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    Special Characters FAQ by Mibel83

    Version: 2.7 | Updated: 06/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Special Characters FAQ
    Version 2.7
    Written by Mibel83
    Table of Contents
    I. History
    II. About This FAQ
    III. The "Special" Characters
     1. Main Character
     2. Ivanna
     3. Glycinia
     4. Cybil
     5. Orson
     6. Shiven
     7. Aerial
     8. Eleanor
     9. Eupharie
     10. Elrik
     11. Lubina
     12. Rictor
     13. Saia
     14. Lobelia
     15. Deneb
    IV. Transmigration
    V. Legal Info
    VI. Credits
    VII. Final Words
    I. History
    5/14/02: Version 0.0 Started FAQ
    5/15/02: Version 0.5 Added new info on: Saia, Rictor, Lubina, sent FAQ 
    5/15/02: Version 1.0 Added a massive amount of better info, filled out 
    Shiven and Cybil. Working in Lubina
    5/16/02: Version 1.5 Wow I did too much work today. Finally done with 
    basics, as far as I know, send in more info if there is any.
    5/16/02: Version 1.5 Decided to add history, sex, birthday, element and 
    alignment of each character. With help from bearsman6 ;).
    5/16/02: Version 2.0 Finished sex, birthday, element and alignment
    5/16/02: Version 2.5 More and more info, histories finished.
    5/17/02: Version 2.5 A little touch up work. Made mistake of not 
    changing my version number...Oops.
    5/19/02: Version 2.6 Been gone this weekend so no updates, made a 
    section on player's opinions/strategies. 
    5/22/02: Version 2.7 Finished up some stuff, and submitted an update
    5/26/02: Version 2.7 Added some stuff about Deneb, with help from Tetra. 
    6/18/02: Version 2.8 Haven't updated or even been online recently, 
    finals. Anyways, yet another update with some info on Eleanor, Ariel, 
    Saia and Lobelia thanks to Tetra.
    6/28/02: Version 2.8 Submitted it to tacticsogre.com, check out the 
    II. About This FAQ
    This FAQ will tell you of all the special characters (the ones that are 
    plot related, are different classes, or just look different from 
    everybody else) and how to find them. 
    This FAQ will contain spoilers, read at your own risk
    III. The "Special" Characters
    1. Main Character (Default name is Alphonse)
    Sex: Male
    Description: A young man with blue/purple hair, light armor and a gold 
    History: Alphonse, a 15-year-old Knight of Lodis, is the main character 
    of the game. He arrives in Ovis with his friend, and commanding officer, 
    Rictor, to aid the southern area of Ovis, Anser. He has problems with 
    his family and dislikes his new family name. He is a generally good guy 
    who is a bit confused about his future.
    To get him/her: You start the game as this character, lose him and die.
    Class: Whatever you want to make him, I usually, like almost everyone 
    else use the Swordmaster class.
    Born on: You choose it, again, Tierra 22 is default
    Element: Depends on what choices you make at the beginning
    Alignment: Depends on what choices you make at the beginning
    2. Ivanna
    Sex: Female
    Description: A knight with red armor and silver hair.
    History: Ex-soldier of the White Fang Troops, daughter of the previous 
    Lord of Rananculus. Wonders bout her uncle's involvement is his death, 
    Ivanna joins up to find out the truth.
    How to get him/her: You can get Ivanna after the first battle of Vespa, 
    choose the A option to have her join. 
    Class: Knight (Knights display unwavering courage and value courtesy, 
    honor and pride. They surpass normal soldiers in ability and can cast 
    certain spells of virtue.)
    Born on: Deus 9
    Element: Earth
    Alignment: L
    Me: I kept her as a knight, I don't use her much, but I kept her as a 
    Knight. IMHO she isn't that great, she's a better then usual knight, but 
    I didn't use knights after I got swordmasters and Warlocks.
