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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Deltaflaze

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                                (ASCII COPYRIGHTED 2002)
                               TACTICS OGRE: KNIGHT OF LODIS
                            WALKTHROUGH CREATED BY: DELTAFLAZE
                     Created By: Deltaflaze
                     E-MAIL: Deltaflaze@hotmail.com (questions and comments only)
                     Latest Update: March 20, 2003
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                            +         UPDATE          +
    	 -MARCH 20, 2003: 4:41PM
    	     SUP Brothas?! I just recieve an E-mail from IGN that they want this
    FAQ in their site! :O *gasp* oh well thankyou! Pleasure! :) Anyways this is just
    an update saying that i'm adding http://www.ign.com to the list of PERMITTED
    SITES. Well now I guess everyone at IGN is reading this! Hello IGN'ers! I'm a
    part of your croud now!      
    	 -JUNE 25, 2002: 12:01AM
                 Hey all, I've been up all night working on this! AND I'VE
    FINISHED! For now...THANX CJAYC for putting my FAQ UP! Well...I don't know if you
    have yet, but I do know that if you people are reading this, then its up!
                             +        LEGAL          +
                            +          INFO           +
              This walkthrough was created by Deltaflaze and Deltaflaze only.
              You can e-mail me at Deltaflaze@hotmail.com if you have any
              questions. The following sites below are the only sites that
              have permission to have this FAQ on their sites.
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              Copyright 2002 to Deltaflaze. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
          Table of Contents:
                -Last Update
                I: Legal Info (Above)
               II: Table of Contents (here)
              III: Story
               IV: Controls
                V: Walkthrough
               VI: Emblems
              VII: CREDITS
    	This story is directly from the game.
    "Many years ago, the Lodis Empire began its imposition of Lodisim. Troops
    from Galius advanced into the regions that resisted. It was more of an
    Invasion than a reformation. Many conflicts erupted as these territories were
    conqured. But, some countries submitted and accepted Lodis' conditions.
    Although supervised by Lodis, they were able to maintain autonomy. The empire
    also pledged support if problems were to arise. Some rulers chose to
    to avoide pointless sacrifice. It was no surprise that they made that
    decision...although that did not stop small conflicts from occuring. However,
    compared to the rest of the era, it was a time of peace."
    -Control Pad-
    +Move characters
    +Move cursor
    -A Button-
    +Next Message Screen
    -B Button-
    -Start Button-
    +Suspend Data
    +Show Character Stats
    -Select Button-
    +Info about Items/Spells
    -R Button-
    +Command Menu
    -L Button-
    +Shortcut on fieldmap
    Hey, welcome to my walkthrough. This is going to be fun bringing you through
    it, but I think we can do it! This might be confusing because I'm even going
    to try to lead you through every battle! Now you can do things separately,
    but I'll also have a "Test Game," which is what we'll call it. What this is,
    is when it asks us questions, you'll have to follow along. So sometimes it
    might be hard for others to just come in and look for where you are because
    this game has choices that can change the storyline. So just follow along!
    Why don't we start!
    Title Screen: Ok, this is the title screen. It has New Game, Continue, Quest
    Mode, and Sound ON/OFF.
         -New Game: This creates a new game.
         -Continue: This is what we do to continue an already made game.
         -Quest Mode: This is where you can play books and trade/fight with
    friends using the                          link cable.
         -Sound ON/OFF: This turns the sound on and off.
    Lets start by pushing the NEW GAME button to make a new game.
    	You start off by listening to a man named Rictor and yourself. He says
    Well Dressed Young Man
    	"Well then, did your mother make a fuss over you?"
    	Just to make sure we're at the same part. I won't say exactly what they
    say but why don't we continue. When your done listening to the two talk,
    you'll walk up to the fortune teller. Enter your name, for now I'll stick
    with the default, Alphonse Loeher, and the default date of birth, Tierra 22.
    Now here is what I will answer for the questions. You don't have to, but it'd
    be easiest if you do so that you have the same characters as the walkthrough.
    (Great graphics huh? I mean the swirling ball...)
    Question 1: The Bearer asks: bear which burden?
    	Walkthrough Choice: Sacrifice
    Question 2: The Wanderer asks: wander which path?
    	Walkthrough Choice: Belief
    Question 3: The Builder asks: Design which plan?
    	Walkthrough Choice: Wisdom
    Question 4: The Sage asks: Swear which oath?
    	Walkthrough Choice: Purity
    Question 5: The Leader asks: Share which vision?
    	Walkthrough Choice: Mercy
    Question 6: The Almighty asks: Shape which future?
    	Walkthrough Choice: Glory
    	After answering the questions, it pops up with a sentence.
    	"A new day dawns, as roots dig deep into the earth and water flows from
    its source..."
    	After that it starts the Theatrical thing. And it says the following...
    "Many years ago, the Lodis Empire began its imposition of Lodisim. Troops
    from Galius advanced into the regions that resisted. It was more of an
    Invasion than a reformation. Many conflicts erupted as these territories were
    conquered. But, some countries submitted and accepted Lodis' conditions.
    Although supervised by Lodis, they were able to maintain autonomy. The empire
    also pledged support if problems were to arise. Some rulers chose to
    to avoide pointless sacrifice. It was no surprise that they made that
    decision...although that did not stop small conflicts from occuring. However,
    compared to the rest of the era, it was a time of peace."
    Rictor than comes up and Alphonse says "Rictor! We won't make it to the
    island like this. The ship can be repaired but it may take a while." Rictor
    says "How about the captain?" Alphonse says "He said we should wait for the
    storm to settle first." Rictor says "Well I guess there's nothing we can do
    in a situation like this." They talk some more and then a Soldier comes up.
    He says we're being attacked.  You then go into a battle screen and start the
    =Battle 1=
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Name: Stan, Level 3, Bandit
    Guests: Rictor: High Priest; Orson: Archer; Lara: Soldier; Justin: Soldier.
    Enemies: 2 Male Soldiers and 1 Female Soldier.
    Level you should be: Starting Level.
