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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Sudzi

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/20/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       #########**  ###
      ###***#########                 #
     #      #                        ##
           #       #  ##      *##   *##**   ##     *##       ##  #
          ##        ** ##   ###  ##  ##    ####  ###  ##  ##*  **
         ###           ##   ##       ##     ##   ##       ##
        ###         #####   ##       ##     ##   ##        ####
        ###        #   ##   ##       ##     ##   ##          ####   
       ###        ##   ##   ##       ##     ##   ##       #  ####  
        #######   ###*###    #####    ##   ###    #####  #*####* 
          ###      #    ##     ##      ##   ##      ##   ##*
                                                          **  **
                ######**  ###
               ###     ####
              *       **   ##      **     ## *###       ##
                    **      ##   ##  ##    ##   ##  ##**  #
                   ##        ##  ##   ##   ##       ##    ##
                   ##        ##  ##  ##    ##       ##  ##
                   ##        ##  ##  ##    ##       ###*
                    ##      ##   ##  ##    ##       ##    *
                     ##    **    ##  **#  # ## #     #####
                       ##**       ##*##      ##       ### 
                         *           ##
                                ### #*
                              ##   #
                                           The Knight of Lodis
                                                Version 1.0
                                           By Chris Hayes, "Sudzi"
    Attention: This is a Japanese game. Therefore, this gaming guide is 
    meant to help people who do not speak Japanese and would not understand 
    how to play this great game to its highest peak. I would still persuade 
    you to go and get this game. It is far worth the money and you can play 
    it on an American Gameboy Advance. If you do speak Japanese, the 
    walkthrough in this guide will help you greatly. Thank you.
    Table of Contents
    I. Control Figuration
    II. Battle System
    III. Edit System
    IV. Classes
    V. Walkthrough
    VI. Secrets
    Copyright: This FAQ is copyright 2001 to Chris Hayes. It may not be 
    stolen, altered, or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced 
    electronically, and printed for private, personal use. It may not be 
    placed on a CD, printed in a magazine or any type of publication. This 
    game is copyrighted to Quest and Nintendo of Japan. If you would like 
    to contribute to this FAQ (you will be credited!), or have any 
    questions, comments, or corrections, please feel free to e-mail me at 
    phkhctd@aol.com. I will try to respond to your e-mail.  
    I. Control Figuration
    The basic controls of this game are as follows:
    A - The A button is the accept command. It is used throughout the game 
    to buy items at the shop and to send a command in a battle or a 
    training mission. You can also use the A button to speed through the 
    B - The B button is used to deny a command that you sent. When you make 
    a mistake and need to go back to another screen or command, press the B 
    Start - The Start button is only used at the start screen in the very 
    beginning of the game. This screen will lead you to four commands: New 
    Game, Load Game, Quest Mode, and Sound.
    Select - The Select button can be used on anything. In English it would 
    give you information on the thing you selected, but because the game is 
    in Japanese, this command is worthless unless you can read Japanese.
    R - The R button is probably the most used button in the game. On the 
    Field Map, the R button is used to bring up a string of commands: 
    *	The first box looks like a bunch of dots and an arrow. This is 
    the Edit Party command. If you choose this command, you can edit 
    your team's items, change their class, and check what their 
    current level is. 
    *	The second box shows two clashing swords against a halved red and 
    blue flag. This is your training icon. Here you can train your 
    characters to increase their levels and earn some new medals as 
    *	The third box shows a picture of a scale. This is the shop of 
    that town. In here you can buy and sell equipment and magic, as 
    well as recruit some new characters. See how to shop in the 
    walkthrough section of this guide.
    The final command looks like a box with a different colored sphere on 
    each corner. This option command leads you to yet another string of 
    *	This first box looks like a Red arrow coming towards a square of 
    some sort. This is the save command. When you click on it using 
    the A button you can save your current progress throughout the 
    *	The second box looks very similar to the first box, except that 
    the arrow is blue and it comes toward you. This is the load 
    command. Here you can load previously saved games in case you 
    make a mistake and need to do something over.
