3. I am very 
    	What I accept in responses.
    1.	Compliments about my FAQ
    2.	When a polite response is sent to show a mistake that I have 
    written in my FAQ that doesn't ask for a mountain of credit.
    What I don't accept in responses.
    1.	Spam. No one likes it. Just don't send it to me.
    2.	Just repeated insults and other things about my FAQ.
    3.	Asking for credit for something that isn't really creditable.
    4.	Telling me stupid things to do in the future.
    5.	Asking me a question about something that is in my FAQ because you 
    are to lazy to look.
    If you violate any of these you will be given a warning and then, if you 
    keep doing it, I will block anything you email me.
    Here are the abbreviations that are used in the walkthrough so far( Not in 
    the whole game).
    4.0-F.A.Q.-Frequently Asked Questions
     Q. Is Marth in this game?
     Q. Is Roy in this game?
    	Yes, he is the son of Eliwood. He makes a very, very short appearance 
    near the end of the game.
     Q. What's so good about side quests?
    	Side quests allow you to add some new people to your army or get 
    certain items that can really help you.
     Q. Should I wait to give my Knight's Crest to my guy?
    	Yes wait until he is near level 20, otherwise, you will lose 10 levels 
    worth of stats.
     Q. One of my people keeps dieing, what should I do?
    	1. Always raise experience evenly throughout your characters. If you 
    don't some people will become weaker than others. 
          2. If the person is at the same level as everyone else, depending on 
    the class of the character, keep it back. For example, let's say Priscilla 
    is going onto the battlefield to heal Kent. After she does so, if you don't 
    rescue her, most of the enemies will stop attacking the normal people and 
    just go all out against her. The solution, don't move her last always have 
    at least one close by guy with plenty of H.P. to rescue her. And then just 
    move out of the way, and drop her down at a safe place.
     Q. Something's wrong with your FAQ. What should I do? 
    	Email me at TheCheseboy231@aol.com. If your email is very large send 
    me an email that tells me what you're sending and wait for a replay. If I 
    allow you to send it do so, but if it's something that isn't very big or 
    long just feel free to send it. I've explained what I do and don't accept in 
    the introduction.
    5.0-Basic Tactics
           1. Always remember the weapon triangle. It comes in handy because if 
    you follow it you can get 15% of your attack damage added to the attack 
    which could win the battle for you.
           2. Don't just send your allies to attack the stronger boss units. Use 
    an archer or magic-user first because the enemy can't attack them.
           3. Don't leave a weaker unit on its own. Attack and move in groups so 
    no one is on their own, unless they have high stats.
           4. Talk to the fortune teller often. She(and later he) can give you 
    valuable information about what units to send in later.
           5. Always wait before you use a Knight's Crest or Hero's crest, etc, 
           6. Trying to get a cavalier, paladin, etc. over a small mountain. 
    Here's how, have a unit that can already go over it rescue the unit and then 
    walk over and drop the mounted unit on the other side.
    In my guide if you have 2 of the same weapon always use the one that has the 
    lowest number.
    Prologue: A girl from the plains-
    1.	Insert information about yourself(name, birth month, and gender) Press 
    Start to finish.
    2.	Listen to the girl talk, she says how she found you and that she in 
    Lyn of the Lorca tribe. You tell you her name and she notices that you 
    are a traveler. She asks to hear your story. She hears a noise and 
    goes to see what happens. She notices that the noise was bandits and 
    says for you to stay inside. Then, you say that you want to help. You 
    say you are a strategist and both of you go outside. She says that she 
    will use your advice and for you to stay close to her.
    -New Info-Allied units are usually blue and enemies are red. You are the 
    green unit. Battles consist of blue and red units using the turn-based 
    sequence moving on the field.
    	Objective-Seize Gate!
    	Allied units 1: Lyn
    	Enemy units 2: A axe wielding Bandit, and Batta
    	Turn one-Lyn-5 W-Wait
    	Turn two-Lyn-1 N- Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    	Turn three-Lyn-2 N,  3 W- Item/Vulnerary
    	Turn Four-Lyn-2 N, 1 W-Attack: Batta/Iron Sword
    	Turn Five-Lyn: 1 W-Seize
    	Lyn starts talking about how she thinks that that battle. She says 
    that she wants to talk to you about something. She says that you have some 
    experience in the ways of war and she wants to know if she can travel with 
    you. You ask her to get permission from her parents and she says that they 
    both died about 6 months ago. She says that she's the last of her tribe. She 
    also says that bandits attacked her tribe and killed so many that the tribe 
    scattered. She says that her father was the chieftain, but when he died the 
    people wouldn't follow her. She apologizes and says that she won't cry 
    anymore. She says that she wants to become stronger and she wants to avenge 
    her fathers death. She repeats that she wants to travel with you. You accept 
    and the two of you are on your way.
    	-New Info-Press Select to show or hide mission data. 
    Chapter 1: Footsteps of Fate-
    Story on Map-The apprentice tactician (Your Name) and the young swordfighter 
    Lyn. A strange pair on an even stranger journey. To prepare for the road 
    ahead, they go to Bulgar, the commercial center of Sacae. Unbeknownst to 
    Lyn, she will discover something that will alter her life forever.
    Listen to the conversation-Lyn shouts your name. She states that you 
    guys are in Bulgar the biggest city in all of Sacae. She states that 
    you'll need supplies for your long journey. Then, an unknown voice 
    shouts "Oh, my heart! What a dazzling vision of loveliness!" I guy 
    with green armor and brown hair comes onto the screen and tells Lyn to 
    wait. He asks for her name and if he can join her. Lyn asks where he 
    is from and asks why he speaks so freely to a stranger. He tells her 
    that he is from Lycia. Then, he says that he hails the Caelin canton, 
    home to men of passion and fire. Then Lyn disses him and says 
    shouldn't that be "home to callow oafs with loose tounges?" Then the 
    boy says that Lyn is even lovely when she is cruel. Then, Lyn asks to 
          	When Lyn leaves another knight comes up and says the boys 
    name, Sain, and tells him to hold his tounge. After that, Sain says 
    "Kent! My boon companion! Why so severe in an expression?" Then Kent 
    replies "If your manner were more serious, I wouldn't have to be so 
    severe! We still have a mission to complete, Sain! Then Sain states "I 
    know that, but how could I remain silent in the presence of such a 
    beauty? It would have been discourteous! Kent replies "What do you 
    know of courtesy!?"
    	Lyn comes back into the scene and says that they are blocking 
    the road and if they were kind enough to move their horses. Kent 
    replies and apologizes. Lyn states that he ,at least, is honorable 
    enough. Kent states that he feels as if they have met before. Lyn begs 
    his pardon. Sain exclaims "Hey! No fair, Kent! I saw her first!" Lyn 
    replies with a simple Tsk. Then she says how there are no decent men 
    among Lycia's knights. Then she says your name and that she wants to 
    leave because she is running out of patience. 
           Kent yells for her to wait and that it's not like that. Then, he 
    says "Sain, you lout!" Then Sain replies "Huh? Not like that? I 
    thought you were..." Kent again says I am NOT you!!! Then, he says that 
    they must follow her and that he suspects that Lyn might be-Before 
    Kent can finish Sain replies "What? She's our mission? You're joking! 
    Wait! As they walk off"
           Then it cuts of to just Lyn saying "Run!!! We're being pursued! 
    Could it be those knights from town? No... It's not them. These men are 
    out for blood! Then, a stange man appears and says "Heh heh hehhh... 
    Aren't you the pretty one! Your name is Lyndis, is it not? Lyn replies 
    "What did you call me?...Who are you?" The guy replies " Such a waste. 
    An absolute waste. The things I do for gold...Ah, well. Time to die, 
    darlin'! C'mon out, boys! Then more men come out and Lyn says "Oh, no! 
    There are more than I can handle...But I'll not give up!
           Then you here a voice "Hey! There she is! Both Sain and Kent 
    jump into the scene and say "Whew...Finally caught up...Hold! You there! 
    What is your business? Such numbers against a girl? Cowards, every one 
    of you! Lyn replies You! You're from-Kent cuts her off "We can discuss 
    that later. It appears these ruffians mean to do you harm. If it's a 
    fight they want, let them look to me! And Sain joins in "Stand back! 
    I'll take care off this! Lyn butts in "No! This is my fight! Stay out 
    of my way! Sain replies "Well, I can't just stand here and do 
    nothing..." And Kent joins in "I have a solution. You there, command us! 
    I am Kent, a knight from Lycia. My companion is Sain. We follow your 
    orders during this battle. Is that acceptable, milady? Lyn replies 
    "Yes, it is. (Your name) and I will lead! Let's go!
          !Battle 2!
    Allied units 3: Lyn, Kent, and Sain
    Enemy units 5: 4 axe wielding bandits, and Zugu.
    Objective: Defeat all enemy units(5)
    In battle conversation: Sain: You! You are called (Your Name)? I want 
    to impress my beauteous one! Let me attack first!
    	New Info-If Lyn is defeated, jour journey is over, as is your 
    game. If other allies are defeated, the game will continue, but fallen 
    companions are unable to return for the rest of the tutorial. 
    (Tutorial lasts until Chapter 11) Once all blue units are moved it 
    automatically becomes the enemy's turn.
    Turn 1: Sain 4 E: Attack: Bandit/ Iron Lance
    In battle conversation Sain: Whoa! I missed?
    Kent: Sain! Why aren't you using your sword?
    Sain: The lance is more heroic. A knight should look heroic, don't you 
    Kent: You're hopeless. If you don't take fighting more seriously, 
    you're going to find yourself on the end of a blade!
    Sain: Truth be told, I...forgot to buy a sword.
    Kent: Forgot? Or were you simply to busy dallying with the ladies?
    Sain: Don't be so mad! I'll be fine with a lance. I'm that good!
    Kent: I'd prefer to rely on your skill, not your empty bragging! Take 
    my spare blade and use it to attack next time!
    Sain: Are you sure? My thanks, Kent!
    Kent: You're almost more trouble than you're worth. Almost.
    Got an Iron Sword!
    Kent: (Your Name) Allow me to make up for my companions blunder. I am 
    at your command!
    New Info- Weapons possess a unique hierarchy. (This'll come in handy) 
    Swords best axes.
    Axes best lances.
    And lances best swords.
    This is known as the weapon triangle.
    Ok back to the battle.
    Kent: 4 E Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword.
    Conversation Kent: He's almost defeated. Now, let's deliver the final 
    Lyn: 2 N 1E Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Turn two
    Conversation Sain: (Your Name) Give me another chance!
    Sain: 4 S, 1 E Attack: Bandit/ Iron Sword
    Conversation Sain: Gah!
    Kent: Sain! Are you all right?
    Sain: Yes. Yes, I am. I was able to dodge in time. I can't believe he 
    evaded my sword stroke so easily. This is no jest.
    Kent: Look closely. The enemy is hidden in the woods. The branches 
    make it difficult to attack, don't they?
    Sain: You're right. I was so focused on attacking...I didn't see.
    Kent: Your lack of attention may someday cost you your life!
    Sain: Fine! I understand already! Let it go, Kent!
    Kent: If you truly understand, then act like it!
    Sain: Kent worries too much...He's going to grow old before his time.
    	New info-Each type of terrain has unique characteristics. For 
    example, look at it woods and plains. Battle an enemy from the woods, 
    and the enemy will likely miss you. However, your attacks will be 
    unimpeded, giving you a distinct advantage. The same is for foes, so 
    watch out. The window at the bottom of the screen gives info about the 
    terrain the cursor is on.
    Back to the battle-
    Kent: 2 E, 1 S Attack: Bandit/ Iron Sword
    Conversation Lyn: It seems like a wise decision to leave that bandit 
    to the knights.
    Lyn:  2 E, 2 N: Wait. 
    Turn 3
    Conversation Lyn: You...Your name is Sain, right?
    Sain: Yes! Sain, the gallant man of Caelin. That's me!
    Lyn: If you insist...Why have you not healed yourself?
    Sain: Huh? Hey! I've been injured? What a cad I am! To wrinkle that 
    perfect brow of yours with worry for me...
    Lyn: Uh...I was thinking of giving you a vulnerary, but...It looks like 
    you're fine. So, never you mind.
    Sain: No, wait! I'll take it! Please! I'll take it!!
    New info-To give away an item, use the trade command. Units must be 
    adjacent to use the trade command.
    Sain: 4 N: Trade/Lyn 1 set of Lyn's vulnerary to Sain. Then 
    New info-Mounted units have the ability to move again. Essentially, 
    this allows calvary to move the number of spaces left in their 
    movement range if they haven't already, unless they attack. Also, if 
    you are moving for the second time, you can only move. You can't use 
    items or attack. 
    For now just make Sain wait.
    New info-Mission goals change from chapter to chapter. Push A on an 
    unoccupied space and pull up the menu choose status to look at info, 
    Suspend to stop in the middle of a chapter and End to end your turn 
    without moving all your units.
    Back to the battle-
    Lyn: 2N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Kent: Attack: Bandit/ Iron Sword
    Turn 4-
    Lyn: 1 N, 4 E: Item/ Vulnerary
    Sain: 5 E: Wait
    Kent: 4 E, 1 N: Wait
    Turn 5-
    Lyn: 1 S, 3 E: Wait
    Sain: 3 E, 3 N: Attack: Zugu/Iron Sword
    Kent: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Turn 6-
    Kent: Level Up!(2)
    Lyn: 1 N: Attack: Zugu/Iron Sword-After Battle-Level Up(3)
    Lyn states that that's the last of them and that you did good work. A 
    picture comes up and Lyn says something like now for the knights of 
    Lycia. And, she asks them to share their story.
