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    Translation Guide by BAnderson

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                       TACTICS OGRE GAIDEN:
                             Knight of Lodis
                      *****JAPANESE VERSION****
                       TRANSLATION MINI-FAQ
                       Version   0.5,  07/08/2001 
                       2001 Quest                SIM/RPG
                        For the Game Boy Advance
                   This FAQ was written by: Bodi Anderson
                          AKA: Pietoro on the gamefaqs boards
                              UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!
                  The latest version is always sent to Gamefaqs
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      I suggest you load a Japanese reading program into your browser
              Don't ask me where to get one, I use a Japanese O.S.
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         This being my 11th faq (Wow, is it already that many). I realize that I no longer 
    have the time or memory to field questions concerning my faqs by e-mail.  If you have a 
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    (also the fact that I forget all the details of games after a long time). If however you 
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    DISCLAIMER:   This FAQ is meant for personal use only and may only be 
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    this FAQ are copyrighted property of Sony.  I, Bodi Anderson, have no professional 
    relationship with any of the aforementioned companies, and I am simply a fan of their 
    great games. This FAQ is dedicated to all of those who waste their time translating 
    Japanese games and all the nice people who love the Ogre Battle Series and 
    PoPoLoCrois (My favorite game). Enjoy!!  END OF DISCLAIMER
    7/8/01?Got the basics up still need to do magic and items.  Oh well don't expect 
    updates all that fast cause I'm quite busy.
    1. Introduction
    2. Basic Controls
    3. Battle System
    4. Emblem System
    5. Class System
    6. Monster Buddies
    7. Magic System
    8. Common Items
    9. Quest Mode
    10. Secrets
    11. Hints
    12. Thanks
        Hey there! Well, if you're looking at this you've most likely picked up a copy of 
    Tactics Ogre Gaiden for your GBA.  Having almost finished the game myself and 
    looking at all the questions on the message board I decided to write a mini-faq for people 
    having trouble with the game.  This will not be a full faq for the game as I'm moving 
    from Japan back to the States in 3 weeks and I'm busy as heck.  I will, however, 
    translate and explain the game system.  I don't have enough  time to go into the story 
    or plot so sorry! 
    HOWEVER IF you nice folks want to help with this faq, we can make it a real full faq.  
    I don't know why most faqs are written alone rather than in small groups.  Oh well, if 
    you think this faq is in need of something, don't just sit there! Help out!
     Otherwise sorry if this aint' my best writing, this faq is a bit of a rush job.
          * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 
          WARNING:  If you have never played Tactics Ogre or it's inferior clone (in my 
    opinion) Final Fantasy Tactics I suggest you do.  If you have no knowledge of the series 
    or of the Japanese language I do not recommend this game! Please play Tactics Ogre  
    (available in English on the Playstation and I believe there's a ROM somewhere if 
    you're into that stuff) enough to familiarize yourself with the combat system. Also if you 
    are unable to at least read (though not necessarily understand) Katakana you'll have a 
    hard time with the game.  Remember you've been warned!
        ALSO at times when explaining the game I'll refer to page numbers.  These are 
    the page numbers in the manual that came with the game, NOT the page numbers of 
    this faq.  If you don't have a manual (i.e. you've got a ROM) than tough luck.
     Getting Started and Resuming play:   
    Press "A" button to skip past into, the main menu is in English. Now start a new 
    game. Soon you be asked to input you name.  First select the 3rd option which lets you 
    write in English.  Use the A button to enter letters and the L/R buttons to move the 
    cursor.  Now enter your birthday, this will also deter
    When finished you'll be asked a number of questions, your response to these will 
    determine your hero's characteristics.  If your Japanese aint pretty darn good you'll 
    just pick random answers if you like.  You'll eventually go into your first battle.  It's 
    easy, and you only control 1 character, so don't worry about what you do.  Instead, if 
    you're new to the game be sure to pay attention to how the combat works.
            When you resume a saved game you'll first see 2 options.  The top one is for for 
    your last in-battle save.  The bottom is for world map saves.
    2.2 The Buttons
    A: Confirm / Enter
    B: Cancel
    D-pad: move cursor
    L: Not used (Hold down to scroll backwards through dialog)
    R: Bring up menu.
    Start: Not Used
    Select: Bring up description of current location
    A:  Select/ Confirm
    B:  Cancel / Go Back
    D-pad: move cursor
    L: Not used
    R: Bring up menu
    Start: Toggle Attributes Display
    Select: Character information mode.
