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    Saia/Lobelia FAQ by Tetra

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    <>Document Information                                              <>
    Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis (GBA)
    Saia/Lobelia FAQ
    Version 1.2 9/11/02
    Presented by Austin
    E-mail: tetraflouride@cs.com
    Message board name: Tetra
    <>Table of Contents                                                 <>
    I. Version History: Because History is Good
    II. Introduction: The Goal of this Guide
    III. Saia: Enter the Daemon
    IV. Lobelia: A Messenger from Above
    V. Making the Decision: Saia or Lobelia?
    VI. Beating the System: Ways to Get Both
    VII. Relevant Items and Spells: Now You Know 
    VIII. Legal: Thanks and Redistribution Info
    <>I. Version History: Because History is Good                       <>
    Version 1.0 6/24/02 12.3KB
    This is the first incarnation. An attempt was made in order to help 
    those with Saia and Lobelia. Everything thought necessary was included.
    Version 1.1 7/4/02 22.1KB
    An items and spells section was added on all of the things mentioned in 
    this guide. This should answer any questions on what something does or 
    how to get it. Also, some of the wordings in other sections were 
    Version 1.2 9/11/02 27.6KB
    Special techniques were added and some sections were reworded for 
    greater clarification. Any further modification will likely be the 
    final version. 
    <>II. Introduction: The Goal of this Guide                          <>
    The purpose of this document is to inform the reader of the option that 
    is presented in Chapter 3 of Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis. There 
    Saia, a daemon from the Netherworld, and Lobelia, an angel from heaven, 
    appear. The game only allows the player to pick one to have for their 
    army. Although it is possible having both in the party at the same time 
    only one can be present in their original form. Hopefully, after 
    reading this document the reader will be able to make their decision 
    regarding Saia and Lobelia.
    <>III. Saia: Enter the Daemon                                       <>
    Saia is a denizen of the Netherworld that was drawn to the surface by 
    the power of the fallen angel and of Rimmon, the monstrosity that dwelt 
    above him. Saia enjoys fighting and finds losing hard to accept for a 
    being of his caliber.
    Age: 30
    Birthday: Sombra 16
    Sex: -- (Lobelia calls him a 'he')
    Hair: None (He has two horns if that counts…)
    Eyes: Black
    Build: Tall, Mesomorphic  
    Likes: Power, Fighting, Victory
    Dislikes: Peace, Angels, Defeat
    Element: Bane
    Alignment: Chaotic
    Base Speed: 5 
    Movement Type: Snow-Walking
    Movement Option: Wading
    Class: Lesser Daemon
    Evil warriors that are loyal only to their own desires. Lesser Daemons 
    are not as powerful as other daemons and can only use lower level bane 
    spells. They are about as intelligent as humans. Weapon: Axe, Hammer
    Stat Growth:
    HP:  7
    MP:  4
    STR: 5
    INT: 5
    AGI: 5
    Saia has the same spell set as a Ghost. He can equip two of the 
    following Bane spells:
    Brain Sap
    Cursed Existence
    Saia functions as a Lich in persuasion. Ghosts are very favorable to 
    him and can be persuaded without much difficulty. Gremlins and Gorgons 
    are also favorable but by not quite as much. Do not bother going after 
    Priests with him (guess they're racist). All other classes are 
    indifferent to Saia.
    Lesser Daemon -> Ghost           = Excellent (+80%)
                  -> Gremlin, Gorgon = Good      (+50%)
                  -> Priest          = Bad       ([0%])
                  -> All others      = Okay      (+0%)
    -To Recruit-
    After defeating Rimmon at Rebanada in Chapter 3 return and Saia will 
    challenge Alphonse to a battle. Saia drops the Earth Dragon Axe as a 
    War Trophy. Also worth noting is that a Vrtra will drop a Snapdragon so 
    be sure to get it. After the fight, if Lobelia is not in the party in 
    her original state Saia will ask Alphonse why he fights. If he says he 
    fights for himself (choice A) Saia will be impressed and join with the 
    Enfeeble spell, Chain Mail and an Amulet. If he says he fights for 
    peace (option B) Saia will become angered and leave but will give 
    Alphonse a Ring of the Dead as a parting gift. It should be said that 
    the Ring of the Dead can be found elsewhere. Wanting another Ring of 
    the Dead is not a valid reason to turn him down since they can be 
    easily duplicated. If Lobelia is in the party and her class has not 
    been altered Saia will still drop the Earth Dragon Axe but will not 
    join or offer the ring.