    Recommended Option: None of the enemies have any cool items, just the basic
    ones so I wouldn't go for any of the men other than the leader so you can
    win. If you want you can take out some of them for EXP, but mainly kill the
    This first battle is pretty self-explanatory. The guests will move first,
    then its your turn. Push A on your guy to select. The blue spaces is where
    you can move. Move your guy one space away from Rictor. Then it pops up with
    a menu. Select Standby, and then select standby again. It is now the enemy
    phase. Stan will say a line to try to scare you, but otherwise the enemy just
    attacks you and then its your turn again. Now if all went the same, Elton
    moved in range of you. Go to where Elton is. Attack him. More Attacking, then
    your turn again. If Elton is still in range, attack him. Otherwise try to
    attack the leader. Wait till after the battle to pick up items, they are
    automatically picked up. If you killed Elton, go for the leader. But most
    likely, the female will kill him.
    Winning Prizes: 0 Goth and Francisca. (You also might get other things but it
    depends on who else you killed.)
    =End of Battle=
    Afterwards, Alphonse and Rictor talk some more. Then out of no where, a guy
    pops up and shoots Rictor. You take the arrow for him and fall into the
    Ocean. You then wake up at a church where a girl named Eleanor finds you. You
    talk with her and then another soldier named Ivanna. They tell you that they
    saw you on the beach. Ivanna is a soldier from Rananculus. She says she will
    depart tommorow with you to try to contact your army, and Rictor.
    You are now on the Map. It shows you on Solea. You can't do anything
    currently but save. So why don't you press L and save data. Then move the
    sword to Scabellum.
    Alphonse and Ivanna appear on the screen. You talk a little and then hear a
    noise. You see a Wizard named Mullin from the White Fang Troops. When Ivanna
    asks if you want her to explain Elements, say yes unless you've played this
    game before. It tells a few hints.
    =Battle 2=: Scabellum
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Name: Mullin, Level 4, Wizard
    Guests: Ivanna: Knight; Rictor: High Priest; Orson: Archer.
    Enemies: 2 Male Soldiers and 1 Female Soldier.
    Level you should be: Starting Level, N/A.
    Recommended Option: All you can do in the beginning is make a few turns pass
    until Rictor and Orson come.
    On the first turn, no one will be able to attack you but the archer. Just
    attack who you can and remember Ivanna can heal. Most likely, the Wizard will
    attack you and you'll take around 40 damage. After that, Rictor and Orson
    appear. Just keep on attacking, I'd recommend killing some of the minions so
    you can get EXP and hopefully gain a level. Just keep on attacking and
    eventually the battle will end. You most likely won't die since you have
    Ivanna to heal you.
    Winning Prizes: 0 Goth and Spell: Thunder Flare (You may also get other
    spells for killing minions.)
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, you talk with Rictor for awhile. He tells you that the
    Mayor of the town has given you money and soldiers to protect this town.
    Rictor then gives you 3500 to help with your army because you and him are
    going to split up for the time being. You now get an army depending on the
    questions you answered at the beginning of the game. If you answered the
    questions above on this walkthrough, Alphonse will have the element of fire
    and you will get a Male Soldier, a Female Soldier, a Female Ninja, and a Male
    Cleric. Why don't we buy some stuff. First off, I would start with buying, if
    its available, a Hawkman. They turn out to be very valuable. They can fly,
    and they have an ability, Thunder Arrow. Buy one at level 1 and choose its
    element. Name it if you want, and then buy it for 1500 goth. Now, buy it a
    bow for 480 goth, and Hard Leather for 540. If you want, you can buy it a
    Bandanna for 220. If you did, you should now have 760 goth. Equip the stuff
    you just bought for it. You do that buy going into the organize screen,
    clicking on the unit you want to equip, right click, click equip item, and
    equip each item by pushing A twice on an empty spot. While we're at it, equip
    one of the new Francisca's you got from the first leader, to your Alphonse
    unit. If you chose the questions above, also equip the Francisca to either
    Allos, the soldier, or Lechies, the Ninja. Now go back to the shop, and sell
    a leather hat for 90 goth. Now sell 1 short sword for 180 goth. Now sell 5
    Healing leaves for 75 goth each. You will probably NEVER use these because of
    Clerics and Priests. Now go back to Hire, and Hire either a Female or a Male
    Soldier. For the walkthrough's decision, I'll choose Male. Equip a Short
    Sword. Then buy another bandanna for it. Its going to have to pass on armor
    for the time being.
    	Now that we've set-up our army. Why don't we gain a few levels. If you
    push R, you'll see an option called Training. Go into it. Here you get to
    set-up your guys to attack each other. Now don't worry, if they die, they
    don't really die. They just are out of the training till you restart. Now
    gain at least 1 level with each person.
    (HINT: If you push R, you can select Options, then the Control thing, and
    then set both of them to computer so you can set the gameboy down and gain
    levels! But don't train too much, you don't want the Bogus Hero emblem, which
    is acquired by gaining 20 levels in training mode. It makes it so its not
    possible for you to get critical hits. Its canceled out by Miracle, but
    Miracle is annoying to get.)
    So hopefully, all your guys are now level 2. Well mine are!
    				              VESPA I
    NOTE: Do not worry that all of her guys are level 3 and she herself is 5, you
    have healers that will immediately heal you. She has no healers.
    Immediately when you get there, you see an Archer and 6 minions. They look
    tough, but quite easy. She talks about how mad she is about the Knights of
    Lodis burning down her home, killing her parents, and other stuff. (15 years
    =Battle 3=: Vespa
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Name: Cressida: Archer (NOTE: The levels now depend on what level you
    Guests: Ivanna: Knight
    Enemies: 2 Bandits, 2 Male Soldiers, 2 Female Soldiers
    Level you should be: 3-4
    Recommended Option: All you really can do in this battle is fight. Just fight
    away. Make sure to push R, check out everyone's HP under the one menu. See
    who's the weakest and then heal that person. If your following the
    walkthrough, you have 2 healers. This should be a pretty easy fight.
    Now that every battle is different, I can't really go in depth battles like
    the first two. I can give you tips though. First, I, as in me, will do the
    battle. Then I will come back to this walkthrough, and type up some tips that
    you should follow. Otherwise most battles shall just contain Recommended
    Option, basically telling you what you should go for.