    *	The third box looks somewhat like a pumpkin on a napkin. This is 
    actually here to teach you the basics of the game, but because it 
    isn't in English you won't understand any of it unless you know 
    how to read Japanese.
    *	The fourth box shows a peculiar design. I don't know how to 
    explain what it looks like, but I do know that it is the options 
    menu where you can change different commands throughout the game. 
    For example, you can change the text speed and the sound of the 
    game. This option was also available at the opening scene. 
    Because it is not in English, I recommend that you leave all the 
    options alone, therefore you won't mess up anything that you 
    didn't intend to do.
    *	The last box looks very similar to the first two boxes, except 
    this arrow curves and goes more towards the left. This is the 
    reset button. Pushing this will lead you back to the opening 
    screen. Make sure to save first. It doesn't do it automatically.
    L - The L button is even more useless than the start button, because 
    the only real purpose it would be used for is to scroll through your 
    characters in the battle mode. But why use that when you can do it 
    manually? You would also use it to remove equipment off of a character.
    II. Battle System
    Training Start:
    To get to the training mission, press the R button on the field map and 
    click on the command that looks like two clashing swords against a red 
    and blue flag. Clicking on this will lead you to a training mission.
    In training, you start the battle with a huge box to the left that 
    shows all of your party members. This will be the blue team in the 
    training mission. First you must select whom you want to put down onto 
    the map. Push the A button on a character's to do this. A hand will be 
    pointing above the character's head and you can position him anywhere 
    on the blue tiles. Push the A button when you have decided where you 
    want him. A message will come up asking you to decide what direction 
    you want the character to start at. Push the A button to decide. The 
    character screen will come up again and you can add some more 
    characters onto the map. To put characters on the opposing team, the 
    red team, push the R button on the character select screen during the 
    Blue Team's character select phase. This will lead to three commands:
    *	The first box shows a red flag with a B underneath it. This will 
    change your attention towards the red team, where you can place 
    characters the same way you did for the blue team.
    *	The second box has the same design as the edit character screen. 
    If you click on it, you can change the character's class and 
    equipment right there and then (an amazingly good thing...trust me) 
    and then continue on in the training battle. You cannot edit a 
    character that is already on the map.
    *	The last box is the same as the option command on the field map. 
    All the commands inside of it are the same as the options on the 
    field command. 
    When you are all set to battle (both blue and red teams have the 
    characters that you wanted), push the R button again and click on the 
    box that has the same design as the training symbol. A question will 
    come up. Choose the top command to start the battle. 
    Battle Commands: 
    Now that you have done everything to prepare for the battle, you can 
    attack. If you're playing in a real battle, a screen will come up and 
    tell you whether or not you have to kill the leader or defeat all 
    enemies to end the battle. Now you start the battle. Click on the 
    character that you want to move and (hopefully) attack first. The tiles 
    will come up again across the screen. This is the movement range of 
    that character. He can only move in the area of those squares. Choose a 
    tile where you want the character to be. The character will move there 
    and a bunch of options will come up.
    *	The first square shows a picture of a sword. This is the button 
    to press if you want to attack a character. Both direct and in-
    direct attacks can be used when you press this button, unlike 
    Tactics Ogre on the Playstation.
    *	If your character knows how to use magic, a command that shows a 
    picture of a wand will come up right next to the attack command. 
    This is the use magic command. On the first turn, a character 
    cannot use magic. Everyone starts out with 0 MP and it increases 
    by 10 after every one of your turns. This is also the command 
    that will allow your character to use a technique that they have 
    *	The next square shows a pouch and a hand reaching for it. This is 
    the Item Usage button. If you have wounded or dead characters, 
    you can heal or revive them with this command. All items are put 
    together into one inventory and you cannot equip individual items 
    to characters, making the game a lot easier.
