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    Gorgon FAQ by darketernal36 / d3smond

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    [Tactics Ogre]
    [Gorgon FAQ]
    [Written by:]darketernal36(Zachary Tay)
                 d3smond(Desmond Cheng)
    [Date started:]
    [Document created with NotePad]
           .                                     ,SX        MMa                  
        @MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMa                       MM8MMMMMS,X8MMM                  
      8@MMM88ZMMMMMMMM0      7M WMMMM         XMMMB2S0MMWMMM@.                   
    iMMM  iMMW, W8,,8    a  WMWWrSZZ  W.   .M  0M  ZZMM@2BMB:  :ZM82 0BiM:  ;X   
      aM@7M      SW@ZM MWWiX MXM 0SS2aM r BX,a2  B2Mi      MZMSMS2WM 0 M  @,;MZ  
       W8;M  .. MMZ ;,i.ZZ ;.MXM 0 Zr8M .:SS :M MZrM       MM@@2   M.Z.M2XM7M Z2 
       M2:M      BMM2M0iMWMM @,M MZW aBMMX8MMMM M77M      00W i ZX08 .MW  ,MMMM  
       MM0X@  a2i   .X:i77rrX8W@7ZMB08808a2r82MMMMZWMMMMMMMMBMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB    
          MMMMMMMS                                   ;@Mi                        
                          ;MM2a  MiB7iZS8B XrM M 8,W;                            
                              ,  .   ,X  , i:. ; i : .. 
    -{[Table of contents]}-
    -Introduction               [#100]
    -What's a Gorgon?           [#200]
    -Why get one?               [#300]  
    -How(and when) to get one?  [#400]
    -Equipment info             [#500] 
    -Suggested euipment set     [#600]
    -Ways to use gorgons        [#700]
    -Past revisons              [#800]
    -Legal notice               [#900]
    -Contact                    [#1000]
    -Credits                    [#1100]
    1: Introduction      [#100]
    Gorgons are a generally overlooked and underestimated class. We feel they
    should be given some credit and have therefore come up with this faq to do 
    some justice to the class.
    2. What's a Gorgon?  [#200]
    Game description:
    "A monster with a snake-like body and snakes protruding from its head.  
    Gorgons have the power to petrify enemies.  Don't forget to equip a shield 
    when facing them."
    Appearance: Gorgons look like Medusa. Snake-lady body and snakes for hair. 
                Known as 'Denizens of the Netherworld'. 
    Preferred Equipment: Bows, armor, helmets
    Movement type: Trudging/Wading
    Base movement: 4.1 (Level 1)
    Talents: Evil Eye 
    Stat gains: HP: +6
                SP: +4
               Str: +5
               Int: +6
               Agi: +4
    In case you didn't know, the stats gained every level DO NOT ALWAYS follow
    the base stat gains. On their good days they gain extra points, and on 
    their bad days gain less points. SO DO NOT WRITE IN AND SAY YOUR GORGON DID 
    3. Why get one?       [#300]
    As you can see, quite balanced stats. And one more point worth noting: their 
    evil eye has UNLIMITED RANGE. YES. UNLIMITED RANGE. There is however, one 
    downside to this and that is evil eye doesn't affect troops with shields as 
    well as units with stuff preventing status effects and petrifictaion.
    On a more positive note, few use shields as it hinders movement, and quite
    a few stronger weapons are double-handed too. Equipment providing defense 
    against petrification and status changes are also 'outclassed' later in the 
    game by equipment enabling flight or warping. This is especially so for VS 
    mode. And they use bows too, giving them a range advantage. 
    4. How (and when) to get one? [#400]
    Unfortunately the only way to get a gorgon LEGALLY is to persuade one in 
    battle. The first time you get to persuade one is at Rebanda, after the 
    battle with Rimmon the Freak, when you fight Saia. There are three available 
    in that battle so take your pick on which is the best. 
    Classes which have an easier time persuading gorgons are liches, gremlins, 
    another gorgon (duh), daemons and Euphaire. For best results, use Euphaire. 
    Gorgons appear in other battles as well, including Harmonia, where you fight 
    Cirvante and Lethe, the Hall of Corruption, where you fight the daemon, 
    Rahouart. By the way, you can meet gorgons in random encounters at Rebanada.
    5. Equipment Info        [#500]
    Bows are the gorgon's preferred weaponry. So here are the listing's of all the 
    bows you can get in the game
     - Short Bow -
    One-handed weapon for missile attack. Range 5, Power 20. Wooden bow. Not 
    very powerful, but lightweight.
    How to get: 1. Buy from shops for a price of 480 goth.
    	    2. Enemies from random encounters.
     - Bow Gun -
    One-handed weapon for missile attack. Range 6, Power 30. Short-range, 
    accurate wooden bow. AGI+1.
    How to get: 1. Buy from shops for a price of 540 goth.
                2. Enemies from random encounters.
     - Great Bow -
    Two-handed missile weapon. RNG 5, PWR 35. Yak horn bow.
    How to get: 1. Buy from shops for a price of 1000 goth.
                2. Enemies from random encounters.
     - Composite Bow -
    Two-handed weapon for missile attack. Range 7, Power 44. Composite bow 
    reinforced by flexible metal. AGI+1.
    How to get: 1. Buy from shops for a price of 1280 goth.