    On the first turn, use up your "Cup of Life" and "Stone of Quickness." These
    items permanently boost up your Life and Speed. There are others that boost
    up Intelligence, Alignment Down and Up, Strength, and more.
    Ok, I Just finished beating this map. Of course, I did it on my first try.
    Ok, the thing about this one is that they're one level ahead of you. But
    that's no problem because of your healers. Now, all that you have to do is
    first go into the guys. Get close. Then attack the Bandits first. Once
    they're dead, go for all the little soldiers so you can get some cool stuff
    afterwards. Once they're all dead, go for the pitiful archer. Once she's
    dead, you've beaten the map. It may take a few turns, but none of your guys
    will die as long as you heal them every turn.
    Winning Prizes: 500 Goth and Great Bow (other stuff depends on who you
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle you and Ivanna talk outside when camping. She asks if she
    can join you. When she asks, say yes. She is a great help and even greater
    because she has Heal. Say YES! Let her join.
    Now the next battle has people at level 4 and the leader is at level 6. So
    we're going to train until we're about level 5 or 6. So train until all of
    your guys, or most of them, are 5 and some can be 6. So good luck! Train,
    Train, Train!
    Now once your guys are 5 and 6, we're going to change some classes. You
    should have the following.
    Alphonse- Beast Tamer
    Allos- Beast Tamer
    Flauros- Ninja
    Lechies- Wizard (Note: Always have female wizards because they have a master
    class of the wizard, the Siren. Males do not have any upgrade, unless you
    count the Lich, but that goes for both Male and Female.)
    Alberich- Cleric
    The Hawkman- Hawkman, no class, but he is our archer.
    The Second Soldier you bought- Ninja
    Ivanna- Knight
    				            VESPA II
    +Make sure to save after every battle and before.
    +Equip Spells to your characters. You won't have much money but you should
    have enough to buy a spell for your Female Wizard.
    Now make sure of 2 things. That your wizard is the Ninja one that already has
    a spell already equipped. Then equip that Thunder Flare that you got from
    that one battle. Now this battle isn't required, but lets say you go down to
    Scabellum to buy stuff, well when you come back up, you'll see a Faerie being
    attacked by monsters. Just make sure to heal her whenever she looses just the
    tiniest bit of life unless one of your guys has VERY low life. You're trying
    to keep her alive. At the end she asks to join you, personally I will say no,
    but you can say yes if you want her. But just to let you know, Faeries are
    the weakest people that can be on your army. Then again, now that I think of
    it, I would say yes. Say yes when she asks. She comes with good equipment, so
    just unequip her, and then discharge her afterwards, unless you want to keep
    her. Now I'm going to quick tell you how to do this battle, then we'll go
    onto the next stronghold.
    =Battle 4=: Vespa
    Mission Objective: Defeat All Enemies
    Leader: Name: None
    Guests: Glycinia
    Enemies: 2 Griffins, 2 Gemlins, 2 Faeries.
    Level you should be: 4-5
    Recommended Option: Just Battle. If you are following the walkthrough, that'd
    be good because Ninja's are very good since they can move far. Also Hawkman
    because they can fly through the rough terrain and they do a considerable
    more amount of damage than your average human soldier.
    Ok, in this battle, there's a faerie that's being attacked and she needs your
    help. So make sure to heal her at all costs. Now first go for the Griffins so
    you can get them out of the way. After that, just kill the gremlins, that get
    those little faeries. Once your done, the Faerie will ask if she can join
    your army. Say YES, then your back to the one screen. When you have the
    chance Unequip her and then take all her stuff and if you want, discharge
    her. She's taking up space :).
    Winning Prizes: 200 Goth and a Faerie.
    =End of Battle=
    =Battle 5=: Formido
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Name: Grimal, Knight
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 3 Male Soldiers, 1 Male and 1 Female Archer, 1 Male Wizard, 1 Female
    Level you should be: 5-6 (7 is good too)
    Recommended Option: Try and kill the leader first, but if you want lots of
    items, then go for the Cleric first so they can't heal anymore. Then its easy
    breeze the rest of the way. Also, if you do kill the Cleric and the Wizard,
    you'll get a spell from them. And if you want, try to persuade the Wizard.
    That way he'll use his magic against them. If you can, persuade the Cleric,
    the healing for you and not them will also help!
    When you first come onto the scene, you see Nichart Briffaut, the one in
    purple armor. He and the knight talk, and then you appear. He insults you by
    saying your too young to be here and then leaves. So now its time for the
    Ahh! The terrain is your worst enemy now! Remember that Hawkman I told you to
    buy? Well he's really good here!
    If you had equipped that Whip to your guy, and put him in the front when
    placing them down, you'll be able to attack one of the soldiers on the first
    turn. That'll be nice!
    Winning Prizes: 1500 Goth and Chain Mail
    Special: You also will get the Numida Chronology, which can be used in the
    Quest Mode.
    =End of Battle=
    Afterwards, Alphonse asks Ivanna if she knew him, and she said no and that he
    must of joined after she left. Then you run on inside to check out the place.
    You look out the window and then see a young sorceress and she casts Slumber
    Mist which puts you to sleep. You'll find out who this girl is later.
    You then see yourself in shackles being taken prisoner. Nichart walks in with
    the young sorceress and wants answers. He asks why you're here but you don't
    tell him. He whips you again, but you still don't' talk. So the sorceress
    hands him a potion that will make you talk. The screen fades out and then you
    wake up again. The tide is rising and soon it will be flooded, and you will
    die. But another sorceress pops out from the side and says she'll rescue you
    if you help her because she is in need of a soldier. You agree and she
    releases you. You see another man named Shiven who obviously is a messenger
    and fighter for Cybil (the new sorceress). The screen then fades out.
    As that scene finally comes to a close, you are returned to the world map.
    Now make sure to buy some stuff while your on this stronghold. Make sure to
    buy stuff for that wizard that we made because we still had her have the
    Ninja stuff. Because we changed her from a Ninja to a Wizard.