    *	If one of your characters is standing right next to an enemy 
    character, a fourth command will come up that has a picture of a 
    bubble with three dots in it. This is the persuade command. If 
    the character is below at least 5 Hit Points, you can use this 
    command to try and persuade someone to join your team. Unlike the 
    PS version, any character can persuade an enemy character, not 
    just the leader.
    *	The final box shows a picture of a pair of shoes. Oddly, this is 
    the wait command. Pushing this button allows your character to 
    wait when he can't attack and there is no need to use an item. 
    Pressing this button ends that character's turn. 
    For a last minute note, here are some other commands you should know: 
    When you are ready to attack, and have all the characters you want on 
    the battlefield, press the R button. This will bring up some more 
    *	The first box is a blue arrow pointing towards the left. This is 
    a team wait command. All of the people in your party will lose 
    their turn and it will automatically go to the other team.
    *	The next box looks like a bag. This is the Inventory check 
    command. You can't use items here, but you can check to see how 
    many items you have and what an item does.
    *	The third box shows an icon that looks like one clipboard over 
    another. This will bring up the edit screen, but it will show 
    both teams and you can't edit them.
    The final box is again the design that leads to the option menu, except 
    a few commands can now be used.
    *	The first box is a new design that shows two upside down golden 
    swords against a red and blue flag. This is the exit training 
    command. This will end the whole training mission and lead you 
    back to the field map.
    *	The final box shows a pixilated design of a Gameboy Advance. This 
    icon leads you to an option that allows you to set whether a team 
    is manually controlled or computer controlled. 
     III. Edit System
    When you press the R button on the field map, another grouping of 
    commands will appear. The Edit System command on the field map is the 
    first box with the icon that looks like a thousand dots and a green 
    arrow. This will lead you to a screen showing all the characters in 
    your battalion and what their equipment is. 
    Equipping an item:
    You can only equip items to a character that can use them. To equip an 
    item, highlight the character that you would like to equip the item to 
    and press the A button. A screen will appear showing the status of the 
    character and his/her equipment, spells and their special attacks that 
    the character has. Press the R button to again see a list of commands 
    that you can choose from:
    *	The first box looks like a hand holding a sword. This is the 
    equip item icon. Push the A button to see a character's 
    equipment. A character that doesn't have equipment will only have 
    four boxes shown underneath the status screen. Push the A button 
    on the box that you want the item equipped on. A bunch of 
    equipable items will appear in a column. These items are 
    organized by type (Weapons, Armor, Helmets, etc). Push the A 
    button on the item you want to equip and that character will have 
    equipped that item. To unequip an item, highlight the item you 
    want to remove and press the L button. That item will be 
    *	The second box looks like a hand wielding a staff. This is the 
    Equip magic icon. The same thing that you did for equipping an 
    item is the same for equipping some magic. Highlight the place 
    you want to put the Magic and push the A button. A screen will 
    appear showing the magic that you have organized by the type of 
    magic it is. Select the magic and push the A button. That 
    character will have equipped the spell. To remove the spell, 
    highlight the spell you wish to unequip and push the L button. 
    That magic will be unequipped. Try to use the same magic type as 
    the character type. You can see your character's type to the left 
    of the character's picture.
    *	The third box shows a black character behind an orange 
    background. This is the Evolve a character icon. This icon will 
    allow you to see what your character class can evolve to and what 
    it takes for your character to evolve. To evolve your character, 
    select the class that you want your character to evolve to and 
    push the A button. Your character will automatically evolve into 
    that class.
    *	The final box shows a white skull. This is the omit icon. Pushing 
    this button allows you to remove a character from your team. I 
    advise that you stay away from this icon unless you really don't 
    need that character.
    As soon as you enter into the Edit screen, you can press the R button 
    to bring up another string of commands:
    *	The first box shows a picture of a hand holding a sword again. 
