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    Emblem FAQ by Almasy

    Version: 1.18 | Updated: 08/14/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.18
    Written by Almasy
    1) News
    2) Intro/Disclaimer
    3) What are Emblems?
    4) The Emblems
    5) Emblems and Classes
    6) Grozz Nuy
    7) Relix/Ripple
    8) Mark of the Elite
    9) The Wanderer and the Emblems
    10) Cycle of Life
    11) Notes
    12) Contributors/Idea Givers/Thanks
    1) News
    Version 1.18
    	Added yet another little blurb to the Mark of the Elite section
    	Added another line to the notes section
    	Handful of typo fixes
    Version 1.17
    	Added a mini-section for Cycle of Life
    Version 1.16
    	Fixed a wee little bit on the Centurion.
    	Dropped the stagnant "What's Coming" header...
    Version 1.15
    	Fixed some info on Philospher's Stone (thanks Windu)
    Version 1.14
    	More minor updates
    Version 1.13
    	Tetra made a breakthrough for the Knight's Certificate
    Version 1.12
    	Added my E-Mail addy for all y'all, seifalmasy@yahoo.com
    Version 1.11
    	Personal thanks to Tetra for his continued contributions.  Thank you!
    	Several minor fixes/changes
    Version 1.10
    	Finally, something worthwhile... added a little blurb to the Mark of the Elite section
    	Hey lookie, another two in one day!
    Version 1.09
    	Yeah, I'm REALLY into making this thing pleasing to the eye right now...
    	A few more minor, aesthetic revisions
    	Written at 1024x768 resolution, probably best viewed at that.
    Version 1.08
    	Even more massive minor revisions everywhere
    	I think its a lot neater now...
    Version 1.07
    	Massive minor revisions everywhere, mostly aesthetic
    	Added reference to Snapdragon FAQ
    Version 1.06
    	Realized I never sent in 1.05...
    	Made several minor (I hope) fixes
    	Added Hawkman/War God
    Version 1.05
    	Added the Wanderer and the Emblems
    Version 1.04
    	Small, just made some fixes on the Pen and the Sword emblem
    Version 1.03
    	Added Grozz Nuy and Ripple/Relix Section, and Mark of the elite
    	I hope CJayC doesn't get annoyed, I sent in 2 updates in one day...
    Version 1.02
    	Begun work on the HOW TO: classification
    Version 1.01
    	This is a biggy...
    	Added the Emblems and Classes Section
    	Added the News and What are Emblems? section, clarified War God note
    	Updates on the way, go find my topic and make a post please.
    Version 1
    	Yay!  It got put up!  Thank you CJayC!!!
    2) Intro/Disclaimer
    	If not, sorry...
    	I hate legal junk, so I'll keep this simple.  Go ahead and stick this thing
    anywhere you want as long as the document is unedited.  There...  Anyway, this
    FAQ was created so people wouldn't have to look through Bearman's or Rashidi's
    much greater FAQ (someone complained about this, much to Bearman's and my own
    surprise).  Feel free, in fact you should feel inclined, to find me on the
    Gamefaqs board with your suggestions/comments/additions.  You could also send these to
    seifalmasy@yahoo.com, since I don't frequent the board much anymore.  Enjoy... and if you 
    like this, check out some of my other FAQs.
    3) What are Emblems?
    	Emblems are special awards, powerups, or blemishing marks given to a character
    for certain acts on the battlefied.  They can be gotten by humans, demi-humans,
    or monsters.  Emblems can not be traded between characters or given to a
    character by any type of item.  Some are good, some are bad, some don't do
    anything, and some are needed for a class switch.  And they do NOT affect
    Snapdragons in any way, except those that give stat increases.
    4) The Emblems
    	In Alphabetical Order...
    	"Nearby" usually means within 3 panels
    NAME	: Animal Hunter
    GAIN BY	: Kill 5 Beasts
    EFFECT	: Reduces your chance of persuading beasts (50%)
    NOTES	: Your warriors will probably get it naturally...