    Kent: We have ventured from Caelin, in Lycia, in search of someone.
    Lyn: Lycia...That's the country beyond the mountains in the southwest, 
    isn't it?
    Kent: Correct. We've come as messengers to the lady Madelyn, who 
    eloped with a nomad some 19 years ago.
    Lyn: Madelyn?
    Kent: Out lord the marquess of Caelin's only daughter. He was 
    heartbroken his own daughter would abandon him so. Eventually, the 
    marquess simply declared he had no daughter.
    Sain: And then this year, we received a letter from Lady Madelyn. It 
    said that she, her husband, and her daughter were living happily on 
    the Sacae plains. The marquess was ecstatic to learn he had a 
    granddaughter of 18 years. I remember the smile on his face when he 
    announced that he'd suddenly become a grandfather. The granddaughter's 
    name is Lyndis. That was also the name of the marquess's wife who 
    passes away at an early age.
    Lyn: Lyndis?
    Sain: That she should bear this name thawed the marquess's heart. Now, 
    his only wish is to meet his daughter's family at least once. This is 
    why we're here. We didn't know that Lady Madelyn died a few days after 
    sending her letter...We only learned this shortly after we arrived here 
    in Bulgar.
    Kent: But we also learned all was not lost. Her daughter yet lives. We 
    heard that she was living alone on the plains...I... I knew it 
    immediately. You are the lady Lyndis.
    Lyn: Why would you think that...
    Kent: Your resemblance to your departed mother is remarkable.
    Lyn: What? Did you know my mother?
    Kent: I'm sorry to say I never met her directly, but I saw her 
    portraits in Castle Caelin. 
    Lyn: To the rest of my tribe, I was always Lyn. But when I was with my 
    parents...When it was just the three of us, I was Lyndis. It's all so 
    strange. I was alone in the world, and now I have a grandfather. 
    Lyndis... I never thought I would hear that name again. Wait! That 
    bandit! He called me Lyndis, too!
    Kent: What? How could he have-
    Sain: He was a  henchman of Lord Lundgren, wasn't he?
    Lyn: Lungren? Who's that?
    Kent: He's the marquess's younger brother. Everyone assumed the lady 
    Madelyn was gone forever. This made Lord Lundgren heir to the 
    marquess's title.
    Sain: To be blunt, milady, your existence is an obstacle to your 
    granduncle's ambitions.
    Lyn: That's-But I have no interest in inheriting any title!
    Sain: Unfortunately, your granduncle is not the sort of man to believe 
    that. I believe the attempts on life will persist.
    Lyn: What should I do?
    Kent: Accompany us to Caelin. Continuing on this way is dangerous.
    Lyn: I feel I have little choice. I will go with you.
    Lyn: (your name)... I'm sorry. This changes everything. What will you 
    do(Your Name) You...want me to decide? Of course, your companionship 
    would do much to ease my journey, but...It's going to be so dangerous. 
    You'll come? Are you sure? Thank you! Let me ask once again for your 
    friendship and your aid.
    Chapter 2-Sword of Spirits
    Opening-A small altar lies on the outskirts of Bulgar. This ancient 
    temple, sacred to the people of Sacae, has long been known for its 
    powerful bond to the world of spirits. Before starting their journey, 
    our travelers come here to pray for their well-being. At this altar, 
    Lyn's hand is directed to a grand inheritance.
    Conversation-Lyn: (Your Name), hold a moment, and allow me a short 
    detour. There is a sacred sword enshrined in an altar east of here. 
    The people of Sacae go there to pray for safety at the onset of a long 
    Sain: Oh! How quaint!
    Kent: The teachings of Elimine have the most followers in Elibe. It is 
    nice to see that, here at least, the ancient customs are still 
    Different Conversation-Unknown Man: Old Man! Stay where you are, and 
    hold your tongue!
    Old Man: Threaten me as you will, but I'll not give up the Mani Katti. 
    The Mani Katti is a sacred blade, under divine protection. It cannot 
    be removed from its place of rest!
    Unknown Man: You're a fool, old man. What good's a sword if you don't 
    use it?
    Old Man: Use it? In combat? Sacrilege!
    Unknown Man: Sacrilege? I am Glass! The gods fear my name! My 
    swordplay is peerless! And if I want this sword, then this sword I 
    shall have! Now, get out of my way!
    Old Man: Oof!
    Glass: This is it! It's more magnificent than I'd imagined! This sword 
    was made for a swordsman of my skill. Hmm? What's this? I can't...draw 
    the sword...from its scabbard?
    Old Man: The spirits of the blade have judged you. You have been found 
    wanting. They have rejected you.
    Glass: What? Listen, you senile old fool, if you value your own life, 
    you'll get out of my site!!!(The old guy leaves)Curses! Miserable 
    spirits! I care nothing for you! I'll tear this altar down stone by 
    Back to Lyn and them-
    A lady walks up to them: I beg your pardon, milady. Are you headed 
    east? To the altar?
    Lyn: Yes, we are indeed.
    Lady: Then you must hurry and help the priest there. I saw a band of 
    local ruffians head in there not long ago. They seemed intent on 
    stealing the altar's sacred sword!
    Lyn: The Mani Katti...They're going to steal it? I cannot allow this to 
    Lady: You look like a virtuous group. Please, help him!
    (Lady leaves)
    Sain: Lyndis, what are you planning?
    Kent: If you hope to go to the priest's aid, you'll need to prepare.
    Lyn: You're right...Say,(Your Name)...There are some homes to the south of 
    us. Perhaps we should go there and question the residents.
    -New Info-You can speak to people in homes. They can give you combat 
    hints or useful information. It pays to listen!
    Lyn: Shall I take the lead? All right. Tell me what you would like me 
    to do,(Your Name)
    !Battle 3!
    Objective: Seize Throne
    Allied Units 3: Lyn, Sain, Kent
    Enemy Units 5: 4 axe-wielding bandits, and Glass
    Useful objects: Cracked Wall(30 HP)
    Lyn: 4 S: Visit-Lady: Say, aren't you the...Oh! You're going to help the 
    priest! Well, perhaps you could benefit from something I saw 
    earlier...The bandits may have the main entrance guarded. However, one 
    of the altar's walls is cracked and in poor repair. You might be able 
    to create another entrance by hitting that section with your weapons. 
    We're all counting on you!
    Sain: 4 S: Visit-Man: Mountains make it more difficult to be hit, but 
    they're difficult to traverse. If you're riding on horseback, you 
    can't cross them at all. Be careful.
    	New Info-Mounted units can't go over mountains unless...(look at 
    basic tactics number 6) After you visited-1 N: Wait
    Kent: 4 S, 1 W: Visit-Girl: Do you know much about the sword held at 
    the altar? It's called the Mani Katti, blessed by the spirits. 
    According to the priest, the Mani Katti is waiting for its rightful 
    owner to appear. It's so odd, don't you think? The idea that a sword 
    can choose who will wield it? After you visited-1 N, 1 E: Wait
    New Info- Fortresses offer more protection than woods do. Fighting 
    from a space in a fortress is beneficial. Also, they allow units to 
    regain lost H.P., but enemies can also use fortresses.
    Turn 2-
    Lyn: 4 N, 1 E: Wait
    Kent: 5 N, 2 E: Wait
    Sain: 3 E, 4 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Turn 3-
    Lyn: 4 E: Wait
    Kent: 3 E, 2 S: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Sain: 3 E, 1 S: Attack: Wall/Iron Lance
    Turn 4-
    Lyn: 2 E, 3 S: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Sain: Attack: Wall/Iron Lance
    Kent: 2 N, 3 E: Item/Vulnerary: Wait
    Turn 5-
    Sain: 2 E, 1 S, 1 E: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Kent: 2 N, 1 E: Attack: Glass/Iron Lance
    Lyn: 3 N, 2 E: Wait
    Turn 6-
    Sain: 1 E, 2 N: Attack: Glass/Iron Lance 
    Got Vulnerary!
    New Info-Sometimes you can get items after battles. I single guy can 
    carry up to 5 items. While looking at an enemies info, look at the 
    items and see if anything is glowing yellow. If so, then you get that 
    item after defeating that enemy.
    Lyn: 2 E, 2 N: Seize
    Conversation-Old Man: Ah, your clothing...Are you of the Lorca tribe?
    Lyn: I'm Lyn, the chieftain's daughter. Are you hurt, sir?
    Old Man: Thanks to you, I am unscathed. You have my gratitude.
    Lyn: And the sword? Is it safe?
    Old Man: Yes, I have sealed the sword safely away. Until I remove my 
    spell, the sword cannot be drawn. Now, as a token of my gratitude, I 
    shall allow you to lay hands upon the Mani Katti. Touch the blade's 
    pattern, and pray for a safe journey.
    Lyn: Oh, thank you so much!
    (A light flashes)
    Old Man: Hm?
    Lyn: What? Did-
    (Another Flash)
    Lyn: The sword...It's...glowing.
    Old Man: Ah. Hm...It's the power of the spirits. Lyn, they have looked 
    into your soul, and they call out to you.
    Lyn: What does that mean?
    Old Man: You are the rightful owner. You are to wield the Mani Katti.
    Lyn: No...I can't...I couldn't...
    Old Man: It is the sword's wish. If you require proof, draw it from 
    its sheath.
    Lyn: Um......
    (Yet another light flashes, then, it goes to a picture of Lyn holding 
    the sword)
    Lyn: It came out...effortlessly.
    Old Man: I never dared to hope that I might meet the wielder of the 
    Mani Katti in my life. I am indeed fortunate to see your sword reach 
    your hands.
    Lyn: My sword?
    Old Man:  It is time for you to go, Lyn. You face a great many 
    ordeals. Grip this sword, and meet your destiny head-on.
    Lyn: Yes...Yes, sir!
    Got the Mani Katti!
    (You go outside)
    Sain: So this is the Mani Katti...A blade with no equal.
    Lyn: This is all so unbelievable. Perhaps the most famous sword in all 
    of Sacae...in my hand.
    Kent: It's not so strange. In fact, many legends tell similar 
    tales...Special blades all over the land call out to their proper 
    owners. And yet, when I saw you draw that blade, Lyndis...I felt 
    something extraordinary. That sword was waiting for you. You were 
    meant to draw it.
    Lyn: Stop it! I...I'm nothing special!
    Sain: Think of it this way: Some weapons feel more comfortable in your 
    hand, right? Well, the Mani Katti itself feels very comfortable with 
    you. Does this make it any easier for you to accept? It doesn't appear 
    that either of us can use it.
    Lyn: It...does feel right in my hand. A blade that only I can wield. 
    That seems reasonable enough. I can understand that. Look at it, (Your 
    Name). This is the Mani Katti. This is...my sword. I must care for it 
    Castle Caelin-New Conversation-
    Old Guy: What? Madelyn's daughter is still alive?
    Soldier: Uh...Yes, Lord Lundgren. The girl is traveling with Kent and 
    Sain. What are your orders? If we let them be...
    Old Guy: Bah! I've heard that northern Bern is full of bandits. She's 
    just a girl. She'll not survive her journey here. I'm more concerned 
    with my older brother. His life must be ended quickly. The 
    poison...There must be no blunders.
    Soldier: Yes, m'lord. He suspects nothing and continues to drink it. 
    The marquess's death, due no doubt to "sudden illness," is not far 
    Chapter 3: Band of Mercenaries
    Opening: The secrets of her past revealed in the words of two Knights 
    of Lycia. Now, to meet her grandfather, Lyn heads west, to Lycia, and 
    to her destiny. A mountain range separates the Sacae Plains from Bern. 
    There are many bandits lurking here, the cruelest of which are the 
    Taliver. They wreak havoc on both Sacae and Bern, and their savagery 
    knows no bounds. On her tenth day away from the plains, Lyn witnesses 
    their atrocities herself.
    Conversation-Lyn: This place...It's...
    Sain: The entire area is in ruins. Why doesn't their marquess do 
    anything to help?
    Lyn: Taliver Mountain is home to a gang of vicious, ruthless bandits. 
    No marquess holds power here. My village was near here, on the other 
    side of the mountain. My people were...The Taliver bandits came at 
    night. It took only one night. The survivors numbered less than ten, 
    including me. They're soulless beasts. I will never forgive them. 
    Sain: Lyndis...
    Lyn: I am not running away. I will be back...someday. I'll be stronger...I 
    will break their swords beneath me like twigs beneath a stallion's 
    hooves. I will avenge my people. I'll do everything in my power.
    Sain: When the time comes, bring me with you.
    Lyn: Sain.
    Kent: Don't forget me, either.
    Lyn: Kent...Oh! You, too,(Your Name)?I...You're...Thank you.
    Scene moves to a Pegasus knight and two guys.
    1st Bandit: Wait right there, little lady! What are you going to do to 
    apologize? Huh?
    Girl: Uh...I...That is, I...
    2nd Bandit: Hey, she's quite a catch, eh, buddy? I bet the boss'd give 
    us a pretty penny for her.
    1st Bandit: Yeah. She roughed me up a bit, so I figure fair's fair. 
    It's no more'n she deserves.
    Girl: I...I...
    2nd Bandit: What are we gonna do with the flying mule?
    Girl: Don't you dare touch her!