    This is an inventory check for the items that you have in your 
    inventory. Clicking on one of these items will show you who can 
    equip the items and who can't. The lightened people are the ones 
    that can equip them and the shadowed ones cannot. If you click on 
    one of the lightened people, you can equip that weapon then.
    *	The second box shows a picture of a person holding a staff. This 
    is an inventory check for your spells. As with the weapons, 
    clicking on one of these will show you who can equip the spells 
    and who cannot.
    *	The third box shows a picture of a black character with an orange 
    background. Clicking on this will bring up a box showing all the 
    character classes that our changeable. To the right of each class 
    they have the words "Now" and "Max". The word "Now" is telling 
    you how many people are using that class at that time. The "Max" 
    tells you how many people thus far can be changed into the class. 
    It also tells you the movement range and whether they float in 
    water, walk in water, sink or fly. Clicking on one of these 
    classes will show you who can turn into these classes and who 
    can't. If you click on one of the people that can change into 
    this class, you can automatically change their class.
    *	The next box is the Omit box, something that you don't want to do 
    *	The box after that is the organization box, where you can switch 
    the order of the classes in your party. 
    *	The last box is the inventory check. You can view how many items 
    you have left or need to get. Basically the last three icons 
    aren't that important.
    IV. Classes
    The following are the classes that you can get in the game. It is not 
    complete, unfortunately, as I have not currently gotten them in my 
    game. Any help would be appreciated.
    NOTE: Some of the classes in the game can only be acquired by Medals. 
    Medals come up above a person's head in battle when they have done a 
    certain requirement. Some of these medals can change a certain 
    character into a new class, and others increase (or decrease) some of 
    your stats as you level up. I know how to get some of the medals, and 
    there are others I don't have a clue about what they help or hinder. I 
    do know about the classes that are changeable by status. Any help that 
    you offer me to complete this class guide would be greatly appreciated. 
    Also, I have included a rating for each class. This is my own personal 
    feeling for the class and I'm sure that others have their own opinion 
    about that class as well. It just helps you decide what classes are 
    good and whether or not it is worth changing into them.
    Omni-gender Classes:
    Class: Soldier
    Alignment: L, N, C
    Requirements: None
    Preferred Weapons: Sword, Bow
    Magic: None
    Rating: * * *
    The starting class for both a Male and Female warrior. They aren't that 
    good as fighters, yet their stats improved from the last game. It only 
    gets a three rating because all the classes have to come from this one.
    Class: Archer
    Alignment: L, N, C
    Requirements: AGI 37
    Best Weapons: Bow, Crossbow
    Magic: None
    Rating: * *
    The Archers are a class that have decreased stats from the last game. 
    Unlike their PS cousins, they have horrid defense and a below average 
    attack. Sorry Archer lovers, but this class stinks.
    Class: Cleric
    Alignment: L, N
    Requirements: MP 18, INT 28
    Best Weapons: Staff
    Magic: Three Healing Spells
    Rating: * * * * *
    A must have for any team. Yes, they are weak and need a little boost of 
    defense more than the others, but the ability to heal anyone on the 
    battlefield is amazing. I would recommend using a female one more than 
    a male one because the male classes are better fighters than female 
    ones, but it's up to you.
    Class: Wizard
    Alignment: N, C
    Requirements: MP 16, INT 26
    Best Weapons: Staff
    Magic: Three Offensive spells
    Rating: * * * *
    Ah, one of my favorite classes. If only their defenses were as high as 
    others, you could play a whole team of these guys and win. I would 
    recommend playing with only a male wizard, unless you're trying to get 
    a Siren, then I'd use a female.
    Class: Knight
    Alignment: L, N,
    Requirements: STR 51, AGI 53, and Knight's Helmet Medal
    Best Weapons: Sword
    Magic: One Healing Spell
    Rating: * * *
    An improvement over the last game because they can equip at least one 
    spell, but their hitting accuracy is horrendous. I recommend not 
    playing with this class at all, since there are so many other classes 
    that are a lot better. You could use one as your healer, but I think a 
    Cleric is better.
