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    Non-Playable Classes Guide by crab_crouton

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/30/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
    The Non-Playable Classes Guide
    V. 1.2
    by crab_crouton
    I.    History
    II.   Introduction
    III.  The classes
          1. Daemon
          2. Duke Knight
          3. Male Dark Angel
          4. Female Dark Angel
          5. Bandit
          6. Doll
          7. Dark Stalker
          8. Hell Gigantes
          9. Predator
    IV.   Glitches/Tidbits
    V.    Wrap up/Copyright Info
    VI.   Thanks
    VII.  Contact Info
    Version 1.2
    - Added info on skills glitch
    - Added Emblems info for these classes
    Version 1.1
    - Well knock my socks off and call me Bette.  It turns out that there're a 
    few little loose ends that I didn't include.  It's just superficial but I 
    feel that I still need to add them in.  Hehe, just proves I'm human.
    - Added Summon Darkness to Daemon class
    - Added expanded info on Doll class
    Version 1.0
    - Okay so I finally decided to write this thing.  It took me plus my Code
      Breaker a couple of hours to get it done.  
      Hi there, my name...erm alias is crab_crouton.  This is my first FAQ so 
    bear with me.  For years I've wanted and waited to write a FAQ concerning a 
    strategy/RPG but most have been taken (as in the case of FFTactics).  I 
    decided to do something on Tactics Ogre: the Knights of Lodis but I was too 
    busy to get around to it.  Anyways by the time I did, all of the normal 
    information on the game was already covered by some very good and in-depth 
    guides.  So I decided to do write about an aspect of this game that IMHO adds 
    some spice to the gameplay.  Yes, it's the non-playable classes of the game!  
    They're the cause for some headaches and frustrated angry growls on my part 
    so I thought what better than to add them to my army?  Admittedly, this is 
    only possible with a Gameshark or Code Breaker device but once you have that, 
    you're ready to enjoy the uber-cool benefits of some of the most unique 
    classes in this game.
    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\The Classes/////////////////////////////////
           In order to get these classes, one would simply program the codes into 
    one's Gameshark/Code Breaker.  Then go into a town and recruit a character.  
    That character's class will be the desired class.  I take no credit for the 
    codes; they belong to Gameshark Code Creator's Guide (cmgsccc.com).  I only 
    take credit for my work; that is, using said codes and giving all of the game 
    info on the classes to you.  BTW, I used a Code Breaker to implement these 
    codes so if anyone has a problem using it with a Gameshark, please let me 
    know.  Oh and one word of advice: try these codes at your own discretion.  
    I'm not going to take any responsibilities for your actions and/or any 
    repercussions resulting thereof.
    	The setup is quite simple.  First is the quote given by the in-game 
    help function in quotation marks, followed by my personal thoughts on that 
    class.  Then there're the codes to get the classes, the class' movement, and 
    element.  I also list their preferred weapons, any abilities they may have 
    and their stat gains at level up. As for the Level up, it seems that the 
    numbers may differ in the range of 1 point (either plus or minus) so beware.  
    Finally, it has come to my attention that these classes have a very limited 
    range of what emblems they may acquire.  Maybe they give up those abilities 
    to gain better stat gains, who knows?  Nonetheless, I will list those emblems 
    for you good people.
    1. Daemon
       "Denizens of the Netherworld that can be summoned by wizards.  Their evil 
    spirited nature, rather than their grotesque appearance, causes aversion."
    My thoughts - Average growth in all aspects, these guys are quite useful.
    The fact that Daemons can use any spell in the game is a bit unfair in my 
    book.  Of course this seems to be true of some other NPC classes...
    It's not fair dang it!  The enemies get all the good classes.  Of course, 
    that's where this FAQ and your GS/Code Breaker comes in handy.  ^_^
    Code - 8215E3FB C561
    Movement - Walking/Wading (Snow)
               Base move 5
    Element - Bane
    Weapons - Axes, Hammers
    Abilities - 2 spells (ANY!)
                Summon Darkness.  Gained at Level 15 (glitch!)
                "Summon (Bane).  Opens a portal to summon evil minions."
    Stat gains at Level up -
    HP: +7
    MP: +4
    STR: +5
    INT: +5
    AGI: +5
    Emblems - None (O_o)
    2. Duke Knight
       "A knight that serves and defends the family of the Duke of Rananculus.  
    Duke Knights are loyal retainers and well acquainted with both sword 
    technique and spellcasting.  They cannot be persuaded."
    My thoughts - Easily mistaken for Knight Templars, these guys make knights 
    look like fools.  If there were an equivalent for Ogre Battle Paladins in the 
    Tactics Ogre world, these guys would be it.  Their growth seems to be better 
    than a knight's except for 1 point in agility.  Still, the fact that they may 
    equip any three spells in the game more than make up for that flaw.