    BEST WAY: No real good way besides random encounters, as training doesn't work
    NAME	: Arbitration
    GAIN BY	: Persuade 5 Enemies
    EFFECT	: Increases your chance of persuasion (about 30%)
    NOTES	: Good (and fairly easy) to get, especially for a Beast/Dragon Tamer.
    BEST WAY: PERSUADE!  Weak, opposite gender, same class, tamer all may help
    NAME	: Archangel's Feather
    GAIN BY	: Die and be revived
    EFFECT	: Makes transmigration into an Angel Knight possible
    NOTES	: Get in training if you want, this can work for Alphonse
    BEST WAY: Cast Ressuruction in Training
    NAME	: Berserk
    GAIN BY	: Kill an enemy in one hit
    EFFECT	: Elongates the sine graph that makes up your Biorythm
    NOTES	: Basicly, you will stay lucky/unlucky for longer periods at a time
    BEST WAY: Smash a hired level 1 fairy of the opposite element...
    NAME	: Blood Reign
    GAIN BY	: Kill 25 enemies
    EFFECT	: Reduces nearby enemy Mental Gauge by 1
    NOTES	: Warriors tend to get it naturally near the end of the game
    BEST WAY: No easy way... Encounters...
    NAME	: Bogus Hero
    GAIN BY	: Gain 20 Levels in Training Mode
    EFFECT	: No Critical Hits occur
    NOTES	: Sucks to have, but is canceled out by "Miracle"
    BEST WAY: Train a lot?  Comp vs Comp settings
    NAME	: Book of Initiation
    GAIN BY	: Dodge 3 attacks in a row
    EFFECT	: Enables Swordmaster class (males only)
    NOTES	: Get in training mode fairly easily
    BEST WAY: Level 1 Character attack recipient from front in training
    NAME	: Broken Heart
    GAIN BY	: Fail to persuade female enemies 10 times
    EFFECT	: Lower average biorythm
    NOTES	: Males only, this sucks, as it lowers your overall luck
    BEST WAY: In an encounter, persuade the same 100% health target
    NAME	: Bullpen Ace
    GAIN BY	: Defeat 20 targets in trainign
    EFFECT	: Increase training damage by 25%
    NOTES	: Doesn't affect a real battle in any way
    BEST WAY: Only equip weapons (no armor) in training
    NAME	: Centurion
    GAIN BY	: Only one person on your team does all the killing
    EFFECT	: STR + 20
    NOTES	: You must kill at least 3 enemies, not just leader, but not all
    BEST WAY: Exorcisism helps here.  Also, you can get this in Quest Mode.
    NAME	: Charisma
    GAIN BY	: Have STR, INT, or AGI greater then 350
    EFFECT	: Raises Mental Gauge of nearby allies by 1
    NOTES	: Not easy to get, but useful in any situation
    BEST WAY: Stat-up items, stay the same class with good growth
    NAME	: Don Quixote
    GAIN BY	: Be counterattacked for over 2/3 you max HP
    EFFECT	: INT - 10
    NOTES	: A funny description.  One of my favs, but not practical in battle
    BEST WAY: Set it up in training,  and it should be fairly easy to get.
    NAME	: Dragon's Scale
    GAIN BY	: Kill 5 Dragons
    EFFECT	: Chance to persuade dragons -50% (both sexes), required for Dragoon
    NOTES	: This sucks for females (dragon tamer) , but is good for males (dragoon)
    BEST WAY: See Animal Hunter
    NAME	: Embodiment of Desires
    GAIN BY	: Pick up 5 War Trophies or buried treasure
    EFFECT	: Buried treasure will be more valuable (usually)
    NOTES	: Does not effect drops or war trophies, but is nice to have in general
    BEST WAY: Pick up War Trophies in encounters
    NAME	: Exorcist
    GAIN BY	: Exorcise 5 Undead
    EFFECT	: Lower Mental Gauge by 1 for nearby undead
    NOTES	: Easy to get (that darned forest areas...), but not useful often.