    Class: Ninja
    Alignment: L, N, C
    Requirements: STR 36, AGI 37
    Best Weapon: Sword, Katana
    Magic: One Offensive Spell, Special Skill: Shuriken
    Rating: * * * *
    The Ninja is another great class. They are wonderful with a sword, 
    their Shuriken attack is better than a bow, they can use one spell 
    (which is usually the attack that I use most of the time) and they can 
    walk on water. A Ninja deserves a spot on anyone's team.
    Male Classes:
    Class: Beast Tamer
    Alignment: L, N, C
    Requirements: HP 142, STR 34
    Best Weapon: Whip
    Magic: None
    Rating: * *
    Unless you're playing with a ton of monsters on your team, a Beast 
    Tamer isn't all that worth it. Sure, their whip is a two-panel attack 
    and their hit points are high, but you can do better with a lot of 
    other classes. Instead, try persuading a Bezerker. They are found early 
    on in the game, and have good Hit Points and Attack.
    Class: Sword Master
    Alignment: L, N, C
    Requirements: STR 95, AGI 111, and the Scroll Medal.
    Best Weapons: Sword, Katana
    Magic: 1 Offensive Spell
    Rating: * * * *
    This is your basic Ninja which needs more speed attack to change into 
    class. It's about as good, and the technique it learns is pretty top 
    notch. I recommend putting one of these on your team as soon as 
    Female Classes:
    Class: Dragon Tamer
    Alignment: L, N, C
    Requirements: HP 140, MP 14
    Best Weapon: Rapier
    Magic: One Offensive Spell or One Healing Spell
    Rating: * * *
    Hmm, I think I like Valkyrie's better, only because I like the spears 
    and their stats are better. Of course, if you're playing with a lot of 
    dragons, then play with a Dragon Tamer by all means. They can use 
    healing spells as well, so you may want to play this character. It's up 
    to you.
    Class: Siren
    Alignment: L, N, C
    Requirements: MP 60, INT 60, and the Dagger on a Red Book Medal
    Best Weapon: Staff, Fan
    Magic: Three Offensive Spells
    Rating: * * * * *
    An upgraded Wizard for the female class only, and can equip just about 
    any spell. I recommend having two on your team, but I guess that's 
    because I attack my enemies from a distance most of the time. Still, 
    you should play with this class.
    Class: Valkyrie
    Alignment: L, N
    Requirements: STR 48, INT 41, and the Spear Medal.
    Best Weapon: Spear
    Magic: One Offensive Spell
    Rating: * * * *
    Great attack power and speed, and they can use a spear, which is a two-
    ranged attack. On top of that, they can use one offensive spell, which 
    doesn't do much damage. They're about as good as a Ninja.
    S Sized Monsters:
    Class: Hawk Man
    Bast Weapon: Bow, Hammer
    Magic: None
    Rating: * * * * *
    The rating is totally my own opinion, but I think that if you try one 
    of these guys out early in the game, you'll see what I mean. Not only 
    can they fly on top of a house during a battle and bomb people with 
    arrows, they have pretty decent stats, which helps out a lot. They also 
    will learn a technique later in the game, so you can unequip their bow 
    and add something with a little more power. A Hammer does nicely. Some 
    people will love them, and others may think they are a waste of Goth. 
    It's up to you.
    Class: Fairy
    Best Weapon: Bow
    Magic: None
    Rating: *
    I can't stand this class. Terribly weak stats and their weapon of 
    choice will only do, at most, 15 damage in the middle of the game. 
    That's nothing. Most people have about 200 Hit Points by then. I think 
    they can learn a technique later on, but even that isn't much of a 
    Class: Goblin
    Best Weapon: Bow
    Magic: None
    Rating: *
    I should actually write "See Fairy" because they're almost identical in 
    stats and weapon damage. In fact, they even learn similar skills. 