    When you decide to move to the next location, you will have to travel over
    This time,  you'll be taken to a scene from inside the throne room of
    Ostorea Castle where Naris Batraal, Ivanna's father and also the head of the
    government body of Ovis, and a Young Sorceress are in conference...  The
    sorceress reports the situation to Naris, who then inquires about Rictor.
    Now you learn some back story about what happened 15 years ago. There was a
    big fight and according to the myth, the souls that were burn are still there
    wandering the forest.
    Now make sure to train to about level 7 and 8. When you are about those
    levels, go to the next place, Lake Ardea.
    =Battle 6=: Ardea
    Mission Objective: Defeat All Enemies
    Leader: Name: None
    Guests: Cybil: Sorceress
    Enemies: 3 Hawkman, 2 Griffins, 2 Faeries.
    Level you should be: 7-8
    Recommended Option: Just gonna have to fight, its one of the hardest battles.
    This is just one of those battles that you have to fight. First take out the
    3 hawkman and then the griffins. It's the easiest way to do it. Ignore the
    faeries until you have time or your just near one. They die instantly. Cybil
    is very good, she's got spells that can do up to 80 damage. Its pretty cool.
    Now remember...all of these guys hae flying. So the terrain won't affect them.
    But it will for you. Just go at it and attack.
    Winning Prizes: Unkown Goth and tons of items from killing all the guys.
    (Like Crown of intellect, Stone of Swiftness, crap like that...)
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, you talk with Cybil alone on the the lake edge. Your
    confused and you have no clue whats happening. So you ask her to explain. She
    says she's carrying the mark of the pope and she's looking for the Sacred
    spear, which by chance your old team (Rictor and all...) is also looking for...
    The sacred spear is something that the mermaids used against the humans but
    was stolen because of love. Etc...etc...the casual stuff. If you own the game you
    can read along with it. Then Shiven comes and says that there are soldiers
    that have already gotten ahead of you. So you devise a new plan.
    Now your gonna wanna do a lot of training until all of your guys are levels
    9-11! And then once your that high, make sure to edit your classes and equip
    items, then you can head on over to Cape Urodela.
    =Battle 7=: Urodela
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Class: Ninja (Its taking too long to get all their names down)
    Guests: Cybil
    Enemies: With, 3 Male Ninjas, 2 Female Ninjas.
    Level you should be: 10-11
    Recommended Option: Go for the leader and maybe the witch too.
    Before the battle, you and Cybil are talking until you here a sound. The
    characters jump out of the shadows and their mostly ninjas. The black one is
    tshe leader. The leader tells you that the mermaids spear is a treasure from
    the Batraal family, so they won't let you take it from them. The ninja
    continues on about you killing stuff and that he's going to get revenge. Then
    you get to attack. I would recommend taking that Hawkman and putting him on a
    house so you can shoot the enemy from there. That's a really good tactic.
    Also beware of the witch, she has Slumber mist which affects a 5 square
    radius and it usually doesn't miss. So just go kill the leader and possibly
    the witch.
    Winning Prizes: 500 Goth and a Matsukaze Sword. (Equip that to you when your
    on the map again).
    =End of Battle=
    After, Rictor and Orson show up. They are astounded to see you hear when they
    thought you were somewhere else. But now you understand more about what is
    going on with Lodis and that Rictor's Idea of splitting up wasn't just so we
    could attack the White Fang Troops. He doesn't answer but its because he's
    trying to get the spear. Then, Alphonse and Cybil go into a shed where they
    talk about how they want to get the spear.
    Cybil says these Wise words of Wisdom.
    "You can't have freedom without bearing the responsibility."
    "Choosing not to decide is still a choice."
    After that, a fisherman comes in and says the storm is too big and that
    mermaids aren't to be taken lightly. They use their good looks and voice to
    lure men in where they take them back to their headquarters. He does say that
    if you want to find their sanctuary, just capture a mermaid, when she calls
    for help, just follow them to the sanctuary.
    IMPORTANT PART! I'm gonna make this nice and big so everyone notices it.
    				        CHOICE TIME
    				    IMPORTANT: READ
    Ok, now this is a big thing right here. This walkthrough is meant for the
    Path where you get Rictor again on your team, instead of Cybil. Cybil asks
    you a question. She says she wants to capture a mermaid and follow them. Your
    2 choices are...
    A: "I've no better ideas..."
    B: "It doesn't seem right."
    Now why don't I translate those.
    A: "I want you on my army alone, but I want to be able to control you."
    B: "I want Rictor on my army to be able to control, but I want you still to
    be on my side."
    B! "It doesn't seem right." PICK B! I SAID PICK B! Good. Now that's what we
    will choose! PICK B!
    So you keep on talking and that's it. Then you talk with ivanna and then
    that's it.
    =Battle 8=: Sufrir
    Mission Objective: Defeat All Enemies
    Leader: Class: None
    Guests: Orson: Archer
    Enemies: 2 Green Dragons, 2 Purple Dragons, 3 Gremlins
    Level you should be: 13-16
    Recommended Option: Just kill all the guys. If your going for a dragoon, then
    make sure the person who is going to become a dragoon gets all the kills on
    the dragons.
    For this battle, all you can really do is fight. Just go for it. Make sure
    you heal. Just go for it. Have fun.
    Winning Prizes: 500 Goth
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, Orson asks to join you. Say yes, he can be a big help,
    especially at Ostorea Castle.
    Then you move on to Arena. Make sure to train up to about level 17.
    =Battle 9=: Arena
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Class: Minerva: Mermaid
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 3 Mermaid, 2 Hawkman, 2 Octopus.
    Level you should be: 15-17
    Recommended Option: Just go for the Leader. You wanna attack Minerva, but
    don't kill her, get her down to low life. That way Aerial can join you after
    the next stage. You will still get the Water Ring whether she dies or not.
    Winning Prizes: 200 Goth and Water Ring.
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, if you didn't kill Minerva, a scene will occur where she
    runs away.
    Now train some more so your about level 18. I know there was quite a jump in
    levels, but it's the easiest. Then equip more items, go buy some more men if
    you want. Train...train...train. Then get ready for the next battle at Rana.
