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    Deneb/Secret Shop FAQ by BlueWizard13

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 09/06/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis
    Nintendo Gameboy Advance
    Deneb/Secret Shop FAQ
    Created By: BlueWizard13
    E-mail: BlueWzrd13@aol.com
    Version 1.5
    ---Table of Contents---
    1. Version History
    2. Introduction to the FAQ
    3. Who is Deneb?
    4. How do I get Deneb?
    5. The Secret Shop
     a. Introduction
     b. Items for sale
     c. The Firecrest
     d. The Candy Set
    6. Deneb Quotes
    7. Pumpky Quotes
    8. Credits
    9. Contact/Copyright Information
    ---1. Version History---
    Ver. 1.5 (9/6/02), Added more Deneb and Pumpky Quotes that I missed and fixed a
    few minor mistakes
    Ver. 1.4 (8/30/02), Added Deneb Quotes and Pumpky Quotes sections
    Possible Deneb Quotes coming soon...
    Ver. 1.3 (8/25/02), Fixed a bunch of mistakes (thanks tetra)
    Ver. 1.2 (8/24/02), Fixed some small mistakes
    Ver. 1.1 (8/23/02), Fixed some mistakes, added item prices, added "The Candy
    Set" section, and added my extra info and opinions on the items in the secret
    Ver. 1.0 (8/22/02), Made the FAQ
    ---2. Introduction to the FAQ---
    I made this FAQ to help people with the Deneb and secret shop secret.  This is
    a very helpful part of the game as it will open up a good character and a lot
    of good items to use.  This FAQ will contain no spoilers (I hope) and hopefully
    be very informative for those of you who do not know about Deneb or the secret
    ---3. Who is Deneb?---
    Deneb is a special witch that reappears in many of the Tactics Ogre/Ogre Battle
    games.  In this game, she is a secret character that also opens up a secret
    shop in which you can buy things that you couldn't anywhere else.
    Her description is:
    A Witch and THE Witch Deneb, are totally different, as different as pumpkin and
    squash!  Do you understand how different they are?  Don't get confused!
    Deneb can use summons, has a higher INT gain by about 2 per level, and has the
    move temptation. This skill is the same as the normal witch's "Fascination" but
    it tops off at 99% hit rate instead of 49%.  (see my Spell FAQ located at
    Gamefaqs.com for more information on these skills)
    After a bit of trying, I have come up with her actual stat gain.  As said
    before, it is 2 higher INT per level.
    HP 5
    MP 6
    STR 3
    INT 6
    AGI 6
    ---4. How do I get Deneb?---
    First off, you must go to any shop and Hire a female soldier named Deneb (yes,
    the capital "D" is important).  She can be of any element (yes, both the
    Japanese version and the American version).  Before you actually hire her, make
    sure she is of the Neutral or Chaotic alignment, if not, go to another store
    and try again.
    Now, train her up so that she has at least 38 MP and 35 INT (those are required
    to become a witch).  Finally, get the Vixen's Whisper emblem.  To get this, she
    needs to persuade one male in a battle.  The best way to do this is to enter an
    encounter and see if there are any males in that battle, if so, send out all of
    your guys (including her) and change her class to be the same as the male
    character before you start the battle.  Get the male character to a low HP,
    then put Deneb beside him and try persuading him.  Once you get it, finish the
    battle.  Now that she has the Vixen's Whisper emblem, you can turn her into a
    When you turn her into a witch, a little dialogue will come up.  She'll say
    that she'll show some extra skill to being a witch.  As said before, she can
    summon, use extra spells (faith, tranquilize, and cursed existence), has higher
    stats, and has temptation, so she wasn't lying.
    Take Note, not that you would want Deneb as anything else, once she is a witch,
    she can not turn back to any other class.  She is stuck at a witch.  The only
    way to change her from it is to kill her in battle, then use necromancy.  Now
    you can use the reincarnation scroll to change her class, then eventually back
    to a witch if you would like.
    Just another thing I thought I should add, for those of you with a friend with
    this game, Deneb is the only special character able to be traded over.  Just
    use the necromancy/reincarnation trick and you can trade her over and you
    friend can turn her back into her class from there.
    ---5. The Secret Shop---
    The secret shop is located in Scabellum.  To access it, just get Deneb as a
    witch in your party, and the secret shop is automatically open.  When you enter
    the shop she will be the one that enters instead of Alphonse (unless you don't
    have her with you anymore).  She will talk to the pumpkin head at the counter,
    better known as Pumpky, and he will sell many different items that are not
    accessable from anywhere else in the game.
    ---Items for Sale---
    Candy Helm
    Type: Helm
    Description: Sweet helm of hardened honey.  Not for those on a diet!
    Physical defense 21, Spell Defense 2, Physical Resistance +7.
    Price: 2200
    This item is part of the candy set (see info below).  It is a good piece of
    armor in the beginning of the game, but you can find much better as you
    Chocolate Shield
    Type: Shield
    Description: One-handed shield made from sugar and cocoa beans.  Careful, those
    of you with a sweet tooth!