    Enough said.
    Class: Mermaid
    Best Weapon: Spear
    Magic: No
    Rating: * * *
    You can recruit Mermaids later in the game at a store, and one of the 
    Mermaid leaders may ask to join your battalion. They are decent 
    fighters with a spear and have a technique that usually puts a 
    character to sleep. That's all I use them for.
    L Size Monsters:
    Class: Griffin
    Rating: * * *
    High Hit Points and high Defense, but lousy Attack. They can fly. 
    That's somewhat of a bonus, I guess. I like Dragons better.
    Class: Dragons
    Rating: * * * *
    High hit points, wonderful defense and attack and they have a technique 
    that has an above average attack power. I recommend playing with a 
    couple of these and a dragon tamer, and you'll have a monstrous team. 
    They can evolve, but I don't know what they need as far as stats go.
    V. Walkthrough
    Here is the walkthrough of the game. It isn't the complete game, 
    though, as the entire walkthrough will be added while I go through the 
    game again. It covers battle strategy, answers to questions, and what 
    to buy and not to buy. Good Luck:
    Opening Scene:
    The opening scene starts with the main character and what looks like a 
    Paladin Knight walking through a town that is currently holding their 
    annual market place of the year. After a long chat, the main character 
    walks towards a hooded man with a magic globe, and the questioning for 
    Tactics Ogre begins. The first question the man asks you is what is 
    your name. A panel with four different options will come up. 
    *	The first option allows you to write your name in Japanese, and 
    for Japanese players this is the choice for you.
    *	The second option allows you to write in another language 
    (unknown to me, unfortunately...) so if you know how to read and 
    write in that language, go right ahead and choose that one.
    *	The third box is the one to choose for people that can read and 
    write English. You can only write your character's name in 
    English, (no, the whole game will still be in Japanese) but at 
    least you will be able to identify what your character's name is 
    throughout the game.
    *	The last box has the option of the computer choosing you a 
    Japanese name. If you don't care about writing your own, go ahead 
    and press this button and a random name will be chosen for you.
    After choosing the name of your character, you will be able to set your 
    birth date. Just choose the numbers that match your birthday or leave 
    the date as what it starts with.
    Now the questions come up. There are six questions, all in Japanese. On 
    the bottom of the screen, there are four coins. These little coins are 
    the answers to the questions. I didn't pay much attention to the 
    questions, so I have no answers to any of them. Just choose the one 
    that suits you fine. After answering all the questions, the opening 
    scenarios will commence. It shows the main character that you just 
    named and the Paladin Knight heading onto a ship, the town that you 
    just went through being massacred and burned to the ground, and some 
    old men that you see later in the game signing a peace treaty. Nothing 
    that great, but it will make sense later in the game.
    After that short clip, you find the main character on his ship ordering 
    his soldiers. One runs off while the other goes into the ship to get 
    out of the rain. The Paladin Knight comes by, probably to wish you luck 
    on your journey. After a short discussion, one of your soldiers runs to 
    tell you some bad news. As far as I can interpret it, bandits have 
    entered the town to take your ship. The leader seems to be a Bezerker 
    that has a grudge against you and your first battle starts.
    Enemies: Bezerker (Leader), 2 Male Soldiers, and a Female Solder
    Guests: Paladin Knight, Archer, Male Soldier, Female Soldier
    Winning Condition: Defeat the Leader
    Treasure: Axe
    Battle Strategy: This battle is extremely easy because the only 
    character that you command is the main character. So have your fun 
    watching as the others beat up on the troops that the Bezerker leads. 
    At the end of the battle, you win the Bezerker's Axe.
    After the battle, the Hero and the Paladin Knight have a little 
    conversation, while another Bezerker with a crossbow arrives. He takes 
    a shot at the Knight, but the Hero jumps in front of him, taking the 
    blow. The Bezerker is killed instantly by a soldier, and the Knight 
    screams out to the Hero, who has been lost in the water off the docks. 