    =Battle 10=: Rana
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Class: Aerial: Mermaid
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Octopus, 2 Faeries, 3 Mermaid.
    Level you should be: 15-18
    Recommended Option: Get lots of units that move well in water. If you have an
    octopus, use it. The mermaids are tough and watch out for lullaby. It can put
    any of your guys to sleep. You only need to bring the leader down. Just get
    the leader.
    Winning Prizes: 2000 Goth and 2000 Goth from Aerial
    =End of Battle=
    Now you'll get to go to the leader and learn a TON about the sacred spear.
    About the war and how it was stolen by a mermaid so she could give it to a
    human that she loved. Just pay attention to this part on your gameboy
    advance. Then she asks if she can join you, and say yes. Train some more and
    then get ready to go to Solea!
    When you get to Solea, you go to Eleanor to talk. When you get there, there
    are already people there wanting to take her to get the information about the
    sacred spear. Then its time for a battle!
    =Battle 11=: Solea
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader/Protect Eleanor
    Leader: Class: Dragoon
    Guests: Eleanor
    Enemies: 2 Archers and 4 Dragons
    Level you should be: 17+
    Recommended Option: PROTECT ELEANOR. Don't let her die. Everytime she gets
    hit, heal her. It's a must. Also remember that there are dragons her. If you
    want a Dragoon, make sure the guy who is going to be a dragoon kills them.
    Can't really say anything about this one. Just protect Eleanor, kill the
    dragons, and kill the dragoon. Ignore the Archers. They hardly do anything.
    Winning Prizes: 1000 Goth and Fafnir.
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, Eleanor agree's to show you where the mermaid is. But she
    wants to join your army. Say yes. Let her join...she then joins and you head up
    to Aquila.
    =Battle 12=: Aquila
    Mission Objective: Kill all enemies
    Leader Class: None
    Guests: Eleanor
    Enemies: 2 Gremlins, 1 Dragon, 2 Hawkman, 1 Cerberus
    Level you should be: 20(?)
    Recommended Option: Just go for the Dragon first, then the Hawkman, then the
    Cerberus, then the Gremlins.
    No real Tactics here. All you can do is just go for it. Make sure to heal.
    Otherwise I can't say much....just kill.
    Prizes: 200 Goth
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, a lot happens. Just pay attention.
    CHOICE: When Eleanor asks if she can join you, say "I misunderstood," or
    choice A so she joins you.
    Then get ready to move onto Vespa again.
    				            VESPA III
    =Battle 13= Vespa
    Mission Objective: Defeat the Leader
    Leader Class: Beast Tamer
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 3 Cerberus, 2 Cockatrice, 2 Griffins
    Level you should be: 20-22
    Recommended Option: Go for all the beasts first. They give good EXP and you
    can get the Animal Hunter Emblem. Cool, Cool, Cool! Then go for the beast
    Just go for all the animals. You get EXP, you get items, just do it.
    Winning Prizes: 500 Goth and Beast Whip
    =End of Battle=
    Afterwards it shows Rictor at Naja Forest, he see's a ghost run by and that's
    about all that happens. Then train a little bit, buy some stuff, and then get
    ready to go to Naja.
    =Battle 14= Naja
    Mission Objective: Defeat the Leader
    Leader: Grevis, Siren.
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Female Knights, 1 Witch, 2 Female Wizards, 1 Female Cleric, 1
    Female Soldier.
    Level you should be: 21-24
    Recommended Option: Just go for everyone. You need the EXP and you need the
    items. Once your finished, go for the leader. She only has Gnome which is a
    summon spell. (NOTE: After this we're heading to get Elrik, the Summoner).
    All you really can do is go straight for him. The tree's are annonying,
    especially since they have an archer which can shoot over them. It should be
    a VERY easy battle.
    Winning Prizes: 500 Goth and Gnome
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, it shows a clip at Ostorea Castle.
    Now, if you look on the map. There is now 3 places to go. Gryllus, Sotavento,
    and Belleza. We're going to go to Belleza so we can get the summoner, Elrik.
    When you get there, you see Elrik and talk to him. When it pops up with
    choices, it doesn't matter which one until after the battle.
    =Battle 15= Belleza
    Mission Objective: Defeat the Leader
    Leader Class: Elrik, Summoner
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 3 Ninjas, 2 Witches, 2 Valkyrie
    Level you should be: 21-24
    Recommended Option: All you really have to do is kill the leader and he's
    really weak, there is one Ninja that your going to want to kill because it
    has Warp Boots and you get them if you kill her. Just go ahead! Kill the
    Elrik. You don't actually kill him, just hurt him until he quits. Afterwards
    you get the choice of him to join your team, of course, accept.
    Winning Prizes: XXX Gold (unknown) and Elrik joins.
    =End of Battle=
    Now we're going to head to Sotavento, don't worry about Gryllus. We're going
    to go over there later. So now train a little bit more. Edit classes, and
    then get ready to go to Sotavento!
    =Battle 16= Sotavento
    Mission Objective: Defeat the Leader
    Leader: Nichart
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 3 Valkyrie, 2 Female Knights, 1 Witch, 1 Male Priest.
    Level you should be: 21-23
    Recommended Option: Basically go for the Priest first. If you can, try to
    persuade him. It'll help you a lot especially since you'll get the new spell,
    Just go for it. You don't have to kill everybody, you'll get good items, but
    not that great. So basically try to persuade the Priest, then kill Nichart!
    Winning Prizes: 2000 Goth
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, Nichart runs away again. Not much surprise there!
    =Battle 16= Haena
    Mission Objective: Something went wrong with my game.
    Leader: ?
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Male Archers, 2 Male Ninjas, 2 Sword Masters, and a Thunder
    Dragon. (Right?)
    Level you should be: 22-24
    Recommended Option: Something went wrong with my game cartridge. I don't know
    what, but on this map, it froze and messed up. All I know is I killed the
    leader, whoever it was and whatever it was. All I know is theres some really
    good items here! So just have fun on this one. Shouldn't be too hard.
    Just go for it. You don't have to kill everybody, you'll get good items, but
    not that great. So basically try to persuade the Priest, then kill Nichart!