    A: Confirm
    B: Cancel
    D-pad: move character / cursor
    L:  (With A or B button) scroll to next character
    R: Bring up combat menu screen.
    Start: In battle save (2nd option is to continue playing after saving
    Top choice is Yes, bottom is No.)
    Select: Not Used
    2.3 The Main Menu:
      When on the World Map move the cursor to select a destination.  Your party is 
    represented by a blue flag.  If it's a blue destination then you won't have combat there, 
    if your destination is in red then you will have combat there, along with the "Fight it 
    Out" but.  Sometimes when passing over blue location that aren't towns you have 
    random combat encounters.  These work just like other combat.
      Press the R button to bring up the menu command at a given location you'll then see 
    the following options. (Descriptions of pictures below)
     Equip Menu    Training          Shop*     System Manu
       (notepad)      (red/blue swords)   (scales)    (4 little squares)
    *Note that the shop menu will only appear at towns.
    2.4 Equip Menu
         Refer to the control description above (2.2). Use the D-pad left and right to toggle 
    between equipped itemas and emblems.  
    When you select a character press A and then you'll go to his/her info screen.  
    Here R to bring up the CHARACTER MENU.  You'll get the following options.
    Equip Items     Equip Magic    Change Class    Kick out of party
        (sword)          (wand)          (power-up guy)      (skull)
    *Equip Items: Select on of the 4 slots look at how items affect your characteristics
             Red means they are lower and Blue is higher.
    L button to unequip an item. Start button to toggle weapon stat displays.
                 Select "Power Type" for strongest weapon
                 Select "Ideal Type" for best class suited weapons
                 Select "Release All" to do just that
    * Equip Magic:  Choose from available slots depending on your class. Works just like
              weapons. Choose Ideal type if your unsure what to do that way you won't
              equip wrong magic.  You can not unequip certain innate abilities.  If you 
    select a spell unusable by your class you'll get a warning message asking if
    you really wanna equip the spell.
    * Change Class:  Choose from the highlighted classes.  You can't choose the blacked 
    -out ones.  Your character will start equipped with the "Ideal" 
    * Kick Out:   You'll be asked if you're sure.  Once gone you can't get 'em back.
                I believe you can have a max of 32 characters.
    2.5 Training
       Works just like combat except your guys don't really die.  A good way to gain levels.  
    Do train 20 levels though, or you'll get the "Bullpen" emblem which sucks!
    2.6 Shop Menu
        Choose from the following
         A) Buy ? items 
               -- magic
         B) Sell -- items
               -- magic
         C) Recruit 
         D) Quit
    *Buy: No refunds!
    *Sell:  Half the price of new items
    *Recruit: First choose  male/female/monster
             Next choose level: +200 per level (max is 30 or your level)
             Now choose element
             Now enter name like you did for your hero.
             *Note: depending on time/city available monsters will change
    *Quit: return to world map
    2.7 System Menu
       You'll have the following options.
    Save            Load          Game Notes    Options   Reset Game
    (Red arrow)  (Blue Arrow)    (Pumpkin Head)   (dots)     (purple arrow)
    *Save: Choose one of 3 slots.
    *Load: as above
    * Game Notes:  Useless unless you know Japanese (why are you using this guide?)
    * Options: Choose from
            Cursor type: Leave it on Type A"
            Cursor Speed:  Slow / normal / Fast
            Message Speed: typed / all at once
            Navigation:  On / Off
            Action Name: On / Off
            Effect Name: On / Off
            Experience Check: On / Off
            Command Name: On / Off
            Shortcut A: Best not touch 
            Shortcut B: Best leave it alone.
    *Reset Game: Returns to title screen
    2.8 Character Info Screen:
       Look at page 28 in the manual.  See the picture and the red numbers there well this 
    is what they mean.
    1: Number (troop number)
    2: Name
    3: Element/ Alignment (see page 45)
    4: Level / Exp (when exp=100 you level up!)
    5: Stats (Strength, Intelligence, Agility)
    6: Attack strength(sword) and Magic Strength (staff)
    7: Defense and Magic Defense
    8: Class (written in Katakana, except for Deneb!)
    9: HP /MP current and max
    10: Move and movement type
    Look at page 51 for movement types (depending on your shoes/wings)
    11: Equipped Items (4 max)
    12: Equipped Magic and Abilities
        If you've never played tactics ogre or FFT before you should! I'm not gonna go to 
    in-depth here so I suggest you familiarize yourself with one of these games before 
    buying this game.