    <>IV. Lobelia: A Messenger from Above                               <>
    Lobelia is a young Angel Knight and a messenger of God. She was drawn 
    to the Earth's surface by the power of the fallen angel and hopes to 
    join forces with someone strong enough to defeat him.
    Age: 17
    Birthday: Agua 14
    Sex: Female
    Hair: Blond
    Eyes: Brown
    Build: Petite, Ectomorphic
    Likes: Serving God, Snow Boots, Good People
    Dislikes: Daemons, Fallen Angels, Evil People
    Element: Virtue
    Alignment: Lawful
    Base Speed: 6
    Movement Type: Flying
    Movement Option: Wading
    Class: Angel Knight
    Only a seasoned warrior with a pure heart can transmigrate to become an 
    Angel Knight. These flying characters have the ability to cast spells 
    of virtue. Weapon: Thrusting sword (HP 215, MP 66, STR 89, INT 81, AGI 
    88. ALI-L, Archangel's Feather)
    Stat Growth:
    HP:  7 
    SP:  3 
    STR: 5 
    INT: 5 
    AGI: 6
    Poignant Melody: Power 45
    Area-Effect (Virtue). 20 SP, RNG 6, AOE 1-5. A requiem in the language 
    of angels. Undead will recover HP/MP/SP. AOE broadens as user's INT 
    goes up.
    Banish: Power 35, Learns at Level 15
    Area-Effect (Virtue). 25 SP, RNG 7, AOE 1-5. Sacred prayer that damages 
    foes mentally and banishes the unnatural. AOE broadens as user's INT 
    goes up.
    She may be a special character but Lobelia is not better at persuading 
    than any other Angel Knight. It is strange that no other class is 
    favorable to them.
    Angel Knight -> Angel Knight = Good (+50%)
                 -> All others   = Okay (+0%)
    -To Recruit-
    Anytime in Chapter 3 visit Ardea without having Saia in the party and 
    she will ask to join. She comes with a Needle of Light, a Cloak of 
    Oath, Snow Boots and an Amulet. Turning her down nets a Seraph's Plume, 
    which would be great if it wasn't a Class I Quest Mode prize and a 
    Group 3 buried treasure.
    <>V. Making the Decision: Saia or Lobelia?                          <>
        By just looking at the stat growth and movement it appears that 
    Lobelia is the better of the two. She flies, moves farther and has 
    better stat growth. More MP does not help when the spells Saia can use 
    are inexpensive anyway. Plus, Lobelia can join in time to learn Clotho 
    but Saia misses out on Atropos. Lobelia does, however, have several 
        She uses SP instead of MP, which cannot be charged by items or 
    magic. Banish can be very useful in keeping a vital spell from being 
    cast but it can't be used until turn 4 which may be too late to be of 
    any help. On the plus side because it is an ability it can exorcise 
    enemies wearing Necklaces of Resist such as the Dragon Zombie when 
    fighting Rimmon. Still, Eleanor's Star Tiara vaporizes all undead on 
    the screen and although it costs 60 MP it can be charged and cast on 
    turn 1 or 2. Poignant Melody could have been amazing if the undead were 
    any good.
        Saia does well with his small spell set and is a good candidate for 
    a warp item. Saia is the only character with the Bloody Cleaver that 
    gets damage bonuses from weapon preference and matching elements. In 
    fact, he is the only obtainable character that likes axes period. It 
    doesn't hurt that he is the only Lesser Daemon in the entire game 
        In summary, Lobelia is a stronger character. She is no stronger, 
    however, than any other Angel Knight that can be found. Saia's class is 
    unique and he is somewhat useful in recruiting other denizens of the 
    Netherworld. The main issue with him is that he doesn't have enough 
    stat growth to keep up with the other melee classes. On the other hand, 
    he does like axes and most of his disadvantages can be overcome by 
    giving him proper equipment. A warping, spell casting Saia that still 
    moves 5 spaces is a good addition to any army. You can't go wrong by 
    choosing Saia and persuading some of the Angel Knights in the game. On 
    the A route two are in Ostorea's Crypt and on the B route two are at 
    Charadrius. Anyone with the Arbitration emblem should be able to 
    persuade them but you may want to suspend the data before trying to 
    make sure you succeed. Once on your side, they will be attacked by the 
    enemy so be sure to have a healer handy. Another option is making your 
    own Angel Knight by transmigrating someone that meets the requirements.