    Winning Prizes: 700 Goth and ?
    =End of Battle=
    Now get ready for the greatest fight of your life. Getting ready will take
    awhile. OK, the next battle is at Ostorea Castle. What will happen is you
    will have to choose either the West or the South gate. But you still have to
    attack both of them. So you choose West Gate, then you go into battle. When
    you finish the battle, you then go to South Gate. BUT YOU CANNOT USE ANY OF
    THE GUYS YOU USED ON WEST! So now you have to make sure you have 16
    characters ready! Lots of 'em right? Just use the book that's free to make
    money. Then use the other books in less turns to make more money. Its simple,
    So you got 16 guys ready? Ready to battle? Then lets go!
    				     OSTOREA CASTLE
                                    W E S T
    =Battle 17= Ostorea Castle Gate West
    Mission Objective: Defeat the Leader
    Leader: Swordmaster
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Duke's Knights, 2 Hawkman, 2 Archers, a Warlock.
    Level you should be: 25-30
    Recommended Option: Now this is going to be fun. Ok, kill all the guys.
    Maragret, the Leader, will just keep on backing away. The archers will stay
    on the top shooting you, but just heal the people she shoots. Kill all the
    guys those. They give good items. I persuaded the warlock, you might want to
    too. You can't persuade the Duke's Knights, but killing them will give you
    the swords and shield. The battle should be very easy!
    Winning Prizes: XXX Goth (depends on how many you kill, I think.), Notos,
    Atropos. (This is a dragon skill that you teach permnantly to anyone. I would
    recommend doing it to your guy.)
    =End of Battle=
    Now you go to South Ostorea!
    				      OSTOREA CASTLE
                                    S O U T H
    =Battle 18= Ostorea Castle Gate South
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Nichart
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Duke's Knights, Witch, Female Priest, 2 Sirens, Lethe (Young
    Level you should be: 25-30
    Recommended Option: Go for Lethe to get her out of the way. You don't kill
    her, she says she's bored and disappears. Then just go for Nichart. Most of
    the guys don't have any good items.
    Just go for it. You don't have to kill everybody, you'll get good items, but
    not that great. So basically try to persuade the Priest, then kill Nichart!
    Winning Prizes: 2400 Goth and Osric's Spear
    =End of Battle=
    Now you go to the Throne Room. This is where Rictor is. But don't worry, you
    won't kill him. He'll join your party.
                                       R  O O  M
    =Battle 19= Throne Room
    Mission Objective: Defeat the Leader
    Leader: Rictor: High Priest
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Duke's Knights, 2 Male Wizard, Witch, Male Knight, Female Knight.
    Level you should be: 25-30
    Recommended Option: Kill the guys with the Dragon Equipment if you want,
    otherwise go straight for Rictor. He's fairly weak so you'll beat him easily.
    Just kill Rictor. You won't actually KILL him, he'll join your army
    afterwards, later on.
    Winning Prizes: 3500 Goth and Rictor joins.
    =End of Battle=
    The scene cuts out and it shows you, Ivanna, and Rictor. Rictor is obviously
    confused and then a ghost comes down. Alphonse doesn't see her until she lets
    him. Alphonse knows it's a trick and its not real so he warns Rictor. But she
    blows Ivanna and Alphonse down. She takes him down the crypt. Then you go
    down there. When you get down there, the ghost is trying to find out where
    the spear is because Rictor realizes that he and his dad had gotten the spear
    LONG ago. But she doesn't get it from him. Then Naris comes down. Blah Blah,
    they talk. And then you appear. Rictor escapes with an item and then you
    start the battle.
    =Battle 20= Crypt
    Mission Objective: Defeat the Leader
    Leader: Naris
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 4 Duke's Knights, 2 Female Knights, 1 Female Priest
    Level you should be: 25-31
    Recommended Option: MAJOR THING. First, theres the ring of the dead in this
    level. There is only 2 ring of the deads in this entire game, and it is what
    creates a Lich. Now if you look infront of the farthest back Female Knight,
    theres a broken coffin in front of her. If you go one space up and then one
    left, in that corner is the ring of the dead.
    Try and kill  the first two Duke Knights because they have 2 really good
    swords, including the Sword of Tiamat. You want those. After those are dead
    and you get the weapons, go ahead and kill Naris. It shouldn't be that hard,
    but make sure you have a healer or 2 because Naris does a lot of damage!
    Winning Prizes: 0 Goth, Bloody Cleaver, and Cave Exploration book.
    =End of Battle=
    Afterwards a ton of stuff happens. I'd rather not type it all because its
    about 1 page worth of stuff. So just pay attention to your game and get ready
    for the next battle.
    OH MY GOD. Ok, I'm sorry if I go a little fast. I'm just pissed because my
    walkthrough did not save. So I'm going to be going a little fast and a little
    non-explanatory, but I'll be doing my best that I can do in the amount of
    time I have left.
    =Battle 21= Harmonia
    Mission Objective: Defeat the Twin Wizards
    Leader: Cirvante and Lethe
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Daemons, 2 Gorgons, 2 Giants.
    Level you should be: 26-32
    Recommended Option: OK, this is an easy battle, just watch out for the
    Gorgons because they turn you to stone. They are really annoying! Nothing
    really I can tell you other than kill the gorgons first, then go for the
    Winning Prizes: ? Goth, some stuff from the minions, Sugar Cane,
    =End of Battle=
    Now before we go on to the last fight, we're going to do some little things.
    There are some levels that will give you some stuff and allow people to join
    you. Lets start at Gryllus.
    =Battle XX=Gryllus
    Mission Objective: Kill All Enemies
    Leader: None
    Guests: None
    Enemies: Undead Soldiers, and 2 Ghosts
    Level you should be: N/A
    Recommended Option: This battle gets really annoying since the bad guys just
    keep on popping back alive! Its annoying! All I can really say is kill the
    guys. Hope you get to counterattack a lot. Good Luck. It should be simple
    Winning Prizes: Depends on who you kill
    =End of Battle=
    After that battle, it opens up a castle where a girl named Euphaire is.