    Code - 831DE1FB D441
    Movement - Walking/Wading
               Base move 5
    Element - (You choose during the recruitment)
    Weapons - Swords
    Abilities - 3 spells (once again, ANY!)
    Stat gains at Level up -
      HP: +8
      MP: +4
      STR: +6
      INT: +5
      AGI: +4
    Emblems - Charisma, Knight's Certificate
    3. Male Dark Angel
       "A fallen angel at odds with God and exiled from heaven.  Their feathers, 
    like their hearts, have been stained black with corruption."
    My thoughts - They're evil, they fly AND they have cool self portraits.
    What more do you want?  Maybe the fact that unlike their holy counterparts, 
    these guys use MP rather than SP will get you aching for one.  The change 
    from SP to MP is a definite plus.  Or maybe the mind blowing stat gains that 
    this class attains will get you drooling.  The only real difference between 
    male and female Dark Angels is their portraits...nothing else.
    Code - 1215ABFB E569
    Movement - Flying/Wading
               Base move 5
    Element - Bane
    Weapons - Thrusting Swords
    Abilities - 3 spells (to your heart's content)
    Stat gains at level up -
    HP: +7
    MP: +5
    STR: +6
    INT: +5
    AGI: +5
    Emblems - Gibe of Fallen Angel
    4. Female Dark Angel
       "A fallen angel at odds with God and exiled from heaven.  Their feathers, 
    like their hearts, have been stained black with corruption."
    My thoughts- (see Male Dark Angel)
    Code - 131DA9FB F449
    Movement - Flying/Wading
               Base move 5
    Element - Bane
    Weapon - Thrusting Swords
    Abilities - 3 spells (like her counterpart)
    Stat gains at Level Up-
    HP: +7
    MP: +5
    STR: +6
    INT: +5
    AGI: +5
    Emblems - Gibe of Fallen Angel
    5. Bandit
       "An outlaw that attacks ships and plunders treasure.  Many pirates operate 
    near Ovis because of the area's flourishing sea trade."
    My thoughts - Well...these guys are pretty crummy as far as stats go.  I 
    don't see why you would want one except to complete your collection of non-
    playable classes.  Their main selling point might be their adeptness with 
    axes but then again, daemons do that much better with magic to spare.  I'd 
    skip them unless you're a headhunter bent on getting every class.
    Code - 811DC1CB D442
    Movement - Walking/Semi-aquatic
               Base move 4
    Element - (You choose during the recruitment)
    Weapons - Axe
    Abilities - None
    Stat gains at Level Up-
    HP: +6
    MP: +2
    STR: +4
    INT: +4
    AGI: +4
    Emblems - Don Quixote, Embodiment of Desires
    6. Doll
    My thoughts - LOL, call Gepetto; Pinocchio's escaped!  These "guys" are 
    hilarious.  They're the puppets that Elrik calls upon using Summon Golem. 
    They have a portrait of a male soldier but they have a doll body.  BTW, 
    they're permanently stuck at level 1 with stats of 1 in everything, 
    literally.  The game freezes if you have them attack or use items.  I guess 
    they really are dummies.
    Code - C0F5C3C8 C562
    Movement - Acrobatic/Hovering (Snow)
               Base move 10!!
    Element - (You choose during the recruitment)
    Weapons - accessories (it's useless to equip them anyways)
    Abilities - None
    Stat gains at Level Up - N/A
    Emblems - None
    7. Dark Stalker
       "An invisible, evil assailant that camouflages itself in darkness and 
    attacks unexpectedly.  It is said that Dark Stalkers are kin to vampires and 
    werewolves, but no one knows the truth."
    My thoughts - These guys aren't so bad, considering they're one of the three 
    shadow classes.  Their real weakness might be their horrible strength growth.  
    With that kind of agility though, they'll be able to not only dodge 
    everything coming their way but also hit with pinpoint accuracy.  It's too 
    bad they have no spells.
    Code - C1FDC1C8 D442
    Movement - Acrobatic/water-walking
               Base move 7
    Element - Bane
    Weapons - Katana
    Abilities - None
    Stat gains at Level Up-
    HP: +5
    MP: +3
    STR: +3
    INT: +4
    AGI: +8
    Emblems - Blood Reign, Sniper
    8. Hell Gigantes
       "Summoned from the depths of darkness in an unknown realm, the Hell 
    Gigantes is a blood-thirsty giant with terrifying destructive power.  Its 
    iron-like body and powerful fists more than compensate for its low 
    My thoughts - My gosh!  It's a walking tank.  Seriously, these creatures 
    belong in a league of their own.  They're the second of the three shadow 
    classes.  Okay, okay so they are blind as a bat due to their horrific agility 
    handicap.  However, if you manage to have them smash into someone...boy will 
    it hurt.  These guys are just simply giants with more strength and less 
    agility.  I kick myself knowing that this perfect specimen can't be snapped 
    (more info on that below).