    2nd Bandit: What? You just watch your mouth, girlie!
    Girl: Do what you will with me, just...Let her go. Please, I beg of you.
    1st Bandit: Ha ha ha! Silly twit! Pegasi can only be found in Ilia. 
    They're rare beasts, worth more than you by far! We can sell it for a 
    mountain of gold. Let it go? HA!
    Girl: No, you can't...
    1st Bandit: C'mon! Let's move!
    Back to your group
    Kent: What's this? Be on your guard, Lyndis. There seems to be some 
    sort of commotion over there.
    Lyn: That's...That's a Pegasus. Could it be?
    (Lyn runs up to the girl and the bandits)
    Lyn: Florina? Is that you, Florina?
    Florina: Ah! Lyn?
    Lyn: Florina! What are you doing in a place such as this?
    Florina: Lyn! Is it really you? I...I...
    Lyn: Come now, no crying!
    Florina: I'm sorry.
    Kent: You are acquaintances?
    Lyn: She's my friend. This is Florina, a Pegasus knight in training 
    from Ilia. She's a little uncomfortable around men. Tell me, Florina, 
    what happened here?
    Florina: Well...um...When I heard that you had left...I decided to follow 
    you. Then I saw this village...I flew down to ask if they had news of 
    you. I didn't see these two, and...well...
    Lyn: Did your Pegasus land on them?
    Florina: Well, I...A little...
    2nd Bandit: Aha! You heard her! She admits her fault! She stepped on my 
    friend, and now she's got to pay!
    Lyn: Did you apologize, Florina?
    Florina: Yes. I told them I was sorry many times over. They just 
    wouldn't listen. ...
    Lyn: Don't cry. It's all right.
    Florina: Lyn...
    Lyn: Listen, she's obviously sorry. Can't we just let this pass? You 
    don't appear to be injured or anything.
    1st Bandit: No chance. The girl goes with us-by force if need be!
    (Bandits move away)
    1st Bandit: Hey! C'mon out now, boys! The men are fair game, but don't 
    put a scratch on the girls!
    Lyn: (Your Name)! We've got to fight back!
    Florina: Lyn...I...
    Lyn: You're a Pegasus knight, aren't you? You can fight, can't you?
    Lyn: Listen carefully,(Your Name). We're facing bandits. They're 
    underlings, but we can't take them to lightly. Let's clear them out of 
    here. Are you ready?
    Lyn: The layout around here might make it difficult to fight. The same 
    holds true for our foe, too. If we use these walls just so, they may 
    ensure out victory.
    Florina: Lyn...Who's that?
    Lyn: This is (Your Name). He/She's still an apprentice, but he/she's 
    my tactician.
    Florina: Oh, I see...Uh...(Your Name)? I'm pleased to meet you.
    New Info-Red-Roofed buildings are villages. Villages are in danger of 
    being attacked. If an enemy unit reaches a village before an allied 
    one does, the village will be destroyed. Visit all villages.
    !Battle 4!
    Objective: Defeat All Enemies
    Allied Units 4-Lyn, Kent, Sain, and Florina
    Enemy Units 9- 3 Sword-wielding bandits, 2 bandit archers, 2 axe-
    wielding bandits, and Migal.
    Turn 1
    Lyn: 2 E, 2 N: Visit: Lyn: Is anyone there?
    ?: Leave us alone, you thugs! Go away! Go away! We've no more gold for 
    Lyn: No, wait! Please! We're not bandits! We want to help the village. 
    Please listen!
    ?: Remain inside, everyone. I'll go see what's happening.
    Boy: Not bandits, huh? So, who are you?
    Lyn: My name is Lyn. My colleagues and I are just traveling through 
    here...We saw some bandits about. We're going to deal with them, but...We 
    need you to go and warn the villagers.
    Boy: Hey! Wait! The name's Wil. I'm a traveler of sorts, too. Listen, 
    these villagers have been kind to me. Mind if I fight with you?
    Lyn: Not at all. We need all the help we can get! Welcome aboard, Wil!
    Wil joins your party!
    -New Info-Bows fire more than 1 space away. Obstacles won't affect 
    their line of fire. This is called indirect combat. When attacking an 
    enemy that uses only indirect combat directly, they cannot fight back. 
    However you can't fire in an adjacent space, either.
    Back to the battle
    Wil: 2 E, 1 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow
    New Info- Pegasus knights can maneuver over an terrain type.
    Florina: 3 N, 2 E: Attack Bandit/Slim Lance
    Sain: 4 E: Attack: Bandit/ Iron Sword
    Kent: 7 E: Wait
    Turn 2
    Conversation (okay from now on I'm going to use these abbreviations 
    for characters.)
    Lyn: L
    Kent: K
    Sain: S
    Florina: F
    Wil: W
    	I'll say the other characters abbreviations when you get them.
    F: Lyn! What should I do? There's an archer!!!
    L: What? Where!? Oh, that's Wil.
    W: Hi! You're one of Lyn's friends?
    F: Um... ... ...
    W: What...What is it? Are you unwell?
    L: I'm sorry, Wil. Her name is Florina. She's timid around men, and 
    you...you've got a bow.
    W: Oh! I see! You must be a Pegasus knight! I apologize for frightening you, 
    but I do understand your fear of bows.
    F: I...um...I'm sorry...Even looking...at a...bow...frightens me ever so much...
    W: Of course, I understand. But you should really only fear enemy's archers, 
    not your own.
    F: Yes...of course...
    New Info-Units that fly are especially weak to archers.
    Lyn: 2 S, 3 E: Wait.
    Kent: 3 N, 1 E: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Sain: 2 N, 1 E: Wait.
    Wil: 2 S, 3 E: Wait.
    Florina: 2 W, 2 N: Visit. Girl: You came to help the village? That's good. 
    With so many bandits, I wasn't sure what to do. It's not much, but please, 
    take this money. There is an armory to the southeast of us. Equip yourself 
    as you see fit, and help us, please. After visiting: 1 S, 1 E.
    Got 2000 gold
    New Info-Weapons can only be used a limited amount of times. The number of 
    times left is shown to the right of the weapon. As you fight the endurance 
    drops. When the number reaches 0 you cannot use the weapon anymore. Save 
    your good weapons for when you need them more than regular ones.
    Turn 3
    Florina: 1 E: Attack: Bandit/Slim Lance
    Kent: 1 E, 2 S, 2 E, 1 N: Armory: Purchase: 1 Iron Sword and 1 Iron Lance. 
    Afterwards-1 S
    Sain: 2 E, 2 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Lance
    Wil: 2 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow
    Lyn: 3 E, 2 N: Wait.
    Turn 4
    Florina: 4 S, 3 E: Item/Vulnerary
    Kent: 2 W, 2 N: Wait.
    Wil: 3 E, 1 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow
    Sain: 2 E, 2 N: Item/Vulnerary(Use the one that only has 1 left)Afterwards: 
    Lyn: 2 E, 2 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Turn 5
    Florina: 4 E: Trade/Kent: Take the new Iron Lance from him. Afterwards: Wait
    Lyn: 3 W, 2 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Wil: 3 N, 1 W, 1 N: Wait.
    Kent: 4 N, 1 W, 2 N: Wait
    Sain: 1 N: Attack: Migal/Iron Sword
    Migal should attack on his turn and he should die when he attacks Sain.
    L: Finally that's taken care of.
    F: Lyn!
    L: Florina...Why did you follow me? It's so dangerous.
    F: Do you remember the knighting ceremony of the Pegasus Knights of Ilia?
    L: Yes, you join a band of freelance soldiers to further your training. Is 
    that what brought you here, Florina?
    F: Uh-huh. I wanted to talk to you before I set out. But when I went to 
    Sacae, I heard that you had left with some strangers, and...
    L: You were worried for me? Thank you, but I'm more worried about you.
    F: Me?
    L: Listen, most mercenaries are men, right? Bands of men? I can't imagine 
    you being at all comfortable around them.
    F: I know, I know. It's just...I've always dreamt of being a Pegasus knight. I 
    imagined I would just...work it out. Somehow. After today, I'm not so sure. 
    Maybe I should just...give up...
    L: Florina...Don't cry...
    Outside voice: Yes! There's no reason to give up your dream!
    L: Hm?
    S: Lovely Florina! I have the most brilliant idea!
    K: Sain!
    S: You should come with us! With the addition of Wil here, we're a fine 
    group of soldiers, and freelance to boot.
    W: Wait, did you just include me?
    S: Of course! We were destined to meet here! It's fate! Come now, Lyndis's 
    band of mercenaries is a good training group as you will find anywhere.
    K: Sain...This is no joking matter!
    F: Lyndis? Um, Lyn? Mercenaries?
    L: I can give you details later. This is all a bit rushed. However, Sain is 
    right. Will you come with us, Florina?
    F: Travel with you, Lyn? Truly? I would be so...so happy!
    S: Fantastic! Beauteous Florina! I am a knight of Caelin. My name is Sain...
    F: Eeek! Say back! Don't get so close.
    S: Ah...Beautiful, and yet so modest!
    K: I beg your forgiveness. Calling us mercenaries...
    L: No, I approve. We can't leave Florina on her own. She requires special 
    attention, though. Can I count on you?
    K: Yes! You have but to ask.
    W: So...Is it really all right if I travel with you?
    L: Oh, yes. Of course! If you're will, Wil.
    W: Actually, I'm very grateful. Truth be told, all my money was stolen, and 
    I'm...at a bit of a crossroads. I would be honored to count myself one of 
    Lyndis's Legion!
    (Goes to a picture of the whole crew)
    L: Lyndis's Legion? This is getting stranger with every day, (Your Name).
    Chapter 4-In Occupation's Shadow-
    Opening: After defeating the bandits, Lyn continues westward. She and her 
    colleagues stop for the night at a ruined fortress. The Ganelon bandits are 
    in a rage after their brethren fall to Lyn's swords. They race in pursuit of 
    the companions. Their angry footsteps sound closer and closer...
    W: Ah, this should suffice! Tonight's bed!
    S: This mildewy old fortress? Is this the best we can do? Come, Wil! Surely 
    you jest!
    W: The bandits keep everything in turmoil around here. No one has time to 
    worry about travelers. And there are rather a lot of us.
    L: This will be fine. Who wants to be stuck inside, anyway? I prefer a place 
    where I can feel the wind blow.
    F: As long as I'm at Lyn's side, I'll be fine.
    S: And for your protection, your man-at-arms Sain will be right here by your 
    side, ladies.
    K: Sain, both you and I are to remain awake. We will alternate the watch.
    S: Ah, alas...
    (Everyone goes into the fortress)
    ?: Your pardon, milady...
    L: Who's there?
    Girl: I...Forgive my intrusion...My name's Natalie. I'm from a village not far 
    from here...Ah! Ow...
    L: Are you all right? Hm? Your leg...
    Natalie: It's fine. Don't worry. It's from a childhood sickness...I can't 
    travel far on it, but it doesn't trouble me much.
    L: What are you doing here all by yourself?
    Natalie: I'm looking for my husband...I heard he was in this area. He said he 
    was going to raise enough money to have my leg mended. He left the village 
    and hasn't returned. He's a kindhearted man, but I think he might be 
    involved in something dangerous. I got so worried...Here's a sketch of him. 
    It's a poor likeness at best, but...His name is Dorcas. Do you know of him?
    L: I'm sorry. I don't believe I've seen or heard of him.
    Natalie: I see...If you do meet him, please give him a message. Tell him that 
    Natalie is looking for him.
    L: I will tell him. I promise.
    Bandit Conversation
    Bandit 1: Here they are. We've finally tracked down the band that defeated 
    Bandit 2: So they've decided to hole up this ruined fortress. Perfect. We'll 
    wait 'til it gets dark, and then...
    Bandit 1: You're an idiot! There are only a few of them, and some are women! 
    If we attacked at night, I'd be a laughingstock! Besides, we might hurt the 
    women by mistake! I will not be so wasteful!
    Bandit 2: You're right, Carjiga! You're so smart!
    Carjiga: We'll avenge Migal and get some pretty souvenirs to boot. Who 
    knows, maybe I'll be a leader after all. Ha ha ha! Let's go! Spread out and 
    encircle the place, you rogues! Let's finish this before it gets too dark to 
    Carjiga: Hey, you! Your name's...Dorcas, right?
    Carjiga: You haven't done much since you joined us. If those weapons of 
    yours aren't just for show, today's the day to let us see what you can do.
    Carjiga: I want you to attack from the back entrance to the east. There's 
    supposed to be a woman inside. I want you to capture her. Do that, and I'll 
    increase your share of the take. If you want gold, you'll get the job done.
    Dorcas: Bunch of women, huh? It would break Natalie's sweet heart to see me 
    sink so low.
    Back to your crew.
    K: Lady Lyndis! Outside the fortress! Bandits!
    L: What did you say?
    S: Persistent bunch, aren't they? What do you think? Shall we go out and 
    face them?
    L: No...Natalie cannot move well, and that would put her in danger. Let them 
    come to us. We'll fight here, within these walls. (Your Name), take over. 
    The command is yours. All we have to do is hold out until they tire and 
    Natalie: Oh...
    L: Rest easy, Natalie. No one will harm you! Listen, everyone! Fight with 
    (Your Name)! This fortress has two entrances. That's where we must meet the 
    enemy! I'll take the eastern door.(Your Name), you and the others guard the 
    main entrance.