    BEST WAY: Gryllius Forest is very high in undead enemies
    NAME	: Fist Fight
    GAIN BY	: Get a kill without any equipment
    EFFECT	: Increase (greatly) power of your punch
    BEST WAY: Training makes this easy... or go critical hit someone of a cliff!
    NAME	: Gibe of [the] Fallen Angel
    GAIN BY	: Get 3 Kills with physical attacks as a cleric/priest/high priest
    EFFECT	: Lower Alignment by 1 (one time only)
    NOTES	: Nice to drop a neutral alignment to chaotic
    BEST WAY: Rictor gets it easy, use fist fight or a good hammer with a cleric
    NAME	: Grozz Nuy's Emblem (Dragons)
    GAIN BY	: A dragon experiencing all 8 classes
    EFFECT	: Permanent Mental Gauge of 2
    NOTES	: Lots of mirrors, urns, and a necromancy
    BEST WAY: See it's section
    NAME	: Heavenly Spirit
    GAIN BY	: Heal 20 allies (works as a knight too)
    EFFECT	: Required for Priest class
    NOTES	: The sacred ring or normal spells can get this, normal items can't.
    BEST WAY: Training, its easy
    NAME	: Knight's Certificate
    GAIN BY	: Being counterattacked 15 Times
    EFFECT	: Required for Knight Class
    NOTES	: Sounds wierd, but thats how it works, thank you Tetra
    BEST WAY: Training, its easy.
    NAME	: Lancer
    GAIN BY	: Hit 2 enemies at once with a spear
    EFFECT	: Required for Valkyrie class
    NOTES	: Valkyrie's rock, and the emblem is easy to get.  DO SO...
    BEST WAY: Set it up in training
    NAME	: Lucky Soldier
    GAIN BY	: Survive a VS Battle
    EFFECT	: Increase your average luck
    NOTES	: Great to have, I THINK it cancels out broken heart.
    BEST WAY: VS MODE... Hope you have a friend or brother
    NAME	: Mark of the Elite
    GAIN BY	: Win a battle with 2 or less people in your party
    EFFECT	: Instant gain of 100 EXP (one time only)
    NOTES	: Can be done in the right battles with the right characters
    BEST WAY: You can persuade enemies and still get it.  See the section on it.
    NAME	: Mark of Valor
    GAIN BY	: Win a VS Battle
    EFFECT	: Reduce amplitude of biorhythm
    NOTES	: Your high points become less high, and your low ones less low
    BEST WAY: Grab a friend/brother.  Goes to the unit who hits the last hit
    NAME	: Miracle
    GAIN BY	: Dodge an attack with 5% or less HP left
    EFFECT	: Greater chance of critical hits
    NOTES	: Cancels out bogus hero, if you have it...
    BEST WAY: Set it up in training, or get lucky
    NAME	: Philosopher's Stone
    GAIN BY	: Kill two enemies at once with spell
    EFFECT	: Required for Siren
    NOTES	: Nothing special, hard to get normally, summons do work
    BEST WAY: Set it up in training...
    NAME	: Relix's Emblem (Males)
    GAIN BY	: Experience all 14 classes (Alphonse gets it when you beat game!)
    EFFECT	: Permanent Mental Gauge of +2
    NOTES	: VERY HARD TO GET (Beware missing out on Beast Tamer and Priest...)
    BEST WAY: See the section on this too...
    NAME	: Ripple's Emblem (Females)
    GAIN BY	: Experience all 14 classes
    EFFECT	: Permanent Mental Gauge of +2
    NOTES	: VERY HARD TO GET (Beware missing out on Dragon Tamer and Priest...)
    BEST WAY: Making a section on this too...
    NAME	: Self Preservation
    GAIN BY	: Get a kill via counterattack
    EFFECT	: Increases damage done by counterattack
    NOTES	: You don't have to kill the guy who hit you, you just have to kill
    NOTES 2 : Your counter does more damage then your normal attack...
    BEST WAY: Set it up in Training...
    NAME	: Sniper
    GAIN BY	: Get 5 hits in a row with a bow/crossbow
    EFFECT	: AGI + 10
    NOTES	: Easy and great,  GET IT.  Want a ninja real early?