    Physical defense 10, Spell Defense 5, Physical Resistance +15.
    Price: 2200
    This item is part of the candy set (see info below).  It is a decent shield,
    but you would be better off equipping one of the other ones if you have them.
    Candy Armor
    Type: Armor
    Description: Delectable armor made from hardened sugar.  Don't be tempted by
    its sweet pleasures!
    Physical resistance +10
    Price: 2200
    This item is part of the candy set (see info below).  This is very good armor
    for early in the game (you can get Deneb and therefore the secret shop by, my
    earliest, level 4).
    Fur Coat
    Type: Armor
    Description: Expensive coat made from animal pelts.
    Physical Defense 15, Spell Defense 5, Intelligence +5, Physical Resistance +5.
    Price: 4800
    This is a piece of equipement you might want to give to a magic user.  It is
    very good for defense (earlier in the game) and gives a plus to intelligence. 
    The only down-side is that most people can't spare 4800 goth too early in the
    Sacrificial Doll
    Type: Accessory
    Description: Expendable that can be equipped to prevent Instant Death.
    No stat bonuses
    Price: 1200
    This item is almost useless.  It takes up a space in one of those precious 4
    spaces of inventory, gives no stat bonus, and all it does for you is prevent
    against instant death.  It might be useful if more than about 3 enemies in the
    game had the instant death effect and it worked very often at all.
    Sacred Stone of Bliss
    Type: Accessory
    Description: Expendable.  Sacred gem that retrieves the wearer's soul upon
    death (Virtue).  Recover full HP.
    Physical Defense 5.
    Price: 6400
    This item can be useful, but it gets useless toward the end of the game.  If
    you have this equipped and your guy gets killed, it will be removed from your
    inventory to revive you immediately and bring you back to full health.  This is
    best on a character that dies somewhat often.
    Type: Accessory
    Description: Red gem confining the soul of the Divine Dragon.  A sacred
    Physical Defense 90, Spell Defense 15, Physical Resistance +30, Wind Resistance
    +30, Fire Resistance +30, Earth Resistance +30, Water Resistance +30, Virtue
    Resistance +30, Bane Resistance +30.
    Price: 32000
    This is one of my favorite items in the game.  It is amazing for any character
    as it will greatly reduce all damage that you may take (mostly physical, but
    still a lot for spell damage).  This is the best defensive item in the game,
    but also the most expensive.  (Hint: try giving a lich just one...)
    Type: Expendable
    Description: Expendable.  Crystal orb containing the formidable power of the
    No stat bonuses
    Price: 2200
    This is a useful expendable.  Have one guy use it (a guy with high strength is
    better) and it can do a lot of damage to all enemies on the field.  When you
    have a lot of money, this is not a bad thing to waste it all on (if you have
    nothing else to do with it).
    ---The Firecrest---
    For some of you, you will be saying, why isn't the firecrest in my shop?  It is
    because you need to sell 5 glass pumpkins in the secret shop.  Now, you can get
    glass pumpkins in several different places.
    There are 3 Glass Pumpkins available on the map.  In case my descriptions are
    confusing, I also have the coordinates there to be followed from the bottom of
    the map, to the right, then to the left.
    Lutra on the very top left side, 3 spaces from the very top corner; next to a
    small ledge.  (13,10)
    Vespa on the left side of the rock toward the middle right side of the screen.
    Gryllus on the right side of the mini-waterfall in the middle.  Halfway between
    the land and the mini-island. (5,7)
    There is another that is available through Glycinia.  When you get her, she
    will come with one equipped.
    Even if you get all of those, you still have one left that you need to get. 
    This can be aquired by doing quest mode 2 and completing "defeat all" in 1-12
    turns, or "defeat leader" in 1-7 turns.  You may have to do this a few times,
    you are not guaranteed to get it every time.
    NOTE: You do not have to sell all of the glass pumpkins at the same time.
    ---The Candy Set---
    The Candy Set is a set made up of 4 items: Candy Helm, Candy Shield, Candy
    Armor, and the Sugar Cane.  The Sugar Cane is acquired when you beat Lethe at
    Haena (the others can be bought in the shop for 2200 each).  When you equip
    them all to one character, the character will recover 10% of their HP each
    turn.  This may sound quite good, but the set is not that good, and you will
    have a very low attack.
    Just because it is part of the candy set, I will also include the Sugar Cane's
    information here.
    Sugar Cane
    Type: Weapon
    Description: One-handed weapon.  Power 16.  Sweet candy cane, decorated with
    red and white food coloring, that tickles the minds and tastebuds of small
    children.  Be careful not to gain too much weight!
    No Stat Bonuses
    Kinda useless, by the time you get it, there will be many better weapons out
    there and you will have no need to equip it, unless you are trying to complete
    the candy set.