    -New Info-When you are far outnumbered stay in groups and protect the weaker 
    units as a top priority.
    !Battle 5!
    Objective: Protect Natalie for 7 turns.
    Allied Units 5-Sain, Lyn, Kent, Wil, and Florina
    Enemy Units-14(more will come)-8 axe-wielding bandits, 2 sword-wielding 
    bandits, 2 bandit archers, Dorcas, and Carjiga.
    Neutral Units-1-Natalie
    Useful Objects-Cracked Wall(1)(50HP) 
    Useful hint-Don't attack the cracked wall!
    Turn 1
    Lyn: 1 S, 3 E, 1 N: Wait.
    Wil: 4 W, 1 N: Wait.
    Kent: 2 S: Wait.
    Sain: 3 W, 2 S: Wait.
    Florina: 4 E: Wait.
    Turn 2
    L: (Your Name)! The fighter who just attacked me...Doesn't he look somewhat 
    like that picture of Natalie's husband?
    -New Info-Sometimes you can talk to enemies. Look for this command before 
    you attack an enemy, especially the stronger units. You can also talk to 
    some neutral units.
    Lyn: 1 E: Talk/Dorcas  L: You! Tell me, are you Dorcas?
    Dorcas:......How do you know my name?
    L: Natalie told me. What are you doing with these rogues?
    Dorcas: I need money...
    L: That may be, but...joining up with mercenaries?
    Dorcas: It's the only way to earn gold in these parts. I'll do anything...even 
    L: For gold? Anything? Would you hurt your wife? Natalie is here! We're 
    protecting her within this fortress!!
    Dorcas: What!? Natalie's...she's here?
    L: She was so worried that she came looking for you. Think, Dorcas! Would 
    your actions please your wife?
    Dorcas: .........You're right.
    L: Well?
    Dorcas: I understand. I can't do this. I'm done with these bandits. Here and 
    L: Really?
    Dorcas: Yes...And I would repay you for your kindness toward Natalie. Allow me 
    to fight for you.
    Dorcas(D) joins the group!
    Dorcas: Attack: Bandit/Hand Axe(The enemy should die)
    Wil: 1 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow
    Kent: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Sain: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Florina: 1 N: Wait.
    (Kent should do a critical on a guy-but if he doesn't don't worry, on this 
    level it doesn't matter how many guys you kill. Just keep him at the 
    Turn 3
    Carjiga: What are you waiting for? She's just a child! A girl! Grrr! Get 
    more men up here now!!
    (1 axe-wielding bandit and 1 sword-wielding bandit appear on the field. Axe 
    1 E of the Bottom left corner and the Sword at the Upper Right.)
    Lyn: Wait.
    Dorcas: Wait.
    Florina: Wait.
    Kent: Item/Vulnerary-Wait.
    Sain: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Wil: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow 
    Turn 4
    (The same amount of enemy units appear in the same places.)
    Dorcas: 1 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Axe
    Lyn: 2 E, 2 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Florina: 1 S, 5 W: Wait. 
    Sain: Wait.
    Kent: Wait.
    Wil: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow
    Turn 5
    (Units appear in same places)
    Wil: 1 S: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow
    Florina: 1 W, 2 N, 1 W: Attack: Bandit/Iron Lance
    Kent: 3 N, 1 W, 2 N: Rescue/Florina-Wait.
    Sain: Wait.
    Lyn: 2 S, 2 W: Wait.
    Dorcas: 1 S: Wait.
    Turn 6
    Wil: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow
    Kent: 3 S: Wait.
    Dorcas: Item/Vulnerary
    Sain: Wait.
    Lyn: Wait.
    Turn 7
    Just tell everyone to wait.
    Carjiga: Curses! They're not human! Listen up, rogues! Retreat! Pull back!
    L: The enemy's fled...(Your Name)! We've Won!!!
    Natalie: Dorcas!
    D: I'm so sorry, Natalie.
    L: All's well that ends well. Right, Natalie?
    D: Our village is close. I'll take Natalie home and return tomarrow.
    L: Hm? Why can't we just say our farewells today?
    D: Well, I...I spoke with(Your Name). I...I've been invited to join your group.
    L: But we're going to Lycia...
    D: I have to go somewhere to earn money. If you think I'll be of use, I'd 
    like to fight for you. You helped my wife...I owe you.
    L: Dorcas...
    Natalie: Please, Lyn. We are both in agreement on this. Watch over my 
    (Back inside)
    L: Things have finally calmed down.
    K: We'll continue taking turns keeping watch. Please rest easily.
    L: Is that all right? Are you sure? Sain?
    S: Oh! Er, yes! Of course!
    L: Let me warn you...If bandits sneak up on you, they'll cut you down with no 
    mercy. Do you understand that?
    S: What, do you doubt my bravery? Am I not a knight? There's no need to 
    worry! Right, Kent?
    K: If there's anything suspicious, We'll take care of it. Rest assured.
    L: Really? Well, good night then. See you tomorrow, (Your Name).
    K: Let's go.
    S: Ha! No one ever trusts me...
    Chapter 5: Beyond the Borders
    Opening: The next morning comes too quickly. Lyn has fought back the 
    bandits' attack. Now, she rushes for the border of Bern. If she can reach 
    it, Lycia itself is not far off. For a moment, Lyn stops to imagine the face 
    of a grandfather she's never seen.
    K: We've almost reached the Lycian border.
    L: Once we cross, we'll be safe from bandits, right?
    W: We should be. I doubt they'll be willing to pursue us across the border.
    S: Lycia at last! It's been a long time. Tomorrow, we'll dine on a feast of 
    Lycia's finest foods! And the mistress of the inn at the crossing is said to 
    be a beauty. Ah, yes...Food and love. No better way to restore a man's soul! 
    This is going to be a fine evening, eh, Kent?
    K: If your behavior is as deplorable as ever, we'd best stay elsewhere. 
    We're not here for sightseeing!
    S: Oh, come now! That's not fair!
    L: Kent, the inn will be fine.
    K: As you say, milady.
    S: Lyndis! You are truly an angel from on high!
    L: It's nothing. Forget it.
    F: Ah! We'll finally be able to get a good night's sleep.
    L: Oh, no...Those bandits are persistent, I'll give them that much.
    (Bandits appear)
    1st Bandit: Ah! Here they are! I've found 'em!!
    W: What? Not again! They're still after us?
    1st Bandit: Heh heh heh. Don't think you're getting away so easily!
    2nd Bandit: You leave alive, and everyone'll think the Ganelon Bandits have 
    gone soft!
    L: So? We care nothing for you or your reputations! We must get to Lycia! 
    Gen in our way, and you'll pay!
    1st Bandit: Cheeky little thing, aren't you? Let's get 'em, lads! And no 
    holding back just 'cause there's women with 'em! Wipe 'em out!
    Two travelers
    Girl: Oooh...We're lost. This makes me so mad!
    Boy: You told me you were certain this was the correct path.
    Girl: What's your point, Erk? What are you trying to say?
    Erk: ...I swear, you are NOT the woman I agreed to escort...
    Girl: What? What's that supposed to mean?
    Erk: I heard someone was needed to escort a frail Lycian priestess to Ostia...
    Girl: Yes, and I'm that priestess.
    Erk: Frail? You? Serra, you have no need of any escort to protect you. Even 
    the most hardened criminal would flee in terror after five minutes in your 
    company. I'll return your money. Gladly. Now, will you please go on to Ostia 
    Serra: NO! You're MY escort, Erk! MINE! You're s clean and tidy. A 
    noblewoman like myself can't be seen without a proper escort. Your 
    personality's nothing special, but you're not bad to look at.
    Erk: I believe that's my line. And I have to take you all the way to Ostia? 
    I only hope my nerves can endure the journey.
    Serra: What are you mumbling about? You're so gloomy! Hm? Something's 
    happening over there. Let's take a look!
    Erk: Ah. Of course. The first opportunity to get involved in trouble, and 
    she jumps right in. No amount of money is worth this. Hoo...
    Serra: Wow! A fight! A fight! Erk! Take a look! Fighting those bandits...It's 
    a young girl!
    Erk: Fool! Keep your voice down!
    Bandit: Eh? What's this? You in league with that she-devil?
    Serra: Hm?
    Erk: Ah...This is so wrong...
    Bandit: Gyaaa! I'll take care of you with one swift stroke!
    Serra: Eeeeeek! Eeeeeek! Eeeeeeeeeeeek! Erk! Help me!!!
    Erk: So...loud...Serra! Behind Me! You there! See if you can match me!
    L: That scream...Look! (Your Name), someone's over there!
    !Battle 6!
    Objective: Defeat enemy(7)
    Allied Units 6-Lyn, Sain, Kent, Florina, Wil, and Dorcas
    Enemy Units 7- 2 axe-wielding bandits, 2 bandit archers, 2 sword-wielding 
    bandits, and Bug.
    Neutral Units-2: Erk, and Serra
    Houses 3.
    Stores 1: Armory
    Turn 1
    Lyn: 2 E: Talk/Serra
    L: Um, excuse me...Hello?
    Serra: Hm?
    L: Why are you fighting these bandits?
    Erk: ...It just happened.
    Serra: That's not true! Those ruffians thought that we were with you!!! You 
    got us into a terrible situation! Now, how are you going to get us out?
    Erk: Serra, if you'd not been so meddlesome, this all could have been 
    avoided. My apologies. Please trouble yourself with us no more.
    L: But...if you're going to have to fight anyway, shouldn't we team up? It 
    will end things faster, right?
    Serra: That's true. Yes! That's a good idea. Erk! Go and help these ladies.
    Erk: But I...Fine!
    L: Very good. My name's Lyn. So tell me, will you join arms with us?
    Serra: Yes, we'd be glad to. My name is Serra. This is my escort, Erk. Be a 
    good boy, and go fight, Erk.
    Erk: ...Sigh...
    Erk(E) and Serra(Sr) have joined your group!
    -New Info-Erk is a mage that can attack both near and far. And Serra is a 
    cleric that uses staves to heal allies.
    Serra: Staff: Heal/Erk
    Erk: Attack: Bandit/Fire
    Dorcas: 2 N: Wait.
    Wil:3 N, 1 E: Wait.
    Sain: 3 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Kent: 3 N: Wait:
    Florina: 4 E: Wait.
    Turn 2
    Sain: 1 E: Attack: Bandit/Iron Lance
    Wil: 3 E: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow
    Kent: 3 E: Wait.
    Florina: 5 E: Attack: Bandit/Iron Lance
    Erk: 2 N: Wait.
    Serra: 3 N: Wait.
    Lyn: 1 E, 2 N: Wait.
    Dorcas: 3 E: Wait.
    Turn 3
    Sain: 7 E: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Kent: 5 E: Wait.
    Florina: 1 W: Visit
    Man: Tell me, are you using the R Button? If there's something you don't 
    understand, use the R Button to investigate. It's essential. Place the 
    cursor on a unit and press the R button. This displays detailed information 
    on the unit. You knew that, right? While that information is displayed, 
    press the R button again. That will get you even more detailed information. 
    Did you know that? The R button can be used in many other places, too. 
    Anyway, when you come across something unfamiliar, try pressing the R 
    button! Won't hurt to remember that!-wait.
    Erk: 2 N, 2 E: Wait.
    Serra: 1 N, 1 E: Wait.
    Wil: 2 N, 1 E: Wait.
    Lyn: 1 N, 2 E: Visit.
    Old guy: Magic can be used to attack enemies both near and far. Plus, you 
    might find that magic can hit an enemy that normal weapons do not harm. 
    However...Mages are notoriously susceptible to physical attacks. Just because 
    they're versatile doesn't mean you should put them in harm's way. It does 
    you no good if they are lost because of carelessness.
    Dorcas: 3 E: If the bandit is still there use the hand-axe on him.
    Turn 4
    Erk: 1 N, 1 E: Trade/Sain(Give him the Iron Sword that the bandit dropped.)-
    Sain: 2 S, 2 E, 2 S: Wait.
    Kent: 1 E: Attack: Bandit/Iron Sword
    Lyn: 1 N, 1 E: Wait.
    Wil: 3 E: Wait.
    Serra: 1 E: Wait.
    Dorcas: 3 E: Wait.
    Florina: Wait.
    Turn 5
    Kent: 1 S, 2 E: Attack: Bandit/Iron Lance
    Erk: 2 S, 2 E: Wait.
    Lyn: 1 N, 3 E: Wait.
    Wil: 2 E, 2 S: Wait.
    Serra: 3 E: Wait. 
    Dorcas: 1 E, 4 N: Visit.
    Old Lady: Ah, so you're a traveler? Listen to my advice: handle your money 
    wisely. If you spend too much too soon, you'll run out early and suffer 
    later. There are other shops, so save about, oh, half your money.
    Sain: 1 E, 3 S: Attack: Bug/Iron Sword
    Florina: 4 E: Wait.
    Turn 6
    Sain: Attack: Bug/Iron Sword
    Everyone else should wait.
    Bug: Blaaaaah...Scum...You're all scum...
    L: Nicely done, (Your Name). That should just about do it.
    Sr: What a surprise. You are very strong, Lyn.
    L: Your staff is a wondrous thing. Healing powers amaze me. 
    Sr: Only those in the service of good can wield them.
    L: You helped us tremendously. Well, it's time for us to go.
    Sr: Take care. Good-bye, Lyn.
    L: Fare you well. You, too, Erk.
    E: Good-bye.