         When combat starts you can include up to 8 characters from your list.  Always 
    choose the full 8 unless you're feeling very confident. You can move them around where 
    ever you want in the blue starting space you have on the battlefield.  The game has a 
    turn system. First all of your troops move then the enemies move. (Yes, yes I know a bad 
    change from the original). This is a turn based combat system.  Move your troops 
    across the field and take out the enemies.  Easy, huh!
       Depending on the scenario you may have to only take out the enemy Leader or all 
    the troops to win.  I suggest always going for all the troops unless things are looking 
    bad since you get more items and experience that way.
    In combat you'll have the following options for a given unit, in the below order
    Before finalizing your attacks be sure to check the hit % and damage.
    1: First move your character within their limit (blue zone). 
    2: Now choose from the below options.
      Attack  Magic/Ability   Use Item    Talk          Facing
      (sword)   (staff)         (bag       (word balloon )  (shoes)
    *Attack: Attack an enemy 1 or 2 spaces away depending on your weapon.
             Unless attacked from the back or out of range they will attempt to counter.
    *Magic/Ability: Make sure you have enough MP/SP for given command
    * Use Item: Items have a 1 space max range.
    *Talk: Has a 1 space range. This lets you try to convince enemies to join your side. 
           If successful they'll become guests and join your party after the battle.
           This will never work on leaders, be sure and check the % chance.
    *Facing: If you don't do anything else determine your facing
    In combat if you press the R button you'll get the following options…
    End Turn  Objective   Item List    Character List   System Menu
    (Grey Arrow)  (Flag)      (Bag)        (notepad)        (dots)
    *End Turn: Go to the enemy turn. Automatic after all your guys have moved.
    *Objective: Review objective. If it says リーダ in Japanese then you've gotta kill the 
    leader to win.  If it says 全部人 then you have to kill everyone.
    *Item List: Review your items
    *Character list: Both you and the enemies' stats.
    *System Menu: As per section 2.7
    Battle Notes
    *If your leader dies the game is over.  If other characters die you can revive them with 
    items or spells.  
    *Some spells and abilities have an area effect, you'll see this when you select them.  
    * Spears will attack through both of their 2 space range. Whips will not.
    * Pay attention to terrain. Higher ground is better. Also look at the terrain effects for 
    magic on the upper right of the combat screen when you select an attack.
    * Some attacks/spells change enemies' status see below
    Status Effects (as per page 32 in the manual, Same order)
    Petrified: Can only be cured by holy magic or item Revive Stone item
            Character will heal (not die) at the end of the battle.
    Stun: Character can't move for a while till healed or spell wears off.
    Sleep:  Character can't move till healed, attacked, or spell wears off.
    Charmed: Character will act like an enemy till healed, attacked, or spell wears off.
    Confused: Character will do random stuff till healed, attacked, or spell wears off
    Poison: Character will take damage every turn till healed, or spell wears off
        In TO Gaiden you'll notice that you can have up to 32 different emblems.  Some 
    emblems are needed to change classes others give you characters bonuses or penalties 
    depending on what you do.  Emblems are earned through actions in battle.  Human 
    characters can have up to 32 emblems. See the table and list below.  The table is 
    supposed to represent the order in which they appear on the screen
    /  1   2   3   4        17  18  19  20 /      
    /  5   6   7   8        21  22  23  24 /      
    /  9   10  11  12       25  26  27  28 /      
    /  13  14  15  16       29  30  31  32 /      
    Emblem Name (Japanese) ブラッドクロス
    Emblem Name: (English) Blood Cross
    Icon: Red Cross
    How to get: kill 25 enemies
    Effects: Enemies within 3 panels will be frightened (lower attack?).  
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 聖竜ウロク
    Emblem Name: (English) Dragon Horn
    Icon: White Horn
    How to get: Kill 5 Dragons
    Effects: Extra damage to dragons, Dragoon class available.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) アニマルハンター
    Emblem Name: (English) Animal Hunter
    Icon: Bloody Sword
    How to get: Kill 5 magic beasts
    Effects: Talking to animals success rate down.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) エクソシスト
    Emblem Name: (English) Exorcist
    Icon: Gold cross and Book
    How to get: Exorcise 5 undead
    Effects: Undead within 3 panels will be frightened
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 護身の心得  
    Emblem Name: (English) Self-defense
    Icon: Purple tag
    How to get: Successfully counterattack may times (training OK)
    Effects: Counter damage raised
    Emblem Name (Japanese)  狂戦士   
    Emblem Name: (English) Mad Warrior
    Icon: Beast head? Anubis Head?