    	    2. Enemies from random encounters.
     - Tathlum -
    Two-handed weapon for missile attack (Bane). RNG 7, PWR 44. Magic Stone 
    whose name means 'Light Speed'. 1 of 4 Netherworld Weapons. AGI+1, 
    Virtue RES+5.  
    How to get: Buried treasure in Rebanada. 
                Coordinates: (15, 2) (9s Ground)
     - Sandstorm Bow -
    Two-handed weapon for missile attack. (Earth) RNG 6, PWR 48. Bow passed on 
    from the time the ancient kingdom Habiram sank into the desert. Wind RES+5. 
    How to get: Quest mode class F item.
     - Thunder Bow -
    Two-handed weapon for missile attack. (Wind) RNG 6, PWR 50. Bow of Thor, god 
    of thunder. Earth RES+5. 
    How to get: Beat Orson on path A at Haena.
     - Flame Bow -
    Two-handed missile weapon. (Fire) Range 6, Power 52. Arrows so fast that they
    burst into flame. Water RES+5.
    How to get: Quest mode class F item.
     - Tundra Bow -
    Two-handed missile weapon. (Water) Range 6, Power 54. Bow found in a pillar of
    ice. Freezes foes instantly. Fire RES+5.
    How to get: Quest Mode class G item.
     - Sherwood Bow -
    Two-handed missile weapon. RNG 7, PWR 54. Mysterious bow that masks the 
    bowman's presence, leaving targets offguard. 1 of 4 Enchanted Hunting Wares. 
    PWR up VS beasts & dragons.  
    How to get: Quest mode class B item.
     - Crescente -
    Two-handed missile weapon. (Virtue) Range 7, Power 60. Crescent bow once used 
    by a lovestruck girl to send a love letter to the stars. AGI+8, Bane RES+5, 
    Paralysis effect.
    How to get: Rescue Glycinia after the battle at Harmonia.
    6. Suggested equipment  [#600]
    1St set
    Weapon  : Crescente (Sherwood Bow)
    2nd slot: FireCrest
    3rd slot: FireCrest
    4th slot: Seraph's plume
    This setup is quite simple. Let me start on the weapons. Obviously the bow 
    with the highest power is recommended. But this might be a problem as 
    crescentes are not exactly easily obtainable. The only way I am aware of so 
    far is getting it from Glycinia. Many people go to Glycinia's rescue as soon 
    as the opportunity comes very early in the game. However, if you hold on till 
    the later parts of the game, Glycinia's equipment changes along the way. If you 
    set aside Glycina's rescue till the battle at Charadrius (Angel's Headstone
    works too), Glycinia will be equipped with a crescente in the battle. *Thanks 
    to Salogy's Glycinia FAQ for this info* Rescue her, take her equipment, raise 
    her levels then snap her. If you missed out on the crescente, don't worry, the 
    sherwood bow works too.
    Now onto the 2nd and 3rd slot. The FireCrests would be your gorgon's main 
    source of defense. The reason for this is because FireCrests do not compensate 
    movement range unlike armour. Plus they provide better defense than all armour. 
    You may ask: why two FireCrests and not one? The reason for this is because the 
    gorgon's defense not exactly very good. It's not that bad but it isn't good 
    either. Two FireCrests are just right. If you don't have Deneb to access the 
    secret shop or can't afford firecrests, i suggest replacing one slot for a 
    Brigandine or a Southern Cross which are both available in quest mode as class 
    G and class A items respectively. For the other slot you could use a goblin 
    For the last spot, you may use anything but i prefer the Seraph's plume as it
    gives the gorgon a little increase in movement range. Other suggestions are 
    warp shoes, warp ring or a ring of flight.
    7. Ways to use gorgons   [#700]
    The first strategy is to rely on evil eye to do substantial damage 
    to the opposing party. Firstly, make all party members immune to petrification.
    Then try to make units of the opposing team face the gorgon. I believe that if
    the units are facing the gorgon, the chances of petrification increase. This 
    is unconfirmed, so if anyone knows please write in. Back to the strategy, use
    evil eye to stone those peeps. Evil eye helps in two ways. One is that it 
    lessens the number of enemies you need to fight (bet you didn't know that).
    Another is that it wastes the turns of the survivors of evil eye as they have
    to heal their porcelain friends. 
    The second strategy is not exactly a strategy but it will be stated anyway. 
    That is to let the gorgon stay behind and pelt the enemy with arrows (bet you
    didn't see this one coming). What a great discovery eh? In fact this is so 
    good that you can actually use this simultaneously with the first strategy as
    you have to wait for evil eye to charge!!! WOW!!!
    8. Past revisions        [#800]
    -Version 1.00[11-21-04]
     -initial release
    -Version 1.01[11-23-04]
     -Fixed some errors in the past revisions section
    9. Legal notice          [#900]
    This faq is only to be hosted at gamefaqs and no other site. If this faq is
    found at any other websites on the internet without permission from either me
    or d3smond, legal action can and will be taken against the webmaster.
    10. Contact              [#1000]
    darketernal36: eisenmeteor36@hotmail.com
    d3smond: d_3smond@hotmail.com
    11. Credits              [#1100]  
    Yasumi Matsuno: For writing the Ogre Battle Saga.
    Quest: For creating the game.
    Atlus: For publishing the game.  
    CJayC: For gamefaqs.

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