    Sr: Well, let us be on our way, Erk.
    ?: What have we here? Another wildflower? Perhaps a butterfly?(It's 
    Sain)What an absolutely delectable creature!
    Sr: Oh my! Are you one of Lyn's companions?
    S: Please, call me Sain.
    Sr: I'm Serra. I serve House Ostia.
    S: Serra...What a lyrical name. I am in service to Castle Caelin.
    Sr: Oh! So is Lyn a member of the marquess's family?
    S: She is the granddaughter of our lord, the marquess.
    Sr: Hmmm...Such an important person.
    E: Serra...what deviousness are you contemplating now?
    Sr: Tee hee! Having a person of power in your debt is never a bad thing!
    E: You can't be serious...
    Sr: Oh, Sain! Do you think we could join the lady Lyndis's company? She 
    seems like such a nice person, and I would ever so much like to help her.
    S: Of course! We couldn't be happier!! Why, we were only just saying how we 
    need some more fighting power!
    Sr: Are you being hunted or something?
    S: Yes, it's an inheritance dispute. Assassins are everywhere.
    Sr: Oh my! In that case, my healing staff and Erk's magic should come in 
    E: Well, I, er...It sounds...dangerous...
    S: Your staff and magic would be extremely helpful! Please wait here! I will 
    go and speak with Lady Lyndis on your behalf.
    E: Unbelievable...
    Sr: This is fantastic, Erk! Our good deeds will earn us gratitude beyond 
    E: I...I...I think I'm going to be ill.
    Castle Caelin
    Old Guy: That little girl crossed the border!?
    Soldier: Yes, Lord Lundgren. She's en route to Araphen...
    Lord Lundgren: Fool! Send out soldiers to meet her! Hold nothing back! Do 
    anything to finish this now! First the old man, and now the girl...They cling 
    to life like a drowning man to a rock! Double the poison's strength! If he 
    struggles, hold him down and pour it down his throat! Once the girl is gone, 
    Caelin is mine. I will let no one stand in my way!
    Chapter 6: Blood of Pride
    Opening: At long last, Lyn arrives in the land of her mother's birth. Lycia 
    is a federation of territories, each one ruled by a powerful marquess. Now, 
    Lyn takes her leave of one of these territories, Araphen and sets out to 
    meet her grandfather, the marquess of Caelin. However, the marquess's 
    brother, Lundgren, hungers to rule Caelin. He is preparing a deadly welcome 
    for Lyn, who stands to threaten his grasp for power.
    L: What city is this?
    S: This? This is Araphen. After Ostia, it's the second-biggest city in 
    L: The second biggest, hm? It does seem awfully busy. By the way, where's 
    S: He said he was going ahead to the castle, but...Ah, here he comes now.
    K: Milady Lyndis! Let us proceed to the castle. They've prepared supplies 
    for us. The marquess has agreed to aid us on our journey to Caelin.
    L: He's going to help us?
    K: Yes. Araphen and Caelin have enjoyed a sturdy friendship for many years. 
    Once I informed the marquess of our plight, he agreed to lend us his 
    S: Looks like we've got a smooth road ahead!
    K: If we could pick up some soldiers, the road to Caelin would be that much 
    safer. I'm truly sorry for hardships you've suffered so far.
    L: Don't be silly. You are so capable, Kent.
    S: Kent!?
    L: Hm? Oh, and so are you, Sain.
    S: Of course I am!
    K: The castle awaits...
    A guy: This is terrible! The castle is burning!!
    S: What did you say? What's happening?
    A guy: Smoke! From the castle! Hey! What are those men doing?
    (soldiers show up)
    L: Who are you?
    ?: You! You're Lyndis, aren't you?
    L: Ah! What do you-
    ?: No questions! Prepare yourself!!!
    L: Hey!
    (A nomad shows up and shoots the guy)
    Assassin: Aaaargg! Aaaah!!
    L: What? An arrow?
    L: Who are-
    ?: Milady Lyndis!(Kent)Are you all right?
    L: I'm fine. He...This man saved me.
    K: My I ask your name?
    L: Wait! Why did you help me?
    Rider: I thought a Sacaean plainswoman was being attacked. I was mistaken.
    L: No, you were right! I am from Sacae. I'm Lyn, the daughter of the Lorca 
    Rider: The Lorca? There were survivors?
    L: Yes.
    Rider: You should leave at once. A blaze has started in the castle, and it's 
    spreading. Don't be foolish and waste the life I just saved.
    L: You're from the castle? What's happening? How severe is the fire? Is the 
    marquess safe?
    Rider: The castle is under attack, and the marquess has been accosted. The 
    man who attacked you was probably one of the marauders. As captain of the 
    castle guard, it's my duty to rescue the marquess.
    L: I see...All right then, we'll help you.
    K: Milady? 
    Rider: Why?
    L: These brigands are after me. If they're attacking the castle, it's 
    because of me. So I must help if I can...
    Rider: It sounds like you're involved somehow...Let's go.
    L: You'll accept our aid?
    Rider: I am Rath of the Kutolah. Our tribes may be different, but I will not 
    abandon a woman of the Sacae.
    L: Thank you, Rath! A thousand blessings upon you!
    Rath: And a thousand curses upon our enemy!
    L: Come!
    (A thief runs into a house)
    Lady: You! What are you doing in my house?! 
    Thief: Peace! I mean no danger to you! Your home offers a good view of the 
    battle outside. Look, I'll pay you for the privilege. Please.
    Lady: Like a vulture waiting for the spoils, eh? Terrible! Pay up! I'll be 
    hiding below, so don't bother me.
    Thief: I wouldn't dream of it. Now then, which side has the most to offer?
    Rath: Once the marquess is safe, my men can move in. Perhaps the secret 
    L: Secret passageway?
    Rath: An underground tunnel leading to the throne room. There are triggers 
    in the barracks that will open the tunnel.
    L: Head through the passage to the throne room...and rescue the marquess. Once 
    that's done, can you drive the enemy from the castle?
    Rath: Mmm...If we can release those triggers, my men and I can handle the 
    rest. There are three triggers, though. All three need to be released, or 
    the entrance won't open.
    L: But the doors to the barracks are locked.
    Rath: The enemy's within. If we don't get inside and finish them, we're 
    L: So opening those doors is our first objective.
    New Info-Doors require thieves or door keys to open.
    L: What shall we do, (Your Name)? We don't have any keys with us. Perhaps 
    some of the marauders are carrying keys...
    Rath(Ra) joins your party!
    !Battle 7!
    Objective Hit all the switches(3)
    Allied Units: 9-Lyn, Sain, Kent, Florina, Wil, Dorcas, Erk, Serra, Rath
    Enemy Units: 2 Sword Bandits , 3 Lance Bandits, 1 Bow Bandits, and Bool
    Enterable Houses 3
    Enterable Villages 3
    Turn 1
    Lyn: 5 N: Visit
    Thief: Hey, you! Can I talk to you?
    L: Who are you?
    Thief: I'm Matthew, a specialist in acquisitions of all kinds. Would you 
    like to buy my services?
    L: I've no need for a thief.
    Matthew: Really? And how do you plan on opening the barrack doors?
    L: What? How did you know about-
    Matthew: Bullseye!
    Matthew: Don't be mad. Hire me. For you, I'll even lower my normal rate.
    L: I do need those doors opened...Ok. You're hired. Why did you choose to ally 
    yourself with me?
    Matthew: Hm? I was watching the battle from up above. Your group looked like 
    a lot more fun than the dead guy. Pretty simple, really.
    L: You're so odd.
    Matthew: It's time to get to work!
    The thief Matthew(M) has joined your group.
    -New info-Thieves can open doors and chests without keys.
    Matthew: 1 S, 4 E: Door
    Rath: 2 E, 5 N: Wait.
    Will: 1 S, 1 E: Attack: Bandit/Iron Bow
    Erk: 1 S: Attack: Bandit/Fire
    Sain: 1 E, 1 N: Visit.
    Man: We can't do business with all the fighting in town. You're mercenaries, 
    right? Can't you do something? Huh? You can't get the barracks open? I bet a 
    thief with a set of picks could open any door you needed. Hold on. I may 
    have something here to help you...Here it is! This is it. One door key. Door 
    keys can only be used once, but anyone can use them. Here! No charge. Now go 
    get those thugs, will you?
    Got a door key!
    Sain: Wait.
    Florina: 2 S, 1 E: Visit.
    Man: The captain of the marquess's guard is a fellow named Rath...I've heard 
    tell that he's a nomad of the Sacae. Odd, considering how the marquess so 
    obviously hates the nomads. I guess the marquess is please to have a nomad 
    under his control. The ways of aristocrats are beyond my comprehension.-
    Kent: 5 E, 1 S: Attack: Bandit/Iron Lance
    Dorcas: 2 W, 2 N: Visit.
    Old Man: So what's your weapon of choice? Swords, lances, spears? Or do you 
    favor bows or magic? Staves? Whatever it may be, the more you use it, the 
    more skilled you become. Swinging your sword about will allow you to master 
    it. Eventually, you'll be able to wield weapons of greater power. It's as 
    they say: Practice makes perfect. You can check your skill level by pressing 
    the R Button.
    Serra: 2 E: Wait.
    Turn 2
    Matthew: 2 S, 4 E: Chest.
    Got an Angelic Robe!
    Rath: 4 S, 2 E: Wait.
    Sain: 2 S, 5 E: Wait.
    Kent: 5 E, 1 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Lance
    Dorcas: 1 S, 4 E: Wait.
    Lyn: 1 S, 2 W, 1 N: Visit.
    Girl: The marquess of Araphen's hatred for the people of Sacae is well 
    known. Nomads are barred entrance to the city on the marquess's orders. He 
    says he will not allow the nomads' stench to infest his city. Long ago, the 
    marquess was in love with Marquess Caelin's daughter. It's said she spurned 
    him in favor of a nomadic prince. Even so, I think the marquess goes too far 
    in his treatment of the horsemen. 
    Florina: 5 E: Wait.
    Wil: 5 E: Wait.
    Erk: 1 N, 4 E: Wait.
    Serra: 1 W, 3 N: Wait.
    Turn 3
    Rath: 5 E: Attack: Bandit/Short Bow
    Got a Door Key!
    Matthew: 2 N, 3 E: Item/Angelic Robe
    Sain: 4 E: Door.-Wait
    Kent: 1 E, 2 N: Attack: Bandit/Iron Lance
    Florina: 5 N: Wait.
    Dorcas: 2 N, 3 E: Wait.
    Serra: 2 E: Wait.
    Erk: 4 W, 1 N: Wait.
    Wil: 5 W: Wait.
    Lyn: 2 S, 3 E: Wait.
    Turn 4
    Kent: 1 N: Wait.
    Matthew: 1 E: Door.
    Rath: 3 W, 1 N: Attack: Bandit/Short Bow
    Dorcas: 4 E, 1 N: Wait.
    Everyone else should wait.
    Turn 5
    Matthew: 3 N: Chest.
    Got an Armorslayer!
    Rath: 1 N: Attack: Bool/Short Bow
    Dorcas: 1 W, 3 N: Attack: Bool/Hand Axe
    Everyone else should wait.
    Turn 6
    Just have Rath and Dorcas attack Bool. (If he isn't already dead.)
    (If one attacks have the other hit the switch)
    (If neither one has to attack it doesn't matter which)
    Ra: This is it. The last trigger. If I press this...
    L: Here it is,(Your Name)! The hidden passageway! Good work! We'll let Rath 
    take over from here.
    The Marquess: Ah, it's Rath! You've done well. What a performance!
    Ra: Sir...If you have praise, it should be given to this group.
    The Marquess: Hm? Who are you?
    L: My name is Lyndis. I'm pleased you're well.
    The Marquess: Oh...It's you. You're the Marquess Caelin's-Leave us, Rath. I 
    would like to speak with this girl.
    Ra: ......
    The Marquess: Now...Lady Lyndis. Do you know the identity of those responsible 
    for this uproar?
    L: I believe it to be the work of my granduncle, Lundgren.
    The Marquess: That's exactly right. Which means my castle has been damaged 
    in your family's pretty inheritance dispute.
    L: My-My apologies...
    The Marquess: When I heard that Lady Madelyn's daughter was in trouble, I 
    thought to lend my assistance...I find I've changed my mind. I withdraw my 
    K: Marquess Araphen! You gave me your word, my lord!
    The Marquess:...Your name is Kent, is it not? You failed to inform me of one 
    most vital detail!
    K: What...What do you mean?
    The Marquess: The girl does resemble Lady Madelyn, but...I didn't expect to 
    see her so tainted with the blood of Sacae.
    L: What?!?
    The Marquess: Don't you feel the marquess of Caelin would be troubled to 
    meet this...nomadic mongrel?
    S: You--!
    K: Sain! Hold! My apologies, my lord Marquess.
    The Marquess: Hm...Your man is poorly disciplined.
    K: Marquess Araphen! Please...If you would grace us with your aid...
    The Marquess: ......I hear Marquess Caelin is ill and abed. I question whether 
    he will survive to meet this girl. In which case, his brother, Lundgren, 
    will claim his title. And I certainly wish to avoid trouble with the coming 
    S: You scheming...
    K: Sain!
    L: I understand. Kent, Sain, we take our leave at once.
    K: Milady Lyndis! We-
    L: I am proud of the Sacae blood that runs through my veins. I will NOT 
    accept aid from one who disparages my heritage.