    How to get: Kill an enemy (with full HP) in one blow. 
    Effects: Luck up
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 調停の理  
    Emblem Name: (English) Bamboozler
    Icon: ?? 
    How to get: Successfully talk to 5 enemies
    Effects: Talk success rate up
    8 (Male characters)
    Emblem Name (Japanese) ブロークンハート
    Emblem Name: (English) Broken Heart
    Icon: Broken heart
    How to get: Repeated failed talking to female enemies.
    Effects: Luck down.
    8 (Female characters)
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 子悪魔のささやき
    Emblem Name: (English) Evil Gossip
    Icon: Witches hat and heart
    How to get: Successful talking to male characters.
    Effects: Allows Witch class change
    Emblem Name (Japanese) スナイパー
    Emblem Name: (English) Sniper
    Icon: Arrow on red target
    How to get: 5 or more successful ranged hits (training OK).
    Effects: +10 Agility, Archer class change.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 徒手空拳  
    Emblem Name: (English) Bare Hands
    Icon: Gloved Hand
    How to get: Kill using bare hands (training ok) 
    Effects: Unarmed strength goes up
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 神界の言霊   
    Emblem Name: (English) God's  Blessing
    Icon: Blue Sparkle
    How to get: use heal magic 20 times (training OK)
    Effects: Allows Priest class change
    Emblem Name (Japanese) ドン キ ホーテ
    Emblem Name: (English) Don Quixote
    Icon: Windmill
    How to get: Attack an enemy much stronger than you and get  
               countered for major damage (Training OK).
    Effects: -10 INT.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 百人長
    Emblem Name: (English) 100 man boss
    Icon: Blue and gold flag
    How to get: Kill all enemies on screen by yourself
    Effects: +20 to all stats (maybe)?
    Emblem Name (Japanese) カリスマ
    Emblem Name: (English) Charisma
    Icon: Red ring
    How to get: When  STR, INT or AGL is 350 or more
    Effects: Mental gauge of allies within 3 spaces up.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) ブペンエース
    Emblem Name: (English) Bullpen Ace
    Icon: Armor and spear
    How to get: Kill 20 people in training
    Effects:  When you level up in training, status increase less.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) ハリボテ勇者  
    Emblem Name: (English)  Coward's charm
    Icon: Twisted Sword
    How to get: Level up 20 times in training
    Effects: Never scores criticals (negated by Miracle).
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 文武の誇り  
    Emblem Name: (English) 
    Icon: Dagger on Red pillow
    How to get:  kill 4 enemies using both magic and physical attacks
    Effects:  Allows Warlock class change
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 堕天使の嘲笑  
    Emblem Name: (English) Fallen Angle
    Icon: Curly wings?
    How to get: Kill 3 or more clerics / priests/ Angle Knights etc..
    Effects: Alignment changes 1 level towards "C".
    Emblem Name (Japanese)ランサー
    Emblem Name: (English) Lancer
    Icon: Lance
    How to get: hit 2 people at once with a spear (training OK)
    Effects: Allows Valkyrie class change
    Emblem Name (Japanese)  賢者の石  
    Emblem Name: (English)  Stone of Power
    Icon: Blue Stone
    How to get: Kill 2 or more enemies at once with magic
    Effects: Allows siren class change.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 鬼神  
    Emblem Name: (English) Demon
    Icon: Demon Mask
    How to get: Do 200 points of damage in one physical hit
    Effects: transfers 30 points from INT to STR
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 騎士の証
    Emblem Name: (English) Knight's Proof
    Icon: Helmet
    How to get: receive 15 counter attacks. (Training OK)
    Effects: allows Knight class change.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 皆伝の書   
    Emblem Name: (English) Writing of perfection
    Icon: Scroll w/ red ribbon
    How to get: dodge 3 physical attacks 
    Effects: allows Sword Master class change.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) ミラクル
    Emblem Name: (English) Miracle
    Icon: Sword and halo
    How to get: Live for a while after at 10% or less HP (training OK)
    Effects: Negates enemy critical hit chances
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 物欲の権化  
    Emblem Name: (English) Treasure hunter
    Icon: Treasure Chest 
    How to get: Find/open 5 treasure bags during battle
    Effects: raises rank of random treasure found/opened.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 大天使の羽根  
    Emblem Name: (English) Angel's Wings
    Icon: Halo and wings
    How to get: Revive character killed in battle
    Effects: Allows Angle Knight class change.  In order to become an angle knight
           You must meet the class requirements then die in battle after getting this.