    <>VI. Beating the System: Ways to Get Both                          <>
    Snapping Trick
        The most commonly cited method of getting Saia and Lobelia is 
    ditching one and then recruiting the other. This can be done by 
    killing, dismissing, snapping or as the next trick explains, by 
    transmigrating one. Of course, killing or dismissing is pointless when 
    you can turn Saia or Lobelia into a shiny snap sword. Lobelia is the 
    better candidate for this as a character with an Angel Knight sword 
    equipped gives +1 to his/her allies' mental gauges within 3 spaces. A 
    snapped Lesser Daemon gives no special powers to the sword. 
    Transmigration Trick 
        One of the biggest letdowns in the game is that you cannot have 
    Saia and Lobelia at the same time by any normal means. Instead of 
    snapping one to get the other you can transmigrate one. Since Saia 
    cannot be a Ghost, Lich or Angel Knight you have to get Lobelia first 
    to do this. Once you have her go into battle or training and necro her. 
    It is kind of ironic necroing a messenger from God but once you do so 
    feel free to reincarnate her. She can even be transmigrated back into 
    an Angel Knight before getting Saia. Now you can go recruit Saia and 
    have both at the same time. Technically you don't own the "real" 
    Lobelia but at least she can remain an Angel Knight instead of having 
    her soul trapped in a sword. The emblems she could not obtain before 
    will open up including the Ripple's emblem. She can even be traded over 
    a game link. If you still want to snap her then at least you can snap 
    her at your own digression. As a remade Angel Knight Lobelia will 
    maintain the same stat growth but will not get her special appearance 
    back. Also, she will no longer have any special character dialogue. 
    This is because once transmigrated Lobelia is no more than a generic 
    character. While you're at it feel free to clone her and make an army 
    of cloned Lobelias carrying Lobelia snap swords. You can even give Saia 
    a Bane one to match his element. Just pray that the game gods will 
    forgive you.
    <>VII. Relevant Items and Spells: Now You Know                      <>
    Brain Sap: Power 0
    Area-Effect (Bane). 15 MP, RNG 4, AOE 1. Absorbs MP.
    This spell should not be used so much for the MP it provides but rather 
    to keep enemies from casting key spells. It's not too bad on Saia if 
    used right but he may have trouble hitting enemies facing him. Brain 
    Sap can be bought in stores for 800 goth.
    Cursed Existence: Power 0
    Global Support (Bane). 15 MP. The undead are immediately resurrected by 
    the evil god, Asmodee.
    Never use this. It only affects your Ghosts and Dragon Zombies while 
    they are waiting to revive. Both of those classes are awful although 
    there are some Ghost fans out there. Giving it to Saia or anyone for 
    that matter is just wasting a magic slot. Cursed Existence can be 
    bought for 400 goth. What a waste.
    Enfeeble: Power 0
    Area-Effect (Bane). 15 MP, RNG 4, AOE 1. Absorbs HP.
    It functions just like Brain Sap except it takes HP. It's best used to 
    finish off enemies and regain some health at the same time or when Saia 
    is out of direct attack range. It has trouble hitting faster characters 
    especially when they are facing the caster. Enfeeble cannot be bought 
    in stores but it is commonly carried by Ghosts that can be persuaded. 
    Saia comes with it too so get it then. Enfeeble can be sold for 500 
    Necromancy: Power 0
    Support (Bane). 25 MP. When cast before battle's end, revives dead 
    characters as undead.
    Necromancy is the evil version of Resurrection. It turns dead humans, 
    Liches and Angel Knights into Ghosts and dead dragons into Dragon 
    Zombies. Since the undead are horrible make sure you have a 
    Reincarnation handy. Necromancy is not a bad spell since it is needed 
    for the class master emblems and for the Lobelia trick but it should 
    only be used in training. The spell will be given in Quest Mode once 
    10,000 goth is won at one time. This is not possible in the first two 
    quests. While the game will not give it out once you have it if you 
    sell or trade it you can go back into Quest Mode and get it again. It 
    sells for 4,500 goth so it can provide some quick cash if you need it.  