    =Battle XX=Blete
    Mission Objective: Kill Leader
    Leader: Euphaire
    Guests: None
    Enemies: Undead Soldiers, 1 Undead Dragon, some other stuff...
    Level you should be: N/A
    Recommended Option: All you have to do for this one is kill Euphaire. Just go
    right towards her. She's fairly weak, especially if she uses convert magic.
    So just go for her right away and you'll be fine!
    Winning Prizes: Depends on who you kill, Salamander (Spell).
    =End of Battle=
    Now, you should see 2 more places. Those we won't go to because they don't
    give anything important, except the Gracula place, but its way to easy, just
    5 or 6 Gremlins. I shouldn't have to make an entire battle thing for 5 or 6
    Gremlins. The other place just gives a goblin helm which stinks. Not
    important. Now before you go to the last level, there is one other thing you
    can do. You can head towards Ardea. There an Angel will fly down and ask to
    join you. (Pick choice A) Otherwise lets get ready for the last battle!
    When you first get to Charadruis, you see a big ice wall. You walk up, blah
    blah, Cybil comes, blah blah, she can't trust you anymore. Then the ghost
    thing appears again, blah blah, then you have to fight her.
    =Last Battle=Charadruis
    Mission Objective: Kill Leader
    Leader: Cybil
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 1 Vrtra, 2 Angel Knights, 2 Daemons, 1 Witch, 1 Female Wizard.
    Level you should be: ? Almost every level you are, she will be.
    Recommended Option: Toughest battle. They do a lot of damage, but if you go
    straight for Cybil, she's VERY weak. She's of course a Sorceress you know.
    They have hardly any defense. One attack from you and she'll be dead!
    Well...close enough.
    Winning Prizes: 1000 Goth and Thunderbird
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, the ghost pops out of Cybil and wants you to join him. He
    says he will be waiting for you at his seal. Then you talk to Cybil who has
    been greatly injured. You then transform the piece into Longicolnis. The
    Greatest spear. The most powerful weapon.
    HAH! I fooled you. That wasn't the last fight. This is the last fight. But
    its not really a fight. Its just like Ostorea castle, except you don't have
    to split up. So lets start.
    =Angel's Headstone=
    Mission Objective: Kill Leader
    Leader: Mycale
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Undead Knights, 1 Zombie Dragon, 1 Female Wizard, 2 Ghosts
    Level you should be: N/A
    Recommended Option: This battle is very easy. Just go straight for the Lich.
    An Angel Knight will help a lot especially with Banish (cannot use it on the
    Lich) Otherwise just go straight for the Lich! Attack him! He's got a lot of
    defense, but you can hurt him.
    Winning Prizes: Nothing
    =End of Battle=
    Great, guess what. YOU GET TO SEPARATE NOW! Like Ostorea Castle.
    				      HALL OF CORRUPTION
    =Angel's Headstone=Halls of Corruption
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Rahouart
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Gorgons, 1 Vrtra, 2 Sword Masters, 2 Angel Knight
    Level you should be: N/A
    Recommended Option: This battle should be pretty simple. Just go for the
    leader right away. Just go for the leader.
    Winning Prizes: Nothing
    =End of Battle=
    Now its time to attack Garden of Memories.
    =Angel's Headstone= Garden of Memories
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Angel Knight
    Guests: None
    Enemies: 2 Angel Knights, 2 Daemons, 2 Warlocks, and 1 Giant.
    Level you should be: N/A
    Recommended Option: Try and kill the Leader Angel. He's quite deadly, and so
    are his minions. Just go straight to him, kill him. Don't worry about the
    rest of them. Some of the Angel Knights can do a lot of damage, but as long
    as you had 2 priests, one for this battle, and the last, then you'll be fine.
    Winning Prizes: Nothing
    =End of Battle=
    After this battle, you get to enter the Hall of Conviction. Now remember, you
    can't do training in between, so just go straight for it!
    =Angel's Heastone= Hall of Conviction
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Shaher
    Guests: None
    Enemies: UNKNOWN TO NON-PLAYERS-Spoilers...
    Level you should be: N/A
    Recommended Option: OK, welcome to the last boss. Shaher. The fallen angel.
    Yup, he looks awesome. Ok well first kill those 2 main angels...yup you know
    who I'm talking about. Then go for the kill of Shaher. Try and stay away from
    the rest. If you have an angel knight, Banish will be very useful here on the
    Winning Prizes: Orb (?) and Anbicion
    =End of Battle=
    After the battle, he gets all pissed and then transports you into another
    dimension. Now this is basically the Continued of the previous battle.
    			                ANOTHER DIMENSION
    Mission Objective: Defeat Leader
    Leader: Shahar
    Guests: None
    Enemies: Millions of Guys
    Level you should be: N/A
    Welcome to hell. This battle is IMPOSSIBLE. I'm still working to beat it. (jk) Its
    VERY hard. Make sure you have that spear equipped! And btw you use the same
    guys as you did in the previous battle against him. For spoilers, sake! I'm not
    going to include the ending. I'm sure you can look at other people's FAQ's to find
    out but i'm not the type to include MAJOR spoilers. I know people who play the game,
    get bored...just go to an FAQ and read the last few sentences to find out the
    ending. Its like skipping in a book!...probably shouldn't of used that example...
    Winning Prizes: ?
    =End of Battle=
    And then that's the END of the game!
    1. Blood Reign
    Requirement: Kill 25 enemies
    Effect: Decreases the Mental Gauge for all enemies within a 3-panel
    Tips on acquiring: Have one kill lots of guys.
    2. Dragon's Scale
    Requirement: Kill 5 Dragons
    Effect: Required for the Dragoon class, 50% penalty when persuading
    Tips on acquiring: Just take 1 character killing all dragons you see.
    3. Animal Hunter
    Requirement: Kill 5 Beasts
    Effect: 50% penalty when persuading Beasts
    Tips on acquiring: See Dragon's Scale
    4. Exorcist
    Requirement: Exorcise 5 Undeads
    Effect: Decreases the Mental Gauge for all Undead within a 3-panel
    Tips on acquiring: See Dragon's Scale
    5. The Pen and the Sword
    Requirement: Kill 4 enemies with physical attacks, and kill 4 enemies
    with spells/specials.