    BEST WAY: Again, set it up in training (bow from the back)
    NAME	: The Cycle of Life
    GAIN BY	: "Ressuruct" a ghost or Zombie
    EFFECT	: Increases Mental Gauge by 1 for nearby undead
    NOTES	: You'll get it while trying to get Grozz Nuy, Relix, and Ripple...
    BEST WAY: Training works for this one.
    NAME	: The Pen and the Sword
    GAIN BY	: Kill enemies with physical attacks and magic (4 times each)
    EFFECT	: Enables Warlock class
    NOTES	: TRAINING DOES NOT WORK, but quest mode does
    BEST WAY: Skills, and Special Moves, all count as well
    NAME	: Veteran Soldier
    GAIN BY	: Defeat an opponent in a VS Battle
    EFFECT	: STR, INT, and AGI + 15
    NOTES	: see "lucky soldier"
    BEST WAY: Grab a buddy...
    NAME	: Vixen's Whisper
    GAIN BY	: Persuade a male character with a female
    EFFECT	: Required for witch clas
    NOTES	: Deneb anyone?
    BEST WAY: Encounters... see Arbitration
    NAME	: War God
    GAIN BY	: Deal more then 200 damage in one hit
    EFFECT	: STR + 30, INT - 30
    NOTES	: Careful who gets it, it may come back to haunt you when you want a mage
    BEST WAY: See Berserk
    5) Emblems and Classes
    	A general look at emblems and related classes.  This section is designed to
    show you which emblems work well with which classes, or point out some
    cautions.  It is not the full compilation of every single strategy, just some
    that I have tried, and found either fun or useful.  Perpetually under
    construction, and I'd love suggestions.
    CLASS	: Archer
    EMBLEM	: Fist Fight
    WHY	: This is great, it gives the Archers a powerful counterattack
    CLASS	: Cleric
    EMBLEM	: Fist Fight
    WHY	: If you don't use staffs, you can get a decent attack
    CLASS	: Priest
    EMBLEM	: Fist Fight
    WHY	: See Cleric
    CLASS	: Valkyrie/Knight
    EMBLEM	: War God
    WHY	: This one is up to you, do you use the spells enough?
    CLASS	: Hawkman
    EMBLEM	: War God
    WHY	: Thunder Arrow is based on strength, so this emblem has no bad points
    CLASS 	: Vrtra
    EMBLEM 	: Blood Reign
    WHY 	: They have innate -1 to your foes mental gauges, so why not make it -2?