    The screen shifts over to a little girl skipping out of her house 
    towards the shore, only to find a half-drowned Hero with an arrow in 
    his shoulder. She takes him in, bandages his wounds and they have a 
    little chat. The door opens, revealing a Female Knight in Red Armor. 
    She chats with the Hero about something, leaves, and calls for the 
    little girl to come. The screen shifts and you are now on the field map 
    for the first time. 
    You can't do anything at the moment as far as training and editing your 
    party, so save it (see how in the control figuration section under the 
    R button) and move on to the red castle on the screen. Any destination 
    in red shows that there is a battle there that will make you move on in 
    the story. Of course, there are some secret battles that you can 
    trigger that aren't in red on the map, so I'll keep you informed on 
    As you enter into this town, the Red Knight chats with you a little, 
    and a female Wizard comes in with her group to take you on. The Red 
    Knight says a little bit, then asks you a question. You can choose from 
    answer A or answer B. Depending on the answer you choose you can get a 
    random version of two basic teams. You can see what classes you get 
    after you beat this battle. If you like the classes that you received, 
    continue on in the game with that team. If you're curious to see what 
    the other class is, reload the file that you saved before the game and 
    see if you like that one better. I got a Male Ninja and a Male Cleric 
    when I answered my question, and yet my father got a Male Wizard and a 
    Female Archer. There is no correct answer and it is all based on 
    After you make the choice that you want, the battle will start.
    Enemies: Archer (Leader), 2 Male Soldiers, Female Soldier
    Guest: Red Knight, Paladin Knight, and Archer from beginning of game
    Winning Condition: Defeat the Leader
    Treasure: Lightning (Spell)
    Battle Strategy: At the start of the battle, it's only you and the Red 
    Knight versus their entire team, so I suggest that you wait the first 
    turn and have the enemy come towards you. Usually the Red Knight will 
    come and position herself next to the leader. On the start of the third 
    turn, the Hero will say something, and the Paladin Knight and the 
    Archer from the beginning of the game will come out of nowhere from the 
    right and begin to help your party. Now the battle is even. As with the 
    last battle that you played, stay put and let the Computer Controlled 
    Allies do most of the fighting for you. Use this time to experiment 
    with the controls. At the end of the battle, you win the Lightning 
    At the end of the battle, the Paladin Knight will speak with you 
    privately, give you 3500 Goth, and a team to play with. This team is 
    determined by the answer you chose in the last battle. After their 
    little discussion, you move back to the Field Map. 
    Now you can edit your team and do a little training, as well as go to 
    the shop of the town. The shop button is the scale icon when you press 
    R on the field map. Click on it and the screen will shift to a screen 
    where the shop owner welcomes you in. A box with four different 
    commands appear on the left of the screen:
    *	The first option is the buy command.  After you press this 
    button, two more commands will come up. The top command is the 
    equipment, and the lower command is magic. Therefore you can buy 
    equipment and magic. 
    *	The second option is the sell command. As with the buy command, 
    after choosing that option, two more commands will come up. The 
    first one is again equipment and the bottom command is magic. 
    Therefore you can sell equipment and magic.
    *	The third option is the recruit command. Here you can recruit a 
    male or female soldier and a random character. The soldiers 
    always cost 1000 Goth and the third character depends on whether 
    or not it is a S or L size character. I recommend that you 
    purchase a new character to add to your party at this point of 
    the game, as the more characters you have in the party, the 
    easier the game will be. Plus you just received 3500 Goth from 
    the Paladin Knight. Trust me, the more characters the better. I 
    bought a Hawk Man, my most favorite class in the game. They can 
    fly anywhere and are awesome with a bow, a weapon that you can 
    purchase at the very beginning of the game at a reasonable price. 
    A new soldier of either gender would be a nice addition as well. 
    Remember that a new character does not come equipped, so make 
    sure you purchase some materials for him to use.