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Ivanna-I kept her as a knight throughout the entire 
    game..mainly because her HP growth is rather high and as a knight her HP 
    growth is well complimented with the high defense from the class itself.
    DeadS: "Ivanna:  Useful in the way she *can* do more damage then normal 
    characters at the beggining, but when you get a little further in the 
    game...she becomes "slightly" less useful, because you can do way more 
    with other class's"
    Bearsman6: "Always use, Knight" (for complete text from bearsman6, look 
    at his section located after Deneb)
    3. Glycinia
    Sex: Female
    Description: A fairy with a blue dress and purple hair.
    History: A fairy that left her forest in search of her sister, Lubina, 
    but in the process got caught by a bunch of monsters, can you save her? 
    (I hope so, other wise you're doomed in future battles)
    How to get him/her: You can add Glycinia to your team after you rescue 
    her in the second battle of Vespa. To get to this battle go back to 
    Vespa after the scene where Ivanna offers to join you. You'll fight a 
    battle against 2 fairies, 2 gremlins and 3 Griffins. Afterwards she'll 
    ask to join you to find her sister, Lubina, choose A to have her join
    Class: Fairy (Tiny, flying demi-humans. Though they're not very 
    impressive at fighting, Fairies make cute mascots on the battlefield.)
    Born on: Oceano 21
    Element: Wind 
    Alignment: L
    Me: I never liked fairies, and I doubt I ever will, Glycinia is a 
    horrible archer, and that's saying something. She's a littler better 
    with her sister, but not THAT much better.
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Glycinia/Lubina-Well being as weak as they are i suggest 
    keeping them as archers....but as anyone well knows its best not to use 
    them period."
    DeadS: "Glycinia:  Semi-useful.... 90% of the battles i used her she 
    never missed and never got hit...  Then again i could use a character 
    that could do more then 10 damage....."
    Bearsman6: "never use"
    4. Cybil
    Sex: Female
    Description: A brunette wearing a purple dress.
    History: A mysterious Sorceress who rescues Alphonse from being killed 
    early on in the game, she's a member of the Hand of the Pope, she has a 
    good knowledge of political trends and seems to be searching for some 
    sort of spear.
    How to get him/her: After the battle of Urodela you'll have a scene in a 
    shed, Cybil wants to capture a mermaid, if you choose A: "I've no better 
    ideas..." she'll join you after the siege of Castle Ostorea, choose option 
    Class: Sorceress (Beautiful, solitary, and wise, a Sorceress is 
    experienced in casting elemental and high level bane spells.)
    Born on: Preta 22
    Element: Wind
    Alignment: N
    Me: A great spell caster, I mean what else can you say about her. Forget 
    a siren, use Cybil.
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Cybil-Well you get her late but there isn't much anyone 
    would want to change about her...her specialty class is like a beefed up 
    siren and man can she dish out the damage so she's best left as she is."
    Bearsman6: "Sometimes use, Sorcerer"
    5. Orson
    Sex: Male
    Description: An old man with a green headband and blue clothes
    History: An archer in the army of Lodis. He's a friend of both Alphonse 
    and Rictor.
    How to get him/her: After the battle of Urodela you'll have a scene in a 
    shed, Cybil wants to capture a mermaid, if you choose B, she won't join 
    you, but Orson will during the next fight, if you choose option A when 
    he asks that is.
    Class: Archer (Skilled rear support characters who excel at shooting 
    arrows. Useful in many situations.)
    Born on: Deus 20
    Element: Wind
    Alignment: L
    Me: Never did use Orson, went down his path twice, used him once and 
    promptly forgot about him. Second time through I de-equiped him and 
    dismissed him. Use him if you like archers, if you don't, then ditch 
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Rictor/Orson-I havent played that branch yet but as soon 
    as i finish the game i will find out soon enough."
    Bearsman6: "Hardly use, Ninja"
    6. Shiven
    Sex: Male
    Description: A guy in gray sweats and a blue headband
    History: Cybil's right hand man, Shiven's a skilled ninja, and he has a 
    knack for finding information. He follows Cybil without question.