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 輪廻転生
    Emblem Name: (English) Ring of rotation
    Icon: ??
    How to get: In quest mode with lv30 monsters. Being turned into undead.
    Effects:  Undead within 3 panels are supported (power-up?)
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 精鋭の標  
    Emblem Name: (English) Elite Mark
    Icon: Headband
    How to get: win an battle with only a few troops (2?) 
    Effects:  One time 100EXP bonus after battle
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 戦場のジンクス  
    Emblem Name: (English) Battlefield Jinx
    Icon: Clover
    How to get: Finish a battle without taking any damage
    Effects: Raises Luck
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 勇者の兆し   
    Emblem Name: (English) Happy go Lucky
    Icon: White Flag
    How to get: Go through a battle only talking to people.
    Effects: Helps to stabilize bad luck
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 実戦経験  
    Emblem Name: (English) Battle Experience
    Icon:  Shield and Blue cloth?
    How to get: Win a player-to-player battle
    Effects: STR, INT AGL up!
    Emblem Name (Japanese) 3 different types
    Emblem Name: (English) Class Master
    Icon: ??
    How to get: Master every possible class for your gender.
    Effects: Negates penalties of fear. Makes you cooler!
      All characters start out as soldiers, as they level up and gain emblems they can 
    change classes (depending on gender).  I suggest changing classes ASAP since they 
    help define stronger characters.  When characters level-up, depending on their class 
    some stats will increase more than others (i.e. wizards will have a better INT gain).
      I will only list classes that are attainable by means of Class change (i.e. not those 1 
    time only special character classes).
    Name: Soldier
    Requirements none:
    Best Weapon: any
    Abilities: none
    Name: Archer
    Requirements: AGI 37
    Best Weapon: Bow
    Abilities none
    Name: Ninja
    Requirements: STR 36 AGI 37 
    Best Weapon: Katana
    Abilities Shuriken (ranged attack), can use 1 attack spell.
    Name: Cleric
    Requirements: INT 28 MP 18, L or N
    Best Weapon: staff / cane
    Abilities: Can use 3 white magic spells 
    Name: Wizard
    Requirements: INT 26 MP 16, N or C
    Best Weapon: wand
    Abilities: Can use 3 attack spells
    Name: Knight
    Requirements: STR 51 AGI 51, 騎士の証 emblem
    Best Weapon: Sword
    Abilities: Can use 1 white magic spell (healing only)
    Name: Priest  
    Requirements:  MP 76 INT 96, L or N,  神界の言霊 emblem 
                   can not have killed more than 10 people
    Best Weapon: cane / staff
    Abilities: Can use 3 white magic spells (stronger power than cleric)
    Name: Lich 
    Requirements: MP 118 INT 134,  C ,  死者の指輪装備 death's ring
                  You must die in battle like an angel knight.
                 **I still don't know how to get the ring yet.
    Best Weapon: wand
    Abilities: can use 3 attack spells, can use necromancy spell
    Name: Angel Knight
    Requirements:  HP 215 MP 66 STR 89 INT 81 AGI 88, L , 大天使の羽 emblem
                  After getting the emblem and meeting the other requirements 
                  Have your character die in battle.  They'll then change classes.
    Best Weapon: Spear
    Abilities: Sad Song (recovers allies HP/MP: 20SP),
             Banish (drains enemies MP / SP: acts like exorcism spell: 25 SP)
    Name: Beast Tamer
    Requirements: HP 142 STR 34, must kill at least 1 beast
    Best Weapon: Whip it! (long live Devo!)
    Abilities: beasts within 3 panels have increased power.
    Name: Warlock
    Requirements: MP 78 STR 90 INT 76, L or N, 文武の誇り emblem
    Best Weapon: Sword
    Abilities: Fore sense, can use attack, charge spells
    Name: Sword Master
    Requirements: STR 95 AGI 111, 皆伝の書 emblem
    Best Weapon: Katana or Sword
    Abilities: "指弾" ranged attack,  also "つばめ返し" stuns enemies (only with katana)
              Can use 1 attack spell.