    Nightmare: Power 20
    Area-Effect (Bane). 8 MP, RNG 7, AOE 1. Foe drifts into unconsciousness 
    and suffers from malignant visions.
    Nightmare might seem useless at first but it is probably the best spell 
    to give Saia. While it will do almost no damage it can put the target 
    to sleep, which makes it easy prey for summons and Divine Radiance. 
    Nightmare can be bought for 500 goth. Some enemies carry it but if you 
    really want the spell just buy it.
    Drakonite Spellbook. Transmigrates undead to original form.
    If an undead character uses Reincarnation it will return to the living. 
    Ghosts transform to Soldiers and Dragon Zombies revert back to their 
    base form. It is a key item in getting the class master emblems. The 
    scroll can be found as a Class B prize in Quest Mode or in Vs. Mode. It 
    can be sold for 40 goth.
    Drakonite Spellbook. Permanently changes the caster into a sword.
    The Snapdragon is an expendable item that turns the user into a sword. 
    The resulting sword takes its name and element from the victim trapped 
    inside. The exception is that Mushus make Virtue swords and Vrtras make 
    Bane ones. The character that used it is gone for good so choose well. 
    The base power of the sword is 85 but it will also have stat bonuses. 
    The bonuses for each sword are 1/2 STR, 1/2 INT and 1/5 AGI of the 
    snapped character's base stats. So the stronger the character is the 
    stronger the sword will be. Some classes that are snapped give special 
    abilities to the sword. The most notable is perhaps that an Angel 
    Knight sword gives allies within three spaces +1 to their mental 
    gauges. Another popular snap is a Swordmaster because it adds the 
    chance of delivering instant death. Snapdragons and the swords they 
    make cannot be sold or traded. 
    Snapdragon locations: (0,0) is the lowest point on the map
    1. Buried treasure in Belleza (0,11) it's the top left corner 
    2. Buried treasure in Sotavento (12,0) it's the top right corner 
    3. Dropped by a Vrtra in Rebanada in the battle against Saia 
    4. Dropped by a Giant in Harmonia in the battle against the twins 
    Necklace known as the 'Eye of the Basilisk'. Prevents petrification. 
    Spell DEF 20. INT+7.
    It really isn't a bad accessory but there are better ones. Sure it 
    prevents petrification but a character with a shield is already 
    protected against the Gorgon's Evil Eye. While Amulets cannot be bought 
    a Warlock drops one in The Garden of Memories and a Dragon Tamer drops 
    one on the A route at Charadrius. Take note that the Amulet you get in 
    the Garden of Memories will not be permanently saved. Many special 
    characters such as Shiven, Orson, Cybil, Saia, Lobelia, Elrik and 
    Aerial come with one equipped so they aren't that hard to come by. They 
    can be sold for 720 goth.
    Bloody Cleaver
    Two-handed weapon (Bane). Power 72. Virtue RES+5. Huge butcher's knife. 
    Life Force effect.
    The Bloody Cleaver is hands down the strongest axe in the game. When 
    used as an item it casts Enfeeble for 15 MP and is immune from 
    breaking. Since it is of the Bane element it fits Saia very well. 
    Because Enfeeble is one of the spells Saia can use, giving him the axe 
    technically lets him use three spells. Most characters do more damage 
    with it than with their own preferred weapon so if you're not a Saia 
    fan it is still very usable. See if it makes your character with 
    Atropos do more damage. The Bloody Cleaver is a little heavy but that 
    shouldn't actually be a deterrent from using one of the strongest 
    weapons in the game. Naris drops it at Charadrius on the A route and in 
    Ostorea's Crypt on the B route. You can also get it as a Class C prize 
    in Vs. Mode. If you are an idiot you can sell it for 1125 goth. 
    Chain Mail
    Armor made of woven chain links and reinforced with iron plates. PHYS 
    DEF 18, Spell DEF 5. PHYS RES+6.
    Rather unspectacular armor that can be bought for 1,100 goth. Just get 
    better stuff from Quest Mode.
    Cloak of Oath
    Cloak given to those ordained as saints (Virtue). PHYS DEF 15, Spell 
    DEF 20. INT+10, PHYS RES+5, Virtue RES-5, Bane RES+10.
