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Well, it took them years 13 years, but Fire Emblem is finally in the US!02/13/04Aganar
An unforgettable GBA game08/16/04plasmabeam
Quite possibly the BEST GBA game ever created05/29/07bluej33
A fun but very frustrating game08/23/04bluesky
A must have for your inner gaming spirit and pretty much everything else!04/18/05bullet sword
If it ain't broke, don't fix it!02/21/06Combat Crustacean
A Legend of Swords and Dragons (10 for a Reason)11/24/03Dark Flare Star
I've beaten every single Fire Emblem game so I know what I'm talking about.11/14/03Dark Gaia
The best tactical RPG ever!06/17/04Darrrrrrt7
As good as Golden Sun!02/21/06Dracoknight2006
Awesome RPG? I think so.05/31/05DreiKitsagi
The Fire Rages on with a bright future!03/23/05eliwood155
Very Impressive with Little Room for Improvement12/30/04evangelion92
I Was Expecting Much More From This Game01/08/08LordShibas
Best strategy game ever!10/25/06methedemon
Fire Emblem finally hits home, and it's a big hit!11/09/05Moofey
A spellbinding, deep game with tons of depth07/28/10mrblotgun
It's about time Japan let us taste some of this turn-based strategy RPG series.08/25/06Oliwam
The First Localized Fire Emblem is Still a Strong Contender for Best in the Series06/11/13OrangeCrush980
My very favorite game, and possibly the best GBA has to offer06/26/09RavenousGuy
The Lance Is Mightier Than The Sword06/15/04Rottenwood
Fire Emblem, truly a must own strategy/RPG04/15/04shadow silvite
No Marth or Roy. But it does have dragons. And Pirates.07/05/06Shivan Reincarnated
An interesting twist for the Strategy RPG genre...07/13/04Snoop54
A Tactical RPG that gets lost in the shuffle06/10/04Tribulations
Uncle Longfellow's Fire Emblem Review04/06/15UncleLongfellow
One of the best Strategy RPGs ever.05/09/08Xenon
Sometimes frustrating, but for most of the time really addicting.12/14/10Zylo the wolf

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