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    Lich FAQ by CO Morpheus

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 08/21/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    			|Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis|
    				| Lich FAQ |
    Version 1.4
    Updated 8/21/02
    Written by Agnahc (aka CO Morpheus at Gamefaqs)
    i.    Version History
    ii.   Introduction
    iii.  How to get a Lich?
    iv.   Ring of the Dead
    v.    Equiptment
    vi.   Spells
    vii.  Lich Setups
    viii. Emblems
    ix.   Snapping
    x.    Misc.
    xi.   Credits and Disclaimer
    xii.  Closing
    ==== i. Version History ====
    Version 1.0
    -So it all begins
    -have most sections up but most is incomplete
    Version 1.1
    -Added new section for sent in setups
    -Started on Misc. section
    Version 1.2
    -Started the Snapping section
    -Added Warp Ring to equiptment section
    -Replaced Armlet of Wisdom with a second Kerykeion (equiptment section)
    -Added 2 more of my Lich Setups (1 virtue, 1 bane)
    Version 1.3
    -Added Enfeeble to Spells list
    -Added new setup
    -Remembered to send this update in :)
    Version 1.4
    -Corrected spelling of Jeffrey's name (I'm sorry about the misspelling)
    -Added loctations of the equiptment
    -Added 2 Lich Setups
    -Worked on the Snapping section
    ==== ii. Introduction ====
    This FAQ is dedicated to one of the coolest units of the game the Lich!
    with that said lets get started with the basics.
    Q: What is a Lich?
    A: A Lich is a wizard resurrected using a Ring of the Dead. Liches are more
       powerful than wizards and have strong defenses against magical and physical
       attacks. They can use all spells except virtue and summon spells.
       (Description from the game.)
    Q: What are the stat Gains of a Lich?
    A: HP  +5
       MP  +7
       STR +2
       INT +7
       AGI +5
    Q: Why do I want a Lich?
    A: Liches are one of the best spell casters in the game.  It can use a wide
       variety of spells making it a very versitile spell caster.  With the right
       combinations a Lich can be a lethal member of your team making it a must
       have unit.
    Q: How do I get a Lich?
    A: Be patient that is the next section of the FAQ.
    ==== iii. How to get a lich? ====
    Liches are much easier to get compared to its undead counterpart the Angel
    Q: What are the Stat and Alignment requirements for a Lich?
    A: MP  118
       INT 134
    Q: What else is required for a Lich?
    A: The other requirement for a Lich is for the Ring of the Dead to be equipt.
    Q: I met all the requirements now what?
    A: Now all you have to do is have the unit you want to turn into Lich be killed
       in a battle. This cannot be done in training.  Once killed it will instantly
       Transmigrate into a Lich. Vola you now have your very own Lich.
    Q: What class should I train in for my soon to be Lich?
    A: I strongly suggest you turn a female into a Lich. (For this section I assume
       you hired a lvl 1 soldier)
       Female: Of course you have to start out with the basic soldier. Level it up
               until you can change its class to Cleric(INT 28, MP 18, N/L) or a
               Wizard(INT 26, MP 18, N/C). Both the Cleric and Wizard have the same
               stat gains with the exception of MP.  However we are most concerned
               concened about the INT stat gain which is +6 for both classes. Then
               change its class to a Siren(INT 60, MP 60, Philosopher's Stone
               Emblem).  The Siren has a whooping +7 INT stat gain. Then finally
               when ready turn her into a Lich.
               Soldier -> Cleric/Wizard -> Siren -> Lich
       Male: Since there is no Siren class for the males just keep him in the
             Cleric or Wizard class until it can be turned into a Lich.
             Soldier -> Cleric/Wizard -> Lich
    ==== iv. Ring of the Dead ====
    Since the Ring of the Dead is so important to creating a Lich I decided to make
    a seperate section for it.
    Q: What is the Ring of the Dead?
    A: The Ring of the Dead is a ring granting immortality. (Description from
    Q: What are its Stats?
    A: Spell Def +10
       INT       +8
       Element   Bane
    Q: How many Rings of the Dead are there?
    A: There are three and only three Ring of the Dead in each game.  For each one
       you only have one chance of getting it.
    Q: Where can I get the Ring of the Dead?