    S: That was well done, milady! The marquess is a lout! Don't worry about 
    anything we're all here for you! Isn't that so, Kent?
    K: I beg your forgiveness.
    L: Why are you apologizing, Kent?
    K: I've been so concerned seeing you to Caelin. I failed to take your 
    feelings into account.
    L: Is that it? Trouble yourself no more. You have put my safety about all 
    else. I have seen that...Hold your head up and be proud.
    K: Milady Lyndis...
    (Back inside)
    The Marquess: Bah! Arrogant child! If she had but shed a single tear, I 
    would have granted her request. We Lycian nobles will never understand those 
    prideful savages.
    Ra: ......Are those your true feelings toward the nomads of Sacae, milord?
    The Marquess: What? Oh, Rath! I didn't see you there. My comments do not 
    reflect on you. You are my captain. I'm proud of your service.
    Ra: Of course. As long as we bend our knee to you, you care not where we're 
    from. But when an equal comes from my lands? What conceit.
    The Marquess: Rath! How can you speak to me like that? I have treated you 
    well, have I not? I have paid you well. I have treated you better than your 
    kind deserves.
    Ra: You will never understand. My service ends here.
    The marquess of Araphen...He said my grandfather was ill. We must hurry to 
    K: As we approach Caelin, Lundgren's obstacles will be more difficult to 
    overcome. However, I've vowed to see you through to the end, milady!
    L: I'm counting on you, Kent.
    S: I'm with you, too!
    L: Thank you, Sain.(Your Name)...Thank you for always standing at my side. 
    It's because of all of you that I...I will persevere! They will never break my 
    Ra: ......
    L: Rath! What is it? What are you-
    Ra: I overheard the marquess talking to himself. Lyn of the Lorca...Proud 
    daughter of the Sacae...I would join you. I would add my strength to yours.
    L: Really?
    Ra: And this...I want you to take it.
    L: This is...Gold!? It's too much. I can't accept it.
    Ra: I have no need for it. And if it will help you...
    L: But...
    Ra: I cannot take back something once offered.
    L: Rath...I thank you.
    Got 5000 Gold!
    Chapter 7: Siblings Abroad.
    Opening: Lyn takes her leave of Araphen, finding no aid from its spiteful 
    marquess. Now, she and her companions resume their march toward Caelin in 
    earnest. Racing against time, with her grandfather's life the prize. Harried 
    and impatient, Lyn presses onward. Suddenly a young boy appears and pleads 
    for their assistance.
    (In an inn)
    Boy: Please! Somebody...Somebody, please help!
    Man: That's enough! Get out now! I want none of your trouble!
    Boy: But, sir...Why? You were so kind yesterday...
    Man: I thought you were just two kids, a couple of traveling performers...If 
    those men are chasing you, you must be up to no good! Now get up and get 
    out! You're a plague on decent folk!
    Boy: But.........
    Man: Whew...What a mess.
    ?: Hmmm...
    L: Where are we, Kent?
    K: This is Kathelet. If we head due south, we'll pass into Caelin.
    S: From here, I'd say we're about ten days' ride to Castle Caelin. Assuming 
    we don't run into any delays, of course.
    L: Ten days...
    (Boy walks up)
    Boy: Pardon me, but...
    L: Yes? Can I help you?
    Boy: You and your friends...Are you mercenaries?
    L: And if we are?
    Boy: I need your help!
    K: Milady Lyndis, you mustn't let your guard down. Not even for a child.
    L: I know. Forgive me, but we're in a hurry. Is there someone else you can 
    Boy: There's no time! Ninian's been...It's my sister! Some men have taken her 
    S: Your sister? Did you say your sister's been accosted?
    K: Sain...
    Boy: That's right! By some cruel, awful men. I don't know what I'll do 
    without Ninian.
    S: Milady Lyndis! We must help him!
    K: Nonsense! We haven't the time! If the marquess is as ill as we've heard, 
    we must proceed!
    L: Kent, I...I want to help this child.
    K: Milady?
    L: I'm worried about my grandfather, of course. But this! I cannot stand by 
    and let a child be taken from her home!
    K: I see...
    L: I'm sorry, Kent.
    K: I am your loyal retainer. You owe me no apologies. You must do as your 
    heart dictates, milady. I will follow you, no matter where that may lead.
    L: Thank you.
    S: Hah! Such a noble speech! Ever the true knight, that one! Ah, well. 
    You're in luck, laddie! Let's go get your sister!
    L: Will you lead us to the men who've done this?
    Boy: Uh huh. They're really tough, so be careful.
    L: Leave them to us. We're pretty tough ourselves. Right, (Your Name)?
    (Enemies Appear)
    Boy: Ah! Oh, no...
    Enemy: Heh heh heh...Found him! C'mon, it's back to Nergal with you. Quiet 
    Boy: No! Let Ninian go!
    Enemy: We ain't supposed to kill you, but we sure can rough you up! Get 'em!
    (Bright flash and sword clashing sounds)
    Enemy: Huh? Who do you think you are?
    Boy: Lyn!
    L: Let the boy's sister go.
    Enemy: Ah...So you want to help the kid, huh? What a shame. You're gonna die 
    for something that don't concern you.
    L: You think so, do you? Do we look so meek to you? I think you're in for a 
    terrible shock!
    Enemy: Stupid girl...You'll regret those words. Take 'em down, boys!
    -New Info-Starting at this chapter you can now use the preparations screen. 
    On this screen, you can choose who will fight, equip different items, and 
    arrange your formation, among other things. If you have no special 
    preparations or are done making them press start.
    Preparations-Pick units-Use: Lyn, Sain, Kent, Florina, Wil, Dorcas, Erk, and 
    Check map-Formation-Switch Sain with Erk. 
    Start Battle!
    L: I see we're facing a shaman, (Your Name). I've heard that practitioners 
    of the dark arts are fearsome foes. We'll have to be careful...What!? Who are 
    Man(Yes, it's a man): Please forgive me. I never meant to startle you.
    L: Your robes...They look like religious vestiary. Are you an Elimine bishop?
    Man: Yes...Well, no. I'm only an acolyte, an Elimine monk, to be specific. My 
    name's Lucius.
    L: Do you have business with us?
    Lucius: I was at the inn when this child came seeking help. The innkeeper 
    was afraid to get involved. He was...unpleasant.
    Boy: I wasn't afraid of him! I'm used to being treated that way.
    L: That's awful.
    Lucius: May I please lend you my services? I truly with to help the boy. If 
    only a little.
    L: Of course.
    Lucius: Thank you very much. The blessings of St. Elimine be upon you.
    The bard Nils(Nl) has joined your group.
    The monk Lucius(Lu) has joined your group.
    New Info- The Magic triangle is as follows.
    Light Magic bests Dark Magic.
    Dark Magic bests Anima Magic.
    Anima Magic bests Light Magic.
    ! Battle 8!
    Objective-Defeat Heintz
    Allied Units-10-Erk, Kent, Florina, Wil, Dorcas, Sain, Nils, Rath, Lyn, and 
    Enemy Units-11-3 Black Fang Shamans, 1 Black Fang Archer, 3 Black Fang Axe-
    Wielders, 2 Black Fang Sword-Wielders, 1 Black Fang Mage, and Heintz.
    Houses: 3
    Villages: 1
    Forts: 4
    Turn 1
    Lucius: 1 E: Attack: Black Fang/Lightning
    Nils: 1 S, 1 E: Play/Lucius
    Lucius*: Attack: Black Fang/Lightning
    Sain: 2 N, 4 E: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance
    Lyn: 2 N: Visit.
    Girl: Hmmm...Maybe I could get some firewood out of it...Hm? Who's there? Who 
    are you? Ah, you're just passing through? Pay me no mind. I was just 
    thinking out loud. You see, there's an old tree on the other side of this 
    mountain. It's just a dead old snag, really. I was just thinking of some way 
    I could put it to good use. As I said, it's nothing that need concern you.
    Wil: 2 N, 3 E: Visit.
    Innkeeper: That's quite a group you've gotten yourself involved with. You do 
    know you're facing the Black Fang, right? Anyone they target winds up...Well, 
    you know. No one escapes the Fang! That's what they say, anyway. You and 
    those odd children? I'd say you're finished. Not that I'll have any part of 
    it. Course not!
    Dorcas: 4 E: Wait.
    Rath: 3 N, 4 E: Wait.
    Florina: 4 E: Wait.
    Kent: 7 E: Wait.
    Erk: 4 E: Wait.
    Turn 2
    Rath: 4 E: Attack: Black Fang/Short Bow
    Florina: 4 E: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance
    Got an Iron Lance!
    Kent: 1 N, 3 E, 1 S, 1 E: Wait.
    Sain: 3 E, 1 S, 2 E: Wait.
    Dorcas: 1 N, 3 E: Wait.
    Erk: 4 E: Wait.
    Wil: 4 E: Wait.
    Lyn: 5 E: Wait.
    Lucius: 3 N, 2 E: Wait.
    Nils: 3 N, 2 E: Play/Lucius
    Lucius*: 4 E: Wait.
    Turn 3
    Florina: 1 S: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance
    Sain: 1 S, 3 E, 1 N: Visit:
    Man: So how much do you know about magic, huh? Magical attacks are special. 
    You can't just avoid 'em like a sword or axe. Not even if you're wearing 
    armor. Who's tough against magic? Let me think...Well, anyone who uses magic 
    or staves. Pegasus knights, too. Hm? You got others who need to battle magic 
    users? I got something for 'em. It's a special kind of water. "Pure Water," 
    it's called. Just sprinkle a bit on you. It'll protect you and lessen the 
    damage you take a bit. Go on, take it. Don't be so shy. It's not like I'm 
    givin' you gold or anything. This tuff's strongest when you first put it on. 
    It gets weaker as time passes, so be careful.
    Got a pure water!
    Sain(After visiting)Wait.
    Kent: 1 S, 4 E: Wait.
    Rath: 2 E, 1 S, 3 E: Wait.
    Dorcas: 3 E: Wait.
    Lucius: 2 E: Wait.
    Erk: 3 E, 1 S: Wait.
    Wil: 4 E: Wait.
    Lyn: 1 N, 3 E: Wait.
    Nils: 5 E: Wait.
    Turn 4: 
    Florina: 6 E: Wait.
    Erk: Attack: Black Fang/Fire
    Sain: 5 S, 1 E: Wait.
    Kent: 4 S, 2 E: Wait.
    Rath: 1 S, 2 E, 4 S: Wait.
    Dorcas: 2 S: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Axe
    Wil: 1 E, 2 S: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Bow(If he's still there, If otherwise 
    just make him wait.)
    Lucius: 3 E: Wait.
    Lyn: 2 E, 1 S: Wait.
    Nils: 1 N, 3 E: Wait.
    Turn 5
    Wil: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Bow.
    Dorcas: Attack: Black Fang/Hand Axe
    Erk: 2 E, 2 S: Wait.
    Nils: 2 S, 2 E: Wait.
    Lyn: Wait.
    Lucius: Wait.
    Rath: 2 E, 1 S: Attack: Black Fang/Short Bow
    Sain: 4 S, 1 W: Visit.
    ?: Blast! Eliwood's late. I wonder what's keeping him......Starting to think my 
    axe'll rust over before he finds his way here.-Wait.
    Kent: 4 S, 1 W: Wait.
    Florina: 6 S: Item/Vulnerary-Wait.
    Turn 6
    Erk: Attack: Black Fang/Fire
    Dorcas: 3 S: Wait.
    Wil: 2 S: Wait.
    Lyn: 2 S: Wait.
    Nils: 1 W: Play/Lyn
    Lyn*: 2 S: Wait.
    Lucius: 1 W, 2 S: Wait.
    Kent: 1 S, 1 W: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance
    Sain: 3 W, 1 S, 2 W: Item/Vulnerary
    Florina: 2 W, 2 S: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance
    Rath: 3 S, 4 W: Wait.
    Turn 7
    Sain: 4 W: Item/Pure Water.-Wait.
    Kent: 6 W: Wait.
    Rath: 1 S, 5 W: Wait.
    Dorcas: 2 S, 2 W: Wait.
    Lyn: 4 S: Wait.
    Will: 2 S: Wait.
    Lucius: 2 S: Wait.
    Erk: 1 W, 1 S: Wait.
    Nils: 1 S: Play/Erk
    Erk*: 1 S, 1 E: Wait.
    Florina: 3 W: Wait.
    Turn 8
    Sain: 1 N, 1 W: Attack: Heintz/Iron Lance
    Rath: 2 W, 1 N: Attack: Heintz/Short Bow
    L: Nils! Where's your sister?
    Nl: Ninian! Ninian...She's not here. Why? Where could she be?
    K: My lady Lyndis! A villager spotted a group of men riding south.
    S: the boy's dear sister...They must have her!
    L: Come! We must give chase!
    Nl: But...But...We won't make it! What if they've already...
    ?: Are you looking for this girl here?
    Nl: Ninian! Ninian!
    ?: She'll be fine. She's just lost consciousness.
    L: Who are you?
    ?: I'm Eliwood, of Pherae. My father is the marquess.
    L: The marquess's son...
    Eliwood: She was with a band of ruffians. She seemed upset. She looked in 
    need of rescuing...Was I wrong to involve myself?
    L: No, you saved her life. Thank you. My name is Lyn. I'm from Sacae...I'm 
    Marquess Caelin's granddaughter.
    Eliwood: Marquess Caelin?