    *	The final option allows you to leave the store. You can also 
    leave the store by simply pressing the B button, so you can use 
    either command.
    Level your characters up to level three and buy some spells that will 
    help your characters. Save your game, then move onto the next stage. 
    Enemies: Archer (Leader), 2 Male Soldiers, 2 Female Soldiers, 2 
    Guest: Red Knight
    Winning Condition: Defeat the Leader
    Treasure: Balder Bow
    Battle Strategy: The Leader of this battle is an Archer who has a 
    Balder Bow, very good if you're playing with an Archer or a Hawk Man. 
    The enemy starts at the very top of the hill working downwards, as you 
    are trying to kill them moving up. I recommend advancing slowly and 
    letting the enemies come to you. The Bezerkers are the only ones with a 
    bow that advance and the Female Soldiers seem to stay behind with the 
    leader. By the second turn, try to attack at least one Bezerker if you 
    can. In fact, get him below five Hit Points and try to persuade him. 
    (If a character stands next to an enemy character, a command with a 
    design that looks like a bubble with three dots will appear. This is 
    the persuade command. The chances of persuading characters are slim, 
    but it can be done and in the end are worth more than the effort you 
    put in.) Advance and kill the foolishly advancing forces and you should 
    have their front line killed in about six turns (more if you try to 
    persuade someone). After you're done killing them, advance and kill the 
    characters at will. Go ahead and kill the leader if you want! When you 
    kill her, you get the Balder Bow for any of your Archers.
    After the battle, the Red Knight comes out of a tent to talk to you. 
    You chat a bit, and then she asks you a question:
    *	Choice A will make the Red Knight join you permanently, something 
    that I think you want.
    *	Choice B will make the Red Knight temporarily leave your party. I 
    do not know if you will be able to recruit her later in the game.
    You are back on the field map, so you can edit your team and equip that 
    new bow that you received in the last battle. You should level up your 
    people to level 4, then move on to the next battle.
    NOTE: The walkthrough will be paused at this point. I have progressed 
    further into the game, but it takes a while to write this stuff and I 
    want to make sure I get this submitted. Look back here once in a while 
    for the upgrades to see the rest of this walkthrough. Thank you.
    VI. Secrets
    The only secret that I have for you now is this:
    After you beat your first team battle versus the Archer, you can return 
    to the location one space lower on the map. Save it, then return back 
    to the location where you fought the Archer. You are now taken to a 
    non-story battle.
    Enemies: 2 Fairies, 2 Gremlins, and 2 Griffins
    Guest: Blue Haired Fairy
    Winning Condition: Defeat all enemies
    Treasure: None
    Battle Strategy: In this battle you are destined to save a Blue-Haired 
    Fairy, who is having a little trouble with her Aerial friends. This 
    battle is fairly easy, as your fairy friend is smart enough to retreat 
    behind the flanks and a majority of the Monsters have weak defense. Use 
    the Red Knight as your healer, and you should finish this battle in 
    record time. After the battle, the fairy will thank you and ask if she 
    may join your comrades in your army. Choose the first option and she 
    will join you.
    VII. Credits
    -	My Father, for going out and purchasing this game. Also, 
    for inspiring me to write this walkthrough. It was only 
    supposed to help him, but I think submitting this will help 
    others as well.
    -	My Mother, for proofreading this and attempting to find all 
    the errors that I missed. I would be the laughing stock of 
    the internet if it weren't for her.
    -	Others who have written an Ogre Battle and Tactics Ogre 
    walkthrough on GameFAQs (both the PS, N64 and Gameboy 
    Advance). I have copied some of your styles of writing and 
    I think you deserve credit for writing a walkthrough on 
    these great games. 
    And thank YOU for reading this walkthrough. Remember, if there is any 
    question you would like to ask, feel free to e-mail me at the address 
    in the beginning of this walkthrough. I love helping people with these 
    -	Chris Hayes, "Sudzi"

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