    How to get him/her: After the battle of Urodela you'll have a scene in a 
    shed, Cybil wants to capture a mermaid, if you choose A: "I've no better 
    ideas..." he'll join you after the next battle if you choose the A option.
    Class: Ninja (Highly trained spies who act under a veil of secrecy. 
    Ninjas are experts in martial arts and can cast low-level spells. They 
    can move up to 3 steps up or 4 steps down and can walk unrestricted on 
    Born on: Tierra 8
    Element: Fire
    Alignment: C
    Me: The ultimate ninja, I love this guy, he kicks butt, and quickly too. 
    If you like ninja's then Shiven's your man.
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Shiven-I never used him...mostly because he came at such 
    a weak level i was too lazy to level him up but if i were to have used 
    him i would have leveled him partly as a knight and as a ninja to 
    balence his attack power and agility and then make him into a 
    swordmaster. (A beast tamer would be just as good as a knight also)"
    DeadS: "Shiven: One of the best special chars. i have gotten....  Fast, 
    and does a lot of damage with a katana... however when he gets hit 
    (which is rarely mind you) he gets hurt for like 1/4 or more of his HP 
    and is a pain to heal since he usually is one of the furthest away from 
    your healers"
    Bearsman6: "Sometimes use (when I need water walking or speed), Ninja"
    7. Aerial
    Sex: Female
    Description: A Mermaid with purple hair and a pink tail.
    History: A mermaid warrior, who despises humans. She thinks they're all 
    greedy power hungry monsters. After her defeat at the hands of Alphonse 
    she decides to join him to gain a new perspective on life. 
    How to get him/her: After the battle of Arena, where you fight her, and 
    talking to Chloeri, Aerial will offer to join your squad choose option 
    A. Side note: You must not kill Minerva in the previous battle, injure 
    her enough and she'll escape, kill her and Aerial won't join.
    Class: Mermaid (A demi-human whose upper body is human and lower body is 
    fish. Mermaids live in the sea and can swim competently. Echoing from 
    craggy shorelines, their voices can revitalize listeners)
    Born on: Branca 2
    Element: Wind
    Alignment: N
    Me: Aerial isn't that great, sure she's great in water, but only the 
    mermaid levels really have water. Didn't use much of her either.
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Aerial-Well shes a demi-human so you cant do much with 
    her...shes like a valkyrie thats good in water what more can be said?"
    Bearsman6: "Use in lots of water (river, ocean, coast)"
    8. Eleanor
    Sex: Female
    Description: A girl with blonde hair, white and blue dress and green 
    History: An orphan of Lodis' aggressions in Ovis, raised by her step-
    parents in Sotavento, then after them, by Father Hamen of the Solean 
    Church. She rescues Alphonse from drowning, and starts what looks to be 
    a promising relationship.
    How to get him/her: After you rescue her in Solea she'll ask to join, 
    yet again you'll have to choose the A option, she'll now join as a 
    guest. At the beginning of chapter 2 she'll ask to join as a soldier, 
    once again pick option A.
    Class: Whatever you want, for some reason I use her as a Valkyrie, most 
    use her as a Priest or an archer.
    Born on: Sombra 7
    Element: Water
    Alignment: N
    Me: She's a normal soldier really, she can make a good...anything. I like 
    to use her as a Valkyrie as I said, but it's all up to you.
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Eleanor-This was a tough choice at first..i had thought 
    about making her a priest but since i already had one and since i found 
    that one was enough the next best class to make her was an archer...but 
    i found my hawkman made a better archer so she gets left behind, in any 
    case you can do just about anything with her but a priest or archer are 
    my personal suggestions."
    Deads: "Eleanor: I use her as a archer, she does about 10-15 more then 
    another archer i had, moves further, and hits better then him...  Any 
    class you put her in she is superior then a regular character..."