    It is quite a good robe actually but not the best you'll ever see. It 
    can be found as a Class F prize in Vs. Mode. Lobelia also comes with 
    one equipped and it can be sold for 1,230 goth. 
    Earth Dragon Axe
    Two-handed weapon (Earth). Power 68. Wind RES+5. Wide blade used for 
    decapitation. Attack Power up VS dragons.
    It is a very strong axe but the Boreas and Bloody Cleaver are better. 
    Still, having one makes a nice addition. Saia drops one and it can be 
    found as a Class D item in Quest Mode. It can be sold for 1125 goth.
    Needle of Light
    One-handed weapon (Virtue). Power 60. Bane RES+5. Thrusting sword that 
    draws on sacred energy and light.
    It is a strong thrusting sword and perfect on an Angel Knight. A Needle 
    of Light is a good weapon to give to someone with Clotho. It can be 
    found as a Class E prize in Quest Mode and is commonly carried by enemy 
    Angel Knights. They can be sold for 720 goth.
    Ring of the Dead
    Ring granting immortality. (Bane) Spell DEF 10. INT+8.
    The ring itself is a decent accessory but it is not meant to be 
    equipped for long. A character with at least 118 MP, 134 INT and of the 
    chaotic alignment can become a Lich by equipping the ring and dying in 
    battle. The transformation will occur automatically and you will lose 
    the ring in exchange for the Lich. Remember that the stat boosts from 
    equipment count for class requirements. So if your magic user is a 
    little low in the INT department give him/her two good staffs or a 
    strong snap sword, which can be removed after transforming. Females 
    trained as Soldier->Cleric->Siren make ideal Liches. The Lich can use 
    any non-Virtue, non-summon spell. It is the only normal class that can 
    cast Fiend's Grip and has the highest defense of any class that you can 
    get. Think of them as little tanks. One is practically a necessity, two 
    is optional but three is overdoing it. If you want to you can sell a 
    Ring of the Dead for 40 goth.
    Ring of the Dead locations: (0,0) is the lowest point on the map
    1. Buried treasure in the Crypt of Ostorea (12,8) next to broken coffin 
    2. Tell Saia you fight for peace (option B) but he will not join
    3. Dropped by a Daemon in Harmonia in the battle against the twins
    Seraph's Plume
    Large, peculiar plume that lessons the wearer's weight. Spell DEF 10.
    Seraph's Plumes are situational items. Only give them to characters if 
    they increase the movement up a space. Still, just because a character 
    could move a space more doesn't mean it should have one. Although you 
    would never want to give more than one to a human sometimes it can be 
    helpful to give multiples to a beast or dragon. They are Class I prizes 
    in Quest Mode and Group 3 buried treasures for medium to high 
    biorhythm. Lobelia gives the hero one if she is turned down for 
    recruitment. A Seraph's Plume can be sold for 400 goth.
    Snapdragon Sword
    One-handed weapon. Power 85. Sword that confines a human soul by an 
    ancient curse. Sword characteristics reflect abilities of trapped soul. 
    STR+X, INT+Y, AGI+Z. 
    One-handed WPN for DIR ATK. PWR 85. Sword that confines a human soul by 
    an ancient curse. Sword characteristics reflect abilities of trapped 
    soul. [effect of sword.] STR+X, INT+Y, AGI+Z.
    Refer to Snapdragon in the items listing. 
    Snow Boots
    Leather-soled boots that prevent slipping on ice. PHYS DEF 9, Spell DEF 
    2. AGI+4, PHYS RES+3.
    Snow Boots allow a character to move on the snow unrestricted. They do 
    not increase the power or hit rate of the character wearing them when 
    on snow but may still be useful when you run out of warp items. They 
    appear in shops at the beginning of Chapter 3 and can be bought for 850 
    goth. Lobelia and Cybil come with them equipped.
    -Special Techniques-
    Atropos: Power 60
    Special sword technique (sword/katana/axe) in exchange for HP.
    Even though it is just as powerful as the other techniques, Atropos 
    will often do the most damage due to the high power of swords and axes. 
    Atropos and the rest of the weapon techniques inflict self-damage as ¼ 
    of the user's current HP but the power they deliver is well worth it. 