    (Screen goes black for a second and then shows up with just Eliwood and Lyn)
    L: And that's my story. It's not an easy tale to believe, I know...
    Eliwood: No. I do believe you.
    L: What?
    Eliwood: At first glance, all I saw was a daughter of the plainsfolk. Now I 
    can see it, though. You have your grandfather's eyes.
    L: Do you know my grandfather?
    Eliwood: The marquess, Lord Hausen, is my father's good friend. I also know 
    that the proud people of Sacae tell no lies. It's true, isn't it?
    L: Yes...Thank you. I would not have expected any Lycian noble to be so 
    courteous to a Sacaean nomad.
    Eliwood: You seemed to be in trouble. May I be of assistance?
    L: Thank you for your kind offer. This is my problem, though, and I'll deal 
    with it.
    Eliwood: I see. I'll be in the area for a few days longer. If you need 
    anything, please let me know. Lyndis, I'm on your side.
    L: Eliwood...Thank you.
    (I'm going to give Eliwood is his abbreviation here although you don't get 
    to use him yet.)(It's Ew)
    (Nils and Ninian are talking to each other)
    Nl: Ninian! Are you awake?
    Ninian: Nils? Is it really you? Oh, you're safe!
    Nl: Uh-huh. These people helped me.
    (I'm also giving Ninian her abbreviation here since she does join the group 
    you just can't use her.)(It's Nn)
    Nn: Who are they?
    Nl: Uh...
    L: I'm Lyn. I'm glad you're feeling better.
    Nn: Milady Lyn...Thank you. I'm called Ninian. My brother, Nils, and I are 
    traveling performers.
    L: Both of you? Your brother's a musician. How about you, Ninian?
    Nn: I...I dance.
    S: What? Oh my...you're a dancer!
    L: Sain...Later, please.
    S: Um, yeah. Of course.
    L: A dancer? Your clothes don't look like those of a dancer.
    Nl: Ninian dances to honor life. It's special...Sacred.
    L: A sacred dance? What does that mean?
    Nn: I...The dance I perform when we travel is just a normal dance. My other 
    dance, though...When they caught me, I twisted my ankle. I cannot dance to aid 
    you...I'm sorry.
    L: Please don't worry. We're just happy to see that you're out of harm's 
    Nn: Thank you.
    L: But I am concerned about you leg. You can't travel on it...
    Nl: I've an idea. Would it be too much to ask that we travel with you?
    L: I can't allow that! It's far to dangerous. We're being hunted. We never 
    know when we're going to be attacked.
    Nl: We wouldn't be a hindrance. We could even help you. Right, Ninian?
    Nn: Yes. We might be able to repay our dept using our...special talents.
    L: Special abilities?
    Nn: When something poses a threat to us, we can sense its approach.
    L: Truly? That's amazing!
    Nl: We can feel it coming, but we can't do anything to stop it. You're 
    warriors, though, so you don't have that worry.
    L: What do you think, Kent?
    K: I think leaving them here would cause Lady Lyndis more worry than having 
    them travel with us.
    L: Sain? Oh, never mind. I know what your answer is. Do you really want to 
    travel with us?
    Nl: Of course! 
    Nn: You have our gratitude, milady.
    Nn: Oh...
    Nl: What's wrong, Ninian?
    Nn: I've lost my ring.
    L: Your ring?
    Nl: Not Ninis's Grace?
    Nn: The very one.
    Nl: They stole it? Those curs!!!
    L: Was it valuable?
    Nn: It was a keepsake from our departed mother.
    Nl: It was blessed by the spirit of Ninis...There's no other like it in the 
    world. And now we have lost it to those villains. There's nothing we can do.
    Nn: You're right.
    L: ......
    L: Can I talk to you, (Your Name)? You heard all of that, right? What do you 
    think? I'd really love to retrieve Ninian's ring for her. But if Nils is 
    right, those thieves might prove to be too strong for us. What should we do?
    -New Info-Side quests sometimes appear after certain missions or events. 
    Side quests can give extra information, warriors, items. In this case you 
    get Ninis's grace, Ninian's ring.
    Take the side quest!!!
    L: You want to help them? That's great! I was hoping you'd say that, FAQ. 
    Kent! Sain! Those men were headed south. We must give pursuit!
    S: On your word, milady!
    L: There's no turning back now. Let's ride!
    Chapter 7x: The Black Shadow
    Opening: A mysterious group seems hell-bent on capturing Nils and 
    Ninian...Having failed, this group, the Black Fang, flees. Rumor has them 
    traveling southwest. Lyn and her colleagues follow in hopes of recovering a 
    lost heirloom. The Black Fang have made a stronghold of an abandoned castle 
    in Khathelet. Its dark halls are alive with shadowy figures...
    Conversation between two Black Fang members
    Lady: So the brother escaped, and the sister was rescued by a band of 
    strangers. Do I understand you?
    Man: Yes...They ambushed us, and...
    Lady: Hold your excuses. The end is all that matters.
    Man: Yes, ma'am. 
    Lady: And your plan for recovering the siblings is?
    Man: We've word that the entire group is healed this way, with the brats in 
    Lady: They're coming here? Why would they do that?
    Man: They may be after this ring...It's a rare piece. It was a stroke of luck 
    that we did, especially if it brings them to us now. I'll grab the whole lot 
    of 'em with this to bait the trap.
    Lady: I see...Very well, I'll give you another chance. I've business 
    elsewhere, but I shall return once it's finished. You have until sunrise 
    tomorrow. Do you understand?
    Man: Yes.
    Lady: If you do not have the children when I return...my hand will deal you 
    the fang's punishment. Remember that. Bear it closely in your mind.
    (Hero's show up)
    L: I believe they went in here.
    Nl: Milady, are you really going in there to get the ring back?
    L: Yes, we are.
    Nl: But this is their stronghold! They're bound to be well defended, not to 
    mention well armed!
    Nn: Please forget about the ring. It's OK...
    L: FAQ's agreed to attempt this...recovery. I wouldn't be here if not for 
    that.(Your Name) believes we can do this. I'm sure that decision was not 
    made lightly. With (Your Name) at my side, I'm confident we can win. Let's 
    get your ring back, Ninian.
    Nl: Milady...
    Nn: ......
    S: Milady Lyndis! There are more of the foe inside than we thought.
    L: This is their stronghold. It's imperative we move carefully.
    K: Exactly, milady. This narrow corridor can be used to our advantage. If we 
    draw the enemy through here, we can engage them in small numbers and remain 
    relatively safe. If time is a concern, we can always rush them...If we do 
    that, we'd better be sure we can win.
    L: So, (Your Name) What do you think? How we move forward is completely up 
    to you.
    Units that go to battle-Lyn, Sain, Kent, Sain, Wil, Dorcas, Erk, Rath, 
    Matthew, Nils, and Lucius.
    Don't change the formation at all.
    !Battle 9!
    Objective: Defeat Enemy(12)
    Allied Units 10: Matthew, Nils, Lyn, Kent, Lucius, Erk, Wil, Sain, Rath, 
    Enemy Units 12-1 Black Fang Archer, 3 Lance-Wielding Black Fangs, 2 Axe-
    Wielding Black Fangs, 1 Black Fang Cavalier, 2 Sword-Wielding Black Fangs, 1 
    Black Fang Mage, 1 Black Fang Thief, and Beyard.
    Objects: 2 Doors, 1 Chest, and 3 Cracked Walls.
    Turn 1:
    Lucius: 5 N: Attack: Black Fang/Lightning
    Sain: 4 N, 3 W: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance
    Got Vulnerary!(Your Space Should be Full Thought)
    Drop The Vulnerary that only has two left
    Matthew: 2 S, 4 W: Wait.
    Nils: 2 S, 3 W: Play/Matthew
    Matthew*: 3 N, 2 W: Wait.
    Erk: 1 W, 4 N: Wait.
    Kent: 1 W, 3 N, 2 E, 1 N: Wait.
    Wil: 1 E, 4 N: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Bow
    Rath: 2 W, 4 N: Wait.
    Lyn: 3 N, 2 W: Wait.
    Dorcas: 4 W, 1 N: Wait.
    Turn 2:
    Kent: 1 N: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance
    Wil: 2 E, 1 N: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Bow
    Lyn: 3 W, 2 N: Wait.
    Erk: 3 E: Attack: Black Fang/Fire.
    Rath: 4 N: Wait.
    Lucius: Attack: Black Fang/Lightning.
    Sain: 1 W: Attack: Cracked Wall/Iron Lance.
    Matthew: 2 W, 3 N: Chest.
    Got a Hammer!
    Dorcas: 3 N, 2 W: Wait.
    Nils: 4: Play/Dorcas.
    Dorcas*: 3 W, 2 N: Trade/Matthew(Take his Hammer.)-Wait.
    (An enemy Lancer appears in the stairway near where you started)
    Turn 3:
    Dorcas: 1 E, 4 N: Attack: Black Fang/Hand Axe
    Erk: 1 E: Attack: Black Fang/Fire
    Lucius: 5 N: Attack: Black Fang/Lightning
    Lyn: 4 N, 1 E: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Sword(If he's still there)(If he's 
    not just have her wait.)
    Kent: 4 N, 3 W: Wait.
    Wil: 5 N: Wait.
    Rath: 3 N, 2 E: Wait.
    Nils: 5 N: Wait.
    Sain: 7 N: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance.
    Matthew: 3 N: Wait.
    (A Mage appears at the right of Beyard and a shaman to his left.)
    Turn 4
    Erk: 4 W, 1 N: Wait.
    Sain, Matthew, and Dorcas: Wait.
    Wil: 2 W: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Bow.
    Kent: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance.
    Rath: 1 E: Attack: Black Fang/Short Bow.
    Lyn: 1 E: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Sword(If he's still there.)
    Lucius: 2 E, 2 N: Wait.
    Nils: 2 N, 1 E: Play/Lyn
    Lyn*: 2 N, 1 W: Wait.
    Turn 5
    Sain: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Lance
    Dorcas: 1 W, 2 N, 1 E: Attack: Black Fang/Hand Axe.
    Matthew: 2 N: Attack: Black Fang/Iron Sword
    Lyn: 1 N, 3 W, 1 S: Wait.
    Lucius: 1 N, 4 W: Wait.
    Rath: 3 N, 4 W: Wait.
    Kent: 2 W, 3 N, 2 W: Wait.
    Erk: 5 N: Wait.
    Wil: 3 W, 2 N: Wait.
    Nils: Play/Erk
    Erk*: 2 E, 3 N: Wait.
    Turn 6: 
    Dorcas: 2 W, 1 N: Attack: Beyard/Hand Axe
    Lucius: 2 S, 3 W: Wait.
    Rath: 1 W, 2 S, 4 W: Wait.
    Everyone Else: Wait.
    Rath: 1 E, 2 N, 1 W: Attack: Beyard/Short Bow.
    (If he is still alive, then continue)
    Lucius: 2 N, 1 E: Attack: Beyard/Lightning
    Beyard: Aaah...No...I...I cannot...
    L: Give us the ring! And swear us this oath...You must promise to leave these 
    two alone. If I have your vow, I'll spare your life...
    Beyard: Failure...means death...
    L: What?! Poison? He took his own life...
    K: These are no common brigands we're dealing with. This man was trained by 
    a well-organized group.
    L: What do they want with Nils and Ninian?
    Nl: ......
    L: Nils, Ninian. Everything's going to be fine. As long as you're with us, 
    you'll be safe. 
    Nl: But...
    L: You witnessed our victory, right? With (Your Name)'s planning and my 
    sword, you've no worries. If we all work together, there's nothing we can't 
    overcome. I don't care who comes after you; I'll not let you be taken.
    Nl: Really?
    L: Yes, on my honor. Right, (Your Name)?
    Nn: Milady...
    L: Oh, yes...This is yours.
    Nn: Ah...It's...
    L: You called it Ninis's Grace, did you not? That lout had it.
    Nl: Milady Lyndis! Thank you so much!
    Nn: I have no other words, save thank you.
    Chapter 8: Vortex of Strategy
    Opening: Passing through Araphen and Khathelet, Lyn and her friends arrive 
    in Caelin. However, Caelin is now under the rule of Lord Lungdren. Lungren's 
    henchmen lay in wait to assassinate Lyn. They wait for her to approach and 
    ready a special weapon.
    L: Look, (Your Name)! The mountains seem so far away now. We've come a long 
    S: Milady Lyndis! (Your Name)! We can't be very far from the castle now!
    K: By my reckoning, we can reach Castle Caelin in two days if we hurry.
    L: Two more days...Hold on, Grandfather. Please...
    F: Cheer up, Lyn. If they see you looking so sad, the entire company will 
    lose heart.
    L: Florina...You're right. There's nothing to be gained by worrying. We just 
    have to press onward.
    F: That's the spirit!
    Nl: Lyn...Danger approaches...
    L: What did you say?
    S: I don't see anything. Are you sure?
    Nn: I feel it, too. I'm sure of it. Ah! Milady, don't move!
    L: Hm?
    (Arrow just misses Lyn)
    L: What in-Where did this bolt come from?
    K: They have a ballista!
    S: Lord Lundgren is getting serious. Deploying siege engines is no mean 
    L: What is a ballista?
    K: It's a weapon designed for long-distance attacks. Only archers can use 
    them, but they can be devastating.
    S: Florina! You must stay aground! Do not take the air! The ballista would 
    target you in an instant.