    Bearsman6: "Always use, Siren"
    9. Eupharie
    Sex: Female
    Description: Another girl blonde girl in a blue/white dress, the green 
    is in her hair bands this time
    History: A young lady born with great powers. Her father forced her 
    mother's spirit into her body. Her mother then ran off to their old 
    home, and has haunted the area since. You won't see that on Springer 
    How to get him/her: At the start of Chapter 2 go down through the forest 
    of the undead (Gryllus) into Blete where you'll fight Eupharie, defeat 
    her then accept her invitation by selecting...you guessed it A!
    Class: Shaman (One who can hear the voices of the spirits that dwell in 
    nature. Shaman are born with the ability to use elemental and summon 
    Born on: Ouro 11
    Element: Fire
    Alignment: C
    Me: A great summoner, I use her to...summon, give her salamander and she's 
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Euphaire-Shes pretty good as a summoner and in comparison 
    to her dad Elrik with some people shes stronger then he is...nonetheless 
    she is best left as a summoner."
    DeadS: "Euphoria:  VERY useful at the point i am in.... her summon 
    salamader spell and energy transefer are *top* notch... allowing my 
    cleric to use a ton of heals right off the bat (use ET, then a basic 
    heal and you end up with 40+ MP on your cleric for free) and her spells 
    do more then any char, and hit more often then any char."
    Bearsman6: "Always use, shaman"
    10. Elrik 
    Sex: Male
    Description: A male version of Eupharie, green shoes, white and blue 
    History: A summoner who lost his wife, he called her spirit forth into 
    the body of his daughter Eupharie. He regrets his decision and puts his 
    powers to a better use, helping Alphonse.
    How to get him/her: At the beginning of chapter 2 go to Bellza fight the 
    guy and he'll join that is if you choose the B. Opps I mean the A 
    option. BTW kill all those ninjas, one has the warp shoes, one of the 
    best items that I know of.
    Class: Summoner (By meticulously researching spells, Summoners can call 
    on the power of many spirits and demons. They can use all elemental and 
    summon spells.)
    Born on: Fogo 24
    Element: Water (You'd think he would be earth...oh well, c'est la vie)
    Alignment: C
    Me: Another summoner, really all I use them to do is...summon, give him 
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Elrik-Same as Eupharie"
    DeadS: "Elrik:  About the same as his daughter but he does less damage 
    and hits less often... though he does have higher HP, Def., and Atk.... 
    His summon golem is a good use of 20 MP, doing clearly to most damage of 
    a single hit......  He's not great with summons though"
    Bearsman6: "Always use, summoner"
    11. Lubina
    Sex: Female
    Description: Fairy with a red dress and purple hair
    History: Glycinia's sister, ran away from the forest because it was too 
    boring. She's hiding in a gremlin costume so that Glycinia can't find 
    How to get him/her: In Graculla, Glycinia will say something about 
    "smelling Lubina", her sister. Kill all enemies except for the gremlin 
    named Lubinnya and put Glycinia right next to it, after that round 
    you'll have a short scene where Lubina pops out of her gremlin suit, 
    Glycinia will want to leave but Lubina refuses, if you want to keep them 
    then pick option...hmm...this is a tough one...how about A.
    Class: Fairy (Tiny, flying demi-humans. Though they're not very 
    impressive at fighting, Fairies make cute mascots on the battlefield.)
    Born on: Oceano 21
    Element: Water
    Alignment: N
    Me: Another one of those annoying fairies, they're too...cute. I don't use 
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Glycinia/Lubina-Well being as weak as they are I suggest 
    keeping them as archers.... but as anyone well knows its best not to use 
    them period."
    Bearsman6: "Never use"
    12. Rictor
    Sex: Male
    History: Alphose's commanding officer, and friend. Son of the Duke of 
    Felis, he's expected to take over his father's position, and when he 
    does he wants Alphonse to be his head knight. He's a proud young man who 
    is very opinionated; he and Alphonse argue at times but are still close.