    The techniques will never kill the user as they truncate the damage but 
    with Atropos at least try to hit the enemy from behind to avoid 
    counterattacks. Atropos is received as a special prize for clearing the 
    West Gate of Ostorea Castle. Give it to your strongest attacker and try 
    to make them a class that has weapon preference with one of the 
    technique's weapon types. 
    Clotho: Power 60
    Special sword technique (thrusting sword/spear) in exchange for HP.
    Clotho has the strange ability that allows it a two space range with 
    either of its weapon types. It is possible to hit two people at once 
    with it and best of all the damage is not reduced when attacking from a 
    distance. There are plenty of classes that Clotho works well with. An 
    Angel Knight, Dragoon or Valkyrie are good choices but you should avoid 
    giving it to a Dragon Tamer or Mermaid as their attack power is not 
    nearly as good. Rictor is a good candidate if he is not casting spells 
    every turn. Clotho will be awarded as a prize whenever the Tundra 
    Geology quest is cleared and if no one currently has the technique.
    Lachesis: Power 60
    Special bow technique in exchange for HP.
    Lachesis is a very interesting technique. It is a projectile attack 
    that requires a bow but please do not give it to an Archer. Archers 
    suffer a –5% attack penalty while Swordmasters enjoy a +15% bonus. 
    Swordmasters have equal or better stat growth in every category and do 
    more damage at equal stats with bows than Archers. While a Hawkman or 
    Angel Knight are probably the best choices with their inherent flying 
    movement and good stat growth the main point is that Archers are 
    outclassed and should not be used, let alone given Lachesis by the time 
    it is available. Some people like to give the Enchanted Hunting Wares 
    set to their Lachesis wielder, preferring higher hit rates and movement 
    over more damage. Take note that Lachesis requires a bow and only a 
    bow, which means crossbows will not work. Lachesis will be awarded as a 
    prize whenever the Batraal Chronology quest is cleared and if no one 
    currently has the technique.
    Star Tiara: Power 60
    Eleanor's special technique. 60 MP. Gathers the light of the stars to 
    damage foes and banish the undead. The caster forgets this spell after 
    Star Tiara is incredibly powerful as it damages all enemies on screen 
    with an automatic exorcism effect. It can single handedly win several 
    battles such as the one with Rimmon at Rebanada and Mycale at Angel's 
    Headstone. The catch, besides the enormous MP cost, is that Eleanor 
    will forget the technique after each use. She will recall it after 
    winning any kind of battle, including training, or by leveling up. A 
    clever trick you can do is to get her within a few experience points of 
    leveling up so that after using it she will gain a level, thus allowing 
    two castings in a row. Although it has the highest MP cost of a spell 
    or ability in the game, between Fluid Magic, Energy Transfer and MP 
    items she can cast it on the first or second turn. Eleanor learns Star 
    Tiara for the first time once her base intelligence is at least 170 at 
    a level up.
    <>VIII. Legal: Thanks and Redistribution Info                      <>
    Darryll Lim: for having a source to compare stat growth information and 
    persuasion lists with
    Goukei: for posting the official ages of the characters
    Landon: for letting me borrow his game to test some things out
    Layoneil: for compiling the correct method of duplicating characters 
    and items and for his guide which is such a good reference
    Terence: for the persuasion percentages
    In no particular order Bearsman6, Almasy, Mibel83, Rashidi, Casey Lantz 
    and BlueWizard13 deserve some adoration for taking the time to respond 
    to my e-mails, posts and comments with as much respect as I gave them.
    Lastly, thank you the GameFAQs Ogre Battle Saga community for all the 
    information we take for granted now. Also, it was all those asking for 
    help on Saia/Lobelia that prompted this guide in the first place.
    -Redistribution Info-
    This guide may not be redistributed in whole or in part without the 
    author's written permission. Further more it may not be sold or 
    profited from in any way including but not limited to selling and 
    placing advertisement in direct display of its contents. Special 
    exceptions may be made for ads that must be present on a page if they 
    are needed to keep it running and if they are of an appropriate nature. 
    As of 9/11/02 the following places have permission to host this 
    -Copyright Statement-
    Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis Copyright 2001, 2002 Nintendo. 
    Copyright 2001, 2002 QUEST. Licensed to and published by ATLUS USA.
    Saia/Lobelia FAQ Copyright 2002 Austin.

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