    L: Is there a way to combat it?
    K: The safest course is to use someone with good defense as bait, so the 
    enemy wastes arrows.
    S: Then you can walk up and knock the fool on the head.
    L: Wil, can you use a ballista?
    W: I've never tried, but...It's just a really big bow, right? I should be able 
    to figure it out.
    L: All we can ask is that you try...Let's see what we can do!
    (On the Preparations menu)
    M: Ah, Lady Lyndis! (Your Name)! I have some minor...business...to attend to. 
    I'm unable to join you. If you need any of my possessions, please take them 
    Pick Units: Take-Lyn, Sain, Kent, Wil, Dorcas, Erk, Rath, Lucius, and 
    Formation: Switch Sain with Lucius.
    Begin Battle.
    ! Battle 10!
    Objective-Defeat enemy(14)
    Allied Units 9-Lucius, Wil, Erk, Kent, Lyn, Florina, Sain, Dorcas, and Rath.
    Enemy Units 14- 2 Caelin Cavaliers, 2 Caelin axe-wielders, 2 Caelin sword-
    wielders, 3 Caelin lance-wielders, 2 Caelin archers, 1 Caelin Mage, 1 Caelin 
    Shaman, and Yogi.
    Objects: 1 Ballista
    Villages: 1
    Forts: 6
    Armories: 1
    Turn 1
    Rath: 2 W: Armory(Buy an iron bow)-After leaving- 3 E, 1 S: Wait.
    Florina: 4 E, 3 S: Wait.
    Sain: 6 E, 1 S: Wait.
    Dorcas: 5 E: Wait.
    Lyn: 1 E, 2 S: Wait.
    Erk: 1 S, 4 E: Wait.
    Wil: 1 E, 2 S: Wait.
    Kent: 2 E, 3 S: Wait.
    Lucius: 4 E, 1 S: Wait.
    Turn 2
    Florina: 1 E, 2 S: Attack: Ballista/Iron Lance
    Kent: 3 S: Attack: Caelin/Iron Lance.
    Rath: 1 W, 3 S: Attack: Caelin/Iron Bow
    Lyn: 2 S: Wait. 
    Sain: 1 S: Attack: Caelin/Iron Lance
    Erk: Trade/Dorcas( Take the vulnerary)-Then use it.
    Dorcas: 4 E: Attack: Caelin/Hand Axe.
    Lucius: 3 S: Wait.
    Wil: 2 S: Wait.
    Turn 3
    Lucius: Attack: Caelin/Lightning
    Wil: Attack: Caelin/Iron Bow
    Rath: Attack: Caelin/Iron Bow
    Erk: 2 S, 3 E: Wait.
    Dorcas: 2 S, 3 E: Attack: Caelin/Hand Axe
    Sain: Item/Vulnerary-1 S, 2 E: Wait.
    Lyn: Item/Vulnerary.
    Florina: 3 N, 3 E: Attack: Caelin/Iron Lance
    Kent: 1 S: Attack: Caelin/Iron Lance.
    (Enemy Lancers appear in the two south-western forts.)
    Turn 4
    Erk: 3 E: Attack: Caelin/Fire
    Sain: 2 N: Visit.
    Old Dude: Do you remember the weapon triangle? Axes over lances and whatnot? 
    This is important, so pay attention. There are some weapons that don't 
    follow the normal rules. This here lance reaver is one of those. It's a 
    sword that reverses the triangle. So if you wield this blade, you can best a 
    lance with it. Of course, there's a downside...Axes can best this sword. Take 
    this as a gift. It's your reward for listening to an old man ramble. Don't 
    be so shy. It's not like I can use the thing. Not everyone can wield a sword 
    of this caliber. I'm sure you know someone who can use it, though.
    (Got a lance reaver!)(Okay Sain's stock should be full so get rid of 
    the...Pure Water.)-3 S, 1 E: Wait.
    Dorcas: 2 S: Rescue/Sain
    Florina: Wait.
    Rath: 4 S, 2 E: Wait.
    Kent: 2 S, 4 E: Wait.
    Lyn: 3 S: Wait.
    Wil: 3 S: Wait.
    Lucius: 1 W, 2 S: Wait.
    (2 more lancers appear in the same place)
    Turn 5
    Erk: 1 E, 2 S: Attack: Caelin/Fire.
    Florina: 4 S: Wait.
    Dorcas: 3 S: Drop/Sain(To the left)
    Rath: 2 E, 1 S: Attack: The Southwestern Caelin/Iron Bow
    Kent: 2 S: Attack: Caelin/Iron Lance
    Lyn: 2 S, 3 E: Wait.
    Wil: 3 S, 1 E: Wait.
    Lucius: 3 S, 1 E: Wait.
    (More Lancers show up)
    Turn 6
    Kent: 2 S, 1 E: Item/Vulnerary-Wait.
    Rath: 1 E, 2 S: Wait.
    Sain: 5 W, 2 S: Wait.
    Dorcas: 5 W: Wait.
    Wil: 3 E, 2 S: Wait.
    Everyone Else should wait.
    Turn 7
    Rath: Attack: Caelin/Iron Bow
    Wil: 2 S, 3 E: Attack: Yogi/Iron Bow.
    Sain: 3 S, 3 E: Attack: Yogi/Iron Lance
    Kent: 1 S, 4 E: Attack: Yogi/Iron Lance
    Everyone else should wait.
    L: Is it over?
    K: Yes. I see no more enemy soldiers. However, something is bothering me.
    L: What is it?
    K: I noticed it during the fighting. Our opponents...They were soldiers of 
    Caelin. I even recognized some of those we fought. I trained with many of 
    them...And yet they attacked us without hesitation.
    S: They're black-hearted traitors who've joined Lord Lundgren. Good 
    riddance, I say. It also means less resistance at the castle.
    K: I hope you're right...
    L: I'm just glad Nils and Ninian were with us. If that first shot had hit 
    me, I might not have survived.
    Nn: We are honored to serve you well.
    Nl: We won't let you down!
    L: I know. I'm relying on you.
    M: What's this? You dealt with the ballista, too? Nicely done!
    L: Matthew, where were you during all this?
    M: I went to the village to sniff about for information. I got some 
    interesting news for my trouble, too.
    L: Let's hear it!
    M: First, about Marquess Caelin's illness. He really is unwell. He's been 
    abed for nigh on three months.
    L: Oh, no...Grandfather...
    M: I heard an interesting rumor about his condition, though. The people 
    believe that someone's been poisoning the marquess...
    L: He's being poisoned!?
    M: And this someone...Well, everyone's too afraid to mention a name. However, 
    they say that, as soon as the marquess took ill, a certain noble took 
    control of the castle as though it were his own. I fed a hungry innkeeper 
    some coin, and he fed me a name. The marquess of Caelin's own brother, Lord 
    L: How can this be? How can they allow him to get away with this? The 
    villagers know he's the one poisoning my grandfather, and yet no one raises 
    a hand against him? Why?
    K: They are afraid, and they lack proof. The whisperings of the common 
    people means nothing.
    M: That's the truth of it. And of the marquess's loyal retainers who might 
    have lent credence to these rumors, there is no sign.
    L: Are you saying they've been silenced?
    M: It's a fair assumption.
    K: This is beyond believing.
    M: The worst news is yet to come.
    S: What? There's more?
    M: An imposter's appeared, claiming to be the marquess's granddaughter. At 
    least, that's the story Lundgren's telling to all who'll listen.
    L: What does that mean?
    M: It means that people are waiting for two traitorous knights and a 
    baseborn child to appear and lay claim to Castle Caelin.
    S: But...But that...It can't be!
    K: Traitors? Us? Ridiculous!!!
    L: He says...I'm an imposter?
    M: Don't you have anything that proves your lineage?
    L: When my mother joined the Lorca, she brought nothing of Lycia with her.
    S: Milady, Marquess Araphen himself remarked at your resemblance to Lady 
    Madelyn! Your face is your proof!
    K: They'll say we found a look-alike somewhere...We're seen as betrayers of 
    our knightly vows. Our word means nothing. No, our only hope is to see 
    Marquess Caelin himself.
    L: We must hurry. If not, my grandfather...I must see him! With my last breath 
    if need be.
    M: But we must formulate some manner of plan! Even if we set out for the 
    castle, the troops patrolling the area will cause no end of problems. You 
    have been branded as oath breakers, after all.
    L: I've got it! Eliwood...He seemed sympathetic to our plight. He should still 
    be in Kathelet. If we can talk to him, he might help us!
    K: Of course! A sound idea!
    S: Let's hurry!
    L: Yes! Back to Kathelet!!   
    More coming soon!
    7.0 Menus
    Unit-Takes you to a list of all the characters on the battle field.
    The regular colored units are the ones that are yet to maneuver. The 
    darkened ones are the ones that have already used their turn.
    The first page shows; Class, Level, Experience, Current HP, and Max HP.
    The second page shows; Strength, Skill, Speed, Luck, Defense, Resistance, 
    and Affinity.
    The third page shows; The weapon equipped, the weapon's attack power, hit %, 
    and avoid %. 
    The fourth page shows; The movement range, Trv, and Condition.
    The fifth page shows; What type and rank of weapons each character can use.
    The last page shows; Which characters are allies. 
    Status-A page that shows information about a lot of different things. It 
    shows; The chapter number and name, how many allied units are on the battle 
    field, sometimes how many enemy units are on the battlefield, the objective, 
    what turn it is, your funds, the main character and some of his/her stats, 
    and your total playtime.
    Options-This menu lets you customize the speed and other parts of the game.
    Animation-You can set it to Show animation with or without backgrounds or 
    not show it. You can also pick exactly who you want to watch animation of.
    Game Speed-Choose the speed of the game; either normal or fast.
    Text Speed-Choose the text speed; either Slow, Normal, Fast, or Max. Max is 
    Terrain-Choose if you want the terrain window display
    Unit-Either put the unit window on Panel, Burst, or turn it off.
    Combat-Show the basic or detailed combat window, or turn it off.
    Show Objective-Either show the objective or don't.
    Subtitle Help-Set Easy/Help Scroll display
    Autocursor-Set cursor to start on main hero or not.
    Autoend Turns-Set to end turns after all units have moved or not.
    Music-Turn music on or off.
    Sound Effects-Turn Sound effects on or off.
    Window Color-Set the window color to Blue, Red, Navy, or Green.
    Suspend-When you push this you can quit In the middle of a battle without 
    losing your place. Therefore, you don't have to save before you turn of your 
    End-Let's you end your turn before all units have moved.
    8.0-Types of Classes
    Walking Units
    Lords-Lyn, Eliwood, and Hector. They would be in other classes, but since 
    they are royal they get put here.-Upgrade to-Greater Lord
    Knights-A warrior in heavy armor. Specializes in lances.-Upgrades to-General
    Generals-A Knight that can also use axes. Also has better stats.
    Myrmidon-A swordfighter that uses eastern techniques. Upgrades to-
    Swordmaster-A Myrmidon that specializes in killing strokes. Also has better 
    Mercenary-A professional warrior. Specializes in swords. Upgrades to-Hero.
    Hero-A mercenary that can also use axes. Also has better stats.
    Axefighter-A robust fighter that specializes in axes. Upgrades to-Warrior.
    Warrior-An axefighter that can also use bows. Also has better stats.
    Archer-A master of archery. Cannot engage in direct combat. Upgrades to-
    Sniper-An archer with better stats.
    Mage-A person who uses anima magic. Upgrades to-Sage.
    Sage-A mage that can also use staves. Also has better stats.
    Shaman-A person that uses ancient magic. Upgrades to-Druid
    Druid-A shaman that can also use staves. Also has better stats.
    Cleric-A magic-wielder that specializes in staves. Upgrades to-Bishop
    Monk-A light magic wielding acolyte. Upgrades to-Bishop
    Bishop-A Cleric or Monk that can use both staves and light magic. Also has 
    better stats.
    Thief-A sword wielder can open doors and chests without keys. Upgrades to 
    Assassin, using the Fell Contract.
    Assassin- An upgraded thief. Has greater stats and good chances of critical 
    Bard-A musician that can give the power to move again. Doesn't Upgrade.
    Dancer-A performer that can let others move again. Doesn't Upgrade.
    Mounted Units
    Cavalier-A mounted knight that uses both swords and lances. Upgrades to 
    Paladin-A cavalier that can use any weapon type of the weapon circle. Also 
    has better stats.
    Nomad-A mounted archer from the east. Upgrades to Nomadic Trooper.
    Nomadic Trooper-A nomad that can also use swords. Also has better stats.
    Troubadour-A stave using mounted knight. Upgrades to Valkyrie.
    Valkyrie-A troubadour that can also use Anima magic. Also has better stats.
    Pegasus Knight-A lance using knight that is mounted on a creature that can 
    fly over almost anything. Upgrades to Falcoknight.
    Falcoknight-A Pegasus knight that can also use swords. Also has better 
    Wyvern Rider-A lance using knight that is mounted on a creature that can fly 
    over almost anything. Upgrades to Wyvern Lord.
    Wyvern Lord-A Wyvern rider that can use swords. Also has better stats.
    Nintendo-Making an awesome game.
    Me-Writing the FAQ
    GameFaqs-Putting my FAQ on their site.
    Jollyman1010-Informed me that thieves   upgrade to assassins. 
    If you find problems: Thecheseboy231@aol.com
    (c) 2003-04, HelloIforgotmyname(tm)

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