    Codes - 50F58BC8 E56A
    Movement - Trudging/Wading
               Base move 4
    Element - Bane
    Weapon - accessories
    Abilities - None
    Stat gains at Level Up-
    HP: +10
    MP: +3
    STR: +10
    INT: +2
    AGI: +2
    Emblems - Blood Reign, Berserk
    9. Predator
       "Unmerciful to the weak, Predators pride themselves on their attack
    power and strong defense.  No matter how much blood they draw, their
    swords crave more."
    My thoughts - This is my personal favorite class.  They're basically dragoons 
    that have given up their one pathetic missile spell slot for some better 
    stats.  Sure they have no abilities so the game could just play "keep away" 
    with them.  However, they make up for it through a very good boost in their 
    HP, strength and agility departments.  This means that they can dish damage, 
    deal damage, hit with great accuracy and dodge as well.  No other class can 
    compare.  Give them a good spear and warp/flight equipment and they'll rock.  
    Get the War God emblem while you're at it.  You don't have to worry about the 
    intelligence drop because these guys have no spells.  On the other hand, a 
    healthy jump in strength is always appreciated.
    Codes - 51FD89C8 F44A
    Movement - Walking/Wading
               Base move 5
    Element - Bane
    Weapons - Swords, spears
    Abilities - None
    Stat gains at Level Up-
    HP: +7
    MP: +1
    STR: +7
    INT: +4
    AGI: +6
    Emblems - Blood Reign, War God, Knight's Certificate
    1. This first glitch comes by way of the three shadow classes.  Apparently, 
    the game only allows you fight them in one battle (to avoid spoiling things, 
    I'm not going to say which) but in it they are absolutely the enemy.  
    Therefore they must be registered under a "red" team for the game to fully 
    acknowledge them.  Putting them in your attack team will make them revert 
    back into a ninja, giant or dragoon look-alike. If you want their cool 
    looking dark suits, put them into team B in training.  But as far as I know, 
    there's no way to get their dark suits in normal battles.  Tough luck I 
    2. As stated above, there's really no way to change the "Doll" class' level 
    or do anything with them.  You can put them in your attack team to absorb one 
    hit or be the target of a multi-hit spell and waste a perfectly good space in 
    your team.  Either way, they're useless because the moment you tell them to 
    attack or use an item, the game freezes.  The wind, rain and/or snow will 
    continue to move in the background but nothing else will move.
    (Revision) Apparently I was a little wrong on this.  You *could* get a doll 
    with higher level than 1 by recruiting a character at the desired level using 
    the doll code.  However, this changes little since the game still freezes 
    when the doll takes an action and as far as I can tell, the doll's growth is 
    +1 for everything.
    3. The most disappointing aspect about these classes is their inability to be 
    snapped using Snapdragon.  Basically, these classes were never intended to be 
    used by the player so I'm guessing that the programmers didn't include any 
    such codes in the game for them to be snapped.  Trying to snap one of these 
    classes will cause the game to freeze.  I would've liked to see the results 
    from some of these classes thou but now we'll never know.  It's always nice 
    to imagine ^_^
    4. This glitch is for the Daemon class' Summon Darkness ability.  Once again, 
    the game freezes if you (the player) tries to use this ability.  It's too 
    bad, we can't summon evil spirits to help us.  :P
    5. Hmm, here's another glitch for you.  It seems that these classes cannot 
    use any of the three special skills in the game (Atropos, Lachesis, Clotho).  
    It would be a waste to give any of these skills to someone belonging to the 
    above classes because, once again, the game freezes when he/she tries to use 
    these skills.  Well I guess as Mr. Burns put it, "hard cheese."
    ////////////////////////////Wrap up/Copyright Info\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    This document is Copyrighted 2002 by crab_crouton.  It is not to be used for 
    any financial purposes.  It is to be distributed and reproduced freely as 
    long as the term "free" remains central to the action.  FREE ladies and 
    gentlemen.  Besides, it's not worth much anyways.
    - I would like to thank the Game Shark Codes Creator's Club for their codes.  
    I take no credit for these codes.  Without them, my FAQ would not have been 
    - Secondly, Kudos to Atlus and the Quest team for a truly spectacular game.  
    If this ever comes in your possession, know that you guys kick butt.  I'm 
    looking forward to seeing what you and Square can do.
    - I would like to thank... well you for reading this.  I hope you have fun 
    with the classes and I hope I've been helpful in letting you decide which 
    class to choose.
    Contact Info.
    Well I'm a busy guy but I'm always open to read emails.  I check my email 
    once a week, so don't hold your breath because I won't be reading any email 
    you send me until the end of the week.  Please, no hate mails and no spam.  
    Send everything you have to say to crab_crouton@yahoo.com including praises, 
    constructive criticism and anything that I've either missed or need to 
    include in this FAQ.  I'll update it if I get something from you peoples.  So 
    for now, see ya.  ^_^

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