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    Base Stats Guide by Salasar Elerital

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    Tactics Ogre Gaiden: The Knight of Lodis, Base Stats Guide.
    V 1.00 and probably second-last
    *** Preliminary note***
    This FAQ is to be read by those who have already beaten the game and whant to
    know more about its mechanics.
    Hence, while there aren't many spoilers there will be no spoiler warning.
    *** Legalense ***
    If anybody cares, this FAQ is copyrighted 12 <--- day/ 7 <--- month/ 2003 AD
    <--- guess what, by We (Stefano Anselmi, Dark Kain, Salasar Elerital and many
    others split personalities of this strange entity).
    We Will Not Tolerate Any Attempt To Distribute This FAQ For Personal Benefit,
    Be It Money, Food, Comics Or Anything Else.
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    That And That We Will Relitate With All Our Might And That Eventually You Will
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    About The Game itself, Tactics Ogre Gaiden: The Knight of Lodis is copyrighted
    by Quest and any right about "Ogre Battle", "Tactics Ogre", "Lodis" or wathever
    else in the game are howned by Quest.
    *** About this FAQ and its author... Somewhat important, read this section***
    First and foremost, I am Dark Kain (st.anselmi@tiscalinet.it) sometimes also
    known as Salasar Elerital, expecially in the Gamefaqs forums and I'm your (not
    so) typical Italian college's student that, among many other hobbies, enjoys
    videogames, RPGs and strategical games.
    While my english is somewhat decent (or, at least, I like to belive so) still
    it is not exactly the best, hence expects several mistakes.
    This FAQ is about an often overlooked aspect of Tactics Ogre Gaiden: the Knight
    of Lodis (from now on TOg) the starting stats of the various characters.
    Usually people belive that starting stats of the various characters are less
    important that the stats' progressions of the various classes.
    While this is true for the vast majority of the class/character combinations,
    sometimes has proven to be totally false and sometimes... it was true, but my
    study has uncovered some intresting but unknown (at least to myself :P) aspects
    of the game.
    Reading this FAQ you will discover that stat-wise Orson is no better than any
    other archer (and maybe even a little worse), that Glycina and Lubina have
    incredible base stats (the best of the entire game), that an Angel Knight
    obtained by trascendence can be noticeably better than any other Angel Knight
    in the game (including Lobelia) and you'll also learn wich character between
    Cybil, Euphaire and Eleanor can reach the highest INT value.
    And various other quirks of TOg :P.
    A last word of advice: while I am pretty good with statistics and math
    expressions, and while I have checked everything multiple times (for this FAQ
    I've spent at least 80 hours of gameplay and around half that time in
    computations plus the time to write this FAQ) I am just an human and so I am
    wrong more times than I would like.
    However If I write something is because I am reasonably sure that it is right,
    then be shure to check, counter-check and counter-counter-check before sending
    me a mail with "u suck" as the subject.
    At least read this FAQ in its entirety (expecially the notes) and remember to
    remove all the equipment from a character before checking.
    I would like to point that I had to compute the base stats by "trial and error"
    hence they are probably not perfect expecially for characters that appears only
    later in the game.
    If ANYONE (hello? anyone here? hello?) that can extract the exact values from
    the game could send me the real values I will, of course, update this FAQ.
    *** Basic concepts ***
    - Differences beetween "starting stats" and "base stats":
    First and foremost "stats" are the numerical values that represents STRenght,
    INTelligence, AGIlity, Hit Points and Magic/Skill Points in TOg.
    In this faq they will be expressed in the following format:
    STR/INT/AGI       HP/MP (or SP for classes that use Sp instead of MP).
    Some people belive that an enemy at the beginnig of a certain battle or a
    character that has just joined your party have prefixed values in these stats.
    This is totally wrong.
    The stats an enemy or an "host" has at the beginning of a certain battle are
    randomized by a function based on his level (that is prefixed for that battle
    only), his actual luck (that is prefixed for that battle only), his actual
    class (again prefixed for that battle) and some certain constants (that are
    prefixed for that character period).
    Basically the game starts with the stats the character "had" at his first level
    and then "level up" the character up to his level USING THE PROGRESSION OF HIS
    This happens for each host/enemy character at the beginning of every battle,
    regardless by any previous appearence of the character in any previous battle.
    This also happens each time a character joins your party regardless by the
    stats he had while being an enemy/host.
    For more info about level up progressions for each class read Olans' Stat and
    code faq (could be found on www.gamefaqs.com).
    In this FAQ the prefixed "1st level" stats of each characters are called "base
    stats", while the stats a character have at the beginnig of a battle or when he
    joins you are called "starting stats".
    Starting stats are random and different each time you play, base stats are not.
    Of course if the base stats of a character are high his starting stats will be
    ... at least if you and the character are both lucky.