    Name: Dragoon
    Requirements: HP 215 STR 109 AGI94, N or C, 聖竜のウロコ emblem
    Best Weapon: Spear or Sword
    Abilities: can use 1 attack spell, extra damage vs. dragons.
    Name:  Dragon Tamer
    Requirements: HP140 MP 1 , must kill at least 1 dragon
    Best Weapon: Spear
    Abilities: Dragons within 3 panels have increased power, can use 1 spell
    Name: Valkyrie
    Requirements: STR48 INT41, L or N, ランサー emblem
    Best Weapon: Spear
    Abilities* Can use 1 attack spell
    Name: Siren
    Requirements: MP60 INT60, 賢者の石 emblem
    Best Weapon: Fan
    Abilities: Can use attack and summon spells.
    Name: Witch
    Requirements: MP38 INT35, N or C, 小悪魔のささやき emblem
    Best Weapon: staff / wand
    Abilities: Fascination (charms enemies), can use status spells
         With the exception of dragons see (6.1), monsters can't level up. Here are the basic 
    abilites of them lil' monsters buddies.
    NAME: Ghost
    Abilities: Teleport move (characters can become a ghost or zombie by use of
    Necromantic magic), floats. Only permanently killed by exorcism.
    NAME: Rotten Soldier (Wizard, etc..)
    Abilities: Can be talked to. Only permanently killed by exorcism
    NAME: Hawk man 
    Abilities: Thunder Arrow (ranged attack), flies
             Best weapon is hammer.
    NAME: Fairy (wispy little lass)
    Abilities: Deep Kiss (heals status), Pretty Kiss (charms), 
    Magic Missile (ranged attack.), Floats
            Best weapon is bow.
    NAME: Griffon (half hawk, half lion)
    Abilities: Wind Storm (ranged), flies
    NAME: Cocktric (rooster looking monster)
    Abilities: Petrifaction, flies
    NAME: Cerberus (purple multi-headed dog)
    Abilities: Fire breath (causes sleep)
    NAME: Gremlin (evil fairies)
    Abilities: Pretty Kiss (charm), Magic missile. Floats
    NAME: Mermaid
    Abilities: Lullaby (causes sleep). Powers up in water.
             Best weapon is spear.
    NAME: Octopus
    Abilities: 8 arm whirlpool (only in water), Powers up in water.
    6.1 Dragons
    Depending on your Dragon's color (based off of element) and alignment he'll have 
    different attributes.
    Green: Earth Dragon, poison breath.
    Red: Fire Dragon, confusion breath.
    Blue: Ice Dragon, sleep breath
    Purple: Thunder Dragon, stun breath.
    When dragons meet the following statistic requirements they'll automatically 
            HP 259 STR 130 AGI 69
    L: Mushu Fushu, all allies within 3 spaces power up!
    N: Naga, better move, powers up in water.
    C: Valitor, All enemies within 3 spaces have fear.
    7. MAGIC  
    10. SECRETS
    10.1 Deneb
     To recruit Deneb (a witch from the original game) just recruit a female soldier who is 
    N or C and of the fire attribute.  Name her Denebu in katakana (デネブ).  Now wait 
    till she meets the requirements to class change into a witch.  When she changes you'll 
    notice her class name is witch in hiragana no katakana.  She's just like any other witch 
    except her charm spell is better.
    10.2 Pumpkin Shop
        With Deneb in your party head to the shop in スカブッルム (2nd location on the 
    map you visited).You'll notice a few nice new items.  
       If you sell 5 glass pumpkins you'll also be able to buy a super gem which raises your 
    defense 90 points! Unfortunately it costs 32,000 goth!
    10.3 Before the big battle at castle Ostoria (north-east of the screen), go back to the 
    mermaid city there you'll receive the best spear in the game.
    10.4 Wander around on the map till you have an encounter at ウィスパ. Here you'll run 
    into an event where you have to save a fairy from some gremlins.  Save her and she'll 
    join your party and give you a scroll that let's you start the quest mode. 
    10.5 When the road to Ostoria opens up you'll notice another new mountain area.  Go 
    here and an event will take place with the pixy you rescued earlier.  When the battle 
    starts watch to see which gremlin isn't attacking you.  Move the fairy next to this 
    gremlin and she'll turn back into a fairy and join your party.
    11. TIPS & HINTS:
    12. THANKS

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