    Effect: Required for the Warlock class.
    Tips on acquiring: I never understood this one...
    6. Gibe of the Fallen Angel
    Requirement: Kill 3 enemies with physical attacks as a Cleric or
    Effect: Alignment goes toward C by one level.
    Tips on acquiring: Nor did I understand this one.
    7. Lancer
    Requirement: Damage 2 characters at the same time with a piercing
    Effect: Required for the Valkyrie class
    Tips on acquiring: Just attack 1 person when someone is behind him with a
    lance/spear on.
    8. Philosopher's Stone
    Requirement: kill 2 enemies at the same time with a spell/special.
    Effect: Required for the siren class
    Tips on acquiring: Just weaken someone and then kill 'em with a spell that
    has a 5 AoE.
    9. Self Preservation
    Requirement: Kill an enemy with a counterattack.
    Effect: Increases counterattack damage.
    Tips on acquiring: Training...
    10. Berserk
    Requirement: Kill an enemy at full HP with one weapon attack.
    Effect: Increases Biorhythm.
    Tips on acquiring: Kill a Faerie in training.
    11. Arbitration
    Requirement: Persuade 5 enemies.
    Effect: 30% bonus when persuading.
    Tips on acquiring: See Dragon's Scale, but with persuasion.
    12. Vixen's Whisper (female characters only)
    Requirement: Persuade a male character
    Effect: Required for the Witch class
    Tips on acquiring: Just persuade a male class...
    13. Broken Heart (male characters only)
    Requirement: Fail to persuade female enemies 10 times
    Effect: Decreases average Biorhythm
    Tips on acquiring: Just try to persuade females at 100% health.
    14. War God
    Requirement: Deal 200+ damage with a physical attack.
    Effect: STR+30, INT-30
    Tips on acquiring: Use Molten Blade, it helps.
    15. Knight's Certificate
    Requirements: Perform 15 physical non-back, non-ranged attacks.
    Effect: Required for the Knight class
    Tips on acquiring: Attack a lot.
    16. Book of Initiation
    Requirement: Block or Evade 3 physical attacks in a row
    Effect: Required for the Sword Master class
    Tips on acquiring: Set up in training...
    17. Miracle
    Requirement: dodge an attack with 5% HP or less remaining
    Effect: Increases critical hit rate, negates Bogus Hero Emblem
    Tips on acquiring: Do in training.
    18. Sniper
    Requirement: Successful attack with a Bow/Crossbow 5 times in a row.
    Effect: AGI+10
    Tips on acquiring: Do this in training.
    19. Fist Fight
    Requirement: Kill an enemy without using any equipment.
    Effect: Unarmed damage increased.
    Tips on acquiring: BEST! Make sure all of your archers get this. Set up in
    20.Heavenly Spirit
    Requirement: Perform a healing spell/special 20 times.
    Effect: Required for the Priest class.
    Tips on acquiring: Just heal...(training)
    21. Don Quixote
    Requirement: Receive 66% of Max HP damage from a counterattack.
    Effect: INT-10.
    Tips on acquiring: Just don't try to get it.
    22. Embodiment of Desire
    Requirement: Find buried treasure 5 times.
    Effect: Increase buried treasure rank by 1.
    Tips on acquiring: Just pick up the bags.
    23. Archangel's Feather
    Requirement: Be resurrected via Resurrection spell or Altar of
    Effect: Required for the Angel Knight class.
    Tips on acquiring: Die on purpose...
    24. The Cycle of Life
    Requirement: receive the bad ending
    Effect: undead within 3 spaces increase in power
    Tips on acquiring: Why would you want this?
    25. Mark of the Elite
    Requirement: win a battle with 2 or less characters
    Effect: receive an automatic level up
    Tips on acquiring: ...
    26. Centurion
    Requirement: have one character kill all enemies on screen
    Effect: STR+20
    Tips on acquiring: Just kill all the guys, can't do in training!
    27. Charisma
    Requirement: Have 350 STR, INT, or AGI
    Effect: Increases the Mental Gauge of your characters within a 3-panel
    Tips on acquiring: Gain levels...
    28. Bullpen Ace
    Requirement: Kill 20 characters in training
    Effect: Increases training damage by 25%
    Tips on acquiring: Train a lot.
    29. Bogus Hero
    Requirement: Gain 20 levels in training.
    Effect: Cannot perform critical hits, canceled out by Miracle.
    Tips on acquiring: AHH! All my guys have this one...stay away from it.
    30. Lucky Soldier
    Requirement: go through a VS battle without taking damage
    Effect: luck increased
    Tips on acquiring: Face a friend...
    31. Mark of Valor
    Requirement: receive a good ending
    Effect: Decreases amplitude of biorhythm
    Tips on acquiring: ...
    32. Veteran Soldier
    Requirement: win a linked battle
    Effect: STR+15, INT+15, INT+15
    Tips on acquiring: Face another friend...
    33. Relix's Emblem (Males only)
    Requirement: Experience all Male classes.
    Effect: Mental Gauge permanently becomes +2
    Tips on acquiring: Just get all Male Classes
    34. Ripple's Emblem (Females only)
    Requirement: Experience all Female classes.
    Effect: Mental Gauge permanently becomes +2
    Tips on acquiring: See Relix's Emblem
    35. Grozz Nuy's Emblem (Dragons only)
    Requirement: Experience all Dragon classes.
    Effect: Mental Gauge permanently becomes +2
    Tips on acquiring: Just get all dragon classes!
                             +        CREDITS          +
                            +                           +
    Deltaflaze- ME! HI!
    Moose- I dunno why he's here...I think its because he answered some questions.
    N.B.- He's the one who got me into Ogre Battle stuff...I think...
    IGN-Thanx to u guyz too for hostin this FAQ!
    Nintendo Power- Most of the emblem stuff was in it, at least the ones I don't
    Parents- For giving me free money to buy this game.
    Someone- I dunno...just trying to take up space on credits! Lol...cya!
    Copyright 2002                                             DELTAFLAZE

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