    Description: A blonde with a blue cloak, white shirt and green pants
    How to get him/her: After the battle of Urodela you'll have a scene in a 
    shed, Cybil wants to capture a mermaid, if you choose B, she won't join 
    you, but Rictor will, after the siege on the Castle Ostorea, pick option 
    Class: High Priest (High-ranking priests who have dedicated themselves 
    absolutely to the teachings of the god Filarhh, from whom they receive 
    protection. High Priests can use all spells of virtue, plus some 
    recovery and attack spells)
    Born on: Trevas 6
    Element: Earth
    Alignment: L
    Me: He's a combo between a priest and a knight, the best of both worlds. 
    He can get up in the front line, or he can stay back and cast some 
    healing spells on you. A very versatile character.
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Rictor/Orson-I haven't played that branch yet but as soon 
    as I finish the game I will find out soon enough."
    Bearsman6: "Always use (when I have him), high priest"
    13. Saia
    Sex: --- looks male to me, but hey, it says "--"
    Description: A daemon with gray skin and green wings
    History: A lesser daemon that was drawn to Rebanada by the fallen angel, 
    and the monstrosity that lived there earlier.
    How to get him/her: After you defeat Rimmon in Rebanada (Chapter 3), 
    return and you will fight Saia. Beat him and tell him you fight for 
    yourself (option.........A) and he'll join. You can't have Lobelia in your 
    group, but you can have had her and dismissed her. Not accepting him 
    will give you a ring of the dead.
    Class: Lesser Daemon (Evil warriors that are loyal only to their own 
    desires. Lesser Daemons are not as powerful as other daemons and can 
    only use lower level bane spells. They are about as intelligent as 
    Born (Spawned? Summoned?) on: Sombra 16
    Element: Bane 
    Alignment: C
    Me: I like Saia, I really do, maybe it's because he's proficient with 
    axes, maybe because he's of the bane element, but most likely it's 
    because HE'S A DAEMON!!! Oh yeah! Breath in the evil. Breath out the 
    SeiRyuKaiser: "Saia-The better choice of the last 2 secret 
    characters...the only Player controlled character that's good with axes 
    as well as hammers...and unlike its counterpart the angel knight it can 
    use magic instead of skills making him a worthy addition...his damage 
    lacks some but with good weapons I'm sure you'll grow to love this 
    Bearsman6: "Use when I feel evil (always)" I know how you feel Bearsman6
    14. Lobelia
    Sex: Female
    Description: Girl with a halo over head, wearing a blue dress and blue 
    History: An angel who was drawn by the power of the fallen angel.
    How to get him/her: At the beginning of chapter 3 go to Ardea, you must 
    not have gotten Saia. Or you could have had him and then ditched him. 
    (nice work ChichiriKeke ;P) Not accepting her will give you a seraph's 
    Class: Angel Knight (Only a seasoned warrior with a pure heart can 
    transmigrate to become an Angel Knight. These flying characters have the 
    ability to cast spells of virtue.) 
    Born (Descended? Summoned?) on: Agua 14
    Element: Virtue
    Alignment: L
    Me: Already had an angel knight, didn't need another, turned her into a 
    sword, used it to kill bane ppl. =)
    Bearsman6: "Use when I don't have Saia (rare)"
    15. Deneb
    Sex: Female
    Description: A red witch
    History: No history, just a repeat character from ALL the other Ogre 
    Battle/Tactic Ogre games.
    How to get him/her: Ok folks, here it is quick and easy. Recruit a 
    female character in any town at any point in the game, make her any 
    element (thanks to tetra for discovering this), and name her Deneb (yes, 
    caps on the D), make sure she's either chaotic or neutral. Then turn her 
    into a witch. Requirements for a witch are MP 38, INT 35, ALI-N/C, 
    Vixen's Whisper. Vixen's Whisper is an emblem that you get if a female 
    character persuades a male. To get the best chances make Deneb the same 
    class as the target.