    CLASS 	: Vrtra
    EMBLEM 	: Grozz Nuy's Emblem
    WHY 	: Combine with above
    6) Grozz Nuy
    	This was contributed by Questionable
    	Grammer/Punctuation slighty edited by me, Almasy
    1. Start with a level 19 dragon
    2. Use 3 Mirror of the Gods to change it to each element to get 1-4
    3. Level it up some to get number 5
    4. Change it's alignment (Urn of Chaos or Tomb of Discipline) to get 2 more
    5. kill it in training and revive it into a zombie dragon, last one
    6. Emblem recieved
    7. Use Reincarnation to return to a normal dragon if you think Zombie's Suck
    7) Ripple/Relix
    	Again, contributed by Questionable
    	Edited a bit by me (Almasy) for readability, typos, grammer, and a few fixes
    	Edited a bit more by me (Almasy) to add Relix
    1. Start out with a lvl 10 neutral soldier
    2. Get it the Sniper Emblem in training
    3. Change it to Archer, Ninja, Wizard, Dragon Tamer/Beast Tamer
    4. Level it up until it meets the stats for Siren and cleric
    5. Get the Knight's Certificate, and the Knight
    6. Change back to cleric.
    7. Get Heavenly Spirit Emblem
    8. Change it to Priest
    9. Change it to a wizard.
    10. Kill two enemies with one spell to get the Philosopher's Stone emblem
    11. Change to Siren
    12. Get Lancer Emblem (hit two enemies at once with spear)
    13. Change to Valkyrie (females only)
    14. Get Vixen's Whisper or Book of Initiation
    15. Change to Witch or Sword Master
    16. Change alignment to lawful
    17. Get Emblem to become angel knight.
    18. Change to angel knight
    19. Kill the angel knight in training.
    20. Change it to a ghost with necomancy.
    21. Use reincarnation to change it back to a soldier
    22. Kill 5 Dragons and become a Dragoon (males only)
    23. Change it to a lich.
    24. Recieve emblem
    8) Mark of the Elite
    	Just need somewhere to say I (Almasy) recently found a good, easy way to get
    Mark of the Elite.  Enter a battle against enemies with close range attacks or
    non-status magic, equip healing spells and decent attack power, and
    counterattack your enemies to death.  Knights, Swordmasters with items, or
    clerics/priests with Fist Fight work best for this.  Heal yourself as needed,
    and counterattack your enemy to death.  Beware status effects in this mode, as
    they can basicly kill or disable you in one hit...
    	EscargoExpress suggests you could simply Orb the enemy to death...
    	It works...
    	BassInForte notes that you can use Exorcise in Gryllus Woods...
    	It too... and gets you Exorcist, plus Centurion...
    9) The Wanderer and The Emblems
    	This section was contributed by a string of posts from several people.  When
    the game begins, you will be asked by the Wanderer "Walk which path?"  Your
    answer here determines an emblem for Alphonse.  I then added why this may be
    useful early on.
    	Answer		Emblem			Useful for...
    	Belief		Miracle			Critical hits earlier...
    	Freedom		Arbitration		Recruit some good, cheap characters early on!
    	Wealth		Embodiment of Desires	Better items earlier...
    	Longetivity	Fist Fight		I guess it could save you a bit of money...
    	Get the one you can't get in training, either Arbitration or Embodiment
    10) The Cycle of Life
    	The Cycle of Life Emblem has a couple strange exceptions to the usual rules
    associated with it.  Many special characters don't have a spot for it on their list.
    Alphonse gets it when you lose the final battle.  Why is this so?
    	The process you use to get The Cycle of Life involves turning a ghost into a
    normal human again.  Turning into a ghost turns a special character into a normal
    ghost, then back to a normal, non-special human.  That explains that.
    	Alphonse can't turn into a ghost.  You lose as soon as he bites it.
    11) Notes
    	Valks rock!
    	Witches don't!
    	Except Deneb!
    	How about Deneb as a valk... hmm...
    12) Contributors/Idea Givers/Thanks
    Just a list of people who need to be thanked, commended, or praised for
    whatever reason, even if they have nothing to do with this FAQ...
    	Someone - Who was too lazy to look in a full FAQ and inspired this one
    	Summer - For being so close, and yet so far, perpetually
    	CJayC - Thanks for your site, it rocks the casbah!
    	Bearsman6 - The ultimate FAQ so far, and a good human being (I think...)
    	Rashidi - Another great FAQ, and some comments on this FAQ
    	Destin - The hidden author of the secrets FAQ, and a great Message Boarder
    	Lasareth - Early Suggestions that are much appreciated
    	Bluejay157 - Early Suggestions that are much appreciated
    	Questionable - For submitting Grozz Nuy and Ripple sections
    	SilenceImpossible - For his nice words and interest
    	Vervecroftmacca - Pointed out the beggining affects your starting emblem
    	emu87 - confirmed, gave 3 of the four "The Wanderer and the Emblems" emblems
    	Tetra - Gave all four (see emu87) and how to get, also several minor fixes
                  - Also discovered how the Knight's Certicate is really earned
    	EscargoExpress - For... well... "orbing" the enemy to death...
    	The Nerd - Put an interesting note on Self Preservation
    	Windu - Confirmed summons for Philosopher's Stone
    	      - Also gave a nice bundle of nitpicky corrections... not bad
    	Salien - Tested Centurion for only having to get 3 kills
    	BassInForte - Suggested Gryllus Woods for Mark of the Elite and Centurion
    Thats all folks!

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