    - "Good Days" and "Bad Days"
    Each time a character "levels up", including when the game computes the
    "starting stats" of that character for a certain battle (or when he joins you)
    his stats increase by certain predefinited values.
    I.E. Each time a knight "levels up" he USUALLY gains +6 STR and a ninja gains
    +7 AGI.
    I've said "usually" because the level up system is randomized and sometimes
    characters could have better or worse gains.
    One common belif is that stat gains lower than 7 have a variance of 1, while
    those higher have a variance of 2.
    This would mean that when a knight "level ups" could gain either +5, +6, or +7
    STR, while a ninja could gain either +4, +5, +6, +7, +8 or +9 AGI.
    I personally belive that this is not entirely true, since I have seen
    characters with a +5 STR rating gain +7 STR on particular luky level ups.
    My teory is that the above is true for characters with an AVERANGE luck.
    Luck is an hidden and variable stat that is based on character's biorhitm and
    could be qualitatively "deduced" by reading character's fortune in his status
    For more info about biorhytms, luck and fortunes read Terence Fergusson's
    biorhytms mechanics FAQ.
    Basically my tehory says: "a character will have better gains if his luck is
    From now on I will refear to high luck as "good days" and to low luck as "bad
    Now a little trick: if you can choose when a certain character joins your party
    (namely Glycina, Lubina, Eupharie, Elrik, Lobelia, Saia and any persuaded
    character) have him join in a "good" day (or at least be shure that he is not
    in a bad day) so his starting stats will be better expecially for high-level
    Also if you are hiring a character (if his level is higher than 1) be shure
    that he is in a good day (an easy way: ask to hire several characters of the
    same class and level and refuse them but only after looking at their stats,
    after a while you will notice that around 1/2 have "medium" stats, around 1/4
    have crappy stats, and around 1/4 have very good stats; then keep ask and
    refusing until you can hire a character of the latter category).
    Also training your characters when they have a good day is a good idea indeed.
    - A note about Eleanor
    They say that Eleanor has a "special bonus" that rise her stats of an extra +1
    at each stats every time she gains a level.
    After I've played TOg five times checking regularly her stats I don't belive
    this rumour anymore.
    Even if I am wrong about this (I could just be very unlucky in all my games,
    very unlikely, but still possible) I am TOTTALY sure that this is true at least
    for the computing of her starting stats, in this FAQS her base stats are based
    on this theory.
    As a side note... Eleanor is a character that has a very high averange luck
    compared to the others and her good days are *really* good.
    If my theory about good days and bad days is correct this could explain the
    rumour, training Eleanor during her good days gives noticeably better stats
    increases, but remember that trainig her during a bad day will give her crappy
    stat increases anyway.
    ***And finally... the base stats***
    For all the special characters any stat bonus from their starting emblems (such
    as sniper's +10 AGI) has been removed for the purpose of the base stats
    And, of course, their equipment bonuses too...
    1 - Hireable characters
    Soldier      24/12/20       130/8
    Hawkman      24/18/20       120/5
    Mermaid      20/18/24       110/8
    Fairy        15/20/30       100/10
    Octopus      15/25/15       140/15
    Griffin      30/20/20       128/6
    Cockatrice   30/20/20       120/6
    Cerberus     21/18/20       130/6
    Giant        30/18/15       120/5
    Dragon       25/10/20       140/5
    Deneb        24/12/20       130/8
    Notes: These values are 100% corrects since by hiring lev 1 characters of this
    classes there is no room for error :P
    Notice that Soldiers have the lowest base INT and that I have listed Deneb here
    because you have to hire her as a soldier.
    2 - Alphonse's starting troops
    Ninja        21/12/24       120/8
    Archer       22/12/22       110/5
    Cleric       18/18/18       110/10
    Wizard       18/22/18       100/15
    Notes: Ninja and Archer are 100% correct, while Cleric and Wizard are... lets
    say 99%.
    This is because any cleric in Alphonse's starting troops starts at level 2 and
    any wizard starts at level 3.
    Of course these are the base stats for any other character of those class in
    the game (except bosses and unique characters).
    As a side note: look at clerics' base stats and memorize them you will know why
    in a while...
    3 - Persuadable characters
    Gremlin      15/20/30       100/10
    Ghost        15/35/20       115/10
    Gorgon       20/35/20       130/15
    Angel Kn.    20/20/20       110/10
    Notes: From now on the stats are somewhat imprecise since I had to work with
    characters of not-really low levels.
    Gremlins are an exception and their base stats are equal to fairies'.
    Notice that Gorgons' have nice base stats and Angel Knights VERY CRAPPY ones.
    This was quite a surprise (BTW I discovered it while checking Lobelia, of
    course I checked several other AKs), now remember clerics' base stats...
    very similar, true?