    Class: Witch (A Witch and THE Witch, Deneb, are totally different, as 
    different as pumpkin and squash! Do you understand how different they 
    are? Don't get confused!)
    Born on: Varies per game
    Element: Any, yes that's right any, the fire only requirement was in the 
    Japanese version.
    Alignment: N-C
    Me: An advanced witch, she can cast summons, can charm enemies, and is 
    so useful to have around.
    Bearsman6: "Useful at first, later not..., witch (obviously!)"
    Bearsman6's complete opinion on character's:
    "Hehe, yeah.
    Basically, my general rule is to leave everyone in their default class I 
    only DON'T do this with the characters that retain their unique look 
    regardless of class (think Eleanor or Alphonse) with them, I turn 
    Alphonse into a sword master and Eleanor into a SIREN (yes, that's 
    right, a siren... I don't need another healer, and archers I don't use)
    When it comes to Orson, he's ugly enough that I change his class to 
    something useful as I mentioned, I don't use archers... he becomes a 
    ninja (this is good, because then he replaces Shiven, who is a damned 
    fine ninja)
    In earnest, I do change their classes a bit, but only so they can be 
    counted as having BEEN that class in other words, I change them, then 
    immediately change them back it's cheating the system ^_~"
    IV. Transmigration
    Q: What is transmigration?
    A: Transmigration is the process where you kill off one of your 
    characters in order to change them into an "undead" class such as angel 
    knight or litch.
    Q: Ok that's great now why are we bringing it up?
    A: Because transmigration is pretty important to special characters, it 
    kills them. The game no longer recognizes them as plot-related 
    characters. They are effectively "dead".
    Q: Wonderful, no why did you write a whole section about that?
    A: Because that's not all it does, you'll notice that some characters 
    have areas of their emblem chart "blocked out". If you transmigrate them 
    that will no longer be a problem, those emblems will then be accessible.
    Q: Any thing else?
    A: Yes, a lot more.  If you transmigrate a special character, and then 
    reincarnate them, they will not regain their "special" traits.
    Q: As we all know there are exceptions to every rule, how about here?
    A: Yes, Deneb can be killed, and then revived, and still be Deneb. 
    Q: Are you done yet? Your ramblings are annoying me.
    A: No, not yet but almost there, one last thing. Transmigration has one 
    more useful purpose, getting Saia AND Lobelia. Yes that's right, what 
    you do is:
    1. Get Lobelia, necromancy, reincarnation, and make sure you haven't run 
    into Saia yet.
    2. Bring Lobelia into battle kill her and use necromancy on her.
    3. Reincarnate her.
    4. Get Saia.
    5. Turn Lobelia back into an Angel Knight.
    Voila! Sure it isn't the REAL Lobelia, but it's basically the same 
    V. Legal Info
    Copyright: This FAQ is copyright 2002 to Mibel83. It may not be stolen, 
    altered, or used for any type of profit. It may be reproduced 
    electronically, and printed for private, personal use. Send questions 
    comments and more information to: Mikee83us@yahoo.com
    Authorized Websites: 
    VI. Credits
    Me, for being the excellent, intelligent, modest, creative, good-
    looking, upstanding citizen that I am. J/k.
    Atlus, for making such a great game.
    My parents, well you know why.
    SeiRyuKaiser, Bearsman6 and DeadS for some opinions, oh yeah and me 
    again ;P.
    Bearsman6, for a great FAQ, and helping me out with character's 
    Tetra, for a lot of info about a lot of stuff.
    Waspinator9063, for a little verification work on Deneb.
    ChichiriKeke, for finding info on Lobelia
    Any one else who sends me some info, the e-mail address is 
    VII. Last Words
    There it is, my first FAQ ever. It wasn't that bad...was it? Thank you 
    for reading this. It means much to me. Peace out.

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