    A: 1) The first ring is found in the Crypt of Ostorea Castle(The fourth battle.)
          it is buried behind a coffin on the upper left side of the Crypt. The
          coordinates for the ring is (12,8).
       2) The second ring can be found in Harmonia in the battle against the Twin
          Wizards. A Daemon will drop it when killed. Make sure to pick it up
          before the enemies get to it.
       3) The third ring is found at Rebanada. After you fight Saia he will ask you
          why you fight. Choose the second choice and he will leave you with a Ring
          of the Dead. By choosing the second choice Saia will not join you
          (Remember he is the only Lesser Daemon in the game). Another note Lobelia
          the Angel Knight can not be in your party.
    ==== v. Equiptment ====
    In this section I will discuss different setups to equipt on a Lich.
    My Setup:
    Weapon: Kerykeion-Staff of the god Hermes, decorated with entwined serpents.
            Stats: Power       32
                   INT        +28
                   Virtue RES +5
            Effect: Dark Quest
            Reason: I feel the Kerykeion is the best suited wand for the Lich. Its
                    INT boost of +28 can add really power up its spell and deal
                    massive damage. Even though the Ripple's Staff has a higher INT
                    boost the Kerykeion is better because it is of the Bane element
                    (the same of a Lich) and its effect Dark Quest (Fiend's Grip)
                    can be used very effectively by a Lich.
            Location: Can be obtained from Quest #5. Defeat the Leader in 3 days or less
                      or Defeat All in 9 days or less.
            Kerykeion-Another one!
            Reason: I never knew you could equipt two wands on one unit until Jeffery
                    sent in his Lich setup. So i gave the second wand a try and I
                    loved the extra 28 INT boost.
    Accessories:  Firecrest-Red gem confining the soul of the Divine Dragon. A
                            sacred treasure.
                  Stats: PHYS DEF  +90
                         Spell DEF +15
                         All RES   +30
                  Reason: This accessory is pretty much a no brainer.  It is a must
                          have item for a Lich. By equiping the Firecrest it
                          automatically boost the Lich's physical defense to 999.
                          It also gives a huge stat up for spell defense not to
                          mention the resistance to every element. It makes it
                          really hard to deal much damage to the Lich. The
                          Firecrest elminates the need for any armor.
                  Location: Deneb's secret shop. After selling 5 Glass Pumpkins to
                            Pumpkin Head.
                  Ring of Flight-Ring crafted from the wings of a Chimera.
                  Stats: Spell DEF +5
                         INT       +3
                         AGI       +4
                  Effect: Enables wearer to fly.
                  Warp Ring-Ring made by fairies that enables movement between
                  Stats: Spell DEF +5
                         INT       +3
                         AGI       +4
                  Effect: Allow teleport-style movement.
                  Reason: Besides the small INT bonus this accessory allows a Lich
                          to move unrestricted. Therefore no enemy can hide from
                          the wraith of a Lich. Ring of Flight prevents fall damage
                          but the warp ring saves a lot of time.  Both rings have the
                          same stats so its up to you which one you like to use
                  Location: Can be obtained in Quest #3. Defeat the Leader in 3 days or
                            less or Defeat All in 9 days or less.
    ==== vi. Spells ====
    In this section I will discuss spells that work really well with the Lich.
    Liches can use any spell with the exception of virtue and summon spells.  Lich
    has space to equip 3 spells. Since the Lich is of the Bane element I tend to
    use Bane elemental spells.
    My Setup:
    Fiend's Grip-Damages foes by the hand of an evil spirit.
    MP: 18
    Area of Effect: 1-5
    Range: 6
    Location: As far as I am aware there is only one place to get this spell.
              Cirvante uses this spell in the the Battle of the Twin Wizards. Once
              you fulfill the winning condition you will recieve Fiend's Grip as
              a War Trophy.
    Reason: Besides summons and Eleanor's special skill, Fiend's Grip is probably
            the best attack spell in the game. Since it is a Bane spell a Lich can
            bring out the biggest potential of this spell.  This is a must have
            spell for a Lich.
    Brain Sap-Absorbs MP
    MP: 15
    Area of Effect: 1
    Range: 4
    Location: Can be bought in all shops about halfway through the game.
    Reason: Comes in handy when you need a boost of MP. I normally use this once at
            the begining of each battle and that MP will usually keep my Lich able
            to cast Fiend's grip for the remainder of the battle.