    Now, I cannot be 100% shure about this (since AKs appears only later in the
    game and at very high levels too I had to "round up" a bit) but I belive that
    their true base stats are the same of clerics.
    It could seem strange but it somewhat make sense since only holy people are
    supposed to transmigate to AKs after death and who are the holy people by
    If their true base stats are really 18/18/18 110/10, then they sucks even more
    expecially beacuse they do NOT needs a such high intelligence and they could
    really use Soldier's base stats.
    Basically it is better an AK transmigrated by a Soldier of level 1-4 (even
    higher if you manage to class change in someting better, like ninja) than a
    "pure" AK, not really hard if you have stat raising items (snapdragons anyone?)
    and several Life and Sorceror's cups.
    4 - Mandatory special characters
    These are special characters that will automatically offer their services to
    you during the course of the game (actually it is possible, but unlikely, to
    miss Aerial in path B).
    - Alphonse     30/18/25 (+14) 144/8 (+10)
    Notes: 100% correct, his base stats varie since they are based on the questions
    of the fortuneteller at the beginning of the game.
    Basically 14 "extra" points are distributed between STR/INT/AGI and 10 more
    between HP/MP.
    Very high stats anyway, with the right asset and the sniper emblem Alphonse can
    class change from soldier to ninja at level 1.
    - Ivanna       24/12/20       130/8
    Notes: I think that it is 100% correct, her base stats are no better than a
    standard soldier, but she joins as a level 4 knight with the knight's
    certificate emblem, very good asset at the beginning of the game, however later
    in the game class-changing of level 1 soldier in knight is not that hard, still
    those knights will be equal, and not better, than Ivanna.
    - Aerial       25/20/25       120/20
    Notes: Better than the standard mermaid, not much else to say except that she
    starts in the unchageable so-so Mermeid class at level 17 with a lancer emblem
    that offers absolutely no advantages ^^.
    - Eleanor      20/25/20       130/8
    Notes: See "A note about Eleanor" above.
    Her high base INT is not a bonus, but a conpensation since she starts as a
    level 13 soldier (veeeeeery veeeeeeeery bad!) with no emblems at all.
    Still worth of using because of her special tecnique and very high luck, but
    without using permanent stat raising items reaching the Charisma Emblem will be
    quite hard unlike the vast majority of special characters.
    5 - Path A & Path B special characters
    Either Shiven and Cybil, or Orson and Rictor will be mandatory characters
    depending on wich path you will take during the game.
    Orson's and Rictor's base stats are probably more accurate since they are also
    low-level NPCs in the first two battles.
    Shiven base stats are somewhat deducted from those of a standard Ninja.
    - Shiven       21/12/34       120/8
    Notes: YAY! When you see a level 8 character with a starting AGI higher than 90
    you know that he is good.
    Not only he starts with a great class and great equipment but he will have a
    nice extra +10 AGI compared to standard ninjas.
    He joins as a level 8 ninja with no emblems.
    - Orson        22/12/22       120/5
    Notes: the black sheep among the mandatory characters, like Ivanna he has
    absolutely nothing better than a standard archer (except for a sniper emblem,
    but while good it is so easy to get, *expecially* by archers) and this is bad
    since archer is a so-so class stas-wise.
    AND ALSO he is the only mandatory character that joins automatically... during
    a bad day!
    Very very bad.
    Joins as a Level 8 archer with the sniper emblem.
    - Cybil        20/50/20       120/20
    Notes: Oh my! 50 base INT!!!!!!! O_O
    Not a single other character in the game, not even Eleanor raised as a cleric
    if she really had her "+1 to all stats bonus" could beat her INT. Period.
    She starts in the unchangeable ultra-powerful Sorceress class at level 23 with
    the not really useful (for her) philosopher's stone emblem.
    Still, I prefear Rictor's versatility, but if you want to see how good summons
    can be, then Cybil is your choise.
    As a side note when you fight her in path B she is VERY toned down since she
    have a bad day AND she is in an enviroment that offer no bonus to air
    characters and spells (quite the opposite).
    - Rictor       25/25/25       140/20
    Notes: my personal favorite characters has great base stats and no weakness
    that, of course, also means not a single true speciality.
    He joins in the unchangeable almighty High Priest class at level 23 with the
    not really useful (for him) heavenly spirit emblem.
    I would like to point that at high levels Divine Radiance is probably a better
    attack spell than Ignuus Fatuus (and costs 5 MP less), you could also equip him
    with Divine Radiance AND Ignuus Fatuus, but this would be a bit too redundant
    and it would hamper his defensive spells asset. (I must admit that I go against
    my advices since I like to equip Rictor with Ignuus Fatuus, Divine Radiance,
    Heal Plus AND Clotho, while class-changing Alphonse to Warlock with Fluid
    Magic, Time Flux and Atropos... with this asset they can beat the whole 3rd
    chapter as a 2 man squad without using a single snapdragon).