    ---6. Deneb Quotes---
    This section includes all of the Deneb's dialogue that she could say at any
    point in the game.  When she changes classes, dismissed, in the secret shop,
    When you change her to a witch for the first time she says:
    "Me?  Just an ordinary witch?  I have a better idea.  Why don't I surprise
    you<3" (<3 is a heart)
    When you change her to a witch after you had already had a Deneb in the past
    (hired one, made her deneb, dismissed her, then made a new one) she says:
    "I'm back.  You can count on me<3"
    When you try to change Deneb's class (you can't actually do it) she says:
    "Not a witch?!  I'd be just a pretty girl<3"
    When you dismiss her she says:
    (giggle) "See you later<3"
    When you dismiss Deneb once you have already lost and remade her she says:
    "Am I that much of a pain? Well, see ya<3"
    When dies in battle she says:
    "What?  This shouldn't have happened.  I'm sorry<3"
    When you enter the secret shop with her she says:
    "Hi!  I'm here to shop!"
    When you buy something she says:
    "What a buy!<3  Show me more, please!"
    When you select something to buy, and then say no she says:
    "Maybe not.  Mind if I look around?"
    When you sell something she says:
    "What's new, Pumpky?  Have you got anything good?  Then, I better buy it<3"
    When you select something to sell, and then say no she says:
    "Maybe not.  How 'bout somethin' else?"
    When you try to sell something that cannot be sold she says:
    "Just kiddin'. Can't sell it, can I?"
    When you try to sell something but have all of it equipped she says:
    "Well...I guess I'll hang on to it."
    When you try to sell a Glass Pumpkin she says:
    "MY items are worth top dollar!<3  How about <2000 per item> Goth for my
    <amount selling>?
    If you sell an item before you have sold at least the fifth pumpkin she says:
    "Thanks, Pumpky!<3  Want more?"
    When you hire someone she says:
    "Thanks for finding me someone good!"<3
    When you go in to hire someone but at the last minute say "no" she says:
    "I'll wait 'til later, 'kay Pumpky?"
    When you try to buy something or hire a character but do not have enough money
    she says:
    "Really?  I'm short on Goth?  Sorry, Pumpky."
    When you try to hire a character but have a full roster she says:
    "I guess I just have too many friends."<3
    When you exit the Secret Shop she says:
    "This was fun!  I'm sure I'll be back."
    ---7. Pumpky Quotes---
    This section includes all of the dialogue that pumpky (the pumpkin head that
    runs the secret shop) has through the game.  These quotes are only accessible
    after you have gotten the secret shop open, then dismissed Deneb, having
    Alphonse go in there and making Pumpky do the talking instead of the Deneb.
    When you enter the secret shop with Alphonse he says:
    "Hi there!  How can I help you?"
    When you buy something he says:
    "Thanks a bunch!  Anything else?"
    When you select something to buy, and then say no he says:
    "Please take a look at our wares."
    When you sell something he says:
    "Thanks.  Anything else to sell?"
    When you select something to sell, and then say no he says:
    "Too bad...Anything else for me?"
    When you try to sell something that cannot be sold he says:
    "Sorry, I can't buy that back from you."
    When you try to sell something but have all of it equipped he says:
    "Where is it?  I don't see anything."
    When you try to sell a Glass Pumpkin he says:
    "How kind of you to sell it to me!"  "<amount selling> for <2000 per item>
    If you sell an item before you have sold at least the fifth pumpkin he says:
    "Thanks.  Anything else to sell?"
    If you are selling what will be at least the fifth pumpkin sold then whenever
    something is sold he says:
    "I have some special items for sale...My way of saying thanks.  Please buy
    When you hire someone he says:
    "Excellent!  You won't regret it."
    When you go in to hire someone but at the last minute say "no" he says:
    "No good...?  Oh well..."
    When you try to buy something or hire a character but do not have enough money
    he says:
    "Looks like you're a little low on cash."
    When you try to hire a character but have a full roster he says:
    "Too many.  Anyone you can let go?"
    When you exit the Secret Shop he says:
    "Thanks.  Stop by any time."
    ---8. Credits---
    Me for writing the FAQ and getting most of the information in it
    Terence and DeadS for the coordinates for the 3 glass pumkins
    Tetra for a bunch of corrections (many quotes that I missed and some other
    things)  and taking the time to point out mistakes to me
    Atlus and Nintendo for making this awesome game
    CjayC for posting this up and running this awesome site: gamefaqs.com
    ---9. Contact/Copyright Information---
    If you see any mistakes, things I may want to add, questions, comments, or
    compliments for my FAQ, you can e-mail me at BlueWzrd13@aol.com, or you can try
    to contact me on the gamefaqs.com message boards under the name BlueWizard13.
    This document is copyright (c) BlueWizard13 2002.  You may not use this
    document in any way without MY permission.  If you would like to post this on
    your website, e-mail me first and give me an address to the website.  I will
    respond with a yes or no then.  The only site currently allowed to host this
    document is www.gamefaqs.com.

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