    Time Flux-Allows second turn
    MP: 25
    Area of Effect: 1
    Range: 6
    Location: Path B only! Not sure exactly where. Most likely in Charadrius.
    Reason: Normally I would not put Time Flux on a Lich because its a support
            spell. However, with Fiend's Grip there really isn't a need for more
            spells. But since there are empty spell slots I had to fill it with
            something. Time Flux seemed to be the best choice.  When I can't reach
            an enemy with an attack spell (which rarely happens) I would use Time
            Flux to allow another unit to reach the enemy.
    Enfeeble-Absorbs HP
    MP: 15
    Area of Effect: 1
    Range: 4
    Location: Saia comes with equipt. Also they can gotten off Ghost that you persuade
              from random battles.
    Reason: Enfeeble is a decent Bane spell.  It damages the enemy and absorbs HP.
            The more HP the enemy has the more damage Enfeeble will do.  So its very
            good on high HP characters especially the final boss.
    There are several spells I see people use often but I suggest not to use under
    most circumstances.
    Fluid Magic: This can be one of the biggest mistakes equiping a Lich with Fluid
                 Magic. First of all a Lich should be an offensive unit not a
                 support unit. So by using Fluid Magic it completly drains a Lich's
                 MP which is need to cast Fiend's Grip or other powerfull spells.
    Necromancy: Necromancy is a unneed spell.  Unless you like making Ghosts or
                Dragon Zombies you have no need for this spell.  The only times you
                need this spell is to get all the classes and hard to get Emblems
                like The Cycle of Life, Relix's Emblem, Ripple's Emblem, and Grozz
                Nuy's Emblem
    ==== vii. Lich Setups ====
    This will be a seperate section for other spell and equiptment setups sent in
    by other people.
    This setup was contributed by Jeffrey Truman:
    Kerykeion (INT+28)
    Kerykeion (You can equip two of them, and this gives another INT+28)
    Firecrest (DEF 999, high magic DEF)
    Warp Ring (Warp Ring>Ring of Flight)
    Fiendís Grip (Powerful bane spell)
    Elemental-Missile (missile spell, only 8MP)
    Enfeeble (Drain HP)
    Comment: This is a pretty good setup. The two Kerykeion is great for giving
             a Lich a large INT boost. A missile spell can come in handy esspecially
             when you are low on MP.  Enfeeble is a good choice too. Gives you
             HP back and not to mention its very effective on the last boss.
    Bane/Dark Themed Lich (contributed by Me):
    Dark Shield
    Cursed Garmet
    Dark Ring
    Fiends Grip
    Brain Sap
    Comment: I know this isn't the best setup for a Lich but I like giving my units
             a theme.  So it was obvious I was gonna give my Lich a dark or Bane themed
             setup.  Basicly everything equipted on this Life is of the the Bane element.
    Virtue Lich (contributed by Me):
    Note: For best results have your Lich become the Virtue element by using a Tome of
    Ripple's Staff
    Ripple's Staff
    Sacred Ring
    Ray of Paralysis
    Comment: This can be a very deadly setup. For this setup you rely on your equipment
             to cast the spells.  Ripple's Staff has a Shining effect(aka Divine Radiance).
             First you need to use Ray of Paralysis to paralyze your opponent. That allows
             Shining to hit with a 100% accuracy which will deal massive damage for the
             first hit. Then the Sacred Ring can be used for healing.  Now your Lich can
             be fully effcient all by itself. I left 2 spell slots empty because its really
             up to your prefrence what spells to put there.
    This setup was contributed by Dante I:
    Name: Lechies
    Snapdragon Sword
    Warp Ring
    Brain Sap
    Fiend's Grip
    Comments: A typical Lich setup. Snapdragon Swords make killer weapons. Not only does
              it raise the Lich's INT but ATK too, making it a decent physical fighter as
              well. The 2 Firecrest seems like overkill to me but still a solid setup.
    This setup was contributed by Oblivion Knight:
    Name: Jnyx
    snapdragaon sword(trained a siren made it to a Angel Knight, it comes with
    +100 INT)
    Warp Ring
    Fiend Grip
    Time Flux
    Brain Sap
    Comment: Standard setup for a spell casting Lich. I never knew Snapdragons were one
             handed swords. So the combined INT boost of his Sword and Kerykeion totals
             around +130(wow!).