    As a side note when you fight him at the end of the 2nd chapter he has a
    considerable enviroment advantage but he is in a bad day...
    6 - Fairy sisters
    - Glycina      25/30/40      100/10
    - Lubina       25/30/40      100/10
    Notes: Monstrous base stats, the best of the game indeed... O_O
    They are basically the same character except for a couple of differences; first
    while they are twins, their biorhytms are differents.
    Second Lubina joins with the crappy Don Quixote emblem.
    Notice that if you want to obtain Glycina's Crescente (best bow in the game)
    you will have to wait up to the last day of chapter 3 that unluckily it is a
    so-so day for Glycina (and an *INCREDIBLE* good day for Lubina).
    Hence the choise: the best bow in the game or Glycina at her fullest?
    They both joins in the unchageable and
    IMHO-unlike-the-common-opinion-very-useful special fairy sisters' class (way
    better than the standard fairy class), Glycina at a variable level (based on
    the day when you recruit her) and no emblems, Lubina at level 25 with the Don
    Quixote emblem (sigh!).
    As a side note: when Lubina has a good day she has the single best Fortune in
    the game, better than Eleanor!!!!!!!
    7 - Euphaire & Elrik
    - Euphaire     10/30/25       100/30
    - Elrik        25/25/25       100/20
    Notes: If you want them to join in a good day you'll have to fight them while
    they have a good day.
    Stat-wise Euphaire is basically a toned down Cybil (notice the lowest base
    strenght in the entire game), while Elrik is as good as Rictor, but will
    surpass him due to better class gains.
    Euphaire joins in the great shaman class at level 16 with the philospher's
    stone emblem (required to change back to her special class if you class-change
    Elrik joins in the exceptional Summoner class at level 17 with the pen and the
    sword emblem (same as Euphaire).
    As a side note, change Elrik to earth element ASAP (or better ASAYOG: As Soon
    As You Obtain Gnome), several people think at his summon golem skill as a
    poor's man summon and use that as a backup ability agains water-elemental
    Bad idea: summon golem is a wonderful *phisical* attack as powerful as
    Lachesis, even better if Elrik's element is earth, it is a great mage-killer
    (just don't start tossing it against liches asking why it isn't working, 'k?).
    8 - Lobelia & Saia
    - Lobelia      20/20/20       110/40
    Notes: I hope the programmers were joking when they gave Lobelia a +30 SP
    Otherwise Lobelia's base stats are the same of a standard angel knight and this
    is a bad new (remember, I think that they are 18/18/18 in reality).
    Other bad news: Lobelia has a single good day in the entire game, hence if you
    want to compensate her crappy base stats (the problem is not INT: she don't
    needs it, the problem is not AGI: she will have a good final value thanks to AK
    stats grow, THE PROBLEM IS STRENGHT! AKs are phisical-only characters, not
    magical ones, at least Ninjas and Warlocks can cast spells AND fight) you have
    to recruit and raise her during that day: the 1st day of the 3rd chapter.
    If you've already fought a story battle in the 3rd chapter... too bad.
    Maybe it is possible to avoid this by getting the berseker emblem fast enough,
    I don't know.
    She joins at level 25 in the
    incredible-good-but-with-incredible-crappy-base-stats Angel Knight class.
    With the Arcangel feather's emblem.
    Better recruiting-killing-necromancing-reincarnating-retrascendencing her and
    then have Saia joins too.
    - Saia         30/20/30       140/20
    Notes: Lobelia with Saia's base stats would be an awesome phisical fighter but
    alas, it wasn't supposed to be.
    Not much to say except that you need Saia if you want to reach a perfect 100%
    score in "class" at the end of the game.
    And that in the last series of battles "it" will be much more effective than
    Lobelia as a front line fighter not only for the strenght gap that Lobelia just
    can't compensate, but also beacause being a true opposite to Lobelia, the last
    day of the game is the only good day for "it" (but what a day! Enrichment
    fortune: high luck, high altitude, medium amplitude: second best possible
    fortune in the game, just don't get the mark of valor emblem or you will lower
    these benefices).
    "It" joins in the not-incredible-good (that's AK boys!) Lesser Daemon class at
    level 30 (just one level in battle and "it" doesn't risks the bogus hero
    Even if AK is better than Lesser Daemon I think that Saia is superior to
    Lobelia since piling up all "its" not immediatly noticeable bonuses (Can use
    the Bloody Cleaver at maximum efficience since "it" is bane and has Axes
    competence, "its" STR is better than Lobelia's and "its" better base AGI
    compensate a bit AK's superior AGI, but expecially, "its" luck rocks: it's
    *exactly* like Eleanor's and this means not only better effectiveness in
    combat, but improved stats gains too) poor Lobelia's crappy offencive power

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