    This setup was contributed by Volandum:
    Warp Shoes
    Sacred Stone of Bliss
    Fiend's Grip
    Ray of Paralysis
    Requirement: Miracle Emblem
    Note: This Lich relies on the Instant Death that the Brionac causes on a Critical Hit,
          and so uses the Miracle Emblem. You will note that it is virtually insuperable
          in melee, except by anyone with the Divine Set.
    Comments: A very intresting setup indeed. Even though Liches are ment to be spell
              casters the instant death setup still works well with the Lich.  My only
              problem is the Sacred Stone of Bliss I suggest changing it to a different
              accesory like a Seraph's Plume to help the Lich's movement.
    I will add more setups as time goes on. Also feel free to send me your setup
    and I will add it to the FAQ. You will receive full credit for the info you
    submit. (email me at Agnahc@yahoo.com)
    ==== viii. Emblems ====
    This section will disscuss what are must have Emblems for your Lich to make it
    even more lethal.
    Blood Reign
    Requirement: Kill 25 foes.
    Effect: Terrifies enemies within 3 panels of the owner.
    Self Preservation
    Requirement: Use a counterattack to finish off a foe.
    Effect: increases counterattack ablilty.
    Requirement: Accuracy in missle attacks. (Hit 5 enemies in a row)
    Effect: AGI +10
    Requirement: Praises the miraculous dodging of an attack when near death.
    Effect: Increase critical hit rate.
    Veteran Soldier
    Requirement: kill an enemy in a linked battle
    Effect: STR +15
            AGI +15
            INT +15
    ==== ix. Snapping ====
    In this section I will not go into the whole subject of snapping.  There are
    plenty of other guides that discuss snapping.  So hear I will discuss the effects
    of snapping a Lich and the best snap sword to equip on a Lich.
    Q: What is the effect of snaping a Lich?
    A: A person who who equips a Lich Snapdragon will support all adjacent Undead. This
       is pretty much useless unless you use Ghosts and Zombie Dragons on your team.
    ~~More Coming Soon!~~
    ==== x. Misc. ====
    Q: Can I turn Alphonse into a Lich?
    A: No it is not possible for Alphonse to become a Lich. A Lich requires the
       unit to be killed. So if you kill Alphonse that causes you to automatically
    Q: Can you change other special characters into a Lich?
    A: Yes! However I do not recommend turning a special character into a Lich.
       First once your character Transmigrates he or she is considered dead,
       meaning it will not influence the plot line. Secondly it looses all stat
       bonus that it had when it was alive.
    Q: Can you change the element of a Lich?
    A: Yes. By changing its alignment from Chaotic to Lawful you change its Element
       from Bane to Virtue. To do this just use a Tome of Disipline on a Lich.
    Q: What are some weaknesses of the Lich?
    A: There are two main weaknesses that I have found in the Lich. The first one
       is the spell Divine Radiance. Divine Radiance ignores all stats and deals
       a high amount of damage. Fortunately Divine Radiance has a 50/50 chance of
       hitting you. The other weakness is the Divine Armaments set. This set allows
       the wearer immunity to bane spells. So if you rely heavily on Fiends Grip
       this will cause problems.
    ==== xi. Credit and Disclaimer ====
    First I would like to thank Bearsman6 for letting for letting me use
    information from his FAQ (Mainly info on Stat growth, Weapons, Items, Emblems,
    and Spells).
    I also like to thank Austin/Landon the webmasters of http://www.tacticsogre.com. for
    making such a great site for Tactics Ogre: KoL. And also for hosting my FAQ.
    I want to thank Atlus, Quest, and Nintendo for bring such a great game to the GBA.
    And finally I would like to thank the GameFAQs community for many things.
    This FAQ is the property of Agnahc (Allen Chang).  Do not use any part with out
    permission. If you would like to use any part or put it up on your site you
    must contact me and give me full credit. The following is the list of websites
    that are allowed to display my FAQ:
    ==== xii. Closing ====
    This is my first FAQ and I must say its pretty good for a first attempt.
    I will try to update it as often as possible.  Any comments, questions,
    suggestions, corrections email me at Agnahc@yahoo.com.  I can also be found at
    the GameFAQs message board under the screen name: CO Morpheus.
    That is All.
    This document Copyright 2